Marian and Ryan Ch. 02

Group Sex

“Hello, Ryan? This is Marian Robinson next door. Can you come over and mow my lawn again this afternoon? Right now? Sure, that would be even better. Okay, I’ll be here.”

A few minutes later, she heard the sound of a lawnmower in her front lawn. Marian smiled. Early that morning, she had looked out her window and decided the lawn needed some attention. What really needed attention, though, were her pussy and her mouth, which both had fond memories of Ryan’s big, hard cock. Besides what she expected him to do for her with his dick, she had other things she wanted to teach him about sexually pleasing a woman while receiving pleasure from her. That day, she had decided, would be a day of learning for him, specifically of learning how to eat her pussy, and she anticipated a great time for both of them. To increase the fun she expected them to have, Marian had shaved off her pubic hair earlier that morning.

While waiting for Ryan to finish with the lawn, she made her bed with clean sheets and no other covering. With the bed prepared, she changed her clothes, and was barefoot and wearing Bermuda shorts and a white t-shirt when she greeted Ryan in the kitchen. She had nothing on under the t-shirt, putting her luscious breasts with their dark nipples on display through the thin material. Marian wanted the young man to know immediately what else she had for him. Under the shorts she was naked too, because she didn’t want to waste any more time getting undressed than she had to.

“Hello Ryan. That was fast.” Marian paid him the paltry but agreed-upon five dollars and smiled at him, thinking of what else they would soon be doing.

“Hi, Marian,” Ryan responded, looking at the way her breasts swayed under the thin fabric. He was thinking the same thing, and he had been thinking about it since the previous Saturday. He pocketed the five dollar bill and thanked her.

“Are you hot and sweaty after your work? How about a nice shower?” Marian continued smiling and winked at Ryan as she asked, already certain of the answer.

“I sure am. Yeah, a shower would be real good.” He followed her into her bathroom, where she had put out two warm fluffy towels in anticipation of a shower to start their sex session.

The previous Saturday, Ryan had been lured into the shower stall by the promise of having his back washed by Marian. He had been very pleasantly surprised at her offer, and expected nothing more. This time there was no need for any pretense and they faced each other, undressing while the running water was getting warm. With her t-shirt gone, Ryan looked lustfully at her large breasts with the big nipples. He remembered how great they had felt in his hands and on his tongue and he wanted more of them, and more of everything else he knew the sexy neighbor had for him.

Although Marian was probably older than his mother, Ryan had no difficulty in thinking of her as a sex object. Besides her succulent breasts, she was tall and curvy, and actually better looking than most of the girls he knew, not that they had any time for him anyhow. Her eyes were big and blue and she had long, dark brown hair, which she touched up to hide the gray, but Ryan was not aware of that. He did know that she spent a lot of time in her back yard, swimming or sun bathing because he sometimes watched her, although that would remain his secret.

Marian thought of Ryan as a sex object too, admiring his athletic torso and cute ass. Most of all, though, she lusted for his big dick, especially after seeing it was already stiff. She expected to get a lot of enjoyment out of his erection that day but, more than anything else, she wanted to teach him to eat her pussy. He had apparently shaved his face earlier, and Marian was glad of that. She didn’t want the sensitive skin of her inner thighs getting irritated by his whiskers when his head was between them. It was her plan that, while they were showering together, she would get him to lick her nipples and suck her breasts. Later, in her bed, she would have him do more of the same, knowing how much he had enjoyed that the previous week, before persuading him to go lower on her body.

They stepped into the shower and took turns washing each other’s backs. “Do my front now,” Marian directed as she turned to face the young man.

After he had washed and rinsed her down to just above her pubic area, he saw Marian’s hands cupping her breasts in what he thought to be an invitation, as it had been the previous week. He was right, and when he replaced her hands with his, she invited him to go further.

“Do you like the way my titties feel?” Unable to speak, Ryan nodded and Marian continued. “Why don’t you lick them? You liked that last week.”

The previous week he had been rather clumsy and inept, until Marian showed him how to gently hold her breasts while licking their nipples. He remembered her instructions and, as he moved his tongue back and forth between the luscious globes, Marian felt the connection Ankara escort between her nipples and her clit being reestablished. She truly relished the feeling but knew it would be even better when they were lying in bed together.

“That feels really good, Ryan, and I hope you’ll do it some more later. For now, though, let’s just finish washing.”

As he washed her lower body, he noticed something different. “You don’t have any hair here today,” he told her, pointing at her pussy.

“I shaved it off. It’ll be more fun for both of us. You’ll see what I mean later.”

After finishing with Marian’s feet, Ryan stood up and handed her the soap and washcloth. She began by washing his chest and shoulders and working her way down his belly, but bypassed his pubic area to continue down his legs. She scrubbed his feet next and, while still kneeling in front of him, she carefully washed his balls and crotch, before finishing with his cock. Marian anticipated licking that whole area, and wanted it to be clean.

She held the thick shaft in her hands, delighting once more in its size and hardness. When the rinsing was through, she smiled up at Ryan, her blue eyes wide open, and slowly took the head of his cock into her mouth. After stroking it a few times between her lips, Marian removed it from her mouth and licked off the head and around the ridge, paying special attention to the slit in the end.

“Do you like that?” she asked.

“Yeah. Yeah, I sure do.”

“I’m glad, because I like it too.” Marian gently held his balls and sucked his cock in and out of her mouth another dozen times until she took it out and licked it the same way.

“This’ll be a lot more fun for both of us when we’re on the bed. C’mon, let’s dry each other off.”

They quickly dried each other with the warm towels and, with both of them clean and naked, Marian steered Ryan into the bedroom. “Right here,” she directed him to the place she wanted him to sit while she sucked him off.

He sat on the edge of the bed, his knees bent and spread, while Marian knelt on the floor between his legs. Her elbows rested on his thighs while the fingers of one hand held his cock and the other gently cradled his balls. Once again, Marian smiled up at the young man, her eyes wide open, and bent forward to lick the head of his cock.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured, before opening her mouth and greedily enveloping the entire hard shaft.

Marian bobbed her head up and down, reveling in the way the tip pressed against the back of her mouth with every stroke. Sucking his cock was even better than it had been the week before, because he had cum so quickly then. To keep that from happening this time, she used very slow strokes, keeping his shaft deep in her mouth for at least several seconds with every one.

Slow or not, Marian was taking immense pleasure in Ryan’s cock. She relished feeling the shaft gliding between her lips and filling her mouth so exquisitely. Every time she lowered her head and enveloped his shaft, her tongue laved its entire length, and she fondled it the same way as she raised her head again. While the thick roundness gave pleasure to her lips, her tongue reveled in caressing the smooth skin, stretched tightly over the hardness. Until the previous week, it had been a long time since Marian’s mouth had been pleasured by such a great cock, so young and big and hard and, as she sucked, she could feel her juices trickling out of her pussy and down her legs.

She took the pleasure toy out of her mouth and held it in her fingers while she smiled around the head at the young men sitting on the bed. “You’ve really got a great dick here, Ryan. I’m having a lot of fun.”

“Me too. It really feels good, what you’re doing.”

Marian smiled again and licked the head of Ryan’s cock. The velvety pink skin over the hard mushroom shape pleased her tongue so much she continued to lick all around the ridge and the slit on the end.

“Slide forward a little,” she told Ryan and, when he did, her tongue moved down to his crotch, licking from just in front of his ass, forward to his scrotum. He was clean from the shower, but he had a certain musky aroma that she loved, and she could feel her pussy lubricating even more heavily.

After his crotch, Marian licked the underside of Ryan’s scrotum, gently holding his balls, one at a time, between her lips and caressing it with her tongue. When she finished his balls, her tongue started caressing his cock. Starting at the base, she slowly and lovingly stroked the underside all the way up until she was licking the slit again. Once again, she let her tongue make love to the head and all around the ridge before engulfing his cock in her mouth.

For a long time, Marian stroked Ryan’s thick shaft between her lips and laved it with her tongue until he was squirming on the bed and she could feel his cock throbbing in her mouth. She had made it last as long as she could, but she knew he Ankara escort bayan was close to cumming. Tightening her lips and leaving her tongue in a position to catch his semen, she started sucking faster.

“Uh, uh, uh,” Ryan whimpered as he felt his climax rapidly approaching. Although he had been letting Marian set the pace, he involuntarily started fucking up into her mouth. She expected it; such a reflex is a normal reaction for a man when he is being sucked off and is about to cum.

Marian bobbed her head faster and faster as she felt his cock jerking inside her mouth. She heard Ryan sigh and saw and felt his pubic area clench in front of her. Seconds later, a big gob of semen landed on her tongue. She savored the taste briefly and swallowed it just in time to catch another spurt of the viscous fluid. This one stayed on her tongue longer as she relished the flavor, before finally swallowing it too. After that, she took his cock, still hard, out of her mouth and licked the mix of her saliva and his semen off the shaft. Not wanting to waste any of his delicious cum, Marian pressed her thumb at the base of his cock, squeezed lightly, and slowly brought it forward, licking off everything that oozed out. When all his cum had been swallowed, she was glad to see it was still almost fully hard. When the time arrived for fucking, Ryan would be ready.

Before that would happen, however, Marian wanted him to pleasure her pussy in another way. “Your turn now,” she said, getting to her feet and lying down with a pillow under her head.

Being none too bright, Ryan didn’t know what she meant until Marian once again cupped her hands under her breasts in an obvious invitation. He responded with great alacrity. Seconds later, he was kneeling on the bed beside her, caressing her nipples with his tongue. They felt even better and were harder than they had been when he had licked them in the shower. He experimented a bit, sometimes stroking broadly with the flat of his tongue and sometimes using just the tip. Marian murmured her appreciation at this versatility and at the way he switched back and forth between her breasts.

“Mmmm, that feels really good. I like the way you use your tongue. Do you like it too?”

“Mmmm hmmm.” Ryan’s mouth was too busy to give any more of an answer, but it was obvious from his enthusiasm that he was enjoying himself immensely.

“Did you like what I did for you a few minutes ago? Did you like the way I sucked you off?”

This time Ryan raised his head to answer her. “I sure did.”

“You know, girls really like it when guys do that for them too.”

Ryan was puzzled about this. “How can they? You don’t have a dick.”

“I mean girls really like it when guys use their mouths to make them cum.”

He had heard of such things but the consensus among Ryan’s buddies was that real men didn’t do that. “Isn’t that just something that lesbians do to each other?”

“Not just lesbians. I’ve had sex with a lot of men and they all liked to lick my pussy and make me cum.” That was very close to being the truth. Marian had sex with a lot of men but never with a man for a second time if he refused to eat her pussy. The first time with Ryan was something of an exception and that was because she thought of herself as his teacher.

Ryan was still very reluctant. He didn’t like the idea of putting his mouth where his and other men’s cocks had been, but he also wanted to fuck Marian later. The previous Saturday, when he lost his cherry, had been the greatest day of his life, but this day was already looking like it would be even better. He had a great thing going with his sexy neighbor and didn’t want to lose it. Suddenly he remembered that he had worn a rubber. Probably the other men had too, so he and the others hadn’t really had their cocks in her pussy. What he and the other men had put into her pussy had been a rubber with a cock inside, he rationalized to himself.

Marian could sense his hesitation. “Look, why don’t you try it and, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to do it. I’ll just find another boy who will.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“To start, just kneel between my legs.” Marian smiled when Ryan got off the bed and got back on where she had instructed him.

“Okay, now lean forward and let me rest my legs on your shoulders.” Once this was accomplished, Marian continued. “Wrap your arms around my thighs and put your fingers above my pussy. Gently, now. Ah, that’s good.”

It was surprisingly good for Ryan too. He had never seen a real, live pussy before, except for Marian’s, and this was the first time he had ever seen hers from inches away. There had been a few photos and close-ups in a couple of porno movies, but they were nothing compared to a real pussy right in front of his face. The surrounding skin was an unblemished ivory white. Her smooth outer lips were folded back and her inner lips, red and engorged, protruded between them. At Escort Ankara the junction of those inner lips was a small, pale protuberance, and he realized it must be the man in the boat he had heard so much about. Marian’s pussy was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, and its beauty was magnified by the sheen of wetness that covered it.

“Do you like what you see?” Marian asked. “Pull my pussy lips apart, but be really gentle, and see if you like that too.”

Ryan did as she suggested. He was not familiar with the term “pussy lips” but he could tell what she meant. He spread them and looked into the most beautiful part of all, her pink hole, shiny and wet, and he could even see juices starting to trickle out. This hole, he realized, was where his cock, or the rubber that contained his cock, had been the previous Saturday. As he considered this, the aroma of her fresh juices reached his nostrils. It was incredible, rich and musky, like nothing he had ever smelled before. The scent of her beautiful pussy seemed to call out to him in a very elemental way, and he could feel his cock becoming even harder.

Marian smiled inwardly, not at all surprised at how the sight and aroma of her pussy seemed to have the young man enthralled. Most men reacted that way. To him, she said “Taste it and see if you like it.”

Ryan leaned forward and tentatively brushed the tip of his finger against one of the shiny lips, and licked the wetness off. It was delicious! As the aroma, the taste was like nothing in his experience, and he wanted more of it. He didn’t use his finger any more, and there was nothing tentative about the way his tongue began sluicing all the nectar from Marian’s crotch and thighs and pussy lips. When he had devoured everything, he licked all around his mouth, as far as his tongue could reach, to be sure he had it all.

“That felt good, but keep licking me.”

He had been so preoccupied with the appearance and aroma and taste of Marian’s juices that Ryan had hardly noticed just how good her pussy had felt. When his tongue resumed its work, he started with one of her outer lips and was surprised at how delightful her cleanly-shaven skin felt. Ryan moved slowly, because the texture, soft and smooth, felt even better on his tongue when he did, until he reached her mons.

“That’s good. Now do the other side,” Marian directed him.

Ryan had no trouble following her directions. His tongue caressed her other outer pussy lip as it had the first until he reached her mons again. He could smell more of Marian’s delectable pussy juices and he brought his mouth back down to the adorable pink hole that was their source and eagerly devoured them. When he started licking between an inner and outer pussy lip, he could hear her moaning, as she had the previous week, but he knew it was from pleasure, not pain.

Marian was feeling no pain at all, just a lot of pleasure, and she felt even more when Ryan’s tongue started meandering its way between the lips. He wasn’t as good as George, being in a little too much of a hurry, but he had enthusiasm, and was obviously enjoying what he was doing. She would teach him more technique later, but for the time being, she would just enjoy the bliss that washed over her body from the path his tongue was following.

Ryan was feeling a lot of pleasure too, from the sight of Marian’s pussy, and its fragrance and the taste of her nectar. The best part of all was the incredible feel of her inner lips on his tongue, so spongy and engorged. As he licked where she told him, he heard her moans and sighs of pleasure, and saw her writhing on the bed and felt her fucking up into his face. Ryan’s chest swelled with pride at the realization that he was giving such a great time to such a beautiful and sexually experienced woman.

“That’s wonderful, Ryan. You’re really good. Now, spread my lips apart and stick your tongue right into my hole. Yes! Yes! Like that. Oh, God yes!”

With his face pressed snugly against Marian’s pussy, Ryan squirmed his tongue into her tight hole as she directed him. He could feel her inner lips moving against his face and he could taste her incredible juices. Their aroma was almost overwhelming; he had never been in such a wonderful place before and he lost any squeamishness he might have felt about putting his tongue where his cock, even wrapped inside a rubber, had been. Ryan thrust his tongue in as far as he could and wiggled it brushing the tip against the wet velvet of Marian’s love channel.

“Yes! Yes! Oh, God, that’s good. Make me cum now. Suck my clit.”

Ryan didn’t know what her clit was but he was sure Marian wanted him to suck on what he called her “man in the boat”, which he had always heard was the most sensitive part of a pussy. He pulled his tongue out of the place that had felt and smelled and tasted so good, and moved his face up to draw her clit into his mouth. He squeezed the base with his lips, and the sides felt so good he caressed them with his tongue.

“Oh, my God, yes! Suck my clit! Suck my clit!” Marian exhorted the young man. Just to make sure he wouldn’t leave the perfect place he had found, she pressed on the back of his head to hold him there.

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