Two F***ing Years at University Ch. 02


The email I received from Dr Day (or Dr Lay, as I thought to myself was a much more appropriate name!) a few days before I returned to university after the long summer break, and just before I was to commence my 3rd Year studies, read: “Sarah, would you please contact me as soon as you return to town. I may have a part-time paid research assistant’s position available, which I would like to discuss with you.”

My grades last year had certainly improved — not through my becoming a more diligent scholar, I must confess! — and I was now intrigued. Suddenly I was looking forward to seeing Dr Lay again…even more than learning what my flatmate Lillian had been up to (and who had been up in her!) over the long vacation.

Talking of whom…Lillian had an amazing first year at university.

As you know, she surrendered her virginity during the year.

And, perhaps fortuitously, she was simultaneously studying a Feminism and Female Sexuality subject. So, all at once, she was studying issues that she was also facing personally.

Which led to some very interesting conversations at home!

Lillian is inquisitive and willing to learn, but her female sexuality had not been a topic that, up until then, anyone had extensively discussed with her. So I instantly became her personal sex tutor and mentor.

I was sexually experienced (or so Lillian assumed!) — so I was frequently quizzed about my past and current sexual activities, was asked explicit sex-related questions, and was asked for advice on how Lillian might best become more sexually active within the university environment…whilst her Feminism and Female Sexuality course detailed how sexually suppressed women had historically been (and how comparatively liberated they could be now), and her lecturer was advocating that her (female) students should celebrate this new sexual freedom by fully embracing the opportunities that were now available to them following, for example, the introduction of reliable, safe contraception.

So I was being asked things like “how quickly do you get to orgasm?…what should I ask a guy to do to give me an orgasm?…tell me about your most memorable night of lovemaking.”

It took some time for Lillian to accept that enjoyable sex means different things to different girls, and that girls experience different reactions result to the same thing in different circumstances.

But she quickly accepted my advice that the best way to discover what worked for her was just to try different things — and, as the year progressed, she was indicating to me more and more frequently, that perhaps I should go elsewhere so she and a friend could have the bedroom of our shared house to themselves for an hour or so.

But let me return to Dr Lay and his job offer.

I was so excited about the possible new job at university that I returned to my university house one day earlier than I had originally intended — just to meet with Dr Lay.

He thanked me for my prompt response and suggested, as few students were around that evening, that we might go out to dinner and he would explain the available research assistant’s position.

I must admit I was a bit wet ‘down there’ when we met for dinner. Even though Dr Day had used his teaching position to, in effect, force me to have sex with him, he obviously was — as I had discovered last year – sexually well-experienced and knew exactly how to pleasure a girl. And, despite that initial coercion, I had actually greatly enjoyed our romps in the cot together last year…and I was becoming quite fond of the man!

And I knew I’d have his hard-on right up my love tunnel a number of times this coming year, ensuring I received both a few welcome deposits of his cum as well as a guaranteed high grade in the subject he was presenting.

The funded position turned out to be fairly mundane — mostly inputting and analysing data — but the hourly pay rate was acceptable and Dr Day was guaranteeing me at least 10 hours’ work each week. That, at least, would help me to pay the rent!

“But,” he continued, “I will be looking for the research assistant to help with something else, for which they will also be paid. Something I am sure you’ll find is MUCH more exciting.”

He then explained that he and two mates (who, I assumed, I knew…intimately!) had decided to initiate a small research project “on the side” for which some of the funding that was available to them would be utilised.

The three of them had decided it would be interesting to investigate “the expectations and the reality to females when experiencing new ways of having sexual intercourse.”

“That sounds interesting,” I responded, not quite sure of what was involved or what might be expected of me.

So Dr Lay explained the details to me.

“Each of us is recruiting a research assistant. Her first task will be to academically research ways of having intercourse that they have not personally tried on previous occasions. They will each list six different new positions or new techniques which they would most like to try — the ones they expect will give them the greatest pleasure – and include a description of each and a note on why that technique particularly appeals to them.”

“The three supervisors will then choose two from each girl’s list, so will choose a total of six. These will be given to the three research assistants who will be asked to score the pleasure they anticipate will be received from each of the alternatives…and then, each week over the next six weeks, they will trial one of the six new techniques with their supervisor and rate the actual results. This will ultimately reveal for us which new sexual technique is the most outstanding, which ones are ‘disappointments,’ which ones are ‘unexpectedly good’, and how much the three research assistants differ in their ratings of the six different offerings.”

“So you are asking me to take you to bed on six occasions,” I stated.

“Well, seven actually,” he replied “Because I’ll want you first to rate ‘missionary’ to provide a benchmark against which the other techniques will be compared.”

“The pay will have to be good,” I joked.

“We have funding allowing 4 hours of initial academic research, which will basically require you to do some searching on the internet, and four hours for each of the practical sessions — so you will receive an additional 32 hours of pay for participating in this project.”

Was I interested? You bet I was!!

Being paid to discover new things sexually — isn’t that every girl’s dream job???

And, as I indicated earlier, Dr Lay had previously demonstrated to me that he was a pleasure to have in bed.

This was, of course, another classic example of men with power and money taking advantage of less-powerful, more-needy females. And I didn’t particularly like that. But I had to admire the audacity of the three guys and their inventiveness — they would be regularly getting into the pants of three girls they already knew were ‘good fucks,’ they were to be given sex that was both new and exciting to them…and, of course, were being sexually satisfied seven times each! And all funded by the university!!

And it was immediately obvious to me that this might simply be the first phase of an ongoing study — one that could be regularly repeated with new sets of ‘research assistants’ and one that could be expanded to, for example, trial the 12 other sex positions with us that had not been included in this initial phase…or determining how each research assistant rated the six sex positions when they were asked to re-trial them with the other two supervisors. So I was sure the three guys were already on the lookout for further funding for their project!!

I was immediately given the job and instructed by Dr Lay that, as I was now his work colleague, I should call him Ed — except when I was in his 3rd year class with other students.

Over dinner Ed asked if I was planning to receive another Distinction or aim for a High Distinction in this year’s 3rd Year course. The cost to me of the ‘extra tutorials’ to help me achieve either was, of course, quite separate to the employment arrangement we had just negotiated, he explained.

I told Ed that I’d initially aim for another Distinction — but might set my sights higher as the course proceeded. So I wasn’t immediately agreeing to a fisting or to anal.

When Ed drove me home from dinner, I wondered if I should invite him in for coffee.

Lillian was not returning until the next day, so I did. The decision was easy: had I not been sitting there throughout dinner wearing damp knickers, dreaming of the wonderful feeling that comes from having his manhood trust up and down, in and out of my vaginal canal?

So, one day back at university and I received my first fuck!

And earned four hours pay for ‘benchmarking’ missionary for Ed. …And enjoyed it!

And, even more importantly (as any girl will tell you!), I’d received that inestimable guarantee that I’d soon be receiving many, many more fucks!!

Researching the positions in which I could have intercourse, and then deciding which ones were likely to give me greatest pleasure, was so much fun.

I didn’t just read about, or occasionally watch, the different ways to have intercourse. I really tried, for each one, to imagine the pleasure I would be receiving from Ed if it was included in the trial.

So each time I turned the computer on, I rapidly developed a damp area between my legs — and these lasted a lot, lot longer than the four hours for which I was being paid.

I was thankful that I had a couple of weeks to complete this first phase of the research project because on several occasions I became so engrossed trying to imagine the pleasure I would be receiving, when Ed and I were trialling one of those amazing new positions, that I found myself having to suspend my research to lie on my bed and give myself some orgasmic relief!!!

These niğde escort additional self-induced orgasms were really an added bonus for me — orgasms I had no idea I would be having when I had first agreed to participate in the project.

I’d ‘pleasured myself’ before (what girl hasn’t?) but…having to do so to get relief from imagining yourself and your man doing some extreme sexual things that you had never previously thought of doing (or even known about!), somehow made those self-pleasuring experiences even more intense.

And on one occasion I lost count of how many orgasms I induced as I ‘lay there’ fingering myself (actually writhing…sometimes on my back, sometimes on my stomach, sometimes legs apart, sometimes legs held tightly together…fondling my clit in all sorts of ways, massaging my g-spot with two fingers inside between my legs, fondling my nips, stroking my boobs…) whilst envisaging the pleasure I was receiving from being stimulated in a way that was entirely different and totally new to me.

Fuck, it was wonderful!

And it was all just ME.

Me imagining the effect that Ed was having on me…me putting my finger in to elicit a tiny spark of pleasure…then perhaps nothing, nothing, nothing…then suddenly, quite suddenly, giving myself much more intense sparks of pleasure…

So I’d finger faster … start to breathe irregularly…get the shakes…get sweaty… feel my chest and pelvic muscles tightening…

And then be hit with my cunt area convulsing uncontrollably…and getting whacked by a huge wave of tingling pleasure.

Oh, what a feeling…how fabulous to be female!

I’d return to do some more research on the internet…discover yet another new way of having sex…and I’d be off again! And again!!

Suddenly I discovered I loved research!

As long as it was sex research!!

And this is even before I actually tried out any of those enticing new sexual positions of which I’d suddenly become aware!

I admit I was astounded to learn how many unusual ways there were to have sex — even after ruling out all the things like oral sex that did not directly involve Ed’s penile penetration of my vagina.

And I quickly realised how totally uneducated I really was about sex!!

So, what criteria did I use in choosing my “most wanted sex positions”?

First, they had to sound fun.

And then likely to bring me to orgasm. I had presumed, in the absence of any better knowledge, that orgasm — or multiple orgasms — was the ultimate that a girl can aim for.

And they had to be things I was prepared to handle. I came across some really weird sex positions that I decided were not for me — and just prayed that the other two girls didn’t include any of them on their preferred list of challenges! — like the ‘incline leg’ which I read would ‘invariably break his penis’ by forcefully bending it unnaturally backwards, and had been assigned a recommendation of ‘don’t!’ (I made a mental note to remember that one — undoubtedly one day I’d come across some bastard who would deserve to experience ‘incline leg’ with me!)

And the positions I suggested that we try had to be things that Ed and I could enjoy in private (although, I admit, I became quite aroused on one occasion whilst I imagined Ed thrusting his manhood between my legs to repeatedly pleasure me whilst his ex-girlfriend [bound and tied so she was unable to get at ‘the bastard’!] watched on).

And I wanted to select a variety of positions — so not just six challenges that required me to lie on my back with my legs in the air!

When I handed my list to Ed and he read it, I could tell he was already getting really excited — without yet having undressed me to test any of them out!

Even though I had masturbated and ‘relieved’ myself sexually on several occasions during the first phase of this research project, my discoveries had now made me eager, indeed desperate, to start the next phase…or, more correctly, desperate to again have Ed’s manhood fully filling my female fuck funnel. So, when I handed Ed my list at university that morning, I also asked him if we could meet at his home after work that day — simply so I could receive a really good fucking from him.

This was, I think, the first time I had ever specifically approached a man to pleasure me sexually — in contrast to my having agreed to suggestions from men that we go to bed together, or having ended up in bed with a man because it just naturally ‘happened’.

That night – much to my relief! — Ed fully sated my ‘desperate’ vaginal area with a particularly satisfying screw.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall listening to the three ‘researchers’ decide which six of the 18 possible challenges they thought they would most enjoy.

Soon enough, the six chosen sex positions were announced. None was particularly exotic, but there was a good variety among them.

Very soon thereafter, Ed and I commenced the ‘experiments.’

No. 1 was ‘face off.’ This involved me sitting on Ed’s lap facing him, whilst his legs were slightly apart, and ‘riding’ his erection. It was recommended for those seeking marathon sex…and if it was to take Ed hours to cum, or me to climax (or both!), would I be objecting?

It was a great way to start the project.

Ed and I held one another close…his penis and my vagina spent more time tightly together than they had ever done before…neither Ed nor I ‘performed’ quickly…and the extended penile stimulation I received gave me exactly what I needed!

“Oooh Ed, that was fabulous…and thankyou for holding your ejaculation for so long. Your ‘research assistant’ can hardly wait ’till next week for you to have your hard-on inside me again!”

A couple of nights later, however, a guy called David and I went to bed together — and I (very easily) convinced him to also try No. 1. I found that repeat occasion to be even more exciting and stimulating than the first trial of it with Ed.

So I then decided I should pre-test the remaining positions with David before I assessed each with Ed. And I’m glad I did!

So, in that first week I was fucked four times in eight days — twice by David, twice by Ed.

Wow! How happy was I that university life had resumed!!

(I should explain to you my relationship with David. He and I had become quite friendly the previous year. In fact, quite intimate…but we didn’t consider ourselves to be girlfriend and boyfriend. So when university resumed that year, so did our occasional get-togethers in bed — which I must admit I very much enjoyed. So it was serendipitous that he was available and willing to go along with me as I supposedly sought to “expand my sexual horizons.”)

No. 2 (a doggy-style entry from the rear, designed to maximise g-spot stimulation) turned out to be even better.

Ed is fairly ‘well endowed’ and he was able to get the tip of his penis, and then the shaft of his penis, into exactly the right spots…and soon got this girl’s cunt convulsing again.

“Oooh Ed, that was fabulous…thank you again. Your ‘research assistant’ can hardly wait until next week when she will again be feeling your hard-on up her vagina!”

No. 3, called ‘stand and deliver,’ also involved Ed entering me from the rear, he standing and me bending over from my waist down. It was designed to increase his penile friction on my vaginal wall.

It certainly did that!

“Oooh Ed, that was fabulous…I could really feel you inside me. Your ‘research assistant’ can hardly wait until next week when she will have you thrusting inside her again!”

No. 4 was ‘the countertop,’ which as the name implies had me lying on my back on his kitchen benchtop while he entered me. The advertised attraction of this was that Ed could deliver rougher sex and get deeper inside me.

This was perhaps my favourite…and turned out to be both rougher and deeper that I had imagined it would be. Ed kept shafting me for a long, long time (which I really enjoyed) before ultimately giving me a good fill of cum to take home.

“Oooh Ed, that was fabulous…and your ‘research assistant’ can hardly wait until next week when you bring her to orgasm again!”

No. 5 was ‘megahurtz’ which came with an intriguing warning that for some couples it was appropriately named. The back of my shoulders were on the floor, my legs initially up in the air before they were splayed open as if I was doing the splits, and Ed then positioned himself above my crotch and lowered himself in.

Megahurtz certainly required some gymnastics…but I can tell you the feeling of having his balls and his erection move up along my inner thigh as he positioned himself to straddle me was a fabulous sensation…and a real ‘tease’ for what was to come (sorry, cum!).

“Oooh Ed, that was fabulous…and your ‘research assistant’ can hardly wait until next week when you load her with cum again!”

And No. 6 was also a gymnastic challenge. ‘The pair of tongs’ had Ed standing, his cock inside me whist I had one leg either side of him, he supporting my bottom with his hands and I holding my upper body up, so that it was somewhat horizontal, by placing one hand on the floor and keeping that arm straight.

Ed experienced good penetration but had trouble thrusting. He felt he was about to drop me each time he tried to thrust…so we uncoupled and resumed our love-making in bed, enjoying perhaps the most common of all sex positions…and I’m sure that, whilst doing so, Ed pushed the tip of his penis further inside me than he had ever done before. So I was left well-satisfied!

“Oooh Ed, that was fabulous…but your ‘research assistant,’ unfortunately, now has nothing more she can immediately look forward to receiving from you!!” I exclaimed as we uncoupled the second time.

Ed indicated he would surely find something to keep me amused…and, after all, he still had that personal tutoring to give to me to ensure I received that Distinction grade!

All of the positions we tried were interesting and gave me satisfaction. They certainly highlighted how mundane the old missionary position is — even if, as the last ‘experiment’ proved, it too can be very satisfying.

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