A Discovery Ch. 13


Part 2

It had been unseasonably warm during the weeks Debbie and I had been together back in the UK, but the heat that washed over us as we climbed from the air-conditioned 737 on the runway at Nice was almost overwhelming.

“ETA on clothing departure is about ninety minutes,” Debbie assured me.

“You might have got that wrong by about eighty-nine,” I said, “Let’s get through check-in and find our car before we melt out here.”

Thanks to our policy of only bringing a holdall each – hand luggage – we were in the car park inside an hour, and the waiting Peugeot was blasting us with cool air in less than another minute. Debbie had volunteered as driver, much to my relief as a novice to driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road, and she set off with far more confidence than I ever showed even back home.

“I’m guessing you’ve done this before,” I nodded at the crowded road ahead.

“I have. My first lessons were on holiday with the folks in Holland and to be fair I think I prefer driving on the right anyway.”

“I’m impressed,” I told her, honestly.

‘prendre la premiere rue a droite’

I eyed the sat-nav with the sort of suspicion only a Brit would have when spoken to by a machine in a foreign tongue, “Do you want me to try to change the language?”

“It doesn’t bother me,” Debbie said, “My French is a bit rusty but I can speak it and understand it well enough still, I think.”

“A cunning linguist as well, then?”

“Surely you know by now my tongue is very flexible?”

I giggled, “Oh yes. And talking of you being a cunning linguist…”

“Slow down, ma salope. We’ll be at the villa in ten minutes and there’ll be plenty of time to demonstrate my skills then.”

“What’s a scallop when she’s at home?”

Debbie laughed, “Salope, not scallop. That’s coquille. Mind you that somehow sounds more appropriate for you!”

“I’m not sure whether to be offended or happily teased,” I said, understanding what ‘Lost in Translation’ really meant. “What’s French for ‘nude’ though? Because whether I’m a shellfish or whatever a salope actually is, I rather fancy being a naked one as soon as possible. I do hope the villa isn’t overlooked.”

“It’s nu. And since when would being overlooked bother you? Maybe we should discard clothes right from the start. What do you think?”

The sun was still quite high in the sky and all around us life was glowing so very green and somehow vibrantly. I felt almost like I had done that first day when I went naked through the woods back home – close to nature. And I was sitting beside the one person in the whole world who could enhance that wonderful feeling. “I think I’d like that. And you’re right… if someone sees us, well… that’ll be their good fortune, right?”

“Putain de vrai, ma chere!”

“I have a feeling,” I laughed, “That you just agreed with me.”

“Fucking true!”

“I thought so.”

It was Debbie’s turn to laugh, “No – or yes – but I just meant that ‘fucking true’ was what I’d said in French. Or at least I think so – it’s been a while.”

“Putin du…”

“Putain de vrai. You want to learn some French, then?”

“Debbie, there’s only one sort of French that’s on my mind right now!”

“Ah, good call – some baisers francais.”

I slapped her thigh, “Stop showing off the wrong sort of tongue skills. Mind you,” I added, “it is kinda sexy hearing you speak like that.”

“Well I have a feeling that sex is something we’d better get used to.”

“Just with you, I hope?”

She indicated left and pulled into a broad driveway towards a villa that I sincerely hoped was our destination, “Dallas, there’s only you for me now.” She pulled up and turned to look at me, “I hope that’s what you want as well.”

“There’s pretty much always only been me to play with,” I laughed and stilled her protest “I mean yes of course. I know we did some weird shit before we left and I guess we might well do it again – but I don’t want to be intimate with anyone but you now.”

“You really sure you’re not going to miss-”

I stopped her this time with a kiss, “Debbie, as sickly as it sounds, I’ll do anything for you but there’s a condition.”

“I probably shouldn’t say this without checking first, but ok, I’ll agree with whatever you say.”

“Even if I said I want you to go to a club and strip for all the punters?”

She shrugged, “If that’s what it takes, then-“

“It doesn’t! That was just a joke. A bad joke!” I paused, “Mind you…”

She gave a trademark giggle and slapped my thigh, “Then tell me what it really is.”

I leaned back and let my heart have free rein on the truth that lay within me now, “My condition is this. Whatever you do – or I do, for that matter – it’s done for each other’s pleasure and ultimately for both of us. I really don’t care who sees you, who lusts after you, how much they climax – either gender – just… just make sure it’s only you and me together, okay?”

I wondered for the few seconds she took her to answer whether I’d bursa escort been too forward, too direct. But then she laughed and tapped my thigh again, “Deal. But I have a condition as well. Make that two.”


“I want the same condition as you. It’s just you and me in the end, yes?”

“Yes! More than you could know – more than I realised before, come to that.” Relief flooded through me, “You said there were two things, Terror.”

“Oh yes,” she pecked my lips, “You know that club you want me to strip at?”

“It’s a theoretical one but yes.”

“Well, if I do it – and if you want, I will – then you do it with me!”

I laughed – blushed even though we were quite alone in the car – and then nodded, “I can’t seem to refuse you anything. I’ll do it.”

Debbie hugged me awkwardly over the gear shift, “I love you, Dallas!”

“Love the idea of me getting naked for an audience?”

“No! Or rather yes, but that wasn’t what I meant! I meant, I simply love you.”

We paused then to look deep into each other’s eyes, and I think we both knew that this was something far deeper than all the loving words that had gone before.

“This is real, isn’t it?” I managed.

“It is for me.”

“And me, Debbie, and me.”

She snorted a laugh to break the mood and, releasing me, clapped her hands together, “Now let’s get this holiday started.”

We scrambled out of the car and both stretched, muscles rippling freely for the first time in what felt like days. I went to the rear of the vehicle and flipped open the latch, peering inside then at the two tiny holdalls we had brought with us, “Shouldn’t take long to unpack, anyway.”

I stood back up with a holdall in each hand and turned to face Debbie. “Fuck!” She was standing there, completely naked.

“In a while. First we need to get inside and you need to strip.” She paused, “Make that the other way round.”

I looked around us, the driveway leading back to a quiet road, the properties on either side seemingly empty, and then I looked back at my naked girlfriend, “You mean… here? Like you? And wow, by the way.”

She walked up to me, led by her two perfectly formed – and very bare – nipples, “You said you wanted to try naturism, so why don’t we do just that. I figure if we’re like it from the start then if anyone sees us we have a ready-made excuse.”

“You’ve been thinking this through, haven’t you?”

Debbie laughed, “I’ve been thinking about you naked, for sure. I’ll need to wring my knickers out when we get inside.”

I giggled and looked around again, “Anyone could come!”

“I know I will soon. Now get naked!”

I dropped the bags, suddenly eager to please, no matter how vulnerable I felt on that driveway, and my dress and panties hit the shingle under our feet in seconds. The air was warm – very warm – but I felt its touch as if it were ice. My nipples hardened.

Dallas rolled her eyes in clear delight then closed the gap between us, drawing me into a tight embrace. Our bare breasts crushed together and our hip bones met, our hands cupping each other’s butt cheeks at the same moment.

She kissed me and then leaned back, “You are just so fucking gorgeous!”

“And wet,” I added, “Just from seeing your gorgeous naked tits and that super-hot pussy.”

She spun away and pulled keys from the car’s ignition, “I think we’d better get inside right now,” she was already panting, “Only I don’t care who sees us like this, but I need to climax real fast and that’s like our promise to each other – this time it’s gonna be just you and me!”

Her words sent thrills coursing through me, but I realised that no matter how alien the surroundings were – even the language – this was something that was just going to be for me and my Debbie. Our world now.

We crashed through the villa’s front door and flung our holdalls into a corner freeing our hands as soon as possible so that they could start to explore each other.

I’m sorry – for all sorts of reasons – but I don’t really remember any details of what happened in the minutes straight after the villa’s front door closed behind us and we started to paw at each other. I remember my nipples being drawn eagerly, one after the other, into Debbie’s hot mouth. I remember dropping to my knees and my tongue tasting the sweetness and warmth of her very centre. And I remember – really remember – how my climax hit me like a steam train just as my girl started to howl.

My full memory returns only minutes later when we returned from whatever planet we had visited and we found ourselves entwined on a shaggy rug in the middle of the main room, sweat pouring from our naked forms.

Debbie nodded at the rear doors beyond which I could see a swimming pool, “Dallas? You with me?”

I managed a nod, “Always.”

“Cute answer. I meant will you come and see the rest of the villa with me?”

I nodded again, “As long as you help me up.”

She did, slowly and with many kisses, and then we meandered bursa escort bayan around the rest of the property, our excitement with the beauty of the place slowly replacing the post-coital lassitude.

The pool was small but, like Debbie, perfectly-formed and we agreed that it would host our first ever sex-in-water event. There was a small lawn which would be overlooked by our neighbours to the left – and which, Debbie assured me, would be perfect for attracting an all-over tan as well as alien eyes. There was a tiny arbour of eight trees against one of which I tasted Debbie’s beautiful pussy for the first time outdoors in France. Inside the villa, there was a kitchen that seemed to go on forever, with a long table running down its centre, voted as being the perfect place to let me feed her from when she wanted more of my pussy (a date was made). We climbed a small circular staircase to a bathroom that was as large as the kitchen and where I assured Debbie that I would make her climax when she next showered. And then there was the bedroom and its glorious surprises.

The room was long and narrow, almost swamped by an enormous bed laden with no more than one cotton sheet on top of another, but big fluffy pillows by the score. Cupboards lined one wall, including a tall walk-in wardrobe and a stack of drawers. Debbie opened the bottom drawer first and whistled softly.

“What?” I asked, unable to get close enough to peer over her shoulder in the narrow space available.

“I don’t think the previous occupants took home all of their souvenirs.” She held up a furry pair of pink handcuffs and a key, “These are already giving me ideas.”

I’d never been into restraint in any way – until that very second. “Anything else in there?”

Debbie dropped the pink-furred cuffs onto the bed and reached down again, “Oh yes,” she gave a little giggle, “This looks like a perfect fit for you.”

I snorted a laugh when she held up a silky blindfold, “You sure it’s my size?”

“Positive. And Dallas?”


She dropped the silky scarf/blindfold and drew me into her arms, “Those things will be used, you have my word for that.”

I brought a hand up to her breasts and tweaked one of those gorgeous nipples, “Okay.”

She moaned loudly and kissed me. “I feel another climax coming on!”

We fell onto the bed and my lips brushed past her hard nipples on their way to her thighs which scissored open around my ears. I drank greedily from her velvet cup, my tongue making her squeal every time I thrust it between her already very pink labia lips. I stood quickly then, Debbie’s wail of disappointment quickly shut off when I said, “I need to see you cum this time.”

I scooted backwards off the bed and dashed to the stairs, almost breaking my neck in my haste to get to the holdalls. When I got breathlessly back, already fiddling the straps of the Dominator around my hips, Debbie was sprawled on the bed’s surface, her fingers a blur as she rubbed at her clit. I pounced on the bed and knocked her hand away. “You’re not cumming until I’m staring into your eyes and – get this, Debbie – fucking you!”

“Do it then! Do it!”

Within a second the head of the Dominator’s dildo was pushing against Debbie’s eager lips and one thrust later and she was impaled beneath me. She wailed – really moaned so loud – and her blue eyes widened in delight as I started to move, to thrust and withdraw.

We kissed, lips mashing against teeth, tongues entwined, our eyes locked open just a few millimetres apart, and Debbie wailed and moaned, my own voice joining hers. Her fingers found my nipples and pulled hard, a spare finger flicking at the rigid buds, and she started to say over and over, ‘I love you’ and ‘forever’. Eventually her words dissolved into grunts with every thrust I made and when I told her to ‘cum for me’ she nodded frantically and those big baby-blues stretched open even wider. I swear I could see, deep down inside her, the very moment when the first wave of her climax struck and it triggered my own orgasm.

There was such an intensity to that moment that I thought it would never be beaten – but then a second wave hit my Debbie and that triggered more inside me. A third wave was followed by a fourth and her wide eyes started to look shocked. In the briefest of respites I managed to echo her earlier words and I swear I meant them with every fibre of my being.

“I love you, Debbie,” I gulped air “Forever and ever. And…” another wave started, “Oh fuck!” I dropped my lips to hers for a moment then pulled back as my stomach spasmed. “Forever… so… m… m… marry me!”

She screamed her reply a dozen times. “Yes!”

We lay together for ages after that, the Dominator cast aside for later use, breast against breast, thighs intertwined.

Finally, Debbie pulled herself onto one elbow, “Dallas?” she said so softly.

My heart was a tumultuous mess just then, but fear washed through me, “Too much? I know it was but-”

“I bursa sınırsız escort was going to ask you if you meant it but I guess that answers me.”

“No!” I pulled myself up to face her, “No, Debbie… I… I’ve found the perfect person. We have so much to learn, so many years I already want to spend with you. But… you just say ‘no’ if that’s what you think. I know we haven’t even known each other more than a few weeks-“

“It’s not that! I mean… it’s not a ‘no’. Just tell me we’ll still play and experiment.”

I stared at her wild-eyed, “Say that again!”

“I didn’t mean ‘no’.”

“Say it!”

“Dallas, yes.”

“You mean…”

“I mean,” Debbie managed an odd laugh, “That I can’t deny it. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. If you really meant it then my answer is yes, I will marry you or whatever it’s called these days.”

You, dear reader, know as well as me that I hadn’t planned anything like that but… it was right and true. “I really meant it,” I told her as seriously as my smile would let me, “Marry me.”

“I already said yes!”

I kissed her nose, “Say it again.”


“And again!”

She giggled and slapped my bare butt, “Didn’t the brochure say there would be champagne in the fridge as a welcome gift?”

I nodded like an over-excited puppy, “Yes!”

She slapped my rump again, “Now you’re saying it! Let’s have a glass or three.”

We almost sprinted down the circular stairs and pulled a bottle – and two chilled glasses – from the fridge, Debbie popping the cork free just as we stepped out onto the decking at the back of the villa. Glasses were over-filled and the fizzy liquid gulped into eager, happy mouths.

I finally raised my glass to my girl and smiled, “Thank you!”

“No,” she hiccupped, “Thank you!”

A new voice appeared, “Thanks both of you!”

We squealed and turned in unison, free hands covering as much of our nakedness as possible, to see a tall, blonde woman about my mum’s age, leaning on the fence between the villa and our neighbour’s place to the left. Given the size of her enormous breasts it didn’t take more than a second or two to realise that she was as butt-naked as we were.

“Oh, sorry!” I blurted, a good apology underlining my nationality.

“Don’t be,” the woman laughed, “Other than you two looking ridiculously young and fine, I’ve nothing to be jealous of.” She turned for a moment and called over her shoulder, “Belle? Come and meet our new neighbours.”

My hand shot back to my groin from where it must have strayed, “Is Bell-”

The woman laughed again, “Relax. It’s properly ‘Trixiebelle’ and she’s just as female as me – and you come to that. I’m Lynne, by the way, and we’re a couple too.”

Debbie stepped forward a little, “Is it that obvious we’re a couple?”

“Obvious?” Lynne laughed, “Angel, I heard the proposal!”

I blushed down to my nipples but started to giggle when Debbie started to laugh as well, “Sorry!”

“Don’t be, it was so cute – sexy too.”

Thankfully further blushes were spared when the gloriously tall Belle chose that moment to walk up. She was slender and yet curvy in all the right areas, and most obvious of all was that her skin was the darkest, shiniest brown. Standing next to Lynne they immediately appeared like the perfect complement. “Hello, ladies,” she said, her voice as dark as her skin, a distinct West Indian accent not far from the surface.

We both said hello and then I went and found two more glasses, offering them to the new couple. I genuinely didn’t realise it at first, but at some point not far into the conversation – certainly a long time before the champagne took effect – both Debbie and I had relaxed, all four of us nude and seemingly unaffected.

“As you can tell,” Lynne was saying, “We’re something of an odd couple for many tastes.”

“And you’re English here in France?”

“Jamaican and English,” Lynne nodded, “the people are a lot more tolerant here we find, and the weather is ideal for naturism.”

Debbie finished off her glass, “This is our first day, really.”

“Then you’re a welcome new addition to our numbers,” Lynne said, “Another reason to celebrate. Have we got any wine left, Belle?”

“Oh that’s alright-” I began.

“Nonsense,” Lynn admonished, laughing “We seldom get reasons to celebrate too much round here, let alone with another couple.”

“She’s right,” Belle said returning with an opened wine bottle – something white -and she smiled broadly as she refilled our glasses “Another couple who happen to be fucking cute too.”

Lynne smacked her rump playfully, “Don’t embarrass them, Belle.”

The Jamaican gave a throaty laugh, “Well I for one think Debbie here has the cutest tits I’ve seen in a long, long time.”

“Belle!” both Lynne and Debbie complained together.

Maybe it was the wine but I was feeling quite emboldened, “Stop complaining, Debs. Belle’s right. You have gorgeous tits.”

It was her turn to smack my butt as the other two laughed along with me. Finally she sipped at her wine, “I think that’s the trouble with being naked – nowhere to hide anything.”

“I think,” Belle said, “I’d better shut up before I embarrass Debbie any further and get myself into trouble with my Lynne.”

“You know I’m not like that,” Lynne said.

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