A Big Meeting Ch. 02


More Passion

Waking up from a lovely sleep I realised I was pretty hungry, Steve was still asleep next to me. I looked at him as he slept peacefully, I decided he looked good even when he was asleep and unshaven.

A few moments later he awoke, “Hello,” He said stroking my hair before he leant up and kissed me lovingly on the cheek. A few seconds later he announced he needed a shower. I watched him climb out of bed and couldn’t help but take a peek at his cock. Bloody thing was semi- erect! Was this man insatiable I wondered? I slipped my hand down between my legs and discovered a very tender pussy indeed.

Steve came out of the bathroom, “I’ve run you a bath,” He announced.

“Why do I need one?” I asked with a smile. He didnt reply and I noticed a considerable bulge appearing in the towel he had wrapped around his waist. This prompted me to jump out of bed and run to the bathroom before he got any ideas about another sex session. The bath was hot and full of bubbles I slipped into the luxuriously warm water. Immediately I felt the aches and pains ebb away as I began to relax.

“Foods ready,” I awoke with a start at Steve shouting me from the kitchen. How long I had been relaxing in the bath I had no idea but the water was nowhere near as warm as when I got into it. I dried my hair and found my clothes laid out on the freshly made bed, he had been busy. My one problem was my thong was nowhere to be found, I searched everywhere. Oh well I would just have to go knickerless. The aroma from the kitchen was certainly made me aware how hungry I actually was.

“Something smells good,” I complimented him on entering the lichen.

“Only a take away I’m afraid.”

We enjoyed our meal and a nice glass of wine, we chatted as we ate, I noticed Steve seemed a little quiet, perhaps he was feeling the effects of our sexual activities? “You okay?” I asked.

“Yeah fine, it’s just…”

Here it came, my heart missed a beat or two. I was expecting him to announce he was married, engaged or in a relationship, my tummy churned over, “Spit it out,” I encouraged him.

“It’s just I am away on business all week and won’t be able to see you until Friday.”

I tried not to show my relief, “That’s if I’m not doing anything your assuming?” I was pleased with my response for once.

“Oh sorry I was yes,” He went quiet.

“It just so happens,” I hesitated, appreciating the look on his face, “I can arrange my diary to be free.”

“Would you?” I sensed a slight hint of pleading in his tone.

I glanced at the clock and noted it was just before nine thirty, “I would like that very much, but I do need to go home now if that’s alright.”

“Can I drive you or would you prefer me to order you a taxi?” He offered thoughtfully.

“Could you drive me?” I asked still aware I hadn’t got any panties on and getting into a taxi with a shortish skirt and no underwear didn’t appear a good idea to me.

“Of course, be my pleasure.”

Ten minutes later we were down by his car and he opened the door for me. I climbed in and my skirt rode higher I knew from his position he could see my exposed pussy. I felt a tingle in my fanny as I teased him with a little show, before I slowly adjusted my skirt to hide my modesty. I gave him directions home and we exchanged telephone numbers and he promised to call me with arrangements for next Friday. I noticed the lounge light was on and assumed Mom and Dad were watching TV We kissed goodnight and I managed to give him a flash as I got out of the car. I panicked as I approached the front door I had been out since early Friday evening and it was almost ten thirty Sunday night.

“Hi Mom,” I greeted her as she was in the kitchen.

“Hi darling fancy a cup of tea?” She asked cheerfully, “I’m just making your father one.” I accepted her offer although I really just wanted to go to bed. “Had a good weekend?” She asked matter of factly.

“Yeah pretty good.” I tried to be non plus.

“Kathy alright?” She asked matter of factly.

“Yeah good thanks,” I lied I had used Kathy as my excuse for not coming home on several occasions when I had stayed with her after a few too many at the bar. I figured Mom would be none the wiser this time. We drank our tea together before I wished them goodnight and made my way to bed. Boy did I sleep well that night and getting up and motivated for work wasn’t the easiest task I had ever encountered. After a quick shower I checked myself over in my full length mirror. I liked what I saw, a nice firm body, all the hours at the gym doing its job. My tits although fairly large had no hint of sag and my bum was pert and tight. It was then I noticed my pussy looked different! She was all puffy and my lips were slightly open, I ran my finger along my crack and noticed it was tender to the touch. In fact it was more than tender it was sore, a puff of talc eased the soreness a little. I decided upon a pair of cami knickers, the last thing I wanted was a thong rubbing me all day. A nice blouse and summer skirt and I was ready for work. I didn’t notice anything toward İstanbul Escort all morning but after lunch when I returned to my office desk I was in discomfort sitting down. Tuesday was no better, I regretted agreeing to meet Kathy and Tracey for our usual gym session. We had a good workout routine and my sore fanny didn’t hamper me and I felt good after a shower. We always had a bite to eat and a drink after our gym sessions it was a chance for a gossip.

“Come on spill,” Tracey said, she had ordered us drinks and was perched on a bar stool and motioned for us to join her. She watched as I walked towards her and climbed onto the stool. The hardness of the seat almost made me cry out in pain as in sat on it, I wondered if the others noticed.

“Spill what?” I asked innocently, my two friends threw a knowing glance to each other.

“What was he like you muppet.”

“Who?” I played dumb.

“The bloke you spent Saturday night and most of Sunday with.” Kathy chirped.

“How?” I was about to question her.

“I popped round to see you Sunday evening.” I blushed profusely, “Your Mom said she hadn’t seen you.”

Before I could say anything Tracey spoke, ” You’re fanny lips are swollen,” She must have noticed in the shower, “You’re also walking slightly bow legged,” She laughed.

“Big boy was he?” Kathy also laughed at my utter embarrassment.

“Can’t beat a good shag with a big cock on a Saturday night that’s what I reckon.” Tracey said a little too loud, mush to the Barman’s amusement.

“How was your date?” I asked her trying to deflect any further questions.

“Not great.”

“Do tell,” Kathy said.

“Oh he was charming enough, good looking.”

“Made all the right moves,” I added.

“Yeah, whipped my up Penrose Park,” A local lovers lane spot.


“Had my knickers off and tits out in seconds,” She took a sip of her drink.

“A positive start then.”

“Well quite, I slowed him down a little, went in search of his manhood.”

“And,” Kathy was all ears.

“Oh no problem in that department.”

“Well hung?” She asked.

“No wouldn’t say that but okay.”

“So what happened?” I was intrigued.

“Well as I say got his old man out and decided to give it a kiss, hoping he would take the hint and get his head between my legs.”

“Did he?”

“I think he may have done.”

“But?” We both looked puzzled.

“Well I took him in my mouth and was just getting started when he grunted and shot his load down my throat.”

“Dirty bugger.” Kathy screwed her nose up at the thought.

“He didn’t taste too bad actually,” Tracey said, we knew she wasn’t averse to a mouthful of cum. She had related her experiences to us on several occasions previously.”The fact he put it away rearranged his clothes and was driving me home within a minute of him cumming really pissed me off.”

“So you never got anything?” Kathy confirmed.

“Only a mouthful and a somewhat frustrated fanny.” She did look pissed off recalling the event.

“He couldn’t raise it again I suppose.” Tracey commented, “Embarrassed I expect.”

“Oh believe me he would have raised it again if he’d given me half a chance, I can tell you.” She smiled, “I’ll let you know I’ve never been defeated yet.” We didn’t doubt her.

“So he never gave you a chance to get him going again?” I asked.

“Chance! We were outside my house before I’d got my knickers on,” We laughed, “I kid you not if anyone had seen me doing my bra up and pulling my panties up they would have believed I’d just climbed off his cock.” Again we laughed. “It wasn’t so bloody funny at the time I can tell you.”

“On that note I’ll get another round of drinks,” Kathy announced.

“Tell us about your pick up,” I asked here on her return from the bar.

“Nothing much to tell really,” She started, “Drove me home, nice car, peck on the cheek, asked for my number, end of.”

“Jesus men eh?” Tracey commented, I nodded agreement, “So you didnt get a shagging either?”

“Nowhere near.”

“Bet your fingers did some work when you got in bed?” Tracey teased.

“Tracey! What type of girl do you think I am?”

“Don’t know about now but on Saturday night about as randy and let down as me,” She tapped her nose knowingly, “And I can tell you I had a stiff wrist Sunday morning.”

“Tracey too much information.” Kathy was attempting to quieten Tracey down, but there was no stop in her now.

“Wore the batteries out in my rabbit to poxy thing.” I almost spilled my drink at her latest revelation.

“Tracey!!” Kathy was blushing.

“Bet you got your plastic friend out too didn’t you?”Kathy blushed even more, but didn’t deny it, “Ha ha, told you,” Tracey winked at me, “Close your mouth Jackie and tell us about your new fella.”

I had hoped to avoid describing my sexual adventures of Saturday and Sunday even to my tow closest friends, unfortunately they were both not to be denied after their miserable experiences, “Well all I’m going to say is I had a more satisfactory Bayan Escort weekend than you two.” I excused myself on the pretext of needing the ladies. I spent longer in the loo than necessary in the hope my two friends would be talking about something other than my sex life when I returned. I also checked out the accusations I had a puffy pussy and was slightly bow legged, I had to concede my pussy was pouting a little and it did show in my tight yoga pants much to my embarrassment, the suggestion I was bow legged I dismissed after walking back and forwards a couple of times checking myself in the mirror.

My hopes of a different topic of conversation were immediately dashed, as soon as I rejoined my two mates Tracey was right in, “Any good was he?” She asked bluntly.

“He was an absolute gentleman,” I started and went through all the details of his car and apartment trying my best to avoid going into the finer details.

“That’s all very nice,” Kathy said, “But did he have a big cock?”

“And more to the point could he use it?” Tracey added quickly

Seems I was in a corner and the girls certainly wanted the nitty gritty, I took a sip of my drink. I was nowhere near as experienced sexually as Tracey or Kathy. They were both a year or so older than me and had many more partners. Tracey was always up for it and could be said to be pretty easy, especially after a few drinks on a Friday or Saturday night. Kathy had had a longish relationship with a chap, when they split she made up for lost time with a succession of lovers. She was a little more selective now and probably looking for a long term relationship. I didn’t like to admit my lack of experience so I had invented a few encounters to relate to them when necessary. However now I had a real encounter to describe, and I didn’t relish the prospect, It was different going on about an imaginary lover, this was different. I took a deep breath.

“I’d say he was well provided for in that department.” Kathy and Tracey were all ears, “And yes he certainly knew what to do with it,” I was almost beaming at the thought.

“By the look on your face I’d say he certainly could,” Kathy commented.

“Just how big did you say he was?” Tracey asked again. I gestured with my index fingers as a fisherman shows how big a fish he’s caught is. Tracey looked at Kathy, “Never!” she exclaimed.

“I kid you not it was a bit of a shock when I pulled his boxer s down and it leapt out.”

“Bloody hell Jackie,” Tracey looked amazed, “How thick was it?”

I didn’t hold back and made a ring with my thumb and index finger leaving the appropriate gap between the two. “About that big.”

“Fuck me I’ve been looking for a guy with that size cock all my life.” Tracey could hardly contain her excitement.

“How on earth did you take that?” Kathy asked. The look on my face must have given something away.

“You couldn’t take it could you?” Tracey surmised.

“Tell the truth I struggled, in fact I couldn’t take it at the first attempt.”

Didn’t he get you going before trying?”

I blushed, “Oh he tried all his oral skills believe me, had me swooning.”

“Did he make you cum?” Tracey enquired.

“Twice actually,” I seemed to recall.

“So what did you do, suck him off,” There was no stopping Tracey now she wanted to know every last detail.

“If he was that size she couldn’t get enough of it in her mouth,” Commented Kathy.

“Following morning he gave me a massage.”

“Dream fella this guy,” Kathy enthused.

“Plenty of oil around eh?” Tracey was thinking out aloud.

“Lots of oil,” I felt a tingle in my pussy as I recalled last Sunday mornings exploits.

“And he got it up.”

“Oh he got it up alright, we we’re at it rest of the day,” I exaggerated a little.

“No wonder your bow legged,” Kathy laughed.

“I’m not! Am I?

“Well maybe just a tad,” I thought she was joking.

“I must confess my pussies been sore ever since, had a job to sit down Monday.”

“You lucky bugger,” Tracey’s only comment.

“Seeing him again?”

“Friday evening.”

“You’re gonna have a hard weekend I reckon,” Tracey said tongue in cheek.

“Hopefully,” I agreed.

“If you can’t handle him pass him over to me would you?” Kathy sounded serious.

“Think I may just have another go first,” I told her a little smugly, and if I did end up with another sore pussy and bow legged so what!

“Bloody marvellous isn’t it,” Tracey said, “There’s Kathy and me the best two looking girls in town,” It was hard to argue with that statement in many ways. Kathy, slim sexy, blue eyes, long blonde hair and like myself petite. Her tits were smaller than mine but still not a bad pair. Tracey, short dark hair, lovely shapely figure above average size boobs and a decent arse. “And we pull two fells one who can’t get it up and one who shoots is bolt in thirty seconds,” She smiled, “Our friend here picks up a bloke with a huge dick and gets fucked silly.”

“Life’s just not fair sometimes,” Kathy agreed, I just smiled Eskort to myself..

Steve called me Wednesday evening asking if he could meet me in the nightclub as he would be late getting back from his business trip. I was slightly disappointed but didn’t let it show. He also apologised he may be accompanied by a colleague. Then I had a flash of inspiration, “Couldn’t bring two pals with you could you?” I explained Kathy and Tracey would be with me and were on the market for boyfriends. I explained they were two pretty hot girls.

“See what I can do, see you Friday.”

Thankfully my parents were in bed when I arrived home, so I had time to sleep on how to explain my actions the previous weekend. I went down for breakfast and Mom was sitting at the table, she smiled at me as always as I sat opposite her. I was about to speak when she beat me to it.

“New boyfriend?”


“Maybe or hope so?”

“Early days, Mom I’m sorry,” I said genuinely.

“Just be careful.” Her usual words of wisdom. I recalled when she knew I was going out with Pete she had put me on the pill and given me good advice, “Still taking precautions?” She asked with that look on her face.

“Of course Mom.”

“Good, about time you found a nice boyfriend.”

“Early days as I said.”

“You don’t want a reputation like Kathy and Tracey do you.”

“They haven’t got a reputation have they?” I asked truly unaware.

“Not yet but I can tell you they are both on their way to getting one so be warned.”

“Okay Mom,” I kissed her and left for work.

Friday night I met Tracey and Kathy at the local pub for a couple of drinks before we hit the club. I was on edge and couldn’t wait to meet Steve again. I had been out and treated myself to some new lingerie, even splashing out and having a bra specially fitted. Admiring myself as I dressed earlier and must admit the cost of my bra was well worth it, it enhanced my breasts wonderfully. A matching thong looked good and I felt incredibly confident when I had finished dressing. I didn’t say anything about Steve and the fact he may have a couple of eligible mates in tow.

Tracey and Kathy were waiting for me when I got to the pub and a glass of wine was on the table, “Wow you look good,” Tracey complimented me.

“Expecting a good night I’d say,” Kathy suggested. I had told them Steve would be meeting me in the club later, “Leave us to our own devices,” She added with a smile.

“You never know what may occur, you two look pretty good to me,” I complimented both of my friends, although it was hardly necessary. Everytime I saw them they always looked good, and I mean good. Tracey was naturally attractive with or without make-up. Kathy was not so lucky and was rarely seen without some form of make-up. We chatted as friends do for the next couple of hours, before it was time to make a move.

Entering the nightclub we turned a few heads as usual, we were three very attractive females and the potential suitors gave us longing looks as we walked in. The club had a staircase leading from the entrance vestibule to the main club room, every girl in the place was well aware of the practice a number of chaps had congregating at the foot of the stair to watch the girls walk up. There was always plenty of leg and backside on show as the girls in their mini skirts. We were no exception in swaying upstairs, I wondered if the lads appreciated my new thong that was undoubtedly on show.

I looked around and was slightly disappointed Steve appeared not to be there yet. We grabbed a drink and stood on the balcony looking down on the dance floor. The club and dance floor was filling up nicely and a good atmosphere developing. Kathy suggested we had a dance and we were just about to hit the floor when I felt an arm slip around my waist. “Hello Jackie,” I turned and saw Steve had arrived, “Sorry I’m late,” He apologised over the thumping bet of the disco, “Grab your friends and we’ll go into the quiet lounge if you like,” He suggested.

I glanced around disappointed to see he appeared to be alone. I noticed Kathy and Tracey were giving him the once over, I nodded to them to follow us, and they grabbed their drinks and we made our way to the so called quiet lounge. The quiet lounge was where all the local celebrities and rich people, the in-set congregated. We had been invited in a few times, usually by older men trying no doubt to get into a younger woman’s knickers. The bouncers who prevented anyone no appropriate from getting in nodded towards Steve as we entered the lounge. “Don’t fancy this very much,” Tracey said to Kathy and myself.

“Nor me I just want to dance.” Kathy looked a little downbeat.

“Let’s give it a chance,” I said with enthusiasm, both girls looked doubtful but agreed to one drink.

Steve grabbed my hand, I felt a shiver go through me as he did so, he was looking around the crowded room, “This way,” He said and headed off to the far corner of the bar, I glanced behind me to see a very despondent Tracey and Kathy dutifully following us.

My worst fears were dispelled when we got to the corner of the crowded bar, “Jackie let me introduce Dave and Chris,” He said to me, “Dave, Chris this is Jackie.” They both kissed my hand in a show of some bravado. By this time my two friends had caught up with us.

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