Watching Paige’s Back


Melanie swore as her phone started buzzing, putting out the cigarette she had been enjoying and kicking its remains down a neary grate as she pulled out the device that had interrupted what had been a pleasant break. Still, 14:50, mustn’t be late…

She got into the driver’s seat of the sleek electric car she had been leaning against. It came to life with a touch of her thumb. She settled into the leather with a sigh. It might not be hers, but she still drove it every day, and it was a damn sight more enjoyable than the oversized SUVs that were in vogue with people like her employers five years ago. It barely made a sound as she turned the corner and drove up the hill.

The guard by the gate waved her through. He might have seemed bored but Melanie knew well enough that he knew she was coming. He could probably recite the license plates of the cars that were allowed through every day by heart. Besides, while he might have looked like the kind of cliché who got distracted by a YouTube video of a squirrel on his phone just as the bad guys tried to sneak past him, Melanie knew for a fact that there was a bank of monitors behind him. She doubted there was anything in a half mile radius around the school that he didn’t see. He had once caught her off guard by offering a lighter after her usual ritual of a pre-pickup smoke around the corner got interrupted by her own not firing.

It might have seemed excessive, but the families of the pupils of the Kensington Academy for Young Girls had a combined net worth that rivalled that of a small European country. Hell, the line of cars that Melanie joined could probably be sold off to pay for the city’s budget for a year.

In spite of the fact that the girls milling by the main gate all wore the same uniform – knee socks, pleated navy skirts and crisp white blouses or navy blazers, either with the school’s patch sewn on the right chest – she quickly spotted her charge.

Paige McRae was hard to miss even among the other girls. For one thing, she was taller than most of her classmates by a good two or three inches. She also had a year on them, her nineteenth birthday was only two months away. Melany wasn’t entirely certain on the details, but she knew that Paige got held back a year. Certain bad habits – bad habits that most teenagers at the very least experimented with, but which were amplified by the family’s wealth – had had such a detrimental effect on her grades that being held back was the only option.

Not that Kensington wasn’t above letting parents purchase better grades. However, Paige’s parents had decided that this was the time to put their foot down.

Melanie respected that in Paige’s parents. The McAllister family was, as some people in the Kensington crowd put it, new money. It just meant that they made their fortunes in the last decades rather than the last centuries. Melanie didn’t care where the money got from. They paid her a fair wage and they did it on time. Just as importantly, they treated her with a hell of a lot more respect than some of her colleagues got.

Then again, she damn well knew that she deserved that respect. Officially she was Paige’s driver, but she was also the girl’s bodyguard, as much to protect Paige against the world as she was to protect the world against Paige. She occasionally wore other hats as well, such as that of Paige’s personal shopper or assistant, although she put her foot down at cooking and cleaning for the blonde teenager. Thankfully that too was respected.

Much to the delight of Paige’s parents having Melanie around had been a tremendously positive influence of their daughter. She had been hired three months after the girl’s eighteenth birthday – a birthday she had been forced to spend at home, a belated punishment for her earlier transgressions – and since then, there had been no incidents at all. Paige’s grades climbed back to the level they had been at prior to the moment she discovered the illicit thrills of underage drinking, she didn’t try to borrow one of her parents’ cars, and those friends who her parents assumed to be the worst influences on their only daughter seemed to have vanished from their life.

Seeing as all these changes coincided with Melanie’s hiring, the driver got all the credit. And it was deserved. Melanie had spent five years in the air force, which was one of the reasons her resumé had been moved to the top of the heap when Paige’s parents were looking for someone to not just drive their daughter around, but also to watch over her. The discipline had remained with Melanie after her discharge, and it had rubbed off on her ward as well. Every morning she woke up at half past five, even on the weekends, and ninety minutes later she woke Paige up as well. It had only taken about three weeks before the teenager adjusted to that to the point where she was awake before Melanie knocked on her bedroom door.

At first Paige had pushed back against Melanie’s work to help her straighten out her life. She considered the older özbek escort woman’s presence in it very much a punishment, and did what she could to get out of it. Of course by now they had an… understanding. Their relationship had become very much mutually beneficial.

Even now Paige brightened up at the sight of her driver. As Melanie climbed out of the driver side door to open the passenger side door for her charge Paige quickly bade her friends goodbye and hurried over. “Melanie.” she smiled brightly.

“Princess.” the driver responded as she held open the door. Paige rolled her eyes at the name. It had been very much meant as an insult when Melanie had first used it for the obstinate teenager. Since then their relationship had changed considerably. The name had stuck, now as a pet name rather than as an insult meant to get under the teenager’s skin.

With a huff Paige tossed her school bag onto the back seat before properly getting settled in on the passenger seat. Melanie climbed back in driver side and soon they were rolling down the hill and away from Kensington’s monumental building.

As she waited for traffic to yield Melanie glanced to her right. Paige seemed blissfully unaware, having pulled out her phone, paying it more attention than she was the woman who was driving her around.

Melanie couldn’t help but feel a slight twinge of jealousy at Paige’s youthful beauty. The girl had definitely won the genetic lottery in pretty much all departments, and her parent’s fortune meant she could collect interest on those winnings with regular salon and spa visits. It definitely paid off.

Paige had offered to take Melanie along once. The older woman wasn’t sure whether or not the girl was joking. In the end she had politely declined. She doubted she’d fit in.

Not that she didn’t look pretty damn good herself, given that she was almost twice as old as Paige. Sure, she didn’t have the porcelain skin, or perfect straight blonde hair, but she took good care of herself. She might have gone a little soft around her hips and sides, but the short-sleeved t-shirt she wore showed enough of her arms to reveal that she still spent quite a bit of time in the gym maintaining the physique she built up during her time in the air force.

As Melanie pulled into the main road Paige twisted her upper body as much as the seatbelt she was wearing allowed and reached for the back seat, rummaging around with her bag. Melanie looked sideways for a moment. Paige was constantly rubbing up against her arm. If she didn’t know any better she’d think it was intentional.

Paige sat back with a sigh, having retrieved her phone from her bag. Melanie’s eyes lingered on her a while longer. Rummaging for the phone had shifted Paige’s uniform blouse around, and with the way the seatbelt dipped between the teenager’s breasts…

No, she shouldn’t be thinking like that. Eyes on the road.

If Paige had noticed the driver’s roaming eyes she didn’t show it. Not right away anyway. It had been fifteen minutes since she had last checked her phone, which undoubtedly meant that there’d be urgent messages waiting for her.

She didn’t look up from her phone until they pulled up at a stop light. She looked up briefly, scanning the road. It was relatively early in the afternoon, but even an hour prior to the evening rush hour it was quite busy. Cars swarmed around them, and they might not even make it past the stoplight when it turned green.


Without taking her eyes off her phone her left hand came up. She made some brief plucking motions and suddenly two buttons of her blouse came undone. She shifted the crisp white fabric, revealing more of the pale skin of her sternum. Only the swell of her breasts stopped the blouse from parting further.

Now Melanie did look. After all, they were at the stoplight. She watched as the same hand that had just unbuttoned the blouse now reached for one of the AC vents in the dash, fiddling with it until the cold air was streaming right at Paige’s chest.

“Please tell me you didn’t go to school without a bra…” Melanie sighed as she watched the obvious reaction her ward’s body had to the cold air play out.

Paige just grinned. “Don’t worry, it’s in my bag. You can check if you’d like. I’m busy.”

Melanie sighed and glanced at the stoplight again. It showed no sign of jumping to green yet. On the one hand, Paige was definitely trying to provoke her. On the other, she was responsible for the girl staying on the straight and narrow. She hadn’t worked so hard to turn the teenager’s behaviour around to let up her vigilance now. Dress code violations would be just the tip of the iceberg.

She turned around and reached out, lifting the flap of the book bag. She could see some eggshell blue fabric stick out, as if the girl had positioned her bra just so it would be found. Melanie sat back with a soft sigh that was punctuated by a coy giggle from Paige.

Soon azeri escort the traffic began moving again, but only for two minutes or so. Paige grumbled something to herself that was hard to make out. Paige just glanced sideways for a moment. She knew that it was just an act. They both liked hitting red lights. After all, it gave them time for what was almost a daily ritual between the two…

Almost as if on cue Melanie reached up. She fiddled with the rear view mirror for a bit. Paige wasn’t surprised to see that her driver’s eyes weren’t anywhere near it though. The fact that she got the ostensibly dour and serious woman to look at her thrilled the young blonde.

Even when distracted by the sight to her right Melanie wasn’t about to lose her concentration to the point where she missed the light changing ahead. She put the car back in gear and drove off, her eyes now fixed on the road ahead, much to Paige’s disappointment.

Not that the game was over yet, not by a long shot…

By the time they came to a stop at the next red light Paige was slouching in her seat. She had put her phone on the dash in front of her and was fiddling with her stockings. The hem of her skirt had been pushed up high enough that there was the occasional flash of eggshell blue on her hip – Melanie had never known the girl not to match, her outfits always meticulously coordinated.

The white thigh high stockings were against the Kensington dress code of course, but as Melanie had learned long ago, there were certain rules that just didn’t apply anymore once you were rich enough. Like the fact that the car’s side windows were several shades darker than what was allowed. She got pulled over and ticketed for it about once or twice a month, and when Melanie had carefully brought it up to mister McRae after the third or fourth time he had explained that the fines were a small price to pay for privacy.

Soon after she learned just how grateful she should be for the privacy. It seemed like she couldn’t go two days without a situation like the one that was occurring to her left.

Not that she minded, of course.

Paige was calmly adjusting her stockings. Melanie couldn’t look directly at it of course, not while driving, but she had been driving Paige around long enough to know what she was doing. She’d get a nice eyeful at the next red light.

Of course it was just her luck that the next stoplight was happily green. And the one after that too. She was a professional, but she had her limits.

Paige seemed to notice it too. After four or five minutes of fiddling with the elastic hem of her stocking she gave up and sat back. She didn’t bother smoothing out her skirt.

Thankfully the third time was the charm. This time Melanie’s eyes shot straight down. She wasn’t being so subtle now. Paige noticed it, and grinned. “Could you check if my seam is straight?” she asked casually.

Paige just nodded, leaving the blonde to shift in her seat, her seatbelt moving over her blouse to accentuate her breasts even as she lifted up her left hip far enough to more or less show off her backside. The panties she wore were surprisingly conservative, but Melanie would have been more surprised still if they weren’t. The administrators at Kensington might look the other way when a rich girl showed up in stockings, but a thong or similarly risqué underwear couldn’t be ignored even in that situation.

Paige bit her lip as Melanie reached out. Her fingers grazed the back of the blonde’s thighs, tugging and twisting a little. As she withdrew her hand she couldn’t help but let the backs of her digits linger against the soft blue fabric of the girl’s panties. A soft sigh escaped Paige’s painted lips.

This time Melanie did almost miss the green light, but she was still fast enough to avoid any embarrassing angry honking from the cars behind her. Paige giggled and sat back down, straightening out her skirt as she did.

The mansion was in view now. Occasionally the two women in the car exchanged the briefest of glances. Melanie was trying to read her ward’s body language. She was anxious, she could tell, or perhaps she was simply excited. The way the girl had been behaving on the ride home told her it was the latter, but she wasn’t entirely sure. And she had to be sure.

For her part Paige simply occasionally looked down at Melanie’s jeans, to see whether or not her teasing had had the desired effect. The dark denim made it hard to judge while Melanie was sitting down.

The car smoothly turned up to the sloping driveway to the McRae mansion. The iron gate swung open automatically, as did the garage door almost 150 metres further up the hill. Inside the space was much emptier than expected.

Contrary to the stereotype mister McRae wasn’t exactly a car nut. Sure, he had two or three, but that was nothing compared to the collection of classic cars most men of his means sported, sometimes more out of habit than anything. The cars kazank escort parked in the garage suggested that their owner valued the comforts and reliability of modern design over the aesthetics of the classics.

As Melanie cut the engine and got out of the seat she leaned back against the car for a moment, rubbing a hand down her right thigh, needing a moment to gather herself and focus her thoughts. Even her dark jeans couldn’t hide the state she was in.

Paige noticed too, judging from the grin on her face as she climbed out of the passenger side door that Melanie was holding open for her. She actually paused, looking up at the driver for a moment.

Much to her disappointment, Melanie remained stoic, patiently holding open the door.

She could just ask for what she wanted from her driver. It was obvious that they both wanted it.

But that would be gauche.

Finally Paige gave up on the staring contest. She rose to her feet, taking her bag from Melanie’s outstretched hand. As she walked towards the door connecting the garage she stopped by her dad’s favourite car for weekend getaways, a compact yet powerful European sports car. She bent at the waist under the pretence of checking her reflection in the wing mirror, bending at the waist to do so.

Melanie watched quietly. Bending at the waist the way Paige was, her skirt rode up high, exposing the backs of her thighs, threatening to give the driver another look of her panties. Melanie rolled her eyes at how obvious the girl was being. Besides, it wasn’t like she didn’t carry a compact mirror wherever she went.

Checking her make up took a good thirty seconds. Paige rose with a sigh. Maybe she was losing her touch?

Her shoes clicked on the concrete garage floor as she headed for the door. It wasn’t until her hand was reaching for the knob that she suddenly felt pressure on her shoulder.


Melanie’s hand felt incredibly strong as it pushed her around and up against the side of the car. Her driver loomed over her, pinning her up against the side windshield as she was kissed. Powerful hands grabbed the teenager’s hips. She reacted by instinct, wrapping her legs around her driver’s waist. It was a dance they had completed many times before.

Paige could feel how eager Melanie was. The driver held her tightly up against her powerful body as they kissed like two people posessed. Inbetween kisses Melanie’s hot breath flushed over her face. Knowing how much Melanie desired her only made Paige feel more excited.

Of course Melanie also expressed her eagerness in a much more direct way. A way that was now grinding up into her groin, through the cotton of her panties.

The young girl let out a grunt as her driver pushed her down onto the hood of the car they had just droven into the garage. The metal was still warm under Paige’s skinny body. She could feel Melanie’s hand press down on her shoulder, as if there was any chance she would pull away. But she knew the mood her driver was in. And she also trusted Melanie to never actually hurt her.

In the warped reflection of the tinted windshield she could see the older woman looming over her. With the fingers of her left hand digging slightly into Paige’s left shoulder as the right made quick work of her belt followed by the button and zipper holding Melanie’s jeans closed.

Not quick enough, judging from the frustrated grunts that her driver left out.

But several seconds later she did manage it. Her jeans and underwear were shoved down, more or less. Paige couldn’t see from her current vantage point but she soon enough felt the thick heat press up against the back of her stocking-clad thighs. She let out a shuddering groan of anticipation.

But Melanie wasn’t done, not yet. A moment later the same hand that had pulled out her cock was digging into the blue cotton of Paige’s panties, roughly pulling on them until they were halfway down her thighs. A moment later the girl felt powerful fingers between her legs. Her body reacted by sheer instinct, her hips rolling back at them. The friction of Melanie’s digits against her neatly groomed sex sent wonderful shivers of pleasure rippling through her young body.

For her part Melanie wasn’t surprised to find how excited the girl was already. It wasn’t the first time that Paige had spent so much time carefully teasing her with her body. It seemed to be a game that her ward liked playing. See how long she could tease her driver before she gave in to her lusts.

Once or twice Melanie had managed to last long enough that it was actually Paige who ended up making the first move. The driver relished those small victories, even if defeat was just as pleasurable.

And she was close to victory today, judging from the way Paige looked over her shoulder and hissed at her. “Hurry up, will you?”

Melanie grinned, a throaty sound full of desire. “You know I’m not just going to jam it in princess…” she grinned as she dragged her fingers back and forth slowly. “Contrary to proper belief I do know how to treat a lady.”

That earned an eye roll from Paige. Maybe because she thought that Melanie was mocking her. More likely because she didn’t exactly consider herself a lady, even if she was really good at pretending to be one.

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