Unscheduled Check-ups Are a Delight


Thanks to all my readers for their comments and questions, whether from transplanted Texans, lusty ladies who love the mix of intense love and intense sexplay, eager men anxious to find women who will satisfy their longings to be taken deep, and everyone who has expressed appreciation for my characters, their stories, and my writing. Because I try to develop my characters’ psyches as well as the sexy situations in which they express themselves, the stories I post here can be lengthy (though, I hope, rewarding to read every page). Call this a scene instead of a story, if you like — on occasion I’ll flesh out a story fragment and keep it as but a glimpse of the characters’ lives. I trust, however, that this short out-take will be arousing, satisfying, and a pleasurable divertissement.


It was a sexy, fun role play that never failed to arouse both of them, never failed to create intense orgasms they both savored.

They enjoyed this particular scenario a few times every year, interspersed as it was with other of their playful interactions built around shared fantasies that they indulged in as they adopted personas and devised play-act settings for the characters they became. The timing of this delightful role-play, always appropriately initiated by Serena, seemed magical in that her need to take would build over the weeks and coincide with David’s need to receive.

Then, as he began to fantasize more frequently about getting a reminder from “Dr. Silmore’s” office that he had an appointment for an examination, her need was building to be inside his snug, warm, surrendered asshole.

The message came to him in various ways: a note card left in the satchel he carried each day to work or a letter in the mail bearing a return address of “Serena Silmore, M.D.” a doctor whose practice conveniently had the same post box as that maintained by Serena as part of her work-at-home accountancy business. Once it came as a voice mail recording left on his office phone: “Mr. Silmore, the doctor asked me to leave you a reminder about your appointment this Saturday morning at the clinic. She has arranged time for you on her schedule and expects you at 10 AM. Please be prompt.”

This time it was email: “Mr. Silmore, it is time for your periodic check-up here at our office. Please plan on being here at 7 PM on Friday, June 24. The unusual hour is due to some overbooking that makes other times unavailable, but I am quite concerned about your condition. We should follow up on the situation discovered during your last examination. You must be checked thoroughly to ensure that there are no physical maladies associated with these swellings.”

Such a tease! David read the email at 10:26 AM that Friday. It would be several torturous hours at his desk until he could leave and arrive at the “doctor’s office” for his examination.

Serena did not make the wait easy. His phone rang at 1:48 PM.

“David Silmore,” he said as he picked it up, not bothering to check the read-out on the phone to see who was calling.

“Ah, good, Mr. Silmore. I’m glad that I caught you.”

He looked away from his computer screen.

He knew what was coming.

“I assume you’ve had a chance to read my email?”

“Yes, doctor,” he answered, a small smile turning up one corner of his mouth as he leaned back in the leather chair and slid it a few inches back from his desk.

“Then you know that I have an opening this evening here at the clinic, correct?”

“Yes. And thank you for making time for me this evening.”

“It is unusual, but as I indicated in my email, we must not let your condition go too long unobserved. Have you had the swelling since you were last here?”

Cradling the phone under Kadıköy Grup Escort his chin, David rose and stepped to the door of his office, stretching the phone cord and swiveling the phone on his desk in the process. After closing the door, he moved back to his chair as he said, “I’m afraid so, Doctor. The swelling seems to come rather frequently.”

“Under what conditions?”

Oh, how he loved to answer this question from his beautiful wife.

“It is inevitable that when I think about my gorgeous wife, naked and with her nipples hard in arousal, that the swelling comes, Doctor.”

“I see,” said Serena, professionalism still in her voice. “Other times?”

“Many other kinds of thoughts also trigger the swelling. For instance, I was sitting here earlier today thinking about how much I would like to seal my lips around my wife’s erect clit and gently press my tongue along the side of it as she squirmed in my grasp. The thought created an instantaneous swelling.”

“Oh, my, Mr. Silmore,” Serena answered, some of the professionalism in her voice slipping away. “You must definitely come in for an examination. It seems that things may have progressed even more than I imagined.”

“Thank you for your concern, Doctor,” David answered, adjusting his lengthening cock, trying to get more comfortable. “Will it be necessary for you to, ummm, well, you know, for you to-” He grinned as he stopped his question, baiting Serena to talk dirty to him over the phone as he sat with a rapidly erecting penis trying to tent up the crotch of his pants.

“Come, now, Mr. Silmore,” Serena said, working hard to stay in character in advance of what she knew she was about to say, “there’s no need to be embarrassed. I am your doctor, after all.”

“So, that means, I guess, that on this visit you’ll ask me to once again, uhh, to undergo that procedure where you, umm, where you-“

He loved teasing the nasty visual out of her.

“If what you’re asking, Mr. Silmore, is whether you will be required to be naked, with your legs spread as you lean over my examination table, the answer is yes,” said Serena, a hoarseness creeping into her voice.

“And something else, doctor,” David said slowly. “Will it also be necessary for you to-“

This time she didn’t wait for his deliberately coy prompting. “Mr. Silmore, I can’t say for certain what will happen during your examination. Surely you can understand that. It depends on what we find. But if you’re about to ask whether it will be necessary for me to slide my lubricated finger inside your anus as you spread yourself open for me to do so, well, I’m fairly certain that will be necessary in this follow-up examination.”

Serena’s voice quavered just a bit.

Is she masturbating? David wondered.

His briefs demanded a thorough adjusting as he considered whether his wife’s hand was between her legs as she spoke to him on the phone. He tugged on the crotch of his pants, pinching the fabric of his briefs into his grasp in the process and freeing his hard cock to lever upward against his abdomen. Releasing his grip and now far more comfortable, David continued.

“I see. Well, I suppose you know what must be done to check things out, Doctor, and I appreciate your thoroughness. I have to ask one more thing, though.”

He stopped, letting the tease play out.

“Yes?” Serena asked after a couple of seconds of silence.

“Your last examination was very thorough, and I have to admit that it seemed to go on for a very long time before you had all the data you needed. Should I plan on the same thing for this visit? I mean, I don’t want my wife to worry if I get home very late on a Friday night.”

This time Kadıköy Manken Escort it was Serena who let the seconds tick by, teasing David as he wondered what kind of reply she would invent in answer to his question.

“That’s very sweet of you to think of your wife’s concern about your tardiness in arriving home this evening, Mr. Silmore,” she finally said. “Don’t worry about that. I’ve spoken with your wife, and given the importance of the findings about your health, she has assured me that the number one priority during your examination this evening is for me to discover every single sensitivity, no matter how long that might take. She also let me know that I should spare no efforts to discover anything and everything about your situation that can help in diagnosing your swellings. She said, too, that she would continue with her home therapy, using the salve I prescribed and thoroughly coating and massaging your anus and then inserting her finger in order to spread the salve inside as directed.”

She’s really going for it this time, David thought, delighted at the idea that his fantastic wife liked to play their games, liked to tease him and herself, and then loved consummating the scenarios they invented.

“Do you achieve an erection when she does this?” Serena asked huskily.

David’s grin widened and his cock hardened even more. “Yes, Doctor, I’m afraid I do, but it’s, it’s . . . um, well, it’s pretty . . . uh-“

“Mr. Silmore, I am your doctor. You needn’t be embarrassed to speak frankly about matters of your health with me.”

Tease! he thought.

And he loved it.

“Well, then, okay. Yes, I get hard when she does that to me, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“I see,” Serena replied. “It may be time for your therapy to advance to the next level,” she said, an oh-so-very-small bit of ominous portent in her tone.

David’s lips parted suddenly as he took in a quick breath of surprise at his teasing wife’s comment.

His cock was stiff and pulsing.

“The next level?” he asked quietly.

“I won’t know until your examination this evening, Mr. Silmore. If it is necessary, I’ll write a prescription for more of the salve as well as recommend a vendor for the equipment your wife will require to provide the more intense therapy you may need.”

Oh, god, David thought, is she insinuating that she’s finally going to buy the strapon dildo, the harness?

“We’ll see during your examination. I assume you’ll be prepared to comply immediately with my requests tonight? It may be necessary that you expose yourself in some positions that will be quite shameless,” Serena said, her play-doctor professionalism now mixing with blatant sexual teasing. “With the exam scheduled to start at 7 PM, I don’t want to drag things out waiting for you to overcome your embarrassment about being naked with very private parts of your anatomy exposed.”

David squirmed in his chair, loving every second of his wife’s nasty talk. He dropped his hand to his crotch and dragged one finger up the underside of his erect shaft as it lay against his abdomen, trapped underneath two layers of fabric.

She paused for effect, then: “Mr. Silmore, perhaps it will help you to get over your silly embarrassment for me to speak frankly. If you hear right now that I may ask you to bend over, raise your ass high in the air so that your cock and your balls dangle freely between your legs, reach back and spread yourself open wide so that your asshole is completely exposed and accessible to everything I must do, perhaps such explicit, non-technical, common language will somehow break through any subconscious blockages causing you to hesitate in embarrassment tonight when I Kadıköy Masöz Escort give you my directions.”

She better end this phone conversation pretty soon, David thought. His cock was leaking pre-cum.

“Maybe what you’re saying right now will help with my embarrassment,” David replied, promising nothing. It was fun pretending to be reluctant. It was fun hearing his wife tell him that she needed to see him naked, needed to examine his naked genitals, needed to insert her finger into his asshole. Hearing her say it just made the whole scenario that much hotter.

And her being explicitly nasty right now, talking to him on his phone in his office, telling him very, very arousing things — it was all making him horny beyond any hope of avoiding an immediate need to ejaculate when he hung up the phone.

He would go to the men’s restroom, lock the stall door, and masturbate quickly to a quiet but intense orgasm as he visualized every aspect of the impending doctor’s visit that his wife was describing as she painted in each lewd detail during this phone conversation.

“I will appreciate any attempts you can make to attend quickly to my directions,” Serena answered, knowing exactly how their little game would proceed and that David would, indeed, require much coaching and cajoling, including a great deal of explicit language about his cock, balls, and asshole. She ratcheted the intensity of her tease up another notch.

“You had the greatest reluctance during your last visit about lying on your back, your legs spread apart and drawn back so that I had the best access to your tight little hole, didn’t you, Mr. Silmore?”

David managed only a hoarse, “Mmm,” to his wife’s intentionally graphic description.

“Get over it. I will need you in that position again. It was the best to allow me to press my finger inside your asshole deep and slow as I checked your condition. In addition to feeling the insides of your anal canal, Mr. Silmore, I’ll need to check the hardness of your cock while I’m inside you. The position will allow me to grab your stiff dick and stroke it if it turns out the examination requires such action.”

Oh, you are so very good at this, thought David, now desperate to unzip, pull out his cock, and masturbate — something impossible as he sat at his desk in his office, even behind a closed door.

“And Mr. Silmore,” she continued.


“Do not masturbate or ejaculate before you arrive for your appointment tonight.”

Those words almost caused the exact event that “Dr. Silmore” was prohibiting.

“I understand,” he answered slowly, wondering if that was going to be possible and knowing the frustration in his voice was clearly evident to Serena.

He also wondered if the good doctor was herself going to refrain from masturbating before their appointment.

Before he was naked and ass up over the table in their den.

Serena was probably nude as she held the phone, her other hand alternating between pinching a hard nipple and circling her clit.

David fought back an orgasm at the thought of his olive-skinned wife, her voluptuous figure draped into the big chair in their den, legs dangling over the arms of the chair in order to expose her pink, plump and hardened clit that would be peeking from under its hood as she stroked it.

“Good,” Serena answered, “and I hope this conversation has helped. I’ll continue to speak graphically and without the medical terminology as a way to help you, Mr. Silmore. Arrive promptly for your appointment, and do not stroke your cock or play with yourself in any way before you get here tonight. Prepare to expose yourself completely to me, and be ready to feel my finger fucking you in your asshole while I stroke your cock.”


David glanced immediately to the clock on his desk.

2:18 PM.

He groaned softly as he hung up the phone.

Almost five hours of sexual frustration to endure before Dr. Silmore admitted him to her examination room . . .

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