The Motel


“If you didn’t have bad luck, you would have no luck at all.”

This is what Cassandra heard her whole life. Thirty years later, it still rang true. She was having one of those days, weeks, months.

Walking out of the courtroom, Cassie knew that Jake would be mad. She had lost the case. He was going to be pissed. She threw her manila file in the trash. All of her painstakingly procured evidence was not even heard, she was not even heard. Lighting a cigarette, she winced at the taste and feel in her throat. After a few steps and a few hits, she threw that down as well.

She had just gotten them evicted. With only 5 days to move everything and find somewhere else to live. This was not an easy task in Charleston. There were places to live, but not where she wanted to . It was all going to be a mess. She was there on principal and she had just lost miserably.


Dodging traffic, Cassie was across the street and into her car in minutes. As she pulled off the curb, all she could think about was telling her husband, Jake. He was against it in the first place. “Let sleeping dogs lie he says.”

“Fuck, I hate it when he is right.”

Too soon the apartment was in her windshield. Too soon she was home and she was not ready to face the hubby. She audibly sighed when his truck was not in the driveway. By some saving grace, she was given a little time.

Quickly Cassie went into the house and jumped in the shower. She had no qualms in using her body to deter Jake from what had transpired at court. She had every intention of making him forget all about it. She smiled. Men were so easy. They have two heads and enough blood to use only one. This was a woman’s gift and Jake was no different. Cassie liked them a little dumb. They were just easier to deal with.

Cassandra hadn’t married Jake for his mind. She had married him for his body and his abilities. He was a little taller than her 5 foot 8 frame. Maybe just an inch or two taller, but it was enough that you had to slightly incline your neck to look into his eyes. Dark slate blue eyes that just made you want to melt. He had a way of looking at you that would make you dampen in her nether regions. Every look was a suggestion. Paired with strong muscular arms and a trim waist, it was hard to say no to him.

They had been married for about four years now and Cassie had learned to hate angering him. He didn’t yell and scream, as she sometimes wished he would. He would leave, or ask her to. He would shut down and not talk to her for days. He would sulk.

Her hands rubbed over her body in quick motions. Other days she would go slower, take pleasure in the feel of her own hands. But not today. Today, her thoughts kept her from feeling the same shivers that she usually felt. Today, she was trying to get done as soon as possible.

As she was stepping into her white lace panties, Cassandra heard the front door close. Cursing to herself, she forgot the bra and walked into the living room. She stopped suddenly when she seen who was in the room. There stood Jake and his boss!

Jake had a horrible grimace on his face, while Donnie had a look of unadulterated lust in his eyes. She quickly palmed her breast and squealed. Another moment passed before she had her wits about her enough to realize that she should get out of the room. Jake’s footsteps were quickly following her into the back bedroom.

By the time she was in the room, he was practically pushing her in to shut the door.

“What the fuck are you doing? I text you earlier and told you Donnie was coming over for dinner!”

Cassie sputtered, unsure what to say. “I haven’t checked my phone, I had to turn it off in the…” She cut her sentence short, not wanting to talk about court in the current state of affairs.

“I just got a call from the landlord. Reminding me that I had five days from today to get out. What the hell did you do?”

“I am sorry okay? I thought we would win, but the judge wouldn’t even look at my evidence. I was railroaded!”

“Did you even cook anything?”

“No, I just told you I haven’t read your text.”

“Fuck this, I’ll be back when I am ready.”

Jake turned on his heels and stormed out of the room. Cassandra was left clutching her bare breasts and watching his disappearing back.

Hours went by and by 3 in the morning, Cassie went to bed. Tears streamed down her face as she went to sleep.

The afternoon she awoke at around 2 with a serious headache. Looking into the mirror, she grimaced. Her blond curls were stuck to the side of her head because she hadn’t had time to blow dry it after her shower. It hung in limp strands on the sides of her face. Her eyes were still red from crying and her vision was still blurry from the vodka. Just as well.

Then she realized that he still was not home. She had a sinking feeling. She knew exactly Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir what he had done last night. This wasn’t the first time he had stayed out all night. Making her wait around. Well not this time!

Cassie hurried back into the bedroom and slid her small pink suitcase out from under the bed. She threw a few clothes and toiletries inside of the bag. She almost walked out of the bedroom before she realized she was still basically naked.

She smiled for the first time that day or maybe that week. There was a weight lifted off of her shoulders. A new spring in her step. She should have done this a year ago. She smiled again when she imagined how Jake would feel when he got home and she wasn’t there. She did not know where, but Cassie was not going to be there when he got home.

She drove for a while. She started out North on the state highway and it was an hour before she looked around. Cassie was about 20 miles outside of Lexington. She spotted a small hotel to her right and pulled in. Getting out of her car, she grabbed her purse and walked towards the office. She waited for a few moments before she rang the little silver bell on the counter.

It was several more minutes before she heard a noise coming from the back. A man emerged from the back office door. He was in his early twenties and had an unkempt look of someone who didn’t care. A Grateful Dead T-shirt proclaimed him the druggie that she imagined him to be. With a touch of impatience, her gaze swept over the young man. The smoke smell and the look in his eyes made it clear why she had waited so long.

“I need a room for a couple nights.”

“Cool man. How many people?”

“Just me.”

Her words were clipped and she meant business. She passed him her credit card and took the pre-offered key card. She thanked him quickly and walked out the door. She found her room quickly and sank down into the soft bed moments later. Before long she was fast asleep. Hours passed before she woke up again. The sun was down and Cassie was a bit disoriented.

Stretching languidly, Cassie went outside and lit a cigarette. She got half way through it before she flicked it over the edge of the bannister. Spying the pool on the side of the parking lot, Cassie decided to go for a quick swim while it was empty.

Going back in the room, Cassie pulled her clothes off and opened up her suitcase to grab her bathing suit. She wasn’t really sure why she had brought it, but she was now glad that she had. Her eyes flittered to the full length mirror in the room, noting the way her breasts pushed up against the white material. She wondered if it would be see-through when it got wet. She had not worn it yet, so she was unsure what would happen. She didn’t care though. There didn’t seem to be anyone by the pool or even outside, so she figured she was safe if it did go sheer.

She pulled on a grey knee-length cardigan to cover herself up as she walked across the deserted parking lot. Sliding flip flops on her feet, she left the room and pulled the door closed behind her. Cursing to herself, she realized immediately, that she did not have her key card with her.

Walking down the metal staircase that led to the ground floor, Cassandra headed for the pool. Shirking off the cardigan, her nipples instantly hardened to the cool mountain air. Relieved that the water was semi warm, Cassie waded out into the pool, going under water for a minute. Smoothing her dirty blond hair out of her face when she re-surfaced, Cassie did a few laps. Allowing her body to feel the buoyancy of the water, she glided on top of the water.

She tired herself out after several minutes, maybe twenty. When she finally pulled herself to the side of the deep end of the pool, her breathing was a little heavy. Leaning against the edge, she treaded water. Closing her eyes, Cassie could feel the jet about a foot down. Pressing back against the jet, she smiled when the fast moving water massaged her back muscles. The water jet felt so good on her back, a small moan escaped her lips.

Her hands had a mind of their own and were soon encircling her small breasts through the thin fabric of her bathing suit. She started to wonder if she could rearrange herself to feel the jets elsewhere. Turning around and opening her eyes, Cassie looked around to see if anyone was outside. She did not see anyone, so she maneuvered down till the jets were skimming over her nipple. Cassie pulled the bathing suit top to the side, pinching the neglected nipple in her fingers. Another moan escaped her lips, her body still primed from the night before. She had expected the night to end with tantric sex, not a sulking man who walked out on her.

Memories of him were diminishing as her free hand slid under the water lower. Her hand found her heated core and delved inside İstanbul Escort the white fabric. Her fingers and the water felt cold on her skin as she opened her lips. Finding the small button at the top, she pressed her fingers into it softly, teasingly. Stroking became faster as her heart raced. She was moments from slipping her finger inside of herself, when she heard a noise ahead of her. She saw a shadow by the outside of the office and then nothing.

A bit embarrassed and a lot disappointed, Cassie covered herself back up and pushed away from the edge of the pool. She did several more laps before she was ready to pull herself out of the water. Using the ladder, gravity pulled her and the water as she broke the surface. Sighing, she pulled the cardigan back on because she had forgotten a towel. She pushed her wet hair out of her face and closed the front of the shirt up. She slid her sandals back on and wrung her hair out again to stop it from dripping down her back.

Cassie headed to the office to get another key card. She desperately wished that she had not left it in the room. She did not want to face that young man again.

When she entered the office, the air conditioning hardened her wet nipples almost painfully underneath her clothes. She looked down and quickly seen them through the two layers of fabric. Sighing to herself, she impatiently rang the bell again and waited.

She did not have to wait long this time, the man entered the office seconds after the sound left the air. His gaze was now a bit hungry, sweeping over her body. She looked down and pulled the covering over her body tighter. It took her a moment to reach his face. Taking in his youthful chiseled jaw and flaming glare, her body was responding to the young man she had dismissed earlier. His demeanor had changed from their previous meeting. He looked at her like a man, not just a boy.

Looking at him through veiled lashes, Cassandra cleared her suddenly dry throat.

“Can I help you Cassie?”

Cassie was taken aback by him saying her name, the way his mouth formed the words of her name. The sound had a seductive quality that could not be mistaken. His eyes had a humor and something a bit more primal encased in the depths. He of course had read it off the application, but still.

“Yea, I um, need to get another key card. I left my other one in the room.”

Cassie nervously pushed her hair back from her face again, daring to look up into his eyes again. The man was watching her, his slim build hiding his body under his tie dyed shirt. His green eyes were clearer than they were before, the predatory look was still there though.

“Why don’t I just open your door for you? Then I won’t have to make another card and charge you 5 dollars.”

“Okay. Thanks that will be great.”

The man moved quickly to the other side of the counter. His presence next to her, made her silly body go into over drive. His maleness was clear, his presence made her heated core burn even hotter. Unsure what to do, she waited for him to pass her and quietly followed behind him. She watched his small ass in his jeans with every step he took. She could make out his muscular thighs through his jeans as well, enjoying the view. Topping the landing, she stood there silently as she waited for him to open her door. He pulled out another key card and when the green light lit up, he pushed the door open.

“Would you like some company?”

Looking up quickly, Cassie met his eyes for a moment. The man stepped towards her as she tried to enter the room. His body moved towards hers, his lean fingers catching her waist in their grasp. He pushed her against the door hard, the air rushing out of her lips with the movement. His mouth was over hers in seconds, his tongue pushing inside of her mouth. He forced her body back, she could feel the hard knot in his pants.

Thoughts of Jake entered her mind, giving her the last shred of will that she had left. She pushed up against his surprisingly hard chest, saying that she couldn’t. His hands were running down the side of her, trying to find their way into her cardigan. She had to grab his hands and push him away harder. As much as her body wanted to feel what this man had to offer, she could not go through with it. She was married and she believed in monogamy. Even if her body did not.

The man left after she made it clear that it was not going to happen. Cassie sighed and slumped back down into the bed. She tried to touch herself, finish what she had started in the pool. But after a few minutes of rubbing, it became clear that her body did not want her hands. Her body wanted a man’s touch. It wanted Jake’s touch. Or maybe it wanted the young man down in the lobby.

Cassandra looked at the phone on the dresser longingly. Did she dare? Rising from the bed, her shaky Escort İstanbul hand grasped the phone and dialed the zero. When his voice came over the line, she told him that she wanted some company after all. The line was dead before she could say another word.

Cassie gasped moments later when she heard the knock on the door. Shaking a little, Cassie pulled on the knob. The younger man walked in quickly not saying a word. His long brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail. He pulled his shirt off as he moved towards her, Cassie found herself backing up a few steps. She was second guessing her decision as she seen the look in her eyes. She was unsure if she could go through with this, never having cheated before. But when his hands grasped the sides of her face to pull her close, her only thought was of his touch.

His lips were soft and insistent on hers. His body was overwhelming her slighter one, pushing her closer to the bed until her back calves hit the end. He kept dominating her with his mouth and over-riding her senses with his body. Cassie found herself falling on to the soft hotel bed, her body instantaneously crushed with his.

She was still in her bathing suit, she had discarded her over shirt. Cassie could feel the rough chest hairs of the young man, his hands were racing over her body again. There was an urgency to his moves that she had not felt in some years. His body was pressing against hers, his tongue was twisting inside her mouth, coaxing her to join him.

Cassandra was over whelmed to say the least, she could only feel at this point. One of his hands had found their way under her bikini top, his calloused fingers started to pinch one of her nipples. Cassie moaned into his open mouth, spurring him on. He pressed his groin into her and answered with a groan of his own.

Pulling his lips away from her, the man pulled on her bottoms until she heard a rip. Her top followed and she found herself completely naked underneath this stranger. She doubted her decision, until she felt his mouth on her breast. Closing her eyes and grabbing the dark ponytail, Cassie urged the man lower, where her body desperately wanted it.

He did not move. He spent what felt like hours licking her nipples, going from one to the other. Swirling his tongue around them, driving her crazy. His hand at least touched her where she wanted, his fingers sliding up and down her slit. She could feel her wetness on his fingers, she cried out when he entered her with one of his slim rough fingers. Cassie climaxed with the entrance, this was what her body needed, what it was craving.

Cassie heard him chuckle a bit, and then move lower down with his mouth. His tongue now swirled on her stomach, delving into her belly button, while his finger continued to pump into her through her orgasm. He added another finger to the first as his mouth found its way to the top of her mound. Licking his way down, his tongue finds her nub and starts to lap up her juices.

Cassandra’s body exploded after only a few minutes. His fingers worked themselves in and out of her soppen wet hole. Her body clamped down onto his digits as another spasm of pleasure coursed through her. She screamed out again, her hands trying desperately to pull him up. “Please, oh God.”

Cassie was unsure what she was begging for, she was unsure what she needed. But when he finally removed his fingers from her tight cavern and his tongue from her clit, Cassie sighed in relief. Her eyes were closed again as she felt his weight shift off the bed. When she opened them, he was in the process of pulling his pants down. Her eyes were riveted to his naked form, his impossibly hard dick. He was shaved completely, making his penis look even larger. It was thick and pointed up a little bit on the end.

He wasted no time climbing back on top of her body, his rod scorching every inch of her that it touched. She opened up her legs, directing his manhood inside of her. The pair both groaned in unison as he quickly entered her wet flesh. He took her breath away with his powerful thrust. He reached the depths of her that Jake had never reached.

Unlike the tender love of her husband though, this man rammed into her again and again with little mercy. His strokes gyrated the bed against the wall and pushed Cassie further into the bed. She wrapped her legs around his bucking torso, pulling him closer, deeper inside of her. Her pussy walls clamped around his length, as she came again with him inside of her. Desperately, she pushed on the young man who did not seem to be stopping anytime soon. She pulled his face down to hers and kissed him passionately. She pulled away from him and whispered into his ear, begging him for his cum. Her tongue lightly licked his ear, his undoing.

He roared above her jackhammering a few more pumps, his ejaculation so strong she could feel it shoot inside of her. He collapsed on top of her, his weight pinning her down as cum slid out with his dick. She laid there stunned, not believing what she had just did. Her last thought before she passed out, was of her husband, Jake. She heard the door close minutes later, but she did not have the energy to say anything.

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