Mind Over Matter


The hum of the air conditioner and the ratty wallpaper barely clinging to the motel walls were no help in drowning out the erotic sounds coming from next door. Loud smacks against soft skin were a constant as breathy female moans melodically carried between the paper thin walls. A sexy male groan was the last straw before I finally kicked my comforter off and spread naked over the queen size bed.

The mixture of potent household cleaners and a slight musty scent invaded my chapped nose and stung my tear stained eyes. Some rerun of a late-night talk show played in the background of my hazy mind as I desperately tried to count the speckles of popcorn ceiling paint in the hopes of falling asleep. However, my mind kept drifting away to the sinful story it concocted about the sexy duo next door.

A tall, dark and handsome male getting his rocks off to a busty bleached blonde woman he randomly met at a club. The two of them danced the night away with many varieties of alcohol acting as lubricant to loosen any inhibitions stubbornly left inside them. Halfway through the night, they found themselves stumbling into the nearest bathroom to take the edge off of building desires from the hours of teasing underneath a flashing neon sky.

Bent over a porcelain sink, the busty blonde’s breasts bounced to the rhythmic base, orgasmic screams barely heard as the sexy male pounded into her; drunken thoughts of what he would do with his latest conquest swirling around inside of his dazed head.

What? It was three forty-six in the morning. I didn’t say it was the most creative story.

My devious mind then decided to play tricks on me. What if I was the one bent over the sink? Her bubblegum tongue licking the cherry colored ball of nerves like it was a delicious treat; saccharine juices dripping from my soft, swollen lips. His cock squeezing inside my tight puckered hole and filling me with his thick cream. All while his large, rough hand goaded my backwards thrusts with stinging smacks to the red mounds of my bouncing ass.

I couldn’t help it. I was incredibly horny, coming down from a drunken high and in desperate need of anything to get rid of my aching heart. In my lovelorn state, I decided I only had one of three options. One, force myself to sleep and curse the sexy couple tomorrow for the throbbing wetness between my legs. Two, have my own nostalgic fun with the hand that was now teasing the tops of my swollen breasts. Or three, do something about it.

Maybe it was the well over half a bottle of Jack I downed tonight or the fact that I stupidly forgot my rabbit back at the apartment. Or quite possibly that I just didn’t want to be alone right now, but I jumped out of bed and threw on the dark wash jean shorts and old college t-shirt laying on the floor; the only clothes I had at the moment after leaving his cheating ass for good. I reached for the almost empty bottle sitting on the nightstand and took a long swig from it, feeling the delicious burn of the amber liquor all the way down my throbbing body. Damn…I hope this works.

A few minutes later, I found myself standing outside the faded brown wooden door of their motel room. The howling wind clinged to my overheated skin, slightly cooling me off as I worked up the courage to knock. Fucks and other various foul language were being repeated over and over again from behind many of the dingy motel room doors, including theirs.

I’m surprised they actually heard my knocks over their passionate love making, but after a few anxious seconds, the door finally opened wide. I tried to play it cool even though my eyes took a second to adjust to the blinding ceiling lamp. The unique smell of the motel, cheap beer, cheaper perfume and sex wafted out of the room, hitting me like a ton of bricks. But once I was able to recover, I looked up to see one half of my fantasy duo.

Sadly, the guy wasn’t exactly the tall, dark and handsome man I had envisioned in my mind. But holy fuck he was hot. Disheveled brownish blonde hair in an undercut style topped his head and was made messier by him running his long fingers through it. An expansive canvas of smooth tanned and tattooed skin stretched over lean muscle with both of arms wrapped in thick intricate tribal tattoos. Square black rim glasses sat low on the sharp bridge of his nose; the playful chocolate brown eyes behind them now stared down at me.

“Were we a little too loud?” he smirked, leaning against the door frame as his eyes slowly looked me up and down. Low slung light wash jeans barely done up drew my eyes down to not only the hypnotizing strip of soft hair trailing beneath the button, but also to the very pronounced bulge also tucked inside them.

My cheeks burned underneath his stare. My body vibrated and my heart pumped out of my chest with the dirty thoughts of this man fucking me. I faintly shook my head to rid myself of the thoughts and tried to think of a good reason as to why I was knocking on their door at four in the morning. Sadly, my stupid brain decided it was a Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan much better idea to focus on the small silver rings through each of his dusty brown nipples.

I stepped backwards and tried to look anywhere else; my face burning hot despite the cold, early morning wind when my eyes noticed the high arch of a brown eyebrow and the amusement in his eyes.

“Oh um…no no you weren’t. It’s just…”

The look of a widened smirk and darkened eyes sent a shiver straight down my spine, pooling between my legs. It was as if he found some new toy and was eager to play with it, which I was more than happy to oblige. “Would you maybe like to come inside? It’s fucking cold out here and as you can see, I’m not really dressed for it.”

“Who is it, baby?” The feminine voice asked from inside the motel room, startling me out of my reverie. I’d forgotten about her.

His body gracefully moved off the door frame and made room for me to enter; another look over had me biting my cheek when I slowly walked past him. The room looked almost identical to mine except for the multiple black and grey suitcases opened on the ground, the twelve pack of PBR with four empty cans strewn on their nightstands, and the other half of my fantasy duo splayed out on the same queen size bed. The same comforter set was in a heap on the old hunter green carpet and a crisp white sheet laid across her lap, barely covering as she lounged back against the many standard white pillows around the headboard.

Straight, disheveled and blazing red hair draped over her shoulders, stopping just short of covering her hard nipples. Her supple, porcelain skin brought out the piercing emerald green eyes heavy with a simmering lust for the guy now standing behind me. A delicate curved silver arrow elegantly pierced her septum and decorated her perfect angled nose.

She didn’t even bother covering up and laid there staring at me while she threw her hair to one side; tiny silver balls and hoops adorned both her ears. Her once perfect makeup was now fading from hours of rough sex—smeared khol eyeliner, stained and dry mauve lips, and worn out foundation covered her cherub face. Tattoos of various colorful designs covered a large majority of her body and drew attention to her perfect DD size breasts and curvy hips. She also wasn’t the same blonde from my dreams; she was even more gorgeous.

Her lips glistened when her tongue lightly dragged over them. I watched the tiny silver ball peek out from between her teeth as I anxiously awaited her response to my presence. Would she get upset and leave? I wouldn’t blame her if she did. A strange young woman was invited into her motel room at four in the morning, and by the guy she was just fucking her no less. This seemed wrong on so many levels. But…I kind of didn’t care. I know it sounded heartless, but it’s not like I would ever see them again. Plus, their love making did keep me up this late, so they sort of owed me at least an apology. Yeah, I would at least walk away from here with that.

“I assume you’re from one of the rooms next door,” she said with hardly any remorse in her voice. She was getting royally fucked by a damn adonis, what did she have to feel remorse about?

“I don’t think she’s here for an apology, babe.”

I suddenly jumped when I felt his large hand settle on my lower back; my shirt doing little to protect me from the heat and shocks of his touch. He stepped a little closer to me and I could smell the faint woodsy scent of his fading cologne. The inside of my cheek was sore from how hard I was biting to keep from spitting out an apology and running out of the room in sheer embarrassment. What was I doing here? How could I just barge in here like this? I’m surprised they haven’t called the night manager, or worse, the cops.

“What’s your name, hon?” The woman asked, lips curling into a sexy grin.


“Well,” she crawled over to me as more of her naked body was revealed. “I’m Syx and the guy behind you is Jackson.”

My eyebrows furrowed. “Syx? As in the number six?”

“Yep, except with a ‘y’. Everyone I know calls me that. Now tell me, what are you doing in a seedy motel like this?”

I didn’t want to talk about this, mainly to not ruin my feel-good aroused state, but something about her made me want to spill everything. “Caught my fiance cheating on me again with a random girl and finally left him. That’s the jist I guess.”

“Oh I’m sorry, hon. Men can be jerks sometimes,” she said, comforting me as her warm hand soothed my upper arm.


I almost broke out in laughter at her slow eye roll. These two were cute together. “Oh spare me. You’re one of the better ones, but don’t tell me you haven’t done your fair share of shitty things in the past.”

“Never cheated on you…”

“And that’s why I said you’re one of the better ones. Jeez, don’t get your panties all in a bunch.”

“Why are you guys here?” I asked, quickly changing the subject Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan to not embarrass myself by laughing at their intimate exchange.

“Traveling home from a performance. Our band, Subconscious Of The Lily, had a gig at a club about an hour away. Most of the group and crew stayed to hit the bars, but we were tired and decided to crash here for the night before meeting up with them in the next stop.”

“Maybe got a little distracted,” Jackson said, chuckling.

Ignoring his comment with a sweet smile, she looked at me and asked, “Are you okay?”

“I am now, the hours of crying and alcohol helped more than I want to admit. Right now I’m more overwhelmed that I have to start dating again. It’s gonna be hard since I’ve never dated anyone else and have been with him since freshman year.”

I knew the look they were giving me now. All too well. I’ve seen friends, family, co-workers give me that look at various times in the last seven and a half years. Pity. I knew they were doing it out of love, but it still didn’t cover the sting.

“Seven and a half years down the drain. Pathetic, huh?” I chuckled, more to myself than anything. For how stupid I became over him.

“You have such beautiful skin and your eyes,” Syx said in a low, hushed voice, her long reddish black fingernails running down my jaw and underneath my chin. A slight grin curled her plump lips. “Your life didn’t end with him, it’s now just the beginning. Show him you’re better off without him, hon.”

I softly smiled, leaning into the subtle pull between us. Her kisses were soft, teasing as her hand dragged down my body. A slight shiver ran through me when Jackson’s hands grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head. Soft but somewhat chapped lips connected to the back of my neck, the rough stubble tickling me with every lick and nibble. “Fuck, she’s right. The guy’s an idiot for cheating on such a beauty.”

Two sets of hands teased my body to a heightened frenzy, pulling varying tones of moans and sighs from my open mouth. I felt complete helplessness to their control over me, letting them touch, kiss, taste every piece of burning skin they could. My nipples were taut, stomach clenched in waiting for the next surge of pleasure, and every desire from the past several hours pooled between my shaking legs.

Jackson’s hands wrapped around me, leaning me against his bare chest while Syx went to work in taking off the rest of my clothes. I leaned my head back against his shoulder and felt his lips press into the tender spot just under my ear, chuckling at the subtle shivers invading my body. “You’re so sensitive, Brinne. Do you think we could make you cum from just us touching you?”

Whimpering, I squirmed as her fingers traced over the neatly trimmed patch of hair surrounding my swollen lips, feeling his clothed bulge against my ass. His hips pushed deeper into mine, groaning with every roll of my hips into her slow circles over my clit.

“She must’ve really enjoyed our little performance,” Syx said, leaning in to me and sucking a hard nipple; cool silver contrasted with my warm skin. “She’s practically dripping.”

His low, guttural moan against my neck caused my eyes to close, gasping at the small bite to my bare shoulder. “I think we really should lay her down before she passes out.”

We all moved over to the bed; me laying against the headboard with her crawling between my legs. I couldn’t believe this was all happening. This felt like something out of a bad porno, but her hands sliding between my thighs signaled to me that this was all to real.

“Spread your legs a little, hon.” Pulling my hips a bit, Syx bent her head down and slowly licked my dripping pussy; soft wet noises from my juices had me both aroused and a little embarrassed at how wet I actually was.

He use to do everything he could to never eat me out apart from saying how it disgusted him; how it wasn’t normal or how most women find they don’t like it, so why even try. Over the years, I realized how much of a complete lie that was. One of the many lies I’d come to find out by the end of our relationship.

My head laid back against the headboard and saw Jackson behind her taking off his jeans. Another set of intricate tribal tattoos laid low on his hips, hidden before from his jeans, but were now prominent around the hard cock laying against his toned stomach. His long fingers, perfect for a guitar or possibly piano, wrapped firm around it and slowly stroked as a small drop of precum formed at the head. Our eyes met and I licked my lips; thoughts of his cock sliding between them, his hand slowly guiding me to his sweet release.

“How does she taste, babe?” Jackson asked, a small wink at me warming my cheeks as he kneeled behind her, moving her hips until his cock was poised directly at her entrance.

A whimpering moan left my lips as she took a long lick and a suck of my clit before coming up, smiling at my closing eyes and hand moving to play with one of my breasts. “Delici…fuck yes, baby.”

That moan…that grunt. The fantasy duo that has haunted my mind for the past several hours were now between my legs, her fists clenching the sheets around me as his hips slowly rocked into hers. My other hand moved to the wetness between my legs, slowly playing while I watched her face bound in pleasure. Soft, supple curves pushed against hard muscle, working together to chase the next in a forgotten count of orgasms.

“Babe, I think our sweet Brinne over there is a little lonely. You think you could help her out?”

Her blown out eyes hovered over me, watching for a bit as I played with myself before taking my hand from between my legs, tongue slowly dragging over the drenched digit. Before she could continue, I leaned down and kissed her swollen lips. Fingers ran through my disheveled hair as mine gently kneaded one of her breasts in my hand, circling a thumb over her hard nipple.

It was hard to concentrate on anything at the moment, my body practically vibrated from hours…years of pent-up sexual frustration. In the years I was with him, I had never been so incredibly horny as this. It wasn’t because he satisfied me enough; he barely satisfied me at all. I’d come to realize I stayed with him out of familiarity, even at the price of true love and passion.

“You mind if I fuck her, babe?”

I really don’t know which was hotter; his rough voice or her moans flowing into my mouth. “Did we bring condoms?”

I wasn’t too sure which way his groan went, but I kind of didn’t care and moaned when her soft breath caressed over my clit in laughter. “Don’t worry, baby. I feel like this won’t be the last time we see her,” she said as she moved to slide a finger inside me. Her gentle strokes sped up when my hand grabbed onto the top of the headboard, leaning down to suck on my clit.

The howling wind rattled the old windows, hopefully drowning out all of our moans to the random people rolling suitcases past our door. This is what my friends hinted at when they talk about oral from their significant other; dreamy, glazed over stares, remembering the pleasure that wracked their bodies the night before.

Syx switched from slow licks to hard sucks, fingers constantly fucking and creating the erotic sound that controlled our rhythmic pace. Watching her, I threaded my fingers through her hair and moaned when she added a second finger inside me.

Jackson spanked her ass and my eyes moved to watch his hard thrusts, fingers digging into the soft curves of her moving hips. His question swirled around in my mind, but quickly left my body when my eyes fluttered closed and combed my fingers through her hair, concentrating on Syx’s tongue dancing over my clit.

“Shit yes, baby. Faster, spank my ass harder.”

Every hard spank had her tongue licking faster, fingers fucking me harder. The mixture of our moans and grunts bounced all over the small room, not really caring who heard me anymore. Right now, I needed this. To feel alive after being so dead the past seven and a half years. To not be the sweet and shy Brinne that everyone knew back home, but the one that was finding her true self through a one night stand with two complete strangers in a cheap motel.

I looked up and caught Jackson’s hooded dark eyes staring at me, my hand moving to play with my breasts, biting my lip at every hard thrust. With every roll of my hips, I couldn’t help but think of him fucking me. His hard cock sliding into me, slow at first, but then picking up pace as our rising lust finally spilled over.

“Feel good, sweet Brinne.”

I didn’t want to be sweet, but I’d be lying if that nickname didn’t do some to me. Especially rolled off his tongue in that deep, rough, lust-induced voice. I nodded, not trusting my voice at the moment, when I convulsed and cried out in pleasure as her fingers curled upwards. Hands gripped the sheets next to me, toes curling and hips rolling faster in pursuit of that elusive mind-blowing orgasm I had only heard of through stories and the occasional late night movie.

The bed creaked and headboard smacked loud against the wall, our pleasured voices carrying throughout the room. Closer and closer, finally standing right at that edge I had been to multiple times before, but had only been able to fall through my own volition.

Irregular thrusts and continuous loud moans told me they were just as close as I was. Moments later, darkened stars pooled my eyes as waves of immense pleasure spread through my shaking body, intensified by their own orgasms also claiming their bodies. A burning fire slowly died to a smolder kept going by our teasing fingers, coming down from our high in the comfort of each other’s tangled bodies.

The three of us spent the next few hours racing the sunrise, knowing time was not on our side anymore.


The bright sun peeked through the drab curtains, waking me before my sound asleep bedmates. I wished last night wouldn’t have ended, wanting to spend just a little more time with my fantasy-duo, but the reality of it all started to settle in. I had nowhere to go. I left everything behind, and while I don’t regret any of it one bit, I still needed to figure out what I was going to do.

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