The ED Chronicles Ch. 01

Big Dick

The following story is true, names have been changed to provide a modicum of privacy. All characters are over the age of 50.


Looking back, it is still very hard for me to believe the events that have transpired over the last few years. Sometimes, life has a unique way of taking an almost surreal turn that leads us down paths that we would have normally only dreamt about. Mine is one such story.

This is story about how an unusual circumstance led to a case of erectile dysfunction, that in-turn, led to the most erotic sexual experiences that I had ever been involved in.

My name is Jack. My wife, Susan and I lived in your normal Midwestern rural agricultural community. Our modest home was on the outskirts of a small town in an area that was a vast sea of cornfields in the summer and a barren windswept plain in the winter. However, the five acres on which our house sat offered privacy and a great opportunity to indulge ourselves in gardening and other outdoor activities.

In our early fifties, Susan was a homemaker and I had a career in law enforcement. With the world changing the way it was, I recently decided to retire. I came to realization that my line of work was now best left to a younger generation. Even being an administrator in law enforcement was too stressful.

Also, a recent health scare had left me taking an inventory of my life and coming to the realization that time was too short to spend another decade or so in a job that would probably kill me. It was time to move on. I was very blessed to be able to use previous time that I had accumulated in the military and another law enforcement job to buy back longevity time and apply it to my current job allowing me to retire early. Although it was not a lavish retirement by any means, we got by.

I was also blessed with a loving wife and several children, most of which were grown and living lives of their own.

My wife Susan was an Italian beauty. Short in stature at about five foot two inches, with a slim figure and flat tummy, she had beautiful curly black hair and deep brown eyes. How I got so lucky I do not know. She loved to cook and that delicious Italian cooking nearly killed me, but that is another story.

I was very tall at six foot four inches and my weight varied but was in the mid two hundred pound range. I had some small love handles but was not overweight. Early in life I was thinner with a slim muscular torso. Being tall definitely had its advantages and it is true what they say about men who are taller with large feet. Or at least it is from my own personal experience.

My wife and I had a fairly normal sex life, which consisted of sex once or twice a week. We had both been briefly married before and we got lucky in love the second time around, with both of us very satisfied with each other. My wife was a tad bit more sexually adventurous in her earlier years than I was, having had sexual experiences with both males and females. One of my greatest turn-ons, when we were first married, was when she would tell me about her girl on girl experiences of her late teens. Something I may relate later, but I digress for now.

My unique story began when, after taking a routine antibiotic, I started developing erectile dysfunction.

Now it is pretty shocking psychologically when a man realizes that he can’t ‘get it up’, and that the reason is something more than a transitory issue. As a matter of fact it became quite disturbing for me.

My symptoms were unique. My testosterone was in the normal range and I would easily experience nocturnal, or nighttime, erections. Eventually the doctor determined that my ED was not due to depression, heart disease, or a passing bump in the road. He eventually diagnosed my ED as a form of neurological damage cause by the antibiotic I took. It was considered a fluke, but none the less it was a problem for me. After all, when aroused, I was used to have what I thought was a fairly large erection at around eight inches. It was not porn star quality by any means but I was no slouch either. Now, being faced with the possibility of a permanently flaccid penis, or not being able to get completely hard was, to say the least, very disturbing to me.

“What can we do?” I asked the doctor.

“Let’s try some different types of oral medication,” he said.

Over the next few months I tried little blue pills, little orange pills, round pills and oval pills. sancaktepe escort Pills always left me with a host of unpleasant side effects.

My wife Susan was wonderful through this whole ordeal. Our relationship was to the point where we were comfortable with our imperfections. Even though we still had oral sex, sex toys and other methods, I still missed having a solid erection. My wife joked that she did not mind me being ‘softer’ as since she was older her jaw got tired from sucking a large cock. I knew that she was trying to humor me.

Time finally came for my next doctor visit. I expressed my displeasure with the latest pill, and that is when the doctor asked me a question.

“Do you think that you could inject yourself?” he asked.

“You mean like in the leg or arm?” I responded.

“No” he said, “you would inject yourself in the penis.”

At first the thought of injecting my cock was alarming, to say the least. But I was also getting desperate. The doctor told me that it was not really all that bad since we would be using a very, very small needle and injecting a small amount.

The doctor said the first injection would be done by him in the office, then at the next visit I would inject myself. During this time we would be adjusting the dose to ensure a long erection but not too long as to get priapism.

“Ok doc”, I said, “let’s give it a try. When should we do this?”

“Nothing like the present” said the doctor, and he mentioned about going to get some medication from the other room and he would be right back. I sat nervously fidgeting. I am glad that he wanted to do it right away, because if I gave myself enough time, I may chicken out.

He returned with a vial that he mixed up and then drew up a small syringe full.

“Drop your pants and underwear”, the doctor said. I complied as he used his gloved hands to wipe the upper side of my penis with an alcohol wipe.

“The injection goes on either side of the penis about one third down from the top.” He then said “do not inject yourself in the penile head”. The thought of sticking a needle in the head of my penis was, to say the least, disturbing.

With a swift motion, he injected me. The pain was very minimal.

“Now pull up your pants and go walk around in the hallway for a while. The action will get the blood flowing and we should have an erection soon.”

In a very surreal moment, I started walking up and down the hallway of a busy medical building. My mind wandered on thoughts about the strangeness of the situation. Within about 10 minutes I had a hard erection, a rock hard erection. It was wonderful.

Several nurses walked by. As I walked, I passed the same nurses again. Looking at my watch I realized that they were evidently walking for exercise over their lunch hour. When they came back around the third time I couldn’t help but wonder if they saw the large erection bulging in the front of my jeans. It may have been my imagination but I could have sworn I saw one take a sideways glance at my crotch area.

I went back into the patient room and waited for the doctor to return. In a few minutes he returned and asked to look at my penis.

“Yep, it looks as though it is working just fine.” He said. “Now if it would last for more than four hours, you must come back to the office for treatment. If everything goes just fine I will see you in a week or two for another injection.”

I quickly made my next appointment and left feeling great. I was walking around with a solid erection, something that I had not felt in a long time. I couldn’t wait to show my wife so I quickly drove home.

My wife could tell I was very happy that when I got home. As I stood there in the kitchen she said she was pleased with my happiness, trying not to act to enthused about my rock hard member that was bulging through my pants.

“Do you want to see it?” I asked her.

“Sure”, she said nonchalantly, as I unzipped my pants and slid my pants and briefs down dropping them to the floor, knowing that the kids were gone and there was no one around but the two of us.

“Wow,” she said. “That is much bigger than I remember it.” Now open to full view, Susan could see it maximum size, a handsome thing. The heavily veined shaft was at least eight and half inches long. I curled my hand round the shaft and started to slide up and down in ümraniye escort a slow rhythm, fascinated by the sheer firmness of it. I could tell Susan was mesmerized by my actions.

“I just can’t get over how hard you are. It is like when you were in your mid-twenties,” she said as I caught a glimpse of lust flash in her eyes.

Although she had jokingly complained about sucking a large cock before, I caught a glimpse of a desire that flashed through her eyes. We had been married long enough and I had seen that look before, although it had been a long time. It was a look of lust that told me she wanted my cock, she longed for it and I was going to oblige.

Susan walked over to me and placed her had around mine as I was slowly pumping the shaft of my cock. A drop of pre-cum had formed on the tip and glistened in the light. Susan took her finger and dabbed the pre-cum and swirled it around the head of my cock. She then dropped to her knees with her eyes fixated on my erect member.

My erection slipped into Susan’s waiting mouth and amazingly I watched it completely disappear each time Susan moved her head forward. I was always amazed in the past when she could take the entire length in her mouth and down her throat and I guess she never lost the talent. It was heaven.

While Susan was bobbing her head up and down on my hard shaft, I could see a bulge in her throat as my cock plunged into the depths. Bending down, I reached over her back, around her waist, and unsnapped her jeans. She moved into a somewhat upright crouching position and without much resistance, her jeans and panties slide over her shapely hips and down to the floor.

She knew what I wanted as I grabbed her by the waist and then guided her to the kitchen table.

Although we love each other deeply, animalistic passions were taking over, reminiscent of our much younger days. Instead of lying back, Susan was bent over the table where she arched her back and exposed her beautiful glistening entrance to me. I could see that she was clearly turned on. Kneading her lovely firm ass cheeks with my hands, I parted them to plunge my very erect cock through her very wet folds deep inside her cunt. She let out a gasp as I slowly started pumping her pussy with intensity.

The newfound feeling was wonderful after having experienced the lack of an erection for a quite some time. Amazingly, this erection was like having a twenty one year old’s cock on my fifty something’s body.

I loved the sight of my wet solid rod sliding in and out of her cunt in rhythmic fashion as she let out gasps of delight on each in-stroke. I knew that both of us would not last long before we experienced an explosive orgasm. As my thrusts gained in speed and force I reached around and grabbed her breasts and firmly squeezed each nipple. For her that was all it took. She moaned a loud long moan as I felt her muscles rhythmically contract around my cock as she climaxed. This was all it took for me as well. I felt the feeling rising from deep within my balls as I pumped my seed within her in a series of sustained spurts.

As I withdrew she turned over onto her back on the table as we both laughed at what had just transpired. What an amazing experience! We both basked in the afterglow, feeling both the love of a mature couple and the feeling of youthful exuberance. It was very hard to put words the joy we felt at that moment.

Normally at this time my cock would begin to grow flaccid. My wife was picking up our clothes that were strewn about the kitchen when she looked over at my cock in amazement. It was still as hard as a rock! I started walking around the kitchen like some youthful male with full morning wood. Remarkably, I had just had an intense sex session and my flagpole was still standing at full mast. I teasingly trotted off toward the shower naked waiving around my erection like some proud trophy.

I had just entered the shower and was lathering up when the shower door slid open a crack. It was my wife peeking to see if my erection had gone down. I had not. Amazed she grabbed my sudsy cock and started sliding her hand up and down. Normally I am a one shot man and need some time to recuperate before returning to action. Also, my wife often loved cuddling after a session and rarely expressed interest in immediately reengaging but now she expressed interest for more. We were venturing tuzla escort into territory we had not visited for quite some time.

The feeling of her hand sliding up and down on my sudsy member was exhilarating. It did not take long and she was in the shower with me stroking my cock still in amazement. At one point she stopped and placed a wet washcloth on my erect member to see if it would drop. It did not. She looked up into my eyes and said, “What next?”

“Well ..”, I said, “it is said, that you should never let a good erection go to waste”, and with that she dropped to her knees and eagerly started sucking on my cock again.

I always admired my wife’s oral skills. She loved to suck my cock and I have been blessed over the years to have experience many wonderful blowjobs to climax. She was never hesitant or reluctant in her desire to perform in this area. She once confided in me that it was one of her favorite sex acts to perform.

Although her hunger to suck my cock was greatly appreciated, I wanted so much for my very hard cock to be back inside her again. I gently motioned her to get up and turn around. She readily complied, turning around, placing her hands on the shower wall and again arching the wonderful ass up in the air.

I grabbed the soap and lathered her body up. My hands explored this soapy wonderland as I slid them over her breasts, pinching her nipples. Reaching around front I ran my hand up and down her soapy slit stopping briefly at the clit.

My wife was still facing the wall of the shower so I dropped to my knees spreading her cheeks and found the entrance to her pussy from behind. Keeping my hands on her ass cheeks I fucked her pussy with my tongue from behind. The soapy entrance, combined with the water cascading down on my face was exhilarating.

I realized that she had lowered her hand and was vigorously rubbing her clit as my tongue worked its way in and out. I always loved it when she played with herself.

I stood back upright still spreading her cheeks and for a brief second, I looked at her delightful little asshole and the wicked idea of plunging my member deep into her ass crossed my mind, even though I would never do such a thing without her full consent. Instead I slightly lifted on her ass and again plunged my cock into waiting pussy. I started rhythmically pumping back forth. Her right hand continued to enthusiastically rub her clit. This excited me even more as I felt the intense animalistic desire to fuck her grow stronger.

My wife murmured “fuck me with that big cock you bad boy.”

“You like that big cock fucking you don’t you?” I replied.

“Yes, I do. Fuck my pussy harder!” she demanded.

I always got a little turned on when my wife use demanding talk during sex, since she was normally on the reserved side. This was phenomenal. I grabbed her hips and forcefully pumped her.

“Fuck me harder!”, she squealed, as I picked up the pace. The water and suds made for a wonderful sound as our bodies slapped together on each thrust.

Within moments she cried out “I coming”, and with that I reached around and grabbed her nipples and pinched hard. She let out a large moan as I felt her body shudder again and again.

Well needless to say, the pumping in and out, dirty talk, suds, her moaning and pussy contracting around my cock was too much to withstand. I felt my balls stir as I pumped another load deep within her.

It took a few moments for our orgasms to subside and for a few minutes we just stood there, her back pressed against my chest and my arms wrapped around her. Again, we basked in the afterglow of what had just transpired for second time.

As I withdrew my cock I started to notice that it was now just slightly starting to become flaccid. I wiped the steam of off the shower door and looked at a clock that hung on the bathroom wall.

“Two hours and fifteen minutes.” I said out loud, commenting on how long my erection lasted from the time of injection till it started to diminish.

We both laughed and looked at each other. I just now realized how exhausted I had become, so I finished up in the shower, dried off and went to the bedroom to lay down for a well-deserved nap.

Susan walked into the bedroom shortly after me and said, “Well that is one for the history books my love!”

“Yes it is, I said proudly! But, now I am going to take a nap before I do a few chores. You totally exhausted me.” I said as I lay down on the bed.

“I am going to meet Marge for some coffee. Boy is she not going to believe this!” said Susan as she smiled at me as she walked out of the bedroom.

Marge was one of Susan’s best friends and our widowed neighbor who lived down the road.

I smirked as I drifted off to sleep.

To be continued…

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