The Newly Weds

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“Honey I’m home.” Rob calls out as he enters his newly purchased home. He locks the door behind him and walks across the foyer into the living room, spotting something on the ground. A trail of fresh rose peddles leading from the living room towards the back hallway. He stops and smiles, thinking of his beautiful new wife, then starts to follow his trail. He walks through the modern living room. Then turns into the hallway, adorned with pictures of his family. And his wife’s family on opposite side. He pauses at the elbow in the hallway and admires a large picture taken at their wedding. Both families combined, standing proudly by their newly wed son and daughter. He takes a deep breath of accomplishment and continues on towards a closed door at the end of the hallway. His bedroom door.

Hip cocked to the side, one hand holding the large bedpost, the other on her outer hip. Krista waits patently for her husband. She checks herself out in the large mirror in front of the king size bed quickly as she hears him coming down the hall towards their large master bedroom. Red stilettos, check. Thigh high black stockings attached to her lacey black garter belt, check. Tight black lace panties, check. Black and red tulle overlay baby doll, check. She fixes her short dark hair, and after vainly checking herself out again and realizing how sexy she looks, she returns to her pose, just as the door opens.

Rob’s eyes follow the trail of flower peddles across the white carpet, then slowly up the red high heels and black stockings, up the newly purchased night gown and to the face of his beautiful wife.

“Oh, my, God.” Rob says as he stares. She smiles as she bites her lip and looks playfully at him. “Do you like it?”

“Who are you, and what have you done with my business women of a wife?” Rob playfully says as he slowly walks into the room. They both laugh as Rob touches her soft skin, getting her to spin around slowly.

“Is it my birthday and I just forgot? Oh no, it’s not our anniversary is it?” Rob nervously says.

“No,” Krista says as she steps closer, “it’s just another horny Tuesday.” She reaches up and pulls him to her and kisses him passionately. Rob puts his hands around her waits as they kiss.

“So it’s not my birthday or anything?” He jokingly says.


“Columbus day?”

“Umm, I don’t think so.” Krista replies.

“Just a Tuesday?” he asks, as he stares into her big brown eyes.

“Just shut up and kiss me.” she demands. Rob reaches down, cupping her ass and picks her up as he begins to kisses her again . She wraps her legs around him as he leans back against the bed post, squeezing her cheeks. Krista begins to moan softly into his mouth as he turns and lays her on the bed, gently falling on top of her warm body. Her hands search his shirt, undoing the buttons as fast as she could while he runs his hands over her face and through her hair. He leans up and pulls his shirt off, blindly tossing it away and looks down at his wife’s amazing body as she reaches up, grabbing his neck and pulling him back down. As their lips meet he runs his hands down her stocking covered legs and slowly up her lace and silk ladened body to her chin. He pushes her hair aside and kisses her neck softly, feeling her heart beat as he moves down towards her firm breasts. He moves his way slowly across her cleavage back up towards her exposed ear. He kisses and softly bites her earing and whispers, “I’m so glad I married you.”

“Me altyazılı porno too.” She replies as she looks into his deep blue eyes. She runs her hands up his bare back as she pulls him in, kissing him deeply and passionately, then more aggressively as her hormones start to take over. She runs her nails up his back causing him to moan softly, only intensifying the moment. She feels her insides stir as his aroused penis presses against her leg.

Pulling her hands around to his chest she feels his heart pounding as she pushes him, rolling them both over. As she throws her legs over him she looks down, seeing Rob with a big smile on his face. She runs her nails up his chest to his face and she leans down to kiss him, softly teasing his lips as she moves away at first before committing. He reaches up and runs his hands over her lacey black panties, fitting two fingers under them and squeezes softly. Krista moans as she starts to rock her hips back and forth, rubbing her hot panties against his khaki shorts. She presses harder feeling his hard shaft press against her warm, moist mound.

She grinds harder as Rob’s hands move from her rocking ass up her aroused body, gliding them over her covered breasts. He runs one hand behind her neck and the other down and up under her sexy top. His left hand moves up her smooth skin and over her firm breast, cupping it and squeezing it. He feels her hard nipple between his fingers as they both moan with pleasure. Rob watches as she slowly raises up and runs her hands through her hair. He runs his nails down her chest and stomach and reaches back, grabbing her ass. Krista moans softly as she grinds herself on him. Rob slowly lifts her babydoll before she pulls it off, revealing her firm breasts to her husband. He reaches up for both of them as she leans in and starts to kiss him again. He glides his hands across her breasts as he moves his arms around her, holding her close. Then turns over on his side, pulling her down with him. As they lay on the large soft bed he runs his hand down her side as they kiss. Tracing his hands across her hips he runs them down her panty line and onto her moist wet crotch. They both moan together with the feeling of excitement as Rob starts to slowly massage her hot spot.

Krista moans softly as she raises her knee up, allowing Rob easier access. She runs her hand down his body and grabs his hard cock and begins to massage it aggressively. She feels a push on her shoulder as she is laid back down. Rob pushes her face to the side and kisses her neck, slowly making his way down to her hard nipples, moving back and forth from breast to breast. He bites and tongues each nipple teasingly. Krista watches as her husband eyes her from her breasts. He slowly moves over between her legs, and kisses down her body as his hands undo her garter belt, and slowly remove her wet black panties. He sits up as he pulls them past her stockings and high heels, then looks down at his wife. “You are so sexy.”

“Mmm… thanks,” she says as she runs her hands over her horny body. Rob leans forward and kisses his wife as his right hand finds it’s way to her pussy. Krista opens her mouth and moans as she feels his fingers rubbing her swollen clit. Rob rubs it with two fingers, trapping it between them as he runs his fingers in circles. Taking his other hand he runs it out her arm, and grabs her wrist, pinning it above her head. Rob then pulls his other hand up, pinning Krista’s free mobil porno arm above her head as he kisses her. He grabs both of her wrists in one hand and reaches behind the stack of pillows, pulling out a long silk scarf. Tieing the red scarf around her wrists he leans over, attaching the other end to large bed post.

Krista looks up, and watches her hands being tied to the bed, her body shivers with excitement as her husband steps off the bed. She watches as he slowly unbuttons his shorts, pulling both them and his boxers off at once. As he leans back up she sees his erect cock staring her down. Rob walks over slowly stroking his dick as he kneels on the bed and grabs Krista’s hair, slowly guiding the head of his cock into her waiting mouth. She takes his cock with pleasure, swirling her tongue around as she tries to take more of it in her mouth. Holding the base of his dick in one hand and her head in the other, Rob slowly feeds his dick into her mouth, then slowly pulls it all the way out. He smiles down as he watches her reach for more as he gladly thrusts back into her mouth, giving her more and more. Moaning softly, Krista moves her head with his cock, letting him slowly fuck her mouth. He builds up to a moderate speed, as he listens to her moan. Rob pulls his wet cock out of her mouth and dangles his balls over her face, and moans as he feels her tongue glide across them. Krista eagerly licks and sucks on his balls. Looking up she can see him stroking his saliva covered cock and starring down at her with a smile on his face. Krista feels her naked husbands hand move to the back of her neck, lifting her head as he pulls his cock away. Slowly, Rob inserts himself into her open mouth, moaning as he feels it enter her throat. He slowly pulls back out and strokes his dick a few times before pushing it back into her mouth. Rob smiles as he pushes his balls against her chin, and listens, as her muffled moan sends chills down his spine. After a few seconds he pulls his cock out letting her breath before slowly fucking her mouth a few more times as he reaches over to rub his horny wife’s dripping wet cunt.

Rob steps away from Krista’s horny mouth and disappears between her legs. Krista moans as she feel his tongue slide over her wet slit, teasing her. She spreads her legs wider as she feels his fingers spread her smooth, shaven pussy, and his tongue press against her clit. Rob moans as he tastes her warm pussy, running his tongue around her clit and down pushing it into her. She moans softly as Rob moves his tongue between her clit and her hole. He wets one of his fingers and pushes it into her soaking wet pussy as his tongue is fully committed to her clit. Running circles around her it with his tongue, his finger moves in and out of her tight hole, rubbing against her g-spot. Rob moans as he slowly picks up speed, pleasuring his wife. He pulls his face from between her thighs to watch her with his fingers inside her.

Rob dives back in, sucking hard on her clit as two of his fingers now work her wet pussy. He stares up her horny body as he flattens his tongue on her clit, moving it from side to side as he fingers deep into her cunt.

“Oh, fuck! Make me cum, make me cum!” Krista moans out.

Rob continues rubbing her g-spot and tasting her clit, being more aggressive then before.

“Oh, yes! Don’t stop! Your going to make me cum! Oh yes! Yes! YES!” Krista screams as she feels a rush go through her body. Rob moans as he feels sex izle her pussy tighten as she cums. Pulling his fingers out he moves his tongue around her cumming pussy. He moans loudly as her juices gush from her pussy. Squeezing her ass hard, he pulls her pussy into his mouth. Moving his tongue into her hole he tastes every last drop she had for him.

As Krista stops moaning and lies there breathing heavily, Rob slowly kisses his way up to her lips. As his tongue dives into her mouth she tastes her sweet pussy. Wishing she could use her hands to hold him closer, she moans deeply into him.

“So, how would you like to be fucked?” Rob asks as he rubs the head of his cock on Krista’s wet cunt.

“Oh God yes! Will you untie me so I can ride you?” she asks as she looks up at her bound hands.

“How about you just roll over.” Rob says as he kneels on the bed and uses her hips to flip her over, then pulls her ass up towards him. Letting Krista get on her hands and knees, Rob gives her ass a soft slap as she looks back at him, playfully.

Krista looks back as she spreads her legs. She watches as Rob guides his cock to her dripping wet pussy. He teases it up and down, spreading her lips with his dick and rubbing her clit with his head. Rob aggressively pushes his rock hard cock into her, pushing it all the way in until his hips lay against her ass. He starts to fuck her horny pussy, and listens to her moan loudly. This only drives him more as he fucks her harder, moaning as he feels his balls slap against her. Krista pushes her arms forward and arches her back as her pussy is fucked deep and hard.

Krista moans as the headboard starts to knock against the wall and the bed posts begin to sway. Rob sticks his thumb in his mouth, and grabs her ass. He starts to rub her tight little ass hole with his wet thumb as he fucks her. Rubbing more aggressively as he goes. Krista moans deeply with the unexpected pleasure as she looks back and watches her husband pound her hole with his cock.

” I want to feel you cum deep in my pussy, Rob. I want you to fill me up.”

“God, you’re so fucking dirty.” He replies as he firmly grabs her hips and moans loudly.

Rob reaches forward and grabs a hand full of his wife’s hair, pulling it back aggressively as he pounds her pussy with his cock. Krista moans as she is pulled up, her head and back both arched backward, and her arms outstretched, still tied to the bed post. Rob slowly puts her back down and runs his nails down her back and grabs a hold of her hips and ass.

“Oh fuck! Your pussy fills so good!”

“Cum in it! I want to feel you explode inside me.” she excitedly calls back.

“Oh fuck, yes ma’am” Rob replies.

Moaning loudly he continues to pound her before he feels his body start to shake. Squeezing her ass tighter he moans. “Oh fuck yes here I go!”

Rob slows his thrusting as his cock explodes into her pussy, he moans as he cums deep inside her.

“Oh fuck yes! More, more!” Krista screams as she feels the warm load fill up her cunt.

Rob moans deeply as his body shakes and he shoots his final load into Krista’s pussy. He moans softly as he pulls his cock out of his cum filled wife, and lays down on their large bed, his eyes closed and his breathing heavy. He feels a warm mouth cover his cock taking it deep in, sucking all of her juices and cum off of it. Looking up he sees his cock in his wife’s mouth, one of her hands resting on the bed, the other deep in her pussy.

“You tricky girl.”

“I escaped.” she says smiling as she crawls up the bed lays down with her husband.

He wraps his arms around her and kisses her forehead as they fall asleep in their new bedroom…

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