The Meeting

Big Dicks

As pre-arranged, we arrive at the club for the meeting. There is an energy, a mild but continuing electrocution as holding hands, we thread through the crowd. Identifying them from across the room, attraction building in levels as we near. Her cocktail dress is too short, causing worry and following eyes from all around, undoubtedly hoping that part of her ass might be briefly bared.

As we congenially greet, she and my woman breaking into an oooing and ahhing discourse of how beautifully the other is, my eyes follow down her curves to her shaved pubis that is visible, upholding the clingy wisps of her rayon dress.

Standing near the bar, one of the dozen or so that pepper this emporium, her man and my woman bracket us together against the bar, along with several others that are also pressing us, as everyone leans into each other to converse over the din of the noisy club.

We are all soon riveted, hardly noticing the sea of several hundred about us. The four of us sipping wine together, she has been nuzzling at my cock variously with her hip for the last twenty minutes. At first it was the occasional accidental brush, but for some while now, she has been teasing the increasing hardness of my cock with the firmness of her ass. My silk boxers and loose linen slacks weigh no restraint over my erection, and this she takes mean advantage of.

Casually erotik hikaye she reaches behind herself, and takes my overheated rod in her right hand, fully grasping its circumference, and then slowly slides her hand down it from head to its base, and back again. Repeatedly. Repeatedly. It is itching, and burning under her touch. Repeatedly. I suddenly dare to hope that her grasp will free it from the discomfort of being forced downward along my thigh where it became captured.

The arousal she’s inflicted is welling up in my testicles, my cock oozing its pre-cum, is noticeably wettening my pants.

I reply by placing my hands between her legs, with my thumbs I touch behind her knees. As I ascend her thighs, she shifts to part them, and slightly squatting, lifts her ass, and arches her back, to offer her pussy to my inquisitive exploration. With two fingers I gently survey her pussy slit, my fingers spread to part her cunt, she is dripping wet.

I fling my open jacket forward in hope of concealing this exhibition, but she is upping the ante, as she’s now unzipping my trousers.

In wresting my erection free, her hand guides it first through the fly of the boxers, and then out of my trousers, to treat it to the sensations of the room.

Landing her pussy against my lap, she deftly guides my penis past the slippery cleavage of adult sikiş hikaye her ass and into the peak of her clenching thighs. I could be up in her pussy, but I know I’m not, as the power of her ass compresses my shaft, taut and rough, unlike the feel of cunt.

With smooth rolling excursions of her hips, backing against me, then hauling me forward, she glides on my cock, captured within the lock of her pinching buns and adductor tendons that clamp me between her slightly crossed legs, pressing my shaft up into her cunt cleft. Deftly she butts the head of my cock into her pubis, then stops frozen, awaiting its lubricated extrication when next it pops forward to collide with her clit. Again the slipping motion is arrested as it is momentarily caught up in the grasp her labia minora and clit hood. Only she knows the precise contact of my cock to her clit and urethra. Lurching on, the nub of my dick now protruding beneath her skirt draws her hand to her crotch to stroke it, but only for a moment, when just as suddenly, her motion brings its retreat into the cave of her crotch as she initiates her ass dance again.

Gently my arms have been encircling her waist as her hips gyrate smoothly below. My hands, drawn to the energy of her thighs, soon drift down to wedge between them. Her wetness has seeped like a river of love to her knee tops. Like a ballerina erotik hikaye she squats slightly in the third position, briefly creating fear of her release and the awakening from this dreamy dance. But it is not to be over. All in one move as she parts her knees, her pelvis extends gently forward before dropping one sway more, whence she rolls her ass upward and stabs my cock head just inside her tight cunt hole.

Slowly, with a forceful and long pleasurable wriggling press, she causes my whole shaft to be taken within her. Having my cock inside this angel’s cunny oven is heaven. Her heat bathes my rod with her glorious energies, illuminating my balls and causing a glow throughout my buttocks and along the entire length of my cock. She glances, almost back over her shoulder, allowing me to catch a look into her face, past the bartenders, from the mirror behind the bar. Her eyes are closed and she seems as if dancing all by herself to the rhythms that drown us all. I can’t keep my hands from under her dress, softly caressing her clit, she, a vessel of my temporal happiness. As she fucks me adoringly, I begin filling her pussy with my semen… my orgasm proceeds in long, separated spasms of cum.

Having lost touch with the surroundings for what seems like an eternity, I am slightly jolted by a collision.. my woman crashes into me as she tries to withhold against the other man’s desperate fucking she’s getting. Anxious in her attempts to receive all of his cock, I see her go palms flat to the bar stool, her ass fully bared as his cock disappears into her sizzling wet slit.

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