Trouble in New Orleans Ch. 01

Alura Jenson

**This is the beginning of a hot adventure. It starts off with a loss of innocence and gets hotter with each installment. This is pleasure writing for me. I hope you enjoy it, too! Love, Chloe Hunt**


Jane was excited when they finally arrived in New Orleans. She and her best friend Diane had planned an end-of-summer adventure in the humid French Quarter. Growing up poor in the Tennessee mountains had limited Jane’s experiences in life. She was expecting this rare vacation to be spectacular, at least, she really hoped it would be. She had dumped the last of her summer fun money into it.

When Jane and Diane arrived at their hotel, they were immediately greeted by a handsome bellhop. They were staying at the Royal Siesta on the infamous Bourbon Street.

“Good afternoon, ladies. I’m Collin Blake, your humble servant for the remainder of the day. Welcome to the Royal Siesta,” he announced as he bowed to them, causing his shaggy brown hair to fall into his big brown eyes. He quickly brushed it out of the way and flashed a brilliant smile.

“Well, well, I feel very welcomed already,” Diane said as she returned his smile.

“Wow, this place looks like a palace,” Jane said excitedly as they followed Collin down the front hall to the elevator. She had never seen so much beautiful tile work, gold-trimmed mirrors, and gold chandeliers in her entire life.

“Oh yes, it’s very nice,” Diane said with a flirtatious smile in Collin’s direction as he rolled their bags into the elevator.

“How long will you ladies be staying with us?” he asked as he pushed the button for their floor.

“One very exciting week,” Diane said as she glanced at Jane smiling.

“Really? What are your plans?” he asked.

“Good food, good alcohol, drunk sightseeing, we might visit a few bars, the usual,” she sighed.

“Wow, pace yourselves. This town has a lot to offer. My brother owns a very nice bar a few blocks down if you’re interested in a more sensual night scene,” he said with a smile as he pulled a card from his pocket and handed it to Diane.

“Oh, thank you. Belle Nuit, New Orleans only hot tub bar,” she read with a smile. “Beautiful night… I like it already,” she said in approval. “Would we happen to find you there tonight?” she asked.

“Yes, as a matter of fact. I sometimes hang there after work and enjoy a beer.”

Once they were comfortably situated in their rooms, Jane collapsed on her bed and sighed.

“You are so full of shit, Diane,” she chuckled.

“Excuse me, how so?” she asked as she opened her suitcase.

“We can’t get into bars here, and you know it.”

“Ye of little faith,” she said with a mischievous grin as she reached in her pocket and pulled out two cards. She tossed them on the bed next to Jane.

“Holy shit… fake IDs? where did you get these?” she asked in disbelief.

“My stepmom works at the DMV. I caught her flirting with her boss, so I blackmailed her into making these for us. All she needed was some recent photos. Now I’m a twenty-two-year-old Mary Clemons, and you’re a twenty-one-year-old Natalie Myers.”

“Diane, this is identity theft! I don’t want to go to prison!” she squeaked.

“Oh my God, Jane, relax. We are not stealing these people’s lives. We’re just borrowing their ages to get some fucking drinks. It will be fine,” she laughed as she started to strip.

Jane sighed as she watched Diane get naked so she could pull on her hot pink thong bikini. Diane had Latin ancestors, and it showed in her beautiful full-figured body, olive skin, and long dark hair.

“Why are you putting on your swimsuit?” Jane asked in confusion.

“We’re going to a hot tub bar. Collin said you’re not allowed into the water without a bathing suit. I hope you brought your cute black bikini.”

“I did, but I don’t think I’m comfortable hot tubbing with strangers on my first night here,” Jane said nervously.

“Girl, you’re going to dry up like a prune with that mentality. You promised me you would get out of your comfort zone and do some crazy shit with me. This is not even that crazy, so please do this with me and try to enjoy it,” she begged.

“That’s easy for you to say. You’re not a pathetic virgin who’s never been kissed,” Jane grumbled in humiliation.

“Are you calling me a hoe?” Diane demanded with narrowed eyes.

“Yes,” she with a smirk.

“Fine, I’m a hoe, and I have fun because of it. Jane, you’re fucking beautiful! You look like a perky blonde cheerleader since you lost weight. You could get so much cock if you would just let yourself have fun. Your grumpy ass mama ain’t here peeking over your shoulder, so have some fun with me, please?” she begged.

Jane sighed in defeat and agreed. Two hours later, they were dressed and walking down Bourbon Street to find Belle Nuit. The sun was starting to set, but it didn’t give much relief from the heat and humidity.

Jane had heard crazy stories about Bourbon Street. She was beginning to believe they were true as they walked by smoky mecidiyeköy eskort strip clubs and naked street performers with pierced nipples. They got trapped for a few minutes on a street corner. A small parade of college guys dressed as pink flamingos were dancing by. Jane was smiling as she watched them. Then she was startled when someone spoke against her ear.

“Hello, beautiful,” whispered a handsome male voice causing her to jump. She felt his breath on her skin.

She twirled around and met the most remarkable blue eyes she had ever seen. The man had messy dark hair and an angelic face. There was an acoustic guitar hanging on his shoulder. His shirt was open in the front, showing off his beautiful chest.

Jane gulped as she stared at him. He made her feel warm and tingly all over.

He winked at her dumbfounded expression before he began strumming his guitar along with the beat of a tambourine. It took Jane a moment to realize two other men were standing around him. He was a street performer, and judging by his tattered clothes, he was probably a gypsy.

“I uh… hi,” she stammered as she stepped over to him.

“First time on Bourbon Street?” he asked with a charming smile.

“Uh, yeah. Is it that obvious?” she asked in embarrassment.

“A little. Where are you ladies heading?”

“Um, Belle Nuit, we’re meeting our new friend Collin there,” she said with a smile.

“Seriously? Collin Blake?” he asked with an eyebrow raised.

“Yeah, how did you know that?”

“He’s my roommate,” he chuckled.

“Oh, cool,” Jane laughed.

Diane had turned around by that point and was observing the handsome musician on the street corner.

“I’m Vince, by the way. Who might you ladies be?” he asked.

“I’m Jane, this is my best friend, Diane. We’re from Tennessee.”

“Ah, mountain folks?” he asked with a smirk.

“Not by choice,” Diane said with a flirtatious smile.

“I see. Would you ladies enjoy more company at the bar? My friend Julian is about to take my place here in ten minutes.”

“That would be wonderful!” Diane said excitedly, sealing the deal.

Jane’s eyes had gone wide, and her stomach filled with butterflies at the thought of hot-tubbing with Vince.

The hot tub bar was a lot fancier than Jane was expecting. Soft island music was playing throughout the room. The hot tubs were partitioned off by attractive raised decks. They were built to look like personal patios. They were connected to a long walkway that led to a large tiki bar. The ceiling was covered in shimmering LED lights, mimicking a night sky.

The girls flashed their IDs and paid a rather large cover charge to the blonde hostess at the front. She immediately offered them a variety of hot tubs for their soaking pleasure. Diane dropped Collin’s name, and she smiled in amusement.

“Ah, Collin’s new friends! He said you might pay us a visit. Please, follow me, and I’ll take you to his private tub,” she said as she collected some towels and led them down the center of the room.

Diane was smiling ear to ear as she looked around at people drinking, laughing, and making out in the large hot tubs. They were led into a private section in the back with an extra-large tub. It had a beautiful deck around it covered in tropical plants. The area was completely surrounded by heavy black curtains for privacy. There was a little bell on the deck that would ring when someone was approaching.

“You ladies can change and relax,” announced the hostess. “There’s a waterproof tablet by the tub for ordering drinks. I’ll alert Collin to your arrival,” she said before she hurried back to the front.

“This is so fucking cool,” Diane said as she began stripping. “I’m totally giving Collin a hand job for inviting us here,” she chuckled as she walked over to the hot tub and stepped in.

“You’re not serious?” Jane asked as she began to strip down to her black bikini.

“I’m dead serious. I’m going to get my fill of pleasure on this trip before I go back to research papers and endless essays,” she said as she picked up the drink menu and made a fast selection of two pina coladas.

“Just don’t get too drunk, please. That will ruin my fun,” Jane grumbled as she climbed into the warm water and sat down. It was incredibly relaxing.

“I promise not to drink too much if you promise to drink enough to at least get buzzed. You need something to help lube up that sandy dry vagina of yours,” she chuckled.

Collin arrived at their tub a few minutes later holding a tray of delicious looking pina coladas. He had a very handsome friend with him. Jane’s stomach fluttered to see Vince again. The beautiful men were both wearing revealing black speedos. It made Jane blush rather furiously.

“Hello again, ladies! Thank you so much for coming. This is my cousin Vince. He’s here for Jane’s enjoyment,” Collin said with a smirk as he handed out the drinks.

Jane looked up at Vince with her heart pounding as he climbed into the water with escort bayan his drink and sat down beside her. He smiled at the blush all over her face. He looked even more dreamy in the romantic lighting of the room. She didn’t understand how anyone’s eyes could be so big and blue. He and Collin both had nicely built bodies. Jane figured looking good was part of the lifestyle for anyone that worked and played on Bourbon Street.

Diane didn’t waste any time chatting up Collin with dirty talk and overly sexy stories about her personal adventures in their tiny mountain town. Jane was all blush as she chatted with Vince about music and their hopes for the fall semester. The boys claimed to be college students as well.

“Wow, your friend doesn’t waste any time,” Vince chuckled when he looked over to see Diane and Collin making out rather passionately.

It didn’t surprise Jane. Diane was on her second pina colada. Alcohol amplified her amorous nature twenty fold.

“Yeah… she’s wild like that,” she admitted, feeling slightly tingly at the sight. The little bit of alcohol she drank had a relaxing effect on her inhibitions.

“Would you like it if I kissed you?” Vince asked with a handsome smile.

Jane returned his smile and blushed furiously at the question.

“Um… I’m not sure. I’ve actually never kissed anyone before,” she admitted.

“Whoa… seriously? How old are you really?” he asked as he leaned away from her, looking worried.

“Oh shit… I’m not underage. I’m just a prude,” she stammered in humiliation.

“Um… that’s hard to believe,” he said, shaking his head.

“I’m not a minor if that’s what you’re thinking. I swear I’m nineteen. Do you want to see my real driver’s license?” she whispered in amusement.

He laughed and shook his head again.

“That’s not necessary. It’s just hard to believe someone as attractive as you never kissed anyone,” he admitted.

“Well, I’m looking to change that on this trip, so… yes. I would like to kiss you, Vince,” she whispered with her heart pounding.

She couldn’t believe she had just agreed to kiss the beautiful man she had just met less than twenty minutes earlier. It was terrifying and thrilling.

“Excellent, I hope you enjoy me,” he whispered as he leaned forward and gently ran his fingers into her hair and pulled her lips to his.

Jane’s heart did a funny thump in her chest, and her body felt hot as Vince explored her mouth with his soft lips. His skin and breath smelled wonderful. He tasted like coconut rum. Jane tried to mimic what Vince was doing, but she seemed to be hindering him with her efforts. He suddenly started laughing and pulled away, smiling. She chewed on her lip in embarrassment.

“I believe you now,” he admitted. “I feel kind of honored to be your first kiss. Would you like some tips to make it less awkward?”

“Yes, please.”

“Um, when I take your upper lip between my lips, that’s when you gently take my lower lip between yours. Does that make sense?”

“Yeah, I think I can do that.”

“Okay, let’s try again. Then we can transition to tongue play,” he said with a smirk.

She smiled and licked her lips as he leaned in and kissed her again. She did as he instructed and was able to find a pleasing pattern in taking turns, tasting his lips. After a very arousing minute of lip play, he suddenly slid his tongue into her mouth and played it against hers. She started chuckling at how strange it felt. It also made her tingle all over. Vince started laughing too. He pulled away a second later and smiled at her beautiful face.

“I take it you’re enjoying your lesson?” he asked.

“I am,” she agreed before she glanced at Diane and Collin.

She was shocked to discover Diane straddling Collin’s lap. He was thrusting into her as he squeezed her ass. They both had looks of ecstasy on their faces as they worked their bodies together. Jane felt hot and tingly as she watched them. Vince saw the shock on her face and quickly turned to see what she was staring at.

“Oh… wow,” he breathed as he watched Collin slide his hands into Diane’s bikini top and squeeze her beautiful breasts. Then he pushed the fabric out of the way so he could get his mouth on her right nipple. She groaned in delight and ran her fingers through his hair, pulling his face tighter against her tits.

“I’m about to cum,” Diane panted before she pulled Collin’s lips back to hers.

They kissed hungrily before they both tensed with orgasm. Diane groaned into Collin’s mouth as he grunted loudly. They trembled and squirmed for a few seconds. Diane broke off the kiss so she could breathe as Collin continued to slowly thrust into her. He was enjoying little tingly aftershocks.

“Fuck, that was hot,” Collin said with a huge grin as he gazed dreamily at Diane.

“It was… when will you be able to do that again?” she chuckled.

Jane and Vince stared at them in disbelief for a moment. Then Vince sighed and turned to Jane with an annoyed look on his face.

“I’m bayrampaşa escort sorry our lesson was so rudely interrupted. My cousin is a man whore,” he whispered in disappointment.

“It’s all right. I didn’t realize how slutty my best friend could be,” Jane admitted in embarrassment.

“Bourbon Street has that effect on people. I see it every day,” Vince sighed as he looked over his shoulder to see their company climbing out of the tub. “Hey, where are you guys going?” he asked.

“To the bathroom. We’ll be back in… twenty minutes, maybe?” Collin chuckled as he smiled at Diane. She burst out laughing and agreed. They made their way into the back of the building towards the employee-only rooms.

“I think they’re going to fuck in private now, at least,” Vince sighed as he looked at Jane’s blushing face. Are you all right?” he asked.

“I’m fine. Just humiliated,” she admitted.

“Why? You weren’t the one being an exhibitionist,” he said in amusement.

“Well, I know… I just can’t believe Diane, my best friend, just did that right in front of us with a stranger. I also can’t believe how much I envy her freedom,” she said in embarrassment.

Vince looked at her in surprise for a moment. Then he chewed on his lip, thinking.

“Well, um… would you like to do something like that with me?” he asked doubtfully.

She smiled in disbelief and blushed as she looked into his handsome face. She couldn’t believe how badly she wanted to abandon her inhibitions and climb into Vince’s lap the way Diane climbed all over Collin. The simple suggestion of it had her so aroused she was on the edge of giving in, but she had never done anything like that before. In the back of her mind, she knew it would likely hurt, and she figured that would stop her from enjoying it.

“I want to, Vince, but I can’t. I think it would hurt. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it like Diane did,” she said in disappointment.

“I see,” he said as he chewed on his lip again. “Hey, what if we did something not intrusive for a bit? Maybe I can help work you towards something more intense. I promise not to do anything that would hurt you,” he said, very sincerely.

She stared at him with her stomach fluttering for a moment. She really wanted to do something fun with Vince. She owed it to herself to try.

“Okay, what do you have in mind?” she asked with a gulp.

“Um, here. Sit on the deck with your legs in the water,” he said as he patted the deck behind her.

“Okay,” she said with a nervous smile as she stood and sat on the edge of the deck.

Vince smiled as he knelt where she had been sitting and placed his hands on her thighs. He slowly slid his warm hands down her legs to her knees, sending a shudder of delight up her spine. Her stomach did a nervous flip when he pulled her knees apart. He scooted closer to her, bringing the prominent bulge in his speedo against her crotch. Then he gently touched her neck and pulled their lips together again. He felt wonderfully warm and inviting.

He kissed her slow and lovingly as he slid his hands up over her breasts, pushing her black bikini up out of his way. He leaned down and licked her right nipple as he gently squeezed the plump underside of her breasts. She shuddered all over with tingles from his hot touch.

He smiled as he returned to kiss her lips again while pressing the hard bulge in his speedo against her crotch. The sudden stimulation on her sensitive skin forced a pleased groan out of her. He smiled as he put his hands on her ass and pulled her even tighter against him.

She gasped when she felt him rocking his hips, forcing his thickness to rub against her aroused skin. She shuddered with tingles from what he was doing. He was very good at it. She had a feeling it was something he had practiced before. Jane’s heart was pounding harder with every caress. She would jump and tremble every now and again from the amazing sensation. The warm water lapping against her legs and the sensual atmosphere was stimulating her on a whole new level.

“That’s so good,” she moaned as she leaned against his chest with her body feeling incredibly hot.

“It is,” he whispered with his body tingling madly. “Jane, do you ever masturbate?” he asked.

“Yeah, a little,” she admitted.

“Do you put your fingers inside yourself?” he whispered as he reached down and slid his fingers into her suit. He gently caressed her swollen wet skin, making her shudder.

“Mmm, yes. Just one,” she whispered as she felt him sliding his fingers up and over her lips. He was using his middle finger to spread her lips apart. She was so wet and aroused. It felt incredible.

“I’m going to try something. Let me know if it’s too much,” he whispered as he drew away from her.

She watched with her heart pounding as he reached down and pushed his speedo off his hips, freeing his thick erection. The sharp tingles that raced up into her chest at the sight of his cock were the most exciting thing she ever felt. She trembled with excitement as she watched him grab it and press his swollen tip against her crotch through her suit. Her legs jumped at the wonderful sensation.

He smiled at her reaction as he stroked her up and down with his tip. He did it until she was breathing hard.

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