Bar Fun


Bar hopping on Friday nights with friends was the must-do in the 90s. No social media to keep you tied up in front of a screen or your phone. You need to mingle and enjoy yourself with others. Drinking, of course, is a must if you want to have a memorable weekend.

And if you went out often enough as I did then which was practically every other night, you’d be a regular in some bars and will know what’s really happening behind the bar.

There was one time I helped serve drinks at a bar. There were a lot of people at the place. It was still regular bar time but a bit later into the night. Since I did not know how to mix drinks, I was in charge of the beers.

There were three bartenders. But only two of them were serving drinks plus myself. The other one of them was also at the counter with us but serving me instead.

The third bartender was at the spot in the counter where there was space underneath for him to be without people seeing him. I was positioned at that spot as well, pouring out the beers into the pint and half pint glasses. If a beer was not within my reach; it would be handed to me by the other two bartenders.

The escort izmir third guy was crouched/squatted in that under the bar counter space eating my clit and fingering my cunt. I was all hot and horny with the pleasure he was giving me. I would sometimes let out a gasp or moan when no customer was in front of me. But it was most difficult to keep a straight face and still pour beer when an orgasm was happening. I would spill a bit of the beer when I could not control the orgasm as much.

The agreement with the bartenders was two orgasms for me from each of them. They took turns going down on me and I was ecstatic with the pleasure of getting eaten right in front of all those people.

It made me feel really horny.

There was even one time when I wanted my breasts touched that I whispered to the guy I was serving beer to, “I wish you could suck my breasts.”

His eyes registered surprise but he reached out his hand, slid it thru my cleavage and mashed my breasts.

I moaned with pleasure but one of the bartenders serving drinks with me came over and said, “Can’t do that yet.”

The guy got his drink and went back izmir escort bayan to his table.

I was so turned on for a cock to be inside me. I kept whispering to them, “Please fuck me,” while they were eating me and giving me orgasms.

After all three bartenders gave me two orgasms each, I was then brought to the backroom to be fucked by each of them.

Before we started, I asked that the guy who fondled my breasts be invited to join.

He came and I commanded, “Suck my breasts now while I get fucked!”

He agreed with a smile on his face.

I was to bend over some crates so he positioned himself underneath me. He sucked on my breasts while each of the bartenders fucked me from behind in that backroom until they orgasmed. The guy was relentless in sucking on my nipples and mashing my breasts as I got banged from behind. It gave me so much pleasure that I would orgasm before the guys did.

When all three bartenders finished, I told the guy sucking on my breasts, “I want to ride you but keep on sucking my titties.”

“Continue lapping and mashing my breasts while you fuck me good,” I told him.

He was izmir escortlar sitting on a crate unsteadily and I was jumping my cunt on his cock and riding him like crazy as he continued to give my breasts the attention they needed. I orgasmed several times before he did.

When this guy left, as I was cleaning myself up, the three bartenders came back in the backroom and said, “We’re still horny, can we do a quick one as there are still some people out there?”

I agreed and they told me, “We need to fuck you all at the same time so we don’t take long.”

We fixed ourselves up for a three-in-one fucking. One guy laid down on the crate, I went on top of him facing him and the two others entered me from behind, with one of them perched over my back.

They started pumping their cocks into me and had to fuck me faster when customers started ringing the bar’s bell so they can be served drinks. I was so horny with pleasure that I did not immediately recognize the sound of the bell. I thought my ears were just ringing.

The guy on top of my back came first and he “dismounted” while the other two kept fucking me and giving me orgasms until they both came.

I think I lay naked and faced down on those crates for a bit before I was able to pick and clean myself up before leaving the place.

Fringe benefits for bar regulars, I thought. And I walked home.

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