Turn to the Dark


Authoress note: All disclaimers are still in place regarding characters etc. These are just stories although some of the events mentioned really happened to me. As life goes on the motivation of being forced fem never fades instead the curtain closes. Thanks to all my readers. Also, these are stories of humiliation and degradation and aren’t for most people. So if the subject bothers you don’t read this. I do enjoy those of you who have written to say you enjoy them. Lauren Westley

Chapter 1

The Beginning

The beginning of any journey seems to start innocuously. And so did this journey. I was 18 years old and my best friend Don was just a few months older then I. We had grown up together in a tough city at the time, New York. Both Don and I were skinny teens although I was about five inches shorter then Don. He was six foot tall. Don had a black trimmed short but still a bit scruffy beard covering his acne-pockmarked face. He was a weightlifter where I was a swimmer. Although he was skinny he had large biceps, a slender waist and a hairy chest. I on the other hand had perfectly smooth skin with the body of an average swimmer. I also had no hair on my legs or arms since we had to shave everything off except our head and crotch. Though I had shaved my crotch too since I thought it probably slowed me down and being average on the team I needed ever advantage possible.

Neither of us had any problem getting dates. As a matter of fact I tended to get the more glamorous girls since they went for my baby face. But Don did just fine too. There’s no doubt, although we were equals, Don was the more aggressive risk taker. He bought his motorcycle long before he convinced me to have one. Don was the one who would go through a woman’s panty drawer sniffing away like a bloodhound if given half a chance. Any party we went to I knew where to find Don.

Don introduced me to pot and porn.

One evening we were sitting on my bed in my room watching TV. The bed was perpendicular to the TV on the other side and we used it like a couch since I had a bolster and my sleeping pillows so we could lie back and watch TV. My parents were out for dinner and a movie. And like many nights in the past we were watching some simple G rated TV show when some very curvaceous blond was suddenly in a provocative scene. By provocative in TV Land in those days was simply a skirt a bit above the knees and a little cleavage showing.

“Hey she’s pretty sexy don’t you think?” Tom queried.

Of course she was and she would be in this scene for the next fifteen minutes or so during which time the following occurred.

From the corner of my eyes I could see Don rubbing his crotch a bit and although I had never had thoughts of being with a man still found myself slightly aroused mentally. After a few minutes he asked if I minded if he pulled it out and stroked it. Whatever it was inside me at that moment saying, ‘Yes’ was also the turn to the dark.

Now with both of us lying back it was quite easy to catch a glimpse. Actually it was nearly impossible not to.

He unzipped his pants and I sort of watched him with my other eye on the TV and my face forward so he wouldn’t think I was looking. I had seen his cock when we took showers at the gym but I had never seen him with an erection. Actually I had never seen another man with an erection outside of a porn flick.

“You sure you don’t mind,” Don asked again?

“No it’s ok,” I answered and to this day wonder if Don could hear the dryness in my throat and the bit of nervous stutter as I answered.

The blond in the TV show was doing some house chores as various men came in the front door or his husband down the stairs. We didn’t have the volume up like they do now and with everything else happening I can’t remember the dialogue. For all I know the show was “Bewitched,” but of course I don’t remember. However, Don’s cock began to grow and I couldn’t help but glance at it hoping he didn’t notice.

Every guy knows his cock size. No matter how many times I had measured my own erection it could never push over the five inches on the ruler. And though I said it was five inches it was probably more between four and four and a half. But Don’s was big like the porno flick cocks. Eventually I’d learn it was seven and a half inches. It was also quite magnificent to see a hard on like his.

“Hey Michael,” Don said as he turned towards me, “you can look if you want. It’s ok.”

I wasn’t sure what to do but I also felt jittery inside and as I turned to look so Don wouldn’t think I was afraid my own cock started to tent my pants.

“Pull it out,” Don encouraged

Not sure what to do and realizing it would be weird to do anything but unzip I reached down to my zipper while I tried to explain to Don I was much smaller then him. Why I felt that was necessary I have no clue.

Don said in a gentle voice, “you have a nice cock,” and he looked straight at my cock his beard covering whatever his bomonti escort face was trying to say as well.

This was all happening so quickly. The blond was still on the TV and later in life I realized that less then seven minutes had probably passed at this point but for me time had stood still. I was semi hard but my dick wasn’t straight up like Don. Actually it was a bit humiliating for me to realize the difference in our two cocks.

“Would you like to touch mine,” Don suggested.

It was hypnotic the way his suggestion crawled over my mind and before I knew it I was touching his prick. I am circumcised but Don isn’t. His cock felt so much thicker as my fingers wrapped around his head. I knew with my hard on where my finger touched but with him there was much more girth. Also I was amazed when I had first glimpsed his foreskin and then it spread out as his cock hardened. Of course I had seen him pee through his sheath before and I knew what could happen to an uncircumcised cock erecting. But, for some reason it seemed more masculine to be uncircumcised at that moment in time..

I was sitting there turned and looking at his cock. Don had unzipped his pants, unbuttoned and slid them down with his whitey-tighties pulled down a bit and his mass of pubic hair crowning the top of his cock. His balls were still covered.

“Mike would you like to taste it,” Don coaxed.

I was already falling off the cliff of civilized morality and heard my voice answering and soon after I was between his legs looking straight at his cock. I hesitated. Don simply suggested I give it a lick.

“You won’t cum in my mouth, promise,” I asked?

“No way,” he said.

I licked the head of his cock and at that second my own cock got harder then it had ever been. I was glad Don couldn’t see it. Also it didn’t seem to taste so bad

“Suck it,” Don coaxed. It wasn’t a demand; it was more of an invitation.

“Don’t cum in my mouth,” I said just before my lips encircled his cock head.

Don assured me he wouldn’t and I started sucking his cock. His hands were behind my head with his fingers wrapped tightly together. I sucked.

“Careful with your teeth,” he admonished.

I was more careful. I was slipping into submission but suddenly before I could say a word or pull away Don pulled my head forward with his hands holding my head from moving and he spurted his pre-cum all over the back of my throat. I tried to pull back but to not avail and before I could really fight back he had shot his load all over my tongue and the inside of my mouth. I could taste his cum. It didn’t taste bad but I had revulsion nonetheless. Also I wondered if I had actually wanted his cum since I felt it was my fault as well since I had sucked him off.

Moments later Don pulled out of my mouth and handed me some tissues from the night table apologizing the whole time.

“I’m sorry Mike. I couldn’t stop. It was too powerful and your lips so sexy,” as he handed me the tissues.

I spit is cum into the tissues but it was such a big load coupled with my spit it spilled over onto my thumb and dripped on my fingers. I rushed off to the bathroom flushing the tissues down the toilet, brushed my teeth with a ton of toothpaste and washed my fingers. I was still sporting a hard-on so I closed the door and sat on the toilet jerking myself off. My whole thought till I came was sucking Don’s cock and having his cum in my mouth. I was both horrified and obviously satisfied since I did shoot my load.

Cleaning up I returned to the bedroom

“Oh, you jerked yourself off,” Don stated.

“You said you wouldn’t come in my mouth,” I replied

And so I started my descent down, down, down turning towards the dark.

Chapter 2.

Three Weeks Later:

Don and I didn’t discuss what had happened we just went about things as they were before. We had gone to a movie, watched some football and laughed about life, love and our future. It was a Saturday afternoon and we were at Don’s house watching a college game. I think it was the U. of Michigan versus Michigan State but I’m not sure. It was late in the fourth quarter and one of the teams was down by 10 points. I don’t even think there was 5 minutes left on the clock and I can’t remember if they both had a time out or not.

Don turned to me and said, “Want to bet Michigan (whichever was behind) will win?”

I said, “Sure.”

We shook hands sealing the bet when I realized I didn’t know what we were playing for.

“Don, what are the stakes?” I asked

Don looked me in the eye saying, “You give me a great blowjob wearing lipstick.”

And without a blink since I was sure I would win I asked, “And what do I get when you lose?”

“A hundred dollars,” Don replied.

Now a hundred dollars back then was an awful lot of money for someone eighteen. I knew Don could pay since his family had much more money cihangir escort then mine. And although I didn’t want to give him a blowjob this seemed like a sure bet in my favor. My team had the other team on their two-yard line and a second down. The clock was ticking down.

“Done,” I said.

In the next four minutes the other team managed a ninety-eight yard touchdown, the field goal and then an offside kick, which they recovered. Now with less then eight seconds on the clock and six yards from winning one team called a time out. Don took out a tube of lipstick and put it on the table that separated the two BarcaLoungers we were sitting in watching the game.

“Want to put the lipstick on now,” Don taunted.

And of course the team scored the touchdown.

“Why don’t you go into the bathroom so you can use the mirror and put on the lipstick while I get something,” Don said.

Although I was apprehensive the dryness in my mouth and the tingling all over my skin also was creating a pleasure sensation thought. I wondered about why I felt this way as I wandered off to the bathroom with the lipstick.

“Mike, the lipstick belongs to sis,” Don called out as I closed the bathroom door.

Sis is one of Don’s three sisters. There is Donna, Cissy and Pamela. Don is a middle child. All three of his sisters were ‘hot.’ (And that is not a typo. Her name is Cissy and Don would just call her Sis.

I hesitated as I looked in the mirror and even though I knew his Mom and sisters were out at some chick flick and his Dad was away on business I still called out, “You sure we can do this. I mean what if you Mom and sisters come home.”

“Not to worry about it Mike. The movie started less then an hour ago and then they are going out for dinner. Hurry up and pay off your bet,” he shouted.

With the lipstick in my hand I took off the top and it was a bright pink color. The same color Sis always wore. I looked in the mirror with my blue eyes staring back at me as if to say, “Who are you?” My brown boy cut hair topped my tanned face and I started to apply the lipstick to my lips. Now I have puckered lips. Not thin line nor were they enormous but as the lipstick began to cover them I though the looked like lips that should suck cock.

You probably won’t believe this I did not think anything I was doing was gay. Instead to me it was experimental and the feeling I was getting was like experimenting with ice cream.

—Shockingly and pleasureful——

And although my application was good there were faults where it had not fit exactly inside my lip outline. I used a piece of toilet paper to fix it but it seemed no matter what I did it remained imperfect.

“Come on out,” Don called out.

Turning the bathroom door handle I tried to swallow but my mouth was still so dry. I stopped and reached for the faucet and cupped my hand over the spout. The cold water filled my palm and I lifted the water to my painted lips and into the desert beyond. A few swigs of water and a bit of courage I exited the bathroom

Don was standing there with a big grin on his face his pants had been dropped to the floor and his underpants sitting inside them with his socks poking up through the clothes. My eyes took in the whole sight of his hairy legs to his semi-hard cock. It was big enough to hang in a near upside down horseshoe shape and not hard enough to push the foreskin back.

“Come kneel,” Don instructed.

“Yeah the lipstick looks great. I’ll think of you as a girl as you suck my cock,” he said.

I knelt down with his prick facing the pink hole it would penetrate shortly.

“Lick the tip,” Don said.

A bit of me wanted this. That was obvious since I had beaten off a few times with a glimpse before orgasm of the first time I sucked his cock. My tongue parted my lips and licked his foreskin.

“Lick my balls,” Don said.

At this point I was Don’s cocksucker and I licked his hairy balls. He had his hands in my hair and started to pull me back a bit. I could see his cock starting to harden and the head pushing the foreskin open like a snake molting.

“Put my cock in your mouth Michelle,” Don said.

I had his cock in my mouth before the word Michelle registered.

“When you suck my cock you’ll be Michelle and I’ll be Dom,” Don said.

I was sucking him.

“And when I cum you will swallow every drop or I’ll spank your ass Michelle,” Dom said.

My mind was turning toward the dark and the enjoyment of submission enveloped all my senses. I didn’t say anything. I just sucked his cock as Michelle. I thought of myself as Michelle. With my eyes closed I was Michelle.

Suddenly I felt his hand on my throat and I started gagging. He was pushing his cock past my gag reflex. I tried to pull back but Dom controlled my movements. He let me gasp for air and spit up phlegm. I thought I was going to throw up.

“In time Michelle you will be the best deep throat girl in town,” kurtuluş escort Dom said as he pushed back deeply into my throat.

I was choking but also I was feeling what it was like to have someone dominate what you did. I didn’t fight back except when I was choking and that was reflex. Dom sensed the reflex and would pull out giving me a moment before he continued.

“Keep your mouth wide open Michelle,” Dom said.

With nothing but obedience directing me at this point I did what he said. He pummeled my mouth and throat gliding his cock on my tongue. Pushing his cock against my inner cheek. Sliding his cock deep into my throat. And then I heard a sound from him that I knew was the edge.

“Ahhhhhh….,” he moaned at the same time his sperm started shooting onto the back of my throat. He kept his one hand on my throat but the other he removed from my head and then I felt him pinch my nose closed. A moment later is cum slithered down my throat in a reflexive swallow.

Dom left his cock in my mouth for a while and then pulled out.

“Good girl,” Dom said.

My eyes had tears from the choking. My brain had synapses throwing electrical currents in all directions. Through my tears I looked up and saw a blurred vision of dominance.

“From now on when I want you Michelle you will be my call girl. You know you are enjoying this and I will take you to sexual heights you can’t imagine. Unless you are fucking a girl you must not masturbate without permission from me,” Dom said.

“What do you say Michelle,” his strong baritone voice stamped the words down to my brain.

I was lost in this new world. I wanted it. I liked it. I was deeply afraid of it but I answered, “Yes Don.”

“Michelle when we are in the sexual part of our friendship you will address me as Dom, not Don. Also you are to think of yourself as a girl. No boy thoughts. This way we can have our fun and you can also enjoy your manliness when you are out with a girl. Do you agree?

“Yes Dom,” my voice skipping a beat as I said those words.

Dom’s salty cum flooded my taste buds.

“Okay, now go clean up and come back as Mike,” Don said.

Chapter Three

The In-Between Time

For nearly two months I gave Don blowjobs. Swallowing his cum often wearing lipstick and once even his sisters’ panty and bra. I was Michelle during those times and Michael when we went to the movies. Then Don went off to his college and I went off to mine. My college was in our hometown. His was half a country away.

My parents had a reversal of fortune and as such lost the house and savings. They moved to Florida but to me Florida was ‘old people.’ I couldn’t continue to go to college. My grades weren’t very good anyhow. So I decided to skip town and go somewhere new. Somewhere a plane ticket was cheap and there were plenty of jobs. I went to Las Vegas. Back then Vegas were growing faster then a spring bean chute but what I didn’t know was it was the end of a boom. In one way I was lucky I found a job just before there weren’t any to be found for someone like me. It was a crappy job. Mopping floors and washing dishes but I was able to pay for a cheap apartment and it was better then if I had stayed east. I’d have been mortified to be this poor in a town where those my age would have shunned and ridiculed me. Here, at least, I was who people thought I was. Someone said what happened to my family was the beginning of the end, Sub-prime or something.

You may think washing dishes meant scrubbing in the sink. Actually the real dishwasher washed most of the dishes, an industrial Hobart dishwasher. It had two doors and a roller track in and out. The dishes were stacked in the rack and then when one load was done it came out hot and clean and ready to put away. Since I mopped the floors I didn’t have to help wash the pots except when we were light-handed.

I was even skinnier from the workload and scrimping on money so I could go out once in a while for a drink or a movie. After nearly two years of doing this the poor economy led to less customers and more work with the same pay. I didn’t complain but things were about to change drastically.

It’s funny how life changes stack themselves up together like a coin landing on heads several times in a row. It was a cold Las Vegas Friday night when I stopped at the Chinese restaurant for take-out. A taste treat I rarely afforded myself, beef, scallions and red spicy pepper sauce. While I waited for my order I picked up one of those free newspapers they had near the register. The ones that tell you all the great places to eat as long as those restaurants advertise in the paper. The personal ads, massage parlors and in Vegas the special stripper clubs. That’s when I saw the full-page ad. There was Don’s picture in the top right and the names of five stripper clubs that belonged to him. He seemed to have created one for every age group but when I looked closer they were all under one roof. How clever he had created something for everyone. There was the Wildcat Lounge, the Lynx Lounge, the Puma Lounge, the Cougar Lounge and the XXX Private Club.

I took the paper home and thought back to the days when I was Michelle. They were easier times and it appeared Don was living big and easy now.

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