The Newlin’s, Marcie , Mark Pt. 19


Part 19

Marcie’s Therapy / Mark Entertains 2 Girls

The following day Marcie acted on Gerri’s advice and found the therapist she recommended named Rudy Dersherwitz. We join them as he explains his theories on how to treat someone considered a sexual addict.

“Yes, Marcie all too often the therapist focus on altering sexual behavior rather than accepting and befriending this part of themselves and learning to control it rather than having it controlling them.”

His words hit her like a blow to the head. And what followed Marcie found she agreed with almost 100%.

“For example, let’s talk about the man who can’t stop undressing women in his mind. They encourage him to manage his lust by self-policing how long he looks at a woman. Some call this the three-second rule. The assumption is that simply stopping the addictive behavior will bring him back to healthy sex. But this only keeps the focus on his sexual behavior, making things worse by putting him at odds with his sexuality and actually causing the behavior to increase. I have rarely experienced this to be a successful treatment.

“Their sex addiction model uses a screening test, which therapists can administer to recognize areas that are “problematic” within their patient’s “arousal template.” Patients are asked if they have purchased romantic novels or sexually explicit magazines, spent time and money in strip clubs, have paid prostitutes, or in the case of women, patronized hotel lounges for the sole purpose of picking up men or women for the evening. They are asked if they regularly engage in sado-masochistic behavior, or regularly attend sex clubs, and whether they cruise parks.

And here’s where I differ significantly. These so-called tests implicitly decide that viewing and purchasing romantic novels and sexually explicit magazines, or any of these other behaviors is wrong. However, many people do all these things and never have a problem. In my opinion such behavior is neither unnatural nor abnormal. Rather they are part of the panoply of pleasure available to us as sexual beings.

“So it is not in our nature to avoid these behaviors and or fantasies, but to control them rather than allowing them to control us.”

“Wow!” Marcie said finally allowing herself to breathe normally. “That–that’s great to hear, Doctor Dersherwitz.”

Waving her off, the doctor continued. “Encouraging this kind of deprivation and limitation inadvertently contributes to controlling the patient rather than helping the patient gain mastery over their own sexuality. How often in our own experience have we found that when we are told we must stop some behavior, it makes the behavior seem even more attractive?”

“Yes, that’s right!”

“I once supervised a therapist who believed that if someone was into spanking, something was wrong because, in her opinion, pain and pleasure should never be combined. This ignores the research that shows that, for some, pleasure and pain combined is and can be normative and erotic. One sex addiction therapist I knew believed it was wrong for a man to wear woman’s clothing for sexual arousal because, “Why would the man want to humiliate himself in this way?”

We now know more about transgender issues and how normative it is for many straight men to enjoy dressing in women’s clothes and underwear, and how it isn’t at all humiliating for them. This therapist was using his own bias or belief system rather than the latest science to treat his patient, and needs to expand his understanding and protect the patient from his counter transference.

“Nowadays, using the framework of sex addiction is the last thing I might consider when someone comes into my office struggling with out-of-control sexual behaviors. I look for conditions and diagnoses such as anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, or bipolar disorder, to name a few. I don’t zero in on the sexual behavior, and I encourage the client to consider his own values around his sexuality, and to separate himself from the values he has learned elsewhere.

“We as therapists need to self-reflect and evaluate where we stand on working from a sex addiction model, or whatever we believe to be healthy versus non-healthy sexuality, and make sure we are not imposing our beliefs and views onto the client. As well, a therapist needs to explore whether or not the client has been sexually abused or has one of a number of disorders. It’s good to rule out things, but it’s also good not to assume something is happening without consistent supporting evidence.

“The important thing that I have realized is it is best to come from a strength-based and sex-positive place and not from pathology and disease.

“Strength-based therapy is a type of positive psychotherapy and counseling that focuses more on your internal strengths and resourcefulness, and less on weaknesses, failures, and shortcomings. This focus sets up a positive mindset that helps you build on your best qualities, find your strengths, improve resilience and change worldview to one that sex hikayeleri is more positive. A positive attitude, in turn, can help your expectations of yourself and others become more reasonable.

“Anyone with poor self-esteem, or who has emotional issues resulting from an abusive relationship with a parent or partner, can benefit from strength-based therapy. This includes people with serious mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia, who can use strength-based therapy to build confidence and reduce the stress of living with such a condition. Strength-based therapy can be used as an intervention for individuals of all ages, couples and families.

“I expect to see you again, Miss Dolan, we have to delve a bit deeper into what really troubles you. So at our next session we’ll tackle your sexual experiences, one by one.”

“Yes I agree, Dr. Dersherwitz. I’ve always been a worrier, so anxiety might be the culprit, or it’s possible I’m depressed. I haven’t found the right job yet and have missed out on several opportunities. I’m not self-diagnosing, but offering avenues worth pursuing.”

“Yes, and over our next few sessions we will look into those and other possibilities. However, for the present, rest assured you are not addicted to sex; you merely have a very healthy aptitude for it. The fact that you see your doctor regularly and are relatively careful with whom you partner support this …”

He went on but Marcie was no longer listening. Her partners … she had no idea if they were safe or not. __________________________

Marcie’s sexual hunger persisted and Friday night after finishing her last set at the lounge, she went barhopping ending the night in the apartment of a mid-twenties guy from Tampa who was studying at the University of South Florida.

They didn’t make it to his bedroom before getting started. He reached into her short skirt while they made out. His fingers stroked the lips of her pussy through her underwear setting her lust afire.

He was the first to get naked and had Marcie straddle his lap. It took him several tries to release the clasp on her bra, but once he did, he fed on her breasts, causing her to recall the feelings Gerri had wrought when she abused them the previous week. Marcie was cumming even before she rode his cock through the sheer black bikini panties she still wore.

He was reluctant to wear a condom, but she insisted on it and he capitulated, producing a box with seven condoms in it then allowed Marcie to put one on.

They fucked in several positions. Marcie lay on her back, knees in the air, shins horizontal. The impact of the thighs and cock transferred his momentum to her and made her body inch upward. The leather of the sofa stuck to her skin. Knees on either side of his hips, she leapfrogged on top of his erection. Marcie’s fingers played with her clit as she knelt clutching the high sofa back while he pummeled her from behind. First he held her by the thighs to open here up then he held her by the breasts to bring her back. They both came hard this way.

Her partner was unusual in that he disliked having his cock sucked and wasn’t one for eating pussy either. He was a competent fuck and nothing else.

The following night she went to a late night party with some musicians she knew and some she didn’t. She hit it off with a bass player and left the festivities around two in the morning.

They took a cab back to his place and settled in his bedroom. His roommate was fucking his fiance in the next room. They heard each other once they got going, since the bass player was particularly energetic and the bed kept banging against the wall.

Between their two rounds of fucking, Marcie masturbated with an empty beer bottle after he bet her she couldn’t do it. Laughing, Marcie took the $5.00 bet and wet the rim then pressed it against the lips of her pussy. The neck of the bottle dropped in almost at once. She held the thick cylinder below the neck and spun the bottle within herself. The bass player had looked on with interest and even used his fingers on her clitoris and labia when they flared around the glass.

Feeling giddy with lust, Marcie made a special show of it, using both hands to clutch the bottom of the bottle and wielded it like a dildo and fucked herself with it as hard as he had earlier.

As he handed her a five dollar bill, she gleefully laughed and said: “It’s a pity the guy’s penis doesn’t rotate; fucking would be soooo much more fun than it already is.”


She saw Dr. Dersherwitz that Wednesday and he had her recount her earliest sexual encounters and then some. After Marcie finished he smiled and said, “So allow me to recap with some comments along the way. See if you agree with me. Or maybe you will not, but let us see.”

“You’re first significant experience was with Laura, Your college roommate, is that not so?”

“Yes, she–she helped me a great deal in acclimating to college life.”

“Oh, she did more than that; much adult hikayeler more in fact. She insisted that you lose your virginity to a male. Did she not?”

“Yes, but …”

“And when the male you found proved to be a virgin like yourself, she had you masturbate him just for the experience, I believe?”

“Yes, but…”

“Next came the professor, who rather than taking your vaginal virginity, took you anally.”

“Yeah, not a pleasant experience as I recall.”

“And yet, Laura encouraged you to see him again.”

“Yes … but …”

“We have a great many ‘Yes buts’ coming from you, Marcie. This professor was quite unkind to you as I remember. He tricked you into leaving his house naked and locked you out, didn’t he?”

“He did, yes. I never quite forgave him for that.”

“Did Laura condemn him for it?”

“Um, I—I don’t remember one way or the other. But we did make love, so she did comfort me in that way.”

“A short time later she invited you to come home with her, correct?”

“Yes, boy that was some weekend!”

“It certainly was. Let’s see … you met her female friend.”


“You had sex with her.”

“Well we didn’t go all the way, but yeah, we did fool around some.”

“You didn’t have sex with her?”

“Um, no not then, but later on … yeah I guess we did do the dirty deed.”

“The ‘dirty deed’?”

“Um, we ate one another out. Laura was also involved. Kind of a three-way; but that was the following day, um, night I mean.”

“They arranged a beach party and the three of you had a few drinks before you met the boys.”

“Um, yeah … we bought bikinis, had some cocktails then waited for the guys to show up. They were kinda late.”

“You had sex with one of them.”

“No, I had sex with two of them, and would have blown the third but something happened to interrupt that.”

“And what was Laura doing?”

“Um, she was making out with one guy, and her girlfriend blew a guy … um, the same guy I did later on.”

“But both girls watched you have sex with the first male, right?”

“I guess. I mean, I wasn’t watching them I was busy, you know?”

“I understand. So that evening, what happened?”

“We girls got it on; all three together, like I said earlier … a three-way.”

“And the following morning?”

“I fucked Laura’s father.”

“And later that day or perhaps it was evening?”

“We went to this club, had a few drinks; fooled around a little. I met this older woman, named Tallulah. We left them and went someplace else. It was really crowded and she got me really hot. I found myself nude going down on her while the crowd surrounded us cheering me on.”

“Was anyone you knew in that crowd?”

“Um, yeah, Laura and her friend.”

“Did they join in at any time?”

“Not that I’m aware of.” Marcie said and frowned.

“And after that, can you tell me what happened?”

“We took the train back to school; we made love that afternoon and night. A week or so after that we went to a frat party and I … started in with this guy. But at some point Laura joined in. we were um, teasing him at first but then we both blew him.” Marcie giggled then glanced at Doctor Dersherwitz. “I forget who instigated it. It might have been Laura, it might have been me. But we did him and sent him off reeling.”

“What was your next sexual encounter?”

“As I recall it was the group of girls having a party as I passed by their dorm window. I got one of them to have sex with me after a few more drinks.”

“This was the first time you had sex with someone without any participation by Laura wasn’t it?”

A wry smile crossed Marcie’s face as she responded. “Yeah … it seems like it was.”

“She groomed you well, Marcie,” Doctor Dersherwitz said quietly.


“Laura … she groomed you well.”

“I’d never thought of it like that … but yeah, maybe she did.”

“The weekend at Laura’s served as a catalyst to wet your sexual appetite far more than necessary. It would seem that from that time forward your sexual activity moved from what one might consider normal to abnormal.”


“You see the problem before us?”

“I’m beginning to Doctor.”

“Most importantly, you’re not a sex addict. You like sex and there’s nothing wrong with that. Most people do. You should be a bit more circumspect in choosing a partner. Random partnering will eventually bring you into contact with STD’s, some of which have no cure as yet. Common sense will help you there. As for the recent event where you say that you were sex-crazed … challenging the policeman and then approaching the winos. Well, they were both dangerous Miss Dolan, very much so. I highly recommend you avoid any such activities in the future.”

“Doctor, I understand what you’re telling me, but that night, I–I had an incredible urge … a insatiable need for sex. I needed it and didn’t care where or how I got it.”

“Yes, and there’s your real problem. You need what I’ll call an emergency sex hikayelerin plan; a kind of backup plan; a friend or partner who will serve you much as a sponsor in AA helps their fellow member get through the worst of times without a relapse.”

Marcie immediately thought of Gerri and nodded.

“Perhaps two backups in the event the first is unavailable, a second can come in handy.”

“Yes, you’re right, Doctor, I’ll do that. And thank you so very much. You’ve helped me understand my problem clearly and provided me with a means of coping with it. I can’t tell you how much that means to me.”

“You’re welcome, my dear. Of course feel free to call on me if you feel any undue pressures.”


The following night she was back with Milt and Gerri. She was already hyperventilating when Milt stepped behind her and knelt. His cock seemed thicker than the last time and he raised the level of their encounter by contenting himself to rubbing the underside of his prick back and forth between the cleft of her ass. Clearly he was in no particular hurry.

But Marcie, as usual was. She was whining with anticipation, each breath a pitched complaint, and then with Gerri laughing lewdly in her ear, Milt sank his thick cock into her. Marcie’s eyes rolled and her cheeks puffed with little gasps.

“He feels soooo good doesn’t he?” Gerri cackled as she masturbated several feet away from them pulling her thong back and forth through her swollen labia while watching her husband pound the willowy piano player to a fiery orgasm.

Gasping for breath while her climax continued reverberating, Marcie heard Gerri say: “Milt hasn’t cum yet, sweetie; why don’t you finish him off with that lovely mouth of yours?”

Incapable of voicing a reply, Marcie dropped to her knees, took hold of Milt’s slimy cock–which in her eyes was a beautiful thing to behold; perfect in shape and form, yet frightening in that it’s thickness–opened her mouth and took half of his length in and worked her tongue over the blotchy, swollen head while pumping his shaft with her tiny hand.

Marcie felt his wife staring at her the whole time, watching as she fellated him. Was it disgust? Disbelief? Jealousy? Or something else?

“Oh yeah baby,” Milt groaned, leering over at Gerri, “Nice surprise, she really knows how to give head!”

Marcie felt a flush of pride at first and sucked harder. Milt’s thick cock felt super sexy in her mouth; and down below her pussy felt squishy and her clit was tingling.

The cock she was sucking was hard as granite and she knew from experience he was ages from cumming. She redoubled her efforts, sucking like a vacuum cleaner and jerking him off with one hand, while the other hand snaked under his ass to tickle tickled his anus with one beckoning finger.

Then catching a glimpse of Gerri’s hungry expression, she plucked Milt’s cock from her mouth and offered to share him with her. Gerri was quick to accept, and they took turns licking and sucking his bulbous cockhead pleasing Milt no end. He grabbed big handfuls of Marcie’s hair with both hands and started fucking her face. When she surrendered his member to Gerri he begged Marci “to keep frigging my ass!”

Gerri was making those “Gluck–Gluck” sounds one hears when taking a cock deep, and Marcie saw that he was cramming his entire dick down her throat. The sounds weren’t because she couldn’t handle him, she could, but she was sucking so hard she found it difficult to swallow.

Marci relieved Gerri of his cock and with practiced ease took his full six-inches down her gullet. Gerri, in return, went down on Marci as soon as she regained her breath.

Milt was getting ready to cum and began face-fucking Marcie with a fury that astounded the both of them. She choked and gagged a little, but he was way beyond caring about that. She tried to keep her mouth wide open and her teeth out of the way as much as possible. Now and then she was able to gasp in a little air, but mostly she just held on, knowing that it wouldn’t be much longer. Besides, Gerri was between her legs and making her feel just wonderful.

Thirty-two seconds later, after furiously fucking her face, he yanked his thick wet cock from her mouth and throttling it with one hand, sprayed hot cum all over Marci’s face. She fell on the floor coughing and panting, a big wet sticky mess. Gerri continued munching away at her. Marcie was still trying to wipe her eyes clear of his semen when Gerri got her off.

“Shit, oh, I’m cumm … oh–oh—it’s… shit! My clit … suck it!”

Gerri went for it and Marci replied: “Ughhhh … ohhhh … Fuckkkkk!” And came.

Gerri gave Marcie another orgasm by pulling her clit into her mouth and lashing it with her tongue then gently bringing her back down, and stoking her legs and ass.

“Can you stay the night, Marcie?” Gerri asked.

“How can a girl refuse an offer like that?” she answered and everyone laughed.

They opened a bottle of wine and when it was finished, opened another. Marcie was ready for whatever came next and started sucking Milt’s cock and licking his balls as Gerri produced a dildo and a kit that had to allow for the dildo to be strapped into a belt-like device that went around Gerri’s waist and legs.

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