I sat on my porch, looking at the Garcia’s front window across the street. Windows, actually, and wow, were they ever broken. Burst out from the inside, and a piece of furniture laying on the front porch, to boot. The Garcia’s had left earlier that very day, going somewhere, maybe on some kind of vacation, and had left their daughter, Annalise, in charge. Normally, it would have been a good call. After all, Annalise was the kind of daughter dad’s wished they could have. Top of her lcass in academics, part of numerous clubs, just the all around “It” girl, and I had noticed in the local news that she even had a full-ride scholarship to some ivy-league school, which would be starting in a few weeks. So it was quite a shock when she had a “Post-Grad party,” that had gotten out of hand. Apparently, two boys got into some kind of fight, and the front-porch damage was the result. My front-facing security camera had gotten all of it, and even now it was catching Annalise trying to get it cleaned up, but she very clearly had no idea what to do.

Annalise was a sweetie for sure, even though she was easily young enough to be my kid…and then some. Maybe 5’1”/155cm if that, she had long straight black hair, and was busty with a nice round butt, and that curvy, olive colored skin of her partly (father) Hispanic heritage. Combine that with the ‘doe eyes’ and big red lips of her Asian mother, and she was quite a delicious snack in deed. As for me, it had been a few years since my wife had died, and I was just a quiet, confirmed bachelor. The Garcia’s knew me as just that, & I was sure she saw me as no threat. Seeing her out there, in a T-shirt and shorts far too tight for her to bend over properly, really got me thinking. I knew I could approach this one of two ways, so taking a copy of the security cam footage on a thumb drive, I decided to walk over and offer my ‘help.’

You lose height as you get older, so at age 60, I was down at least two inches from my 6 foot/183cm frame, but still tall enough for this. I was really active for a guy my age, into biking and swimming, but even so, I was still getting that ‘white-guy-pudge’ in the belly. My thinning hair was hanging in there, but even so was almost completely white now, and I maintained the usual goatee. As I was striding over I said to myself ‘She’s grand-kid age, you old pervert. You really gonna do this? I thought about the risk and the reward and, figuring this was the only time I’d get this opportunity, said “The Hell With It,” and continued striding toward the Garcia’s house with confidence.

Annalise Garcia was so upset, she couldn’t even cry. Her parents had trusted her with the house, and now look at this. The front window broken out, and one of her mother’s tables in the front yard, cracked! She was still picking up glass when she heard Mr. Barnes from across the street. ‘Oh Shit!’ she thought, ‘He’s on the HOA board! What’s he want?’

“Must have been a helluva party”

“yeah, It got out of hand,” İkitelli Escort she replied.

“Let me help” I said, and taking a small box I brought with me, began picking up glass.

“No Mr. Barnes,” She said, “I’ll get this. Really.”

“Look Annalise,” I replied, “I was young once too. Things got out of hand, I get that. Let’s not concentrate on this. Let’s get this shit cleaned up before the other neighbors see, and by the way, it’s Robert” And with that, I went back to work. After a bit, the glass was up, and we flipped over the furntiure. It & the window were pretty busted up.

Annalise looked at the table and despaired. She could feel tears rolling down her cheek. “Oh Mr. Bar-/umm, Robert, what am I going to do? My parents will be end of week…” her voice trailed off, and I knew that was my moment.

“Annalise, you were a kid so you wouldn’t remember, but my construction company built most of the houses in this neighborhood. Although I’m really retired, I am sure I can have some boys come out and fix this damage, your parents will never know.”

Annalise just stared at her neighbor. She knew that Mr. Barnes had always been a quiet, laid back man. In fact, she rarely saw him since his wife passed maybe a year ago, and yet here he was, offering her a lifeline. She knew that her parents would absolutely kill her, and if the HOA board complained loudly enough, her scholarship might even be in jeopardy, so a lifeline was something that she really needed, and she grabbed it as fast as she could. “Wow Mr….Robert, that is too nice!” For the first time, she smiled. But what about this table?”

I smiled as well, she was on the hook, but she didn’t yet know it. “Well that has had it, but no worries, we’ll stash it in my garage. This is still in production, so really just get another, again, you can get that in a day.”

Annalise replied “Well…Ok, but I’d have to clean out my college savings for that.”

“Look, no worries there,” I replied, “Let’s get the ball rolling on this, and we’ll sort it out.”

Within a few hours, I had two of my old crew over to take measurements of the front window, and I explained the need for them to be discreet, but fast. They assured me they could have that work done by Friday, and I saw Annalise nodding in agreement. We had just gotten the smashed table over to my garage, and the other to be delivered to my place pending finishing the window, when I decided to set the hook, and reel this catch in. “So Annalise,” I began, “looks like the total bill here could easily go $3-4k+, once you figure in the furniture.” Seeing her face fall I held up a hand “hang on, don’t get upset…”

Annalise felt the whole world crashing down around her again, at least the third time since this all started “But Mr. Barnes,” she exclaimed, “I only have a bit less than $3000 total!”

“It’s ok-It’s ok, Just have a seat here, let’s talk this out.” I responded, having hoped that was the case. “Now look, Escort Bayan you know I’m on the HOA board, so I can make sure they never know about all this, you know what pests they can be, and the fact is, I can foot this entire thing” I looked at her and said “Annalise, I know how something like this can snowball and really put a dent in your future, and in how you interact with your family, and neither of us want that.”

Annalise blinked back tears and said “yes, you’re right..Mr. Robert. I can pay you what I have, but even then, my parents will know something happened. I’m just amazed. You’ve been so helpful!”

Time to pull this fis in the boat. “Well, it’s my pleasure,” I said, with a warm smile. “I’ll tell you what though, nothing come for free Annalise, and neither does my help. I don’t want to empty your bank account, so I tell you what. You just agree to my terms, and I’ll foot this total bill. No one will ever know. Or, you can try it your way, and everyone knows. I’d really hate to see that happen.”

Annalise was only 18, but she was no fool. She understood what was being implicated, but she had never thought it would come from man older than her dad! She could feel her face go cold at his suggestion and stammered, “Bu-But…you were so nice…surely you’re not…you’re not suggesting…”

I cut her off “I’m afraid so, Annalise. My terms are this. I get to have you at least once a day, every day, until the day your parents get home in a few days. I’m not as young as I used to be, so I should be pretty worn out by then. In return, your parents will never have any idea what happened, and the HOA will never know.” I could see that her mind was churning as she tried to wrap her head around this. “Remember, I can be totally discreet. I should tell you that my security cam that wathced the front caught the whloe thing, so think of this as a small price to pay.” Seeing one of the contractors waving, I pointed to him and said, “looks like they need you over there for some questions, one of which is payment. So you either go over there and beg, or tell them I have it, choice is yours. If you choose the latter, then think it over and be back over here in 2 hours, and we’ll finalize everything.”

Annalise realized that she was truly in a tough spot, and the wildest part was, she found actually herself considering selling herself. She told herself “what choice do you really have?” her parents had forbade her from having even a small gathering, so in her insolent defiance, she had a full blown party, and now look where she was. Although Mr. Barnes bordered on old, I mean, while his hair was white, he at least had a decent body, from what she had noticed of it. Annalise had always thought this guy just to be the sweet old man across the way, so this turn of events was unexpected to say the least. No matter what, she knew she couldn’t let her parents find out what had happened, mush less the HOA. At least onw or two of those people hade feuded istanbul Escort with her dad for years, so them getting that info would be all she wrote. At last, the contractor asked about payment and as Annalise stuttered and pointed her thumb, the man didn’t so much a bat an eye as he said “Ok’ ma’am, we got it. In fact, for Mister-B, we’ll have it done a day early.” As he walked off, speaking rapid-fire Spanish to his other two men, Annalise sighed. She now knew, the die was cast, and she was going to have to make the best of it.

As soon as my sex-toy left, knowing she would be back in 2+ hours, I did what any guy my age would do. I took a nap. Rising from an hour’s doze, I grabbed a shower, both the be properly clean, and to wake my ass up. I had deliberatly not given her my phone number, knowing it was show up or wimp out. I had just finished a Viagra & a bit if water wen I saw my new sex-toy walking across the street, albeit rather slowly, and 15 minutes late, to boot. Opening the door, I ushered her in. Smiling I said in a calm voice, “Glad you made it, now hand me your phone.” And taking that from her, I placed it, along with my phone in a small empty cooler I kept on the bar. Pointing, I walked her over to one of the barstools, & Annalise took a seat with no prompting, so I sat in the the next one over.

“So I’m glad you decided to go with option A.” I said

“I can’t believe I’m doing this” she responded.

I smiled. “would you like some wine?” I gestured towards a pair of glasses beside her. Annalise was technically 3 years underage, but I knew she needed this to cal her nerves.

Mumbling something Annalise grabbed the glass and drank it all in about 3 gulps, hardly ladylike, but understandable. “I have a few questions.”

“Of course,” I reply, “fire away”

“just this week, right? I mean, it’s all over when Mom & Dad get here.”

“You said they wre coming back Sunday, so yes, thru that morning. And before you ask, No, no one will ever know. No, I am not recording any of this, and Yes, I am a man of my word,” I now took a sip, as my nerves needed calming too.

After a moment, Annalise, knowing the answer, asked “So what do I do? What is, um…expected of me?”

“As I stated, you are going to make yourself available to me for about 2-4 hours per day, each day. You will be doings so fully and willingly, you are to hold nothing back, and short of the toilet or pain, no limits.”

“And no pictures or film.”

I knew she would say this, which was fine, I wanted her to feel as though she had negotiated something, so I replied “We will set the time the previous day, and you are to come over dressed as requested, nice and fresh, as it were.”

“how about I dress here if it’s, you know, risque.”

Again, I figured that one, and at least her response told me she was accepting it in her mind, so I poured a small amount of wine I the glass, and handing it to her, I said “So let’s have one last sip…” to which we did, and then I took & set both glasses down, and standing, I took her had and walked her to the nearby couch. The bedroom (and more) would come soon enough and finishing I said “we should get started, hmm?”

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