Mrs. Clancy’s Legs


I was finishing up mowing Mrs. Clancy’s lawn. I had been mowing all summer, currently between my freshman and sophomore years in college, to earn some cash. It wasn’t too hot out, but I had a thin sheen of sweat on my body as I finished mowing the front lawn.

As I finished with the front, I saw Mrs. Clancy pull into the driveway on the side. She appeared to be in her late 30’s, with curly black hair resting on her shoulders. As she passed me pulling into the driveway, she waved to me with a smile as she pursed her red lips. I could tell she was wearing a black suitcoat over a white blouse as she turned off the engine and opened the car door.

I was standing just behind the car, walking up to her as she opened the door. As she stepped out, all I could see was her legs. Wow! Her black pumps clicked on the ground. I noticed the slit running up the middle of her skirt sliding off of her thighs, giving me a fantastic view of her shapely long legs. I noticed the light of the sun glistening on the tops of her thighs.

“Hi there,” Mrs. Clancy said, drawing my gaze back to her face. Her brown eyes had a sardonic look, having caught me staring at her legs.

“Hello,” clearing my throat. “Nice to see you. I just finished your lawn.”

“Great! The least I can do is pay you for it.” She stepped out of her car, having grabbed her purse as she closed the door behind her. “Come up inside with me, I left my checkbook behind this morning” With that, she walked to the side door leading up to her apartment on the second floor.

I followed her, noticing her hips swaying as she got out her house keys. As she walked, I could see the outline of her thighs under the skirt as she walked to the house. She opened the door, held it open for me, and began walking up the stairs.

As she walked up, I noticed a similar slit running up the middle of the back of her skirt. While Mrs. Clancy walked up the stairs, I watched the slit revealing the back curves of her calves and thighs…looking so smooth and arousing as we climbed the stairs.

So she wouldn’t catch me staring at her body again, I decided to make conversation.

“So… your husband home as well?”

I obviously regretted the words as soon as I uttered them. What about talking about the weather? Her job? The lawn? Anything but her Ankara escort husband. I felt like such an idiot.

“He’s been out on business trips most of the summer….we’ve barely seen each other”, Mrs. Clancy said dismissively. She then unlocked the door to her apartment, holding the door open as I walked in behind her.

Her heels clicked on the floor as she walked through the entry hallway, leading into the dining room. I was unable to resist watching as she placed her purse down on the table, then bent over to open a drawer in the nearby desk. My eyes strayed along the firm curve of her buns inside the skirt, sliding along the back curves of her thighs inside the skirt….then admiring the curves of her calves.

Mrs. Clancy pulled out her checkbook, noticing her red lacquered fingernails as she walked back to the dining room table. She then sat down in a chair, and crossed her legs as she started writing the check. My gaze couldn’t be bothered with such a trivial thing as money at this point. I was unabashedly staring at her long leg, the slit sliding off to the side. Her shapely thighs looked so pale and smooth, my eyes running along the curve of them, noticing her calf of her crossed leg pressed against her other leg.

The ripping of the check from her check book brought me up to look at her, before she caught me staring at her again. Mrs. Clancy then looked up at me as she handed me the check, smiling at me.

“Well, thank you for working so hard. You always do such a great job with my lawn……is there a problem?”

I noticed her eyes level with my waist. I then looked down, and saw my big erection, clearly visible through my shorts.

“I…I…I’m so sorry, Mrs. Clancy. I didn’t mean to….”

“Relax.” She then gave me a seductive smile, and then slid her hands up my thighs. “Here, let me see what the problem is”

With that, she parted her lips slightly, lifting her hands to my zipper. I felt Mrs. Clancy’s soft hands sliding against my crotch as she zipped my shorts down. She then turned around in her seat to face me, and then slid both my shorts and boxers down….my fully erect cock popping out.

“Oooh…it’s so big!” Mrs. Clancy exclaimed with a wide smile. She then slid a hand up my thigh, then slid her soft grasp over my shaft. Her fingers gripped Ankara escort bayan the thick rod, while her thumb pressed against the thick vein.

“What could make this so hard?” She teased, stroking it softly up and down my length.

Her tender touch felt incredible, making my manhood even harder for her. I felt compelled to tell Mrs. Clancy the truth.

“You are so sexy….you have an incredible pair of legs,” I told her, my breath getting shallower as she stroked my cock deeper.

I looked down and saw Mrs. Clancy lick her lips as she stared up into my eyes…my cock head inches from her lips. “Oooooh…why thank you!”, she said in a breathy whisper.

With that, she flicked out her tongue along the base of my shaft, and licked all the way up. The sudden touch of her tongue against my cock was incredible, and I moaned in hot pleasure.

She then flicked her tongue up and down the sides of my shaft, feeling it vibrate against her wet tongue. Mrs. Clancy then looked up, and teased the head with her lips, sliding it over quickly. She then slide her lips fully over the head, and then started sliding them lower and lower along my thick shaft. I felt her lips slide against my manhood as I slide inside her hot mouth.

Mrs. Clancy then slid another hand up my thigh, and slid her fingernails against my balls. The sensation was almost too much for me to handle, but I controlled myself, wanting more and more of her. She cupped my balls, and rubbed them gently in time with her controlled sucking on my cock.

I then felt pre-cum escape the head. She looked up, and smiled at me, pulling off of me for a second. Still looking at me, she flicked her tongue out over the head, and licked the pre-cum off of it, then licking her lips after doing so.

Suddenly, Mrs. Clancy slid her lips fully down my shaft and sucked hard and deep. Her soft lips slid up and down the length of my shaft faster and faster while she rubbed my balls in time with it.

I let out a loud groan of pleasure as she went faster on my hard rod. I noticed her breasts jiggling through her blouse, looking so firm. I then reached down, sliding my hands over the full curve of them, and gently squeezed them. She let out a soft moan over my cock as she sucked me off faster and faster.

She then slid both of Escort Ankara her legs along the outside of my bare legs. She first lifted up one leg, sliding the back of her calf against my calf….then slid it upward slowly. Then, she slid up her other leg, letting her inner thigh slide against my outer thigh as she sucked me off.

The silky sensation of her hot legs was too much. “Ohhhh…I’m gonna cum!”

She then grabbed my ass with both hands, sucking my cock with abandon, sliding her tongue along my shaft inside her hot mouth.

My climax raced up my shaft so fast. Her lips were like a vacuum on my manhood, driving me wild as my climax reached the head.

“Here it comes” I told her in a rushed whisper. I then exploded with a thick wad of cum leaping off of the head and hitting the back of her throat. Another wave of hot cum shot off, filling her hot mouth.

Mrs. Clancy continued rubbing my balls as I came inside her hot mouth, and she coaxed one more wave out. The climax raced up my shaft and I shot a thick load all over her tongue and down her waiting throat.

My eyes remained closed in pleasure for several long moments, savoring it. I then opened my eyes, and was surprised not to see any cum dribbling down her chin or face.

She then stood up in front of me, a wicked gleam in her eye. “I always take everything my man gives me”. She then licked her lips slowly again, as she rubbed my cock slowly up and down…making my balls ache.

Just then the phone rang and she went to get it. I couldn’t hear her conversation word-for-word, but heard her raise her voice. “Already? Um….ok…I’ll pick you up”.


Mrs. Clancy rushed back into the room. “That was my husband, I have to go pick him up at the airport.”

“Ok,” reluctantly sliding my boxers and shorts back on, zipping them back up. She led me to the door and opened it, clearly in a rush.

I stepped on the threshold, but before leaving turned to her. “Thank you for helping me….with my problem”

“I really have to go”, Mrs. Clancy said impatiently, pushing me over the threshold. I thought she was going to slam the door in my face. But instead, she slid her hand down low.

“I hope we’re able to give deeper treatment to it next time”, rubbing my package through my shorts. She then pulled away, closing the door behind me.

I then walked outside, grabbed the mower and put it in my truck. My erection was visible through my shorts again…already thinking of ways to have another erotic encounter with Mrs. Clancy.

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