Tingles Ch. 02


Tingles (Chapter 2), The Hotel Room.

Alison strode nervously up to room 237 and after a brief pause she knocked on the door. She had walked across the road and trying to avoid eye contact with the reception staff had taken the elevator to the second floor. If someone had asked her why she was in the hotel and not on her way to work, she would have struggled to answer. In fact, she would have had absolutely no idea at all. Today had after all started out normally until she had met that woman on the bus and then … well, after the woman had left her alone she had almost blacked out in ecstasy. It was that simple. Leaving the bus at her regular stop she had on the spur of the moment changed her route. And here she was outside room 237. Her skin was still sensitive but she felt she had it under control right now. But then again, here she was: outside room 237.

The door clicked open. She pushed it wider looking through the crack and seeing nothing she stepped inside. “Hello, is there anyone there?” she said. There was no answer. Alison hesitated and then walked in to the room, listening to the tap of her black high-heels as they clicked on the floor. Shutting the door behind her she waited, again wondering why she was here and just what was happening to her. Suddenly the bathroom door opened and a tall woman entered, “Hello Alison, it is very nice to meet you. Come in and sit down.” She gestured to the sofa.

Alison looked at the stranger, “I … I don’t know what I’m doing here,” she said. The woman looked in her mid thirties, and was dressed smartly: a black skirt cut just above the knee, tailored blouse, with black heels. Luscious shoulder length blonde hair rounded off the impression. She looked tanned and in good shape. If Ian, her husband, had been here he would have said she was in very good shape.

“My name is Kala”, said the woman, “It is very good to meet you”. She held out her hand but Alison looked at it suspiciously remembering what had happened the last time she had been offered a hand. “Ha,” Kala said, “I see you are being cautious. You are a fast learner, please sit down and I will explain.”

Alison still hesitated very unsure of what was going on, but she looked down at the sofa and reluctantly sat down. As she did, Kala reached out and gently touched her neck. The lightest of touches but that was all it took. As she landed on the seat Alison’s mind reeled from the touch. Colors moved in front of her eyes as those damned shocks ricocheted around her body again. It was like oiled fingers massaging her, gently letting off her sparks over her skin at the same time. They moved instantly to her chest finding her secret spots then – ohhh – moved down between her legs. A second later she felt intense heat and throbbing pulsing around her sex. Looking down she almost expected to see hands on her but there was nothing …nothing except that exquisite feeling of heat massaging her. She watched her stomach rise and fall trying to catch her breath, her nipples hard standing proud as imaginary fingers moved between her legs. She exhaled and lent back on the chair, relaxing, loving it. She was powerless in its grip.

“My apologies,” said Kala sitting beside her, “I needed to have you … receptive, so that I could explain some of what is happening to you”. She smiled at Alison, “Please don’t be afraid. As I am sure you can see, this will not be unpleasant I assure you but you may find speech a little difficult for the next few minutes. Would you like a little water before we begin?”

With her head back Alison was struggling with the pulses cavorting through her body. They were wreaking havoc with her powers of concentration just like earlier on the bus. But this was much more intense, on the bus the sensations had grown on her, this was fast and intense leaving her little room to resist. It had happened almost instantly as the girl had touched her. Her legs were trembling, her thighs clenching squeezing her sex. Breathlessly she shook her head, “No thank you I just want this to be over.”

Kala sat beside her and smiled down at the other woman, “I will not be offended if you touch yourself.” Alison looked görükle escort up at the stranger, perspiring she pushed her tee-shirt up so she could reach her bra. She squeezed her breasts massaging the nipple through the dark lace, “Ahhh god yes”. Alison looked like she was dreaming, in ecstasy now as she writhed on the sofa next to the stranger.

Alison looked up at Kala through slightly closed eyes. ‘Oh boy,’ she was having trouble focusing now. All those years of marriage with Ian she had never strayed and here she was squirming in heat next to a total stranger. She’d never ever been with a woman before but if this woman was to touch her now… and as she thought that she watched Kala move slowly towards her. She watched her red lips come closer. And as she watched she saw Kala lean her head down and her blonde hair tumbled over her shoulders. God this woman looked hot to her, how could that be? Alison took a deep breath arching her hips involuntarily. She felt Kala’s breath on her lips and a second later felt the lightest of touches as their lips touched. Her head exploded again with stars and her hands sank down between her legs wishing her jeans weren’t there. She frantically stroked herself feeling the denim beneath her fingers moving against her clit. Her cunt felt soaked. She was soaked.

Then she felt Kala’s tongue oh so gently slip between her lips and meet her own. She had never kissed a woman in her life but gasping with surprise she opened her mouth willingly and kissed the other woman back. The shocks moved in her body and she cried out with the pleasure of it. Her face was hot now, perspiring as she kissed the woman back. Not knowing what was happening she was acting on pure instinct, lost in her own mind, gorging on the sensations flowing through her body. Suddenly Kala broke the kiss, moving her head to one side and kissing Alison’s left ear lobe she whispered, “Cum now my sweet, cum for me.”

Alison looked up at Kala as she began to shake. She turned, burying her head in the sofa cushion. Leaning back into the sofa she closed her eyes as her fingers slipped inside her jeans. She moved deeper inside her saturated pussy beyond caring now. She felt Kala’s hands move to her breasts and they gently cupped them stroking, finding her nipple. Alison gasped quietly feeling the woman’s experienced fingers on her. Her fingers found their destination moving fast between her legs teasing and playing with herself as the pleasure ravaging her reached a summit. Suddenly Alison’s muscles tensed and her body convulsed as she came. She screamed as pleasure overwhelmed her, “Ohhh god yes Kala … god please … oh yes.”

The next few minutes were a blur. She heard Kala whisper quietly to her to rest, and she floated away in her arms. At one point she heard Kala invite her to undress and she watched herself strip. Her jeans and tee-shirt came off, her heels kicked across the room. It was almost like another person was driving her. Her body felt numb and a little distant, just like it had on the bus earlier. Not unpleasant, infact quite the contrary: she was relaxed and smiling as she slipped into bed. Only then did she realize her panties and bra had gone the same way as her heels, she was naked under the sheets. She gulped – wriggling around feeling the bed caress her skin.

She watched Kala smiling at her from across the room as she too began to undress. Alison was no longer embarrassed being with the woman; she watched with interest as Kala’s body came into view. Her fingers moved down her front undoing the buttons on her blouse. She took her time watching Alison’s reaction smiling teasingly at the other woman. A moment later her skirt slid to the floor. Alison looked the woman up and down: her bra and knickers were black and expensive. Her legs were long, bare, lean and lightly tanned. Her stomach flat and muscled in a feminine way, and her breasts were high and pert. ‘Luscious’ was the word that came to mind Alison thought as she licked her lips looking at the woman.

“Well?” Kala said. “Don’t I get an invitation?” she said looking at the space next to Alison.

“Oh … ehhh … please bursa escort bayan join me,” Alison said lifting the sheets. She moved back making space for the woman. She relaxed back into the sheets as the other woman moved to join her. Kala smiled at Alison lying close together with their legs touching; she lay on her side propping her head up with her arms so that she could look down at Alison. “You must have many questions for me, my love?”

Alison nodded, looking up at the woman, her hands moving to lightly caress Kala’s arms feeling her cool skin.

“You have been recruited into our family my love,” Kala began. “On your journey into work you encountered one of our sisters who … I suppose the best word is ‘impregnated’ you. A poor choice of word but there is no other. You are now a carrier of our host. This is a rare privilege.” Kala hesitated, looking down at Alison feeling her arm being stroked. She smiled.

“How many of us are there?” Alison asked, watching her hand stroking the other woman. At the back of her mind she thought of her husband and wondered how this could be happening. Shouldn’t she be wracked with guilt and remorse?

“You are the fifth here in London. There are others around the world. We are all close sisters, and we meet often, when the host requests us to.” Kala closed her eyes for a few seconds enjoying the other woman’s touch on her skin. “The host sometimes asks us to perform certain duties …. certain tasks. When that happens, you must obey. You will obey, there is no alternative. But between those occasions you are free, and are almost completely unchanged from the person you were yesterday.”

Alison moved her head resting against Kala’s arm her arm moving further around the other woman’s body so she could stroke her back. She took a deep breath, breathing in Kala’s scent. “Almost?” she asked kissing her arm gently.

“You now have a talent which is yours to use as you see fit. All your new sisters have it. I call it a ‘sting’. I stung you just now.” She smiled as Alison moved closer to her so that Kala’s bra was pressing against Alison’s breasts. “I touched you and ‘stung’ you. It opens your mind and releases the barriers, removes the inhibitions. You were very receptive, but then you had just been recruited as well.” Kala paused running her hands through her blonde hair.

“Stinging someone makes them very … amenable to instruction for a while. The subject feels relaxed and happy, and will follow instructions without question, just like you did when I told you to cum and then strip.” She hesitated for a moment, waiting for a reaction. As she watched, Alison moved her head slightly kissing Kala’s breasts through her bra, “Hmmm go on,” she said.

“As I said, the subject will be ‘amenable’ and very eager to please for a period of time. And then later they’ll need to sleep it off to recover, and very importantly … afterwards the sting leaves a ‘numbing’ effect. The subject feels no guilt on anything they’ve done at any time. Now that means you need to be careful when you sting someone Alison, act responsibly.” Kala looked down at the woman kissing her breast and sighed with pleasure. She knew that appearances were deceptive: her words were penetrating Alison’s brain and reaching their target. She knew that. She wriggled closer to the girl sliding her right leg in between Alison’s enjoying the feel of their bare limbs moving against each other. “Would you please kiss me Alison?” she said quietly.

Alison looked up at her and smiled. She’d listened to every word and knew that Kala had chosen her words carefully, that wasn’t a demand. It was a request. She nodded, “Of course my love”, she breathed. She reached up and opened her lips, moving to kiss Kala, unsure whether the kiss would be brief and gentle, but Kala met the kiss full on, her tongue moving deep seeking Alison’s tongue. It felt different to before, glorious and fantastic and hot as a rush of animal lust pushed through her body. Part of her now realized that earlier she had been stung, and she had stood no chance. This was different but still … ‘oh my god’. She stretched lazily bursa escort pressing her naked body against Kala feeling the first beads of sweat breaking out on her stomach. She reached behind Kala releasing the clasp on her bra as she moaned into her open mouth. She felt the bra slide away and Alison felt another woman’s naked breasts against hers for the first time ever. Alison pulled away for a second catching her breath looking at Kala with awe, “You are fantastic,” she said.

Kala smiled back at her, “Thank-you my sister,” she said as she swung her leg across Alison straddling the naked girl. She smiled down at Alison, “I’m glad you approve,” she said. Maintaining eye contact with her new lover, Kala slowly lowered her head moving towards Alison’s left breast. She hesitated above the soft skin and blew gently across the nipple watching Alison’s reaction. “May I?” she asked teasingly. Alison arched her back offering her nipple to Kala’s lips. Kala closed her lips around the cherry like nipple and licked it, smiling to herself as she heard the other woman gasp. Her right hand moved between Alison’s legs; she felt the legs spread apart easing her access. A moment later Kala looked up again at Alison, “Tell me what you want my love.”

Alison knew this was another test, another step. This was no sting, this was no instruction. Kala was asking what she wanted. What she wanted from this woman, this almost naked gorgeous woman straddling her with her lips grazing her nipple and her hand between her legs. She sighed: amazed at what was happening. “Kiss me Kala. Kiss me …now… there, please.” She looked down between her legs, indicating.

Kala smiled and licked her lips, “My pleasure my love,” she said as she went to work. Her head lowered as she slid down the bed trailing kisses across Alison’s stomach. Her naked breasts moved free, her nipples caressing Alison’s body. Alison closed her eyes screwing her fists tight gripping the sheets.

Kala licked her lips as she moved between Alison’s legs. This girl was not disappointing her. Through hooded eyes she looked up and saw Alison with her eyes closed. She was writhing in rapture. She licked her forefinger and gently caressed the girl’s ass. “Beautiful, my sweet,” she murmured as her tongue darted out tasting her nectar. Kala ran her tongue across Alison’s sex and blew gently on the girl’s skin. Her hands caressed Alison’s stomach feeling the muscles tense, her nails teasing the flesh. Kala pursed her lips and closed in on Alison’s clit, licking it, and then massaging it with closed lips. Sliding her tongue across the girl she felt Alison struggle beneath her, and a moment later she heard her cry, “Oh god please Kala… I need to cum now.” Kala increased her attentions on Alison’s clit; teasing and nibbling her sex whilst her hands went to work on her body. She moved a hand down between Alison legs touching her ass and that was enough, Alison screamed out, “Ohhh god yes … ohhh yes.” She tensed – suddenly rock hard in Kala’s arms. As she shook Alison felt the orgasm hit her like a train. Her moans grew into screams of animal heat, Kala holding on as the convulsions ripped through her body.

Afterwards, Alison stretched out and looked Kala in the eyes, “That was wonderful. I can’t believe I have just met you.” Kala smiled back kissing the brown haired beauty gently on the lips. Alison kissed her back smelling her scent on her lovers face. “I need to sleep now,” she said, “Just like you said I would.”

“Of course my dear,” Kala said slipping out of the bed. She stood next to the bed ruffling her hair as she looked down at Alison, her breasts standing proud and even now inviting. “I will go shower now, you sleep.”

A few hours earlier Alison was on the way to her work, a normal Monday. She had a lovely husband, had never strayed, and had never even looked at a woman that way. Now as she curled up naked under the sheets she yawned exhausted from her sexual adventure this morning with Kala. She thought she should feel guilty, just like she should have felt nervous and embarrassed earlier. But she didn’t. She knew she had a lot more to learn from the woman but for the moment she wanted … she needed to sleep, to recover. She closed her eyes, just as a knock sounded on the door.

Kala slipped her head around the bathroom door. “Oh yes, it completely slipped my mind. The maid is here. Shall we test your new found abilities my sister?”

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