This Could Become a Habit


The monastery walls were cold and silent, as the nun began her last walk around the grounds to check that all was quiet for the night and she could retire to her cubicle. The small rooms were not bedrooms, nor did they have the privacy of one. Their entrances were covered by a thick blanket hanging over the opening, which held only a small single bed and a footlocker for her spare habits.

The sound of her footsteps was muffled under the long habit she wore. She passed the door to the street, cracked open the grill and viewed the street outside, pressing her face to the grill to see as far as she could in either direction. It was dark in the hallway and the soft footsteps behind her were almost undetected as she stood peering into the night. She closed the grill, locked it and was about to turn to continue her walk when a hand closed over her mouth, suppressing and muffled the scream that started, then fell silent as she recognized the smell and aroma of the person.

It was Carlos, the only man allowed to be inside the convent. He tended the convent gardens, and made the repairs necessary whenever required. The handy man authorized by the bishop. He had a small cottage at the bottom of the grounds and had a small, separate entrance that the previous tenant had installed to make it easier to come and go about his duties.

Carlos held Sister Evangeline, for that was the nun’s name, holding her lightly in his embrace. He breathed a calming assurance into her ear and let her know it was him and not an intruder. She instantly relaxed, and turned around in his arms. Her face lifted to him, her headdress falling back over her shoulders.

“I thought you weren’t coming, Cara.” He cooed to her, softly.

“How could I not come to you, Carlos?” She said in reply

“Shhhh, not so loud, we don’t want to be heard…”

They slipped away into the darker recesses of the convent and found the alcove Carlos had discovered one afternoon while doing his repairs around the grounds. It was on the one side of bursa escort bayan the contemplation garden where the fir trees had grown up thick and lush over the years. Behind the row of six trees was the alcove, with a shelf in the wall that he’d cleaned up after he’d had found it. No-one else knew about the hide away…

They stepped inside the hollowed out area and Carlos turned her around. She looked up in the dim light at his bright eyes, and smiled, then melted into his grasp. She inhaled deeply and got the deep, rich, musky smell of his body deep into her nostrils. And she melted further into his arms, her face turning upward, her lips reaching for his.

His strong arms pulled her in and he lowered his head to her face and gently sucked her lower lip into his mouth, playing with the ridges of the lip with his tongue. Her legs quivered and shook as she stood in his grip, and she kissed him back, locking her tongue around his, her hand reaching up and pulling her head cloth free and dropping it on the bench.

His hands caressed and stroked her back and arms, his manhood large and throbbing between them. Eva felt it there and ground her hips against him, pushing her mons against the lump in-between them, sending her own senses spinning as the sensations became heightened and intense. She moaned lightly, and threw her arms around his neck. They kissed and licked at each other for a few seconds, their hands exploring around the outside of their clothing until Carlos found the hem of Eva’s habit and he lifted the skirt up feeling for her buttocks, and smiling as he realized she had nothing on underneath.

His hand found her shaved pussy and clit and he slipped a finger into the creases of her fanny, finding them wet and creamy with her juices. He dropped down onto his knees and threw her skirts over his back and ducked his face into the creamy depths of her pussy, flicking her clit with his tongue. She leaped and twitched as he did this and she battled to stay upright. She pulled at bursa bayan escort the buttons and loosened them, freeing her big full breasts and began kneading them with her fingers pulling her nipples and making them hard. She held Carlos’ head to her pussy while he licked and lapped away at her under her skirts.

The soft, silent slither of cloth on bushes did not alarm them and suddenly a second pair of hands slipped around Eva’s and began to help her with the caressing and rubbing of her beasts, a second habit headdress flopped onto the bench on the wall and golden brown hair cascaded over Eva’s shoulder as a second nun joined the couple in the alcove. Sister Mary Kate had already unbuttoned her top and freed her big round breasts from her habit, which now hung around her hips. She loosed the last restraints and her habit fell to the floor and she stood naked in the alcove, her shaved pussy gleaming in the half light. Eva’s hand slipped in between Mary Kate’s legs and began palpating her pussy, Mary Kate quickly began to moan too.

Carlos emerged from under Eva’s skirt. Eva quickly slipped the last restraints of her skirt loose and it also joined the other habits on the pile. Now the two nuns stood naked and free in the alcove and all were kissing and feeling and licking each other in various places, making small mewing noises and sounds of encouragement.

Carlos dropped his trousers revealing his big member standing proudly to attention for all who would pay it… Eva was the closest and she reached out and took hold of it in both her hands, now freed from the other pussy she had been working. The juices instantly greased up his big cock and she slid her hand up and down the length of it, sliding and squeezing the length in between her hands. Sister Mary Kate had laid down on the bench and finger-fucking herself. Eva was kneeling in front of Carlos sucking on his big cock, flicking her tongue over the cap then driving him inside her mouth, all the way down bursa merkez escort to his curly brown fur. Her one hand was also busy playing with her own clit, stimulating it and teasing herself to the edge of her first orgasm.

The combination of Carlos in her mouth and her hand in her pussy made her so wet, and excited, and she was soon writhing in pleasure as she rocked on her knees sucking him, fingering her pussy and moaning as she came.

Carlos watched Eva come and left her to finish by herself, and went to join Mary Kate, he lifted her into a standing position, turned her around and bent her forward, brushing his cock along her butt, nudging it between her legs and finding her pussy to impale. He plunged inside of her and began thrusting into her with gusto.

Carlos used his one hand to help Eva back into the group and he kissed her deeply on the mouth, his tongue and lips sucking hers into his mouth, the juices making little strings between them. His one hand teased and tweaked her nipples and her breasts. Then he dropped the hand to her pussy and began to tease and fondle her clit. Eva moaned loudly and began to come again.

Mary Kate used her legs to drive herself back into his hips as he thrust into her. And her actions and her tight little pussy had Carlos coming in a matter of seconds, his body twitching and shuddering as he spurted his come juices into her pussy. She was so shocked at the sudden warmth inside her that she too started to orgasm, they both shivered and shook as they came.

Carlos sat down, his semi rigid cock still dripping juices, Eva got down and sucked him clean, licking and swallowing all their juices. She sucked him a little more and he began to react and firm up again. Eva looked at Mary Kate and she came and sat, tickling and kissing and licking Carlos. Carlos pulled his cock out of Eva’s mouth and came on her lips and chin, but only a dribble as he was almost done, he’d come soften already.

Mary Kate and Eva dressed in their habits quickly and replaced their headdresses easily as they were used to dressing in the dark, and they slipped out of the alcove and back to their cubicles inside the convent, all the while smiling, and wondering when the Handy man would next slip them a convenient little piece of paper with the words “gardening classes tonight”

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