The ‘Photo Shoot’


This erotic adventure from the pen and mind of Leroux finds Jess exploring her newly-discovered ‘naughty side’… I hope you enjoy reading Jess’s adventure as much as I did composing it.

Chapter One

Jess was nervous, but the first date had gone well. Very well. She was busy in the kitchen preparing their dinner. She had elected to go for a seafood dish with salad. Something light and a bit spicy, with a Moroccan slant. She loved Morocco… the people, the souk, the food! She then had a quick sudden mild panic-attack and checked her watch. 6.30. ‘God I’m running out of time!’ She took another slug of chilled white. ‘Aahhh…Better!’ Plenty of time now, she thought, wiping her hands on her jumper. She hadn’t even dressed yet and he was very specific about her outfit for tonight. Jess glanced at the open bed-room door in her flat. She could see her new outfit and lingerie waiting on the bed for her. Jess checked her watch again. ‘Shit! I haven’t even showered yet.’ she yelled at the hob. If only Abigail hadn’t ambushed her by turning up with a bottle of white. At three o’clock! ‘Ah, C’est la vie!’

Hastily, she threw some salad leaves, chopped peppers and plum tomatoes into a bowl, drizzled them with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and checked the wok. Well at least the Moroccan spicy prawns looked great anyway. Five minutes later she was in the shower being careful not to get her hair too wet. Not enough time for that, she thought. Then she heard that dreaded noise… ‘Bing bong!’ Someone’s here! Her doorbell happily announced.

‘Who the bloody hell is that now? He better not be early.’ Jess told the shower-head as she anxiously fished around the sea-horse emblazoned shower curtain for her bath-robe. Throwing her jeans and jumper on, she scampered to the door. ‘Shit!’ It was him. Jess opened the door rather sheepishly and immediately launched into an apology. This ended rather abruptly as he dumped the two bags he was carrying on the floor, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. ‘Oh…mmph…mmmm.’ was all she could manage as she felt his hands all over her in the hall way. ‘Jesus!’

‘What?’ he smiled back.

‘Your hands are cold mister!’ Jess told him off as she felt them slide under her jumper and wrap around her waist. He didn’t stop there. As his kisses continued his hands slid up her waist, touching the side of her breasts.

‘Now what are you doing?’ Jess gasped as she felt her jumper rising up. He stopped kissing her and just stood there gazing at her exposed breasts. ‘Oh my God Robert!’


‘No-one’s ever got my tits out in the bloody hall before!’

‘Hmm…I’ve missed them.’ He drooled as his mouth lowered.

‘But what about dinner?’ Jess started to ask.

‘Food can wait. I’d much rather do this.’

‘Oh, ok…mmmm.’ she moaned gently, as she felt his warm mouth engulf her naked right breast. His hand played with her left breast as he sucked greedily on the other. Then he switched sides.

‘Robert…Stop!’ Jess commanded, pulling her favourite woolly jumper back down. Well at least her swollen, erect nipples were safe for now, she thought. He followed her into the kitchen and began the all-important task of ‘wine-management’, placing the white in the fridge and the red near the radiator. Then he turned towards her. Jess was stood by the table, ‘improving’ the salad. ‘Oh!’… Jess was startled as her jumper was once again lifted straight up over her boobs this time. He stood behind her, fondling them, gently pulling her nipples as she tried to make the rest of the salad.

‘Will you behave?’ Jess said, not too angrily, as she pushed her bum against him to make him move. ‘Oh!’ she said, feeling the huge bulge in his jeans. ‘Naughty boy!’ Jess teased.

‘No. This is naughty.’ Robert said as he slid his hands between her legs and began rummaging around between her thighs. His fingers felt the unmistakable soft fleshy outline of her now very moist pussy through her jeans. ‘Mmm… naughty girl!’ he murmured, ‘Someone has forgotten to put their knickers on!’ Robert’s fingers urgently massaged her pussy as his other hand cupped her exposed breasts, pulling her nipples and squeezing her breasts.

‘Fucking hell that feels nice!’ Jess couldn’t help groaning in response to the naughty teasing she was receiving. And they hadn’t even had dinner yet! ‘Oh god!’ She felt Robert’s hand slip inside the waist-band of her jeans, reaching down between her thighs. His fingers began gently massaging her now very moist lips together. ‘Mmm…mmmm!’ Robert liked hearing her moan. A lot. Her wet pussy was once again under his spell. It was like it had developed a mind of its own whenever she thought of him. How many times in the past week had she randomly snuck into the bedroom and lay there with her hand inside her knickers, fingering herself mercilessly until she came…thinking about his mouth…his naughty fingers… and his huge cock?

She had even snuck off to the ladies whilst at work after getting really horny porno text messages from him. Once, Robert even ‘made’ her take her knickers off in the Ladies and send him a photo of her, sat on the loo with her thighs spread for him and her gorgeous tits pulled out of her bra! She had NEVER done anything like that before…not even for her ex-husband. But Robert was so demanding. Jess liked that. Very much.

She felt his fingers delve between her moist, swollen flesh, then she felt her lips being parted… ‘Oh fuck!’ Robert’s strong fingers invaded her now soaking wet, willing vagina. He inserted two fingers inside her, which began randomly exploring her surrendered, intimate heaven. ‘Hmmm!’ Jess was fucking loving being fingered in the kitchen whilst leaning over the salad-bowl. Suddenly she heard an urgent sizzling noise behind her. ‘Stop!’ she yanked his hand from her jeans and rushed to the hob. ‘Jesus! Just in the nick of time.’ She hastily added some more Moroccan spicy sauce to her concoction and stirred it in. Robert wasn’t helping at all by pulling her nipples through her favourite woolly jumper. ‘Will you get off me?’ Jess teasingly admonished. ‘I’m trying to cook here! Leave my bloody nipples alone for one minute Robert!’ ‘Uh oh’…unwise demand, she thought immediately, as she watched him eyeing the second-hand on his watch.

‘Time’s up.’ Jess heard him announce wickedly as she felt his hands pull her hips towards him. As Robert stood behind her he lifted her favourite woolly jumper. Once again Jess’s gorgeous tits were on full display in the kitchen for his pleasure. He then began cupping and bouncing them up and down as he stood behind her.

‘They’re not bloody beach-balls!’ Jess laughed.

‘No they’re much more fun!’ he replied as he jiggled them playfully. She pushed her curvy bum back against his rampant cock and closed her eyes, giving in to his ceaseless but fantastic erotic teasing. Jess was loving it all. It was so nice to be wanted like this again she thought, as she pressed her bum against his erect cock. Again she felt her nipples being pulled. Robert really loved doing that for some reason. ‘Oh fucking Jesus!’ Jess moaned as she felt Robert’s hand slide inside her jeans again. ‘Well,’ she thought, ‘it obviously wouldn’t have mattered if I had put my knickers on would it?’

Now it was Robert’s turn. He felt her hands reaching behind her, roughly exploring his jeans. ‘I want ‘him’ out now!’ Jess announced as her fingers worked impatiently, pulling his zip then roughly manipulating his erect penis from his jeans. She began pulling it firmly as he fingered her wet swollen pussy.

‘Jesus that feels nice you gorgeous fucking bitch!’ ‘Uh oh!’ Jess thought. ‘He’s changing from ‘Dr Jekyll’ into ‘Mister…I want to fuck you. You gorgeous slut!’ again.

This happened the last time. And she loved it. Loved discovering her inner ‘naughty’ side, which had never really come out before. Now Jess couldn’t get enough of it. Sure, she had read the ‘Fifty Shades’ stuff, and seen the movie, which she thought was pretty tame after all the hype. But on their first date she had experienced what it was like to be really dominated for the first time. He seemed to really know what he was doing. Some of the things he did… and made her do, blew her mind. Like now. Jess was being furiously fingered in her kitchen whilst pulling his bad bad cock!

But she was loving the wonderful sexual excitement, the spontaneity of the whole thing. God knows what he was going to do… or make her do next. Things calmed down a bit over dinner. They had a very enjoyable, normal ‘vanilla’ conversation, assisted by some very nice wine he brought with him. Jess talked endlessly about her new life, her old life, and the future she envisaged. Normal, happy, every-day stuff. Jess learned a bit more about Robert, his car-crash of a marriage. ‘Well, at least I’m not the only one who married a cheating, lying bastard (or bitch).’

‘So after dinner…’ Robert fed into the conversation.


‘I want to play a little game with you.’

‘Which might be…?’

‘I call it ‘Look but don’t touch.’ Robert had a wicked glint in his eye.

‘Which is exactly…?’ her interest was now piqued.

‘Well, I can look…but I can’t touch you. You can touch me as much as you want. But…’

‘But what?’

‘You have to do exactly as I say.’ Her eyes raised a little as Jess pondered his request.

‘Exactly?’ Jess asked with some trepidation.

‘Exactly.’ She took another big glug of re-assurance.

‘Well, I’ll give it a try.’ ‘Oh God,’ Jess thought inwardly, ‘what on earth am I letting myself in for now?’ She watched him place his glass on the table. Robert then rose and took hers from her hand. Jess looked up questioningly.

‘You need to get changed.’

‘Oh yeah. Of course.’

‘Did you find the outfit I requested?’

‘Yes ‘Sir’. Jess mocked him teasingly.

‘But first…’

‘First what?’ her eyes narrowed slightly, knowing exactly anime porno what he had on his mind. Her eyes were dead right as Jess felt her jumper being pulled up again. This time his mouth was more urgent. He cupped her breasts and vigorously sucked each nipple, slightly harder than before. ‘Oh fuck!’ Jess looked down. She had never seen her nipples so erect… so big before. He really knew how to bring out the best…or worst in her. She felt herself growing very moist again as he began biting her nipples. The exciting pleasure-pain was fantastically erotic. She eventually managed to fight him off and headed for the bedroom whilst he replenished their wine. ‘Have you really brought all that stuff?’ Jess called from the bedroom.

‘All what stuff?’ he replied innocently.

‘You know. All the stuff you told me about in your 800 messages.’

‘Yes I have. You’re going to love it babe. Trust me.’ Jess sort of did, in a way. Although they only met a couple of weeks ago. This new stuff all came out during their first fantastic date which started in the lounge when they got back from the restaurant. Fuelled with nice food, wine and his attentiveness to her, Jess was feeling very comfortable. Then he started to push her boundaries a little. It started with him telling her to do things.

‘Oh my God!’ Jess thought, as she recalled them sat in the lounge opposite each other. Jess wondered why he chose to sit in the chair. ‘I want you spread your legs for me.’

‘You want me to WHAT?’ Jess almost choked on her wine. But, after all it was the wine’s fault that her inhibitions had decided to go ‘AWOL’ in the first place. So, Jess found herself entering the otherwise unknown world of being ‘mildly’ dominated. She remembered feeling tingly excitement all over as she placed her wine down and sat back on the sofa. Like the first time she lifted her skirt to let her first boy-friend have a naughty peep at her knickers when she was sixteen. Jess spread her thighs as he watched, feeling slightly nervous but very turned on.

‘Hmmm.’ he approvingly commented. ‘Wider… show me your knickers Jess. Pull your skirt higher up your thighs for me…’ Two weeks later Jess was shopping for a PVC sex-dress, crotch-less black lace knickers and hand-cuffs.

Chapter Two

Ten minutes later he watched her walk, a little nervously, into the room. ‘I feel a bit daft.’ Jess announced. ‘I mean I’ve never worn anything like this before.’ He looked at the fantastically erotic sight of her stood there in a skin-tight PVC dress (exactly the one he stipulated) which was cut below the breasts, displaying her tits deliciously for him. Her black leather thigh-length Cavalier boots and black stockings looked fantastic. ‘Is this what ‘Sir’ ordered?’ Jess asked teasingly. Thank god the wine was really doing its job now.

‘Exactly.’ He replied. ‘Well,’ she thought, ‘He did pay for it all.’ ‘Now turn around.’ She did as ordered. ‘Hmm…’ she heard again. ‘Perfect.’ Robert coolly appraised the gorgeously erotic dress, which came complete with a full length two-way zip. ‘Now bend over for me.’ His eyes drank in the delicious sight of Jess’s very curvy bum displayed provocatively in shiny PVC. Click…

‘What was that?’ Jess asked.

‘Just my camera.’ Robert replied.

‘Your camera? Are you taking bloody photos of me dressed like this? Oh god Robert!’ Jess sounded worried.

‘This is part of the game Jess. I said I could look… but not touch remember?’

‘You did say that. But you didn’t tell me you were going to take bloody photographs!’

She was now stood facing him looking a little anxious as she suspiciously eyed the very expensive looking camera pointing at her tits…Click… Jess self-consciously wrapped her hands round her exposed breasts. ‘Robert really? I’m not sure about this. What are you going to do with the photographs? Put them on the bloody internet or something?’ Her mind reeled as she thought about all the stories about girls being black-mailed or pressured into having sex by men (or boys) who threatened to post their photographs if they refused. She nervously reached for her wine and sat down.

‘Do you want to know what I’m going to do with your delicious photographs?’

‘Yes actually Robert. I do.’ came the slightly worried reply.

‘This.’ Jess watched him scroll through the two photos and delete them.

‘Why did you take photos just to delete them?’ She was slightly confused.

‘It turns me on Jess… and you look fantastic by the way!’ He desperately hoped he hadn’t killed her naughty mood. ‘After our little game we’re going to lie in bed and then YOU get to scroll through each one and delete them. She felt slightly more relieved and it did sound like a great sex-fantasy; being a ‘porn star’ for a night. She watched him rise from the chair and approach her. His arms wrapped around her body as he kissed her. He didn’t even try to play with her gorgeous tits. He just held her close as they arap porno kissed. His methodology proved successful as Jess responded enthusiastically to his passionate embrace, her hands caressing his muscular, toned body. She reached for his hand and placed it on her breast. Bingo!

This time, however, he was fully back in ‘Doctor Jekyll’ mode, sensually caressing her soft warm breast, gently rubbing his thumb across her nipple, which responded willingly to his gentle touch. ‘Mmmmm…’ he heard her gently moan. ‘Oh that feels so nice Robert.’ Jess was still in the land of uncertainty with him. She treasured the moments when he displayed what she perceived as real tenderness. She needed that too. Her defences were still very firmly up though. She vowed she would never ever let herself be used or taken for granted for again. But his touch was so nice. She felt his tongue exploring her mouth. She responded enthusiastically. The tender deep kiss was just what her inner-doctor ordered. And this time it was nothing to do with the wine! Jess felt the on-going inner emotional battle…her conscience wrestling furiously with the warm, moist feeling she was feeling between her thighs. Lust won.

Robert was nicely surprised as he felt her hand massaging his crotch. ‘God I love your fucking cock!’ He smiled wickedly. ‘Naughty Jess’ was back in the room. He leant forward and began to kiss her breasts, still playing the ‘White Knight’. His tongue drifted across both now fully erect nipples. ‘Suck my tits mister!’ she demanded forcefully. He was happy to oblige. He was also happy to feel Jess’s urgent fingers pulling the zip of his Jasper Conran denims. She roughly pulled his cock out and began working it forcefully, squeezing the shaft.

‘Oh fuck Jess…that’s wonderful you gorgeous bitch.’ ‘Mr Hyde’ replied subtly. His timing was perfect. She didn’t want boring old ‘Dr Jekyll’ anymore now her pussy was soaking wet. She wanted filthy sex. And plenty of it.’ Robert groaned as he felt her mouth engulf his throbbing cock.

‘Mmm…Mmmph…Mmmmph…Uggghhh.’ The noises Jess made were music to Robert’s finely-trained ears as she impaled her willing mouth upon him. His cock grew even harder as he listened to her almost gagging as she took every inch of him.

‘Fucking hell Jess! That’s fantastic.’ He groaned.

‘I know. It’s called ‘deep throat’…I’ve been watching porn.’ She began biting the shaft of his cock every time she withdrew her mouth. He then watched her furiously pull his throbbing, erect manhood. She then leant forward and spat on the tip before swallowing every inch again.

‘You horny bitch!’

‘I love swallowing your rampant cock!’ she proclaimed triumphantly, becoming lost in a whirl-pool of lust and fantastic sexual ecstasy.

‘You can do that all fucking night long you gorgeous fucking bitch! ‘Mr Hyde’ was now also ‘back in the room.’ As she knelt on the couch devouring his cock he leant forward. SMACK!

‘Ouch! That hurt mister!’

‘Jess you’ve been a very naughty girl…and naughty girls get spanked.’ SMACK…SMACK!

Her gorgeous bum felt fantastic wrapped in clinging PVC, he thought as he happily carried on administering his prescribed punishment. Then he began to roughly maul her breasts, pulling her gorgeous nipples, which grew even more erect in response to his less-gentler treatment. Then he felt ‘that feeling’… ‘God Jess… stop, stop… I’m going to come. It’s too soon.’ She didn’t stop. ‘Oh fuck… Jesus!’ But he was beyond the point of no return. He felt the sperm rising from his balls. ‘Fucking hell Jess… I’m going to come! Oh fuck!’

In the nick of time she released him, watching his gorgeous cock ejaculate a bucket-load of semen, most of which shot vertically in two or three ‘globs’ about three or four inches into the air before landing all over his expensive jeans. But she didn’t stop. She began pulling his cock furiously…squeezing every last drop from his now very sore penis. Then she buried her mouth over it and began sucking furiously. He responded by roughly mauling her gorgeous exposed tits, pulling her nipples even harder. ‘You fucking gorgeous filthy slut!’ He almost yelled, ‘God you are fucking fantastic!’

‘I know.’ She smugly replied, kneeling down as she wiped his semen from her lips. ‘I’ve been dying to try that.’

‘God you need to watch porn more often!’ he replied breathlessly.

‘Well the clip I watched did have this enormous black guy…but your cock is nearly as big as his was.’ She replied teasingly, as she gently caressed his now very empty balls.

‘Whatever am I going to do with you?’ he replied rather naughtily.

‘Anything you fucking want!’ which was exactly the reply he was hoping for. ‘But first, I think we might need to wash these, don’t you?’ He looked down at his semen-covered jeans and his Jasper Conran navy soft-stretch boxers. She began tugging his jeans down. ‘Come on mister… get’ em off!’ she remarked teasingly. He dutifully complied pulling his boxers off. She looked the damp shorts disdainfully. ‘Yeuch! Can I ask you a question Robert?’

‘Yeah, anything babe.’

‘Why do you like sucking my wet knickers so much? He saw her holding his designer boxers between two fingers.

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