The Mind Control Device Chapter 12: Daughter’s Incestuous Anal Lesson


The Mind Control Device

Chapter Twelve: Daughter’s Incestuous Anal Lesson

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

Michelle Meyers

“What, Mom?” Kevin asked after I knocked on his door.

I stood before my son’s bedroom in only my lingerie. A gray pair of panties and matching bra. It was a delicious lingerie set that my husband had bought me. It felt so naughty to be wearing it. A hot shudder ran through me.

My pussy clenched, the heat swelling through my flesh. I wiggled my hips from side to side, savoring the heat billowing through my body. It rippled out of me. I bit my lower lip, the heat so exciting. Down the hall, my husband was teaching Samantha how to please a man. They had been going at it. It had been so hot to listen to.

But I needed to distract my son.

“I’m coming in,” I said and turned the door.

I thrust it open. Kevin was sitting on his bed playing his XBox, the Christian rock masking the sounds of the shooting. He paused the game to look at me. His jaw dropped and excitement grew as he saw me in the lingerie.

“M-Mom,” he said, his blue eyes going wide. He looked so much like his father. Young, though. Vulnerable and innocent. It was so exciting. He licked his lips, a mix of fear and lust crossing his face as he stared at me.

He salivated for me. For his sexy mother.

“It’s Mommy, remember,” I purred as I closed the door behind me and let out a throaty sound of hunger. “I need to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything I taught you. Come here and eat your mother out.”

He swallowed. “W-what about Dad, Mommy?”

“He’s busy.” I crooked my finger at him, staring at him with hungry eyes.

He paused his game and then stood up. He wore a t-shirt that clung to his chest and a pair of athletic shorts. His cock was growing hard again. I shuddered, loving that sight. As he came to me, my pussy grew hotter and hotter in my panties.

“Mmm, what are you doing?” I asked.

“Mommy?” he asked, stopping.

“You’re not naked.” I shook my head. “When we’re alone, you have to be naked. So Mommy can appreciate what a strong and handsome son she made. Mmm, you want to please your Mommy, don’t you?”

“Y-yeah,” he groaned, swallowing. He popped off his t-shirt.

I moaned at the sight of his strong physique. Just like his father. He was all muscles and strength. The way a man should be. But he still had that vulnerability about him. The shyness of youth. He didn’t have his father’s confidence yet.

Both were sexy in their own way.

Then he shoved down his shorts. His cock popped out. I groaned at the sight of his dick. It bobbed hard before him. He was so ready for me. So eager to love me. His hairy balls swung beneath, sending heat through me.

My husband had had a vasectomy. I wasn’t on the pill. My son could put another child in me.

I shuddered and smiled. “Wonderful. Now get over here and love your mother.”

He nodded, stumbling towards me in a daze, his thick dick bobbing before him. He looked so sexy. I groaned, savoring the lusty look in his eyes. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. I fanned my face, the heat growing and growing.

I would have so much fun with him.

Kevin licked his lips as his hands slid up to my thighs. He hooked my panties with his fingers. Then he drew them down. He pulled them off of my hips and over my rump. I groaned, a shiver running through my body. He peeled those panties off of my body, rolling the fabric over my flesh and then down my legs.

I groaned, the heat swelling through me. This was so wild. I fanned my face, dizzy from the heat that would sweep through me. I bit my lip, my heart pounding so hard as he drew my panties further and further down my legs.

I could smell my tangy musk. Gleaming dewdrops clung to the curls of my black bush. My son leaned in and breathed in. He groaned at the scent of my pussy. I loved that. A hot shiver ran through my body. My pussy clenched.

I stepped out of my panties.

“Mommy,” he groaned and pressed his face into my thighs. I parted them as his smooth face rubbed up against my inner thighs. He didn’t need to shave every day yet like his father. His boyish cheeks felt so nice on me.

Then his lips were pressing into my bush. He kissed my pussy. I gasped at the incestuous contact. The rest of the world might think this was wrong, but I knew it wasn’t. It was so right to have my strong son licking at my pussy.

His tongue caressed through my folds. He stroked my labia. He dragged through my thick petals to brush my clit. I gasped at that spark of contact. My breasts jiggled in my bra. The heat swept through my body.

“That’s it,” I moaned. “Mmm, that’s how you love Mommy’s pussy. Such a good son. Oh, yes, yes, you’re such a strong young man. You’re going to make Mommy cum so hard. Yes, yes, don’t stop. Just keep loving her.”

His tongue stroked with more confidence. I squirmed from the pleasure his touch created. His bedroom door rattled behind me. I squeezed my eyes shut, loving every moment of his tongue stroking me. He swept it over me. He gave me such delights to enjoy. The rapture swept over me. It was wonderful to enjoy. I groaned, squeezing my cunt around his tongue.

I reveled in it. I savored every moment of it. This was what I needed. What I craved. I groaned, my body trembling through the pleasure. It was wonderful to enjoy. I squeezed my eyes shut. I whimpered in delight. The pleasure surged through me. It was amazing.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned, squirming. My pussy was on fire. The pleasure of my son’s licking was bringing me closer and closer to exploding.

“You taste so good, Mommy,” he groaned.

“Good,” I panted, my heart thudding so fast and hard. “Oh, wow, that’s amazing. Mommy loves what you’re doing.”

He thrust his tongue into my pussy. I loved his bold confidence. He was getting more and more skilled about pleasing my twat. He would make his wife so happy when he married. I squeezed my eyes shut, wondering who it would be.

She needed to be perfect. Submissive, like me. Someone who would attend to his every need. My son deserved the best.

His tongue danced through my folds. He swirled around in me. I gasped at the bliss he created in me. My head thumped back into the door. I gripped his short hair as he feasted on me. This was an amazing delight to enjoy.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped. My voice echoed through the room. I just knew that my daughter was receiving just as much pleasure from my husband, Mitch. “Mommy loves that. You’re going to drown in Mommy’s juices.”

“Good!” he groaned, his hands stroking his sides.

His tongue slid to my clit. He licked at it. Lapped it. Sparks burst from the contact. The pleasure surged bliss through me. My cunt tightened, my orgasm growing and growing. His fingers squeezed my thighs.

Those could be doing more to pleasure me.

“Shove your digits in me!” I gasped. “Finger Mommy’s pussy as you suck on her clit!”

“Yes, Mommy!” he groaned.

He thrust his fingers into my pussy. I groaned as they sank into me. They were so amazing to feel. I shuddered, my eyes squeezing shut at the pleasure he gave me. The wonderful bliss that my son’s fingers provided my body. It was so exciting. So wild. I shuddered, loving this moment. My eyes squeezed shut as my son gave me such amazing sensations to enjoy.

He thrust his fingers in and out of me as he fluttered his tongue against my bud. My body bucked. The door rattled louder. My moans echoed through the room as my orgasm swelled in me. My pussy squeezed down around his digits. I drank in the friction.

He sucked on my bud.

“Such a good boy!” I gasped, my orgasm about to explode through me. “You’re going to make Mommy cum!”

He jammed his fingers deep in me and nursed with hunger on my clit.

“Yes! Yes! You’re loving your mommy’s pussy!”

My orgasm burst through me.

That incestuous bliss swept through my body. It rushed through me, waves of taboo delight that splashed throughout my body. My cunt convulsed around his digits. The heat swept through me. I bucked against his door, my breasts heaving in my bra’s constraint.

Juices gushed out around his fingers. They ripped out of me. He licked and lapped at them. He gathered up my passion with hunger. He licked out everything in me he could find. It was amazing. He savored every bit of it.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled. “Oh, that’s so good. That’s amazing. Lick up all of Mommy’s juices. Mommy loves you.”

“You taste so good, Mommy!”

I rode my orgasm to the pinnacle of bliss. I hung there, shuddering. I quivered, drinking it all in. But I wanted more I wanted so much more. My heart pounded in my chest. Bliss pumped through me. I hung at the peak of my ecstasy.

It died into delight as he kept licking at me. My pussy clenched deep inside of me. I needed to be filled. I needed my son in me. Every inch of his thick cock. I had to be filled by him. That was what I craved more than anything.

“On your back!” I hissed, staring down at him. “On your back so I can ride your cock!”

“Yes, Mommy,” he groaned.

I loved it when he called me Mommy.

He pulled his face from me. My cream gleamed on his lips and chin. Even his cheek. He stood up but I caught him. I licked at the tangy cream on his cheeks and lips, savoring my passion on my son’s face. Then I kissed him, thrusting my tongue into his mouth.

I felt his strong body against mine, his cock throbbing against my belly. I had to get that in me. I had to love my son’s big dick. I shuddered, my body on fire. The lusts were surging through me, blazing hot through my body.

I broke the kiss. “Now get on the bed so Mommy can enjoy that cock.”

“Yes, Mommy,” he groaned.

He practically flung himself on his bed. His cock smacked into his muscular stomach. I smiled at his eagerness. He stared at me with hunger, his hand holding his big, thick cock. I shuddered as I sauntered to him, my pussy aching from that wonderful orgasm sikiş izle he gave me.

My son was such a stud. I had a beautiful daughter and a sexy son. It was all so perfect. I reached the bed and crawled onto him, my breasts swaying in my bra. His eyes stared at me with hunger. Those same blues that his father had.

“Mmm, Mommy’s going to love this cock with her pussy,” I cooed, loving talking like this. I grabbed his dick and held him up.

“Yes,” he groaned. “Love my cock, Mommy.”

“You’ll do whatever Mommy says, won’t you?” I asked, my thumb rubbing at the crown of his dick.

He nodded eagerly. I shuddered, this excitement rippling through my body. The heat swept through me. I groaned, my pussy on fire. This was so incredible. I wiggled my hips from side to side, the heat building and building in me.

“Mmm, you’re such a good son,” I moaned, lowering my pussy to his cock.

“Thanks, Mommy,” he groaned. Then he gasped as my bush brushed the crown of his dick.

He gasped. His back arched. The pleasure on his face was so delightful to see. I grinned, savoring the look on his face as I pushed my pussy against his dick’s tip. He groaned as he felt my labia parting to engulf him. I shuddered as my son re-entered me.

He returned back where he belonged.

He groaned as I sank inch after inch of his dick into me. My breasts swayed in my bra. His dick throbbed in me. I loved it. My back arched, my boobs jiggling before me. His eyes raked my body. It was so liberating embracing these perverse desires.

Incest was amazing.

“Oh, Mommy!” he groaned, his face contorting.

“Mmm, you like your mommy’s tight pussy wrapped around your big dick?” I cooed.

He nodded.

“Mommy loves it, too.” I squeezed about him, savoring his girth. Then my thighs flexed.

I slid up him.

He gasped in delight. I moaned. I savored his young dick in me. I slid higher and higher up my son’s cock, reaching the pinnacle of his dick. Then I slammed back down him. I engulfed him to the hilt. I took every inch of his cock. I loved taking my son. I savored having every inch of him in me. I groaned, this wonderful heat surging through my body.

I slid up him again, squeezing about him. The pleasure rippled through my body. Already, an orgasm built. A taboo delight that would explode through me. My breasts bounced in my bra. My son’s hands grabbed my hips, sliding up and down my body as I slammed back down his cock.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped, my pussy squeezing around his cock. “That’s it. Ooh, that’s so good. Mommy loves her big, strong son being in her.”

“I love it, too, Mommy!”

I rubbed my hands over his muscular chest, reveling in his strength. “Of course you do. You’re a young man.” I grinned at him. “Mmm, you’re going to flood me with all your cum, aren’t you?”

“But not before you cum, Mommy.”

I smiled at him. “Mmm, you are learning.”

I pumped my hips, riding him as his hands slid up and down my sides. His touch was hot on them. My breasts jiggled. He groaned, his face twisting. I caressed over his hairless chest, stroking his smooth muscles. I loved his boyish features.

He was so cute.

My pussy gripped his cock as I rode him. I drank in the silky friction. The pleasure rippled out from my cunt. On the downstrokes, I ground my clit into his bush and pubic bone. Sparks flared each time, feeding my orgasm.

“Mmm, do you want to see Mommy’s breasts?”

“God, yes!” he groaned.

“Then why haven’t you taken off my bra?” I arched my back, tits jiggling. “Mmm, a young man needs to know how to take off his wife’s, or mommy’s, bra.”

“Yes!” he groaned and slid his hands up my back.

I shuddered, smiling at him as he fumbled at the straps. His fingers slid over it as I worked my cunt up and down his dick. I squeezed about him as his brow tightened. Consternation rippled over him as his fingers felt at my bra band.

“What’s wrong?” I cooed, trying not to smile.

“I can’t find a clasp,” he groaned. “I mean, I don’t do this a lot, Mommy, but…”

“Maybe it’s in the front.” I winked at him. “Not every bra clasps in the back.”


He slid his hands around me. I arched my back, savoring his strong touch on me as I worked my pussy up and down his cock. I squeezed about him. I reveled in my naughty fun. It was incredible. My heart pounded. Heat pumped through me.

His hands slid over the cups of my bra and then gasped as he brushed the little bow on the band connecting them. He felt the clasp. He fumbled at it. And then the cups sprang from my breasts and they bounced free.

“Mommy!” he groaned In awe at the sight of my large breasts jiggling above him.

He cupped them. Squeezed them. His fingers dug into my breasts. I groaned, my body shuddering as I slammed my cunt down his cock. I took his dick to the hilt in me as his hands played with my soft breasts.

“Mmm, love your Mommy’s breasts while she rides your cock,” I moaned.

“Yes!” he groaned, his fingers digging into them.

I wiggled my hips from side to side, the pleasure building and building in me. I worked my pussy up and down his cock as his digits massaged around my breasts. The delight he stirred in my boobs flowed down to my cunt, feeding my depraved climax.

I would have such a huge orgasm. I would cum hard on my son’s dick. I couldn’t wait for that wonderful moment. I slammed down him as his fingers dug into my breasts. He groaned in delight, awe painted on his face.

“Your tits are gorgeous,” he groaned.

I grinned down at him. “Mmm, show Mommy how much you love them.”

He did. He kneaded them as I rode his cock. My back arched as his strong hands groped around them. My black hair danced around my face. My pussy squeezed about his cock. His fingers slid up my boobs.

He found my nipples.

My son groaned in delight as he twisted my nubs. Electricity shot down to my cunt. My flesh clamped down hard on his dick. His face contorted as I worked my tight pussy up and down his thick cock.

He tweaked my nipples. Played with them. My nubs tingled, feeding my orgasm. I rode my son harder. Faster. I slammed down him, taking him to the hilt over and over again. I reveled in impaling my twat down him as he twisted my nipples. It was so incredible.

“Mommy!” he groaned.

“Yes, yes, you’re going to make your mommy cum! You’re such a good boy. Such a strong son! Oh, Kevin, yes!”

As he tweaked my nipples, I slammed down his cock. I took him to the hilt and exploded in rapture.

My pussy convulsed and writhed around his cock. He gasped, his hips thrusting up. He bounced me on his thick dick. Then he growled and erupted. His hot cum fired into my writhing cunt. My son’s incestuous seed flooded me.

Maybe bred me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled out in rapture. “Oh, my lord, yes! Mommy loves your cum in me!”

“Mommy! You’re amazing! Love you!”

“Mmm, love you!” I moaned, my pussy writhing about his thick dick.

Spurt after spurt of his forbidden seed filled me. I shuddered through my orgasm as my pussy wrung out every drop from him. The pleasure melted across my mind. My thoughts sizzled in ecstasy. It was incredible. I loved every moment of it. I groaned, squeezing my eyes shut. I bucked through the bliss of this moment.

I drained my son dry. My orgasm reached that boiling ecstasy. I quivered there as I writhed around him. He groaned. His hands fell away from my tits. He panted, his strong chest rising and falling beneath my stroking touch.

“Mommy,” he said, his eyes closing. That lethargy a good orgasm gives a man falling on him.

“Mmm, you did good, Kevin,” I purred, leaning over.

I pressed my boobs into his chest to kiss him. It was gentle. Loving. My son groaned as we did. My body buzzed. I broke the kiss and smiled at him. He needed a nap. He would be out of his father’s and sister’s hair for a while.

“Sweet dreams,” I whispered and rose off his cock.

“Mom…” he muttered.

I smiled, his cum filling me. I slipped the rest of the way out of my bra and dropped it on the floor. I sauntered to his bedroom door. I was eager to check in on my husband and Samantha. See how they are doing. A wicked heat surged through me as I slipped out the door.


Samantha Meyers

I trembled as I knelt before Daddy. His hand was on my head, guiding me towards his cock that had just been in me. He had taken my virginity and made such sweet, sweet love to me. I quivered there, staring at his cock. He was coated in my cream.

“That’s it, Samantha,” Daddy said, sounding so strong as he stared down at me with his vivid, blue eyes. “Just suck it clean. That’s what a woman does for her husband after they make love. You want to be a good wife when get married.”

I quivered there. I was eighteen and learning everything that I needed to be a good wife from Daddy. He was amazing. He had made such gentle love to me, popping my cherry so he could teach me all the advance stuff a woman needed to know.

Like this.

“I just slide it into my mouth, Daddy?” I asked. I had never done this before. I was a good girl.

“That’s right,” he said, his hand sliding through my hair.

I had such naughty fantasies for so long about doing things with Daddy. They used to be so shameful. I would repress them. Whenever I masturbated thinking of Daddy, I felt so guilty afterword. Now… Now it all felt so right.

“You can also lick it before you do. Caress it with your tongue. Clean off those juices.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

I kissed just the tip of it. I could smell my tangy musk. The flavor bled past my lips and filled my mouth. My tongue flicked out. I shuddered at how good I tasted. I had never done that before. I had always washed my hands off or the teddy bear I would hump against.

Now my tongue slid over Daddy’s cock. I caressed over him. I swirled my tongue around his cock and loved him with all my heart. This was all so amazing. I was so happy I got to enjoy this with my daddy. brazzers

“That’s it, Samantha,” he groaned, his hand sliding through my hair. His fingers gripped my locks. “Just like that. Mmm, you’re being such a good girl, you know.”

A pleased thrill shot through my body. I loved how it tingled over me. My hips wiggled back and forth. My tongue danced over his cock. The ache built inside of my pussy. I caressed him, cleaning up my juices.

Something salty replaced my tangy pussy juices.

His cock was twitching in my hand as I did this. He wasn’t as hard as when he made love to me, but he was swelling up again. He groaned, the sounds of his pleasure echoing through the air. This wicked heat built and built in my cunny.

Then I slid my lips over the tip of his cock. His spongy tip passed into my mouth. I caressed it with my tongue while my hand kept a good grip on him. I swirled around him. He groaned as I did. Those sounds were so amazing.

“Now you suck,” he said. “Like a lollipop. And mind your teeth. You don’t want to hurt me.”

I would never want to hurt Daddy.

I sucked on him. I nursed, my cheeks hollowing. He groaned, his fingers twitching in my hair. His cock grew harder and harder in my mouth. This wicked heat swelled through me. I was so happy to do this to him. It was so wonderful. He threw back his head, his face contorting with bliss. His brow furrowed.

“That’s it,” he panted. “Oh, that’s it, honey. Just like that. Make Daddy’s cock nice and big. Mmm, you’re doing such a good job.”

I was so happy. My hips wiggled from side to side as Daddy’s cock expanded more and more in my mouth. A wave of happy heat washed through me. He grew thicker and stiffer. I could stroke him again, my hand sliding up and down his throbbing cock.

He was getting hard and thick. My cunny clenched. More of his seed washed out of him. His fingers caressed through my hair. He stroked me as I blew him. My eyes squeezed shut as I enjoyed sucking and nursing on him.

“Now bob,” he growled. “You have to bob your head, move up and down. A blowjob is something you have to be so skilled at.”

I wanted to be skilled.

I worked my mouth up and down his cock. He groaned. It was so naughty, I slid my lips lower and lower, tasting more of my tangy pussy cream. My naughty twat squeezed, forcing out more of Daddy’s cum. Some trickled down my thigh.

It all felt so naughty and wicked to me. I trembled, nursing on him with hunger. When he reached the back of my throat, I slid back up him. He groaned louder. He liked it when I did that. It made me want to bob again.

“That’s it,” he groaned. “Mmm, and moan. Hum. That’s why some people call it a hummer.”


I moaned, feeling my vocal cords rumble. He groaned as I did that. I worked my lips up and down, bobbing my head. My braid danced down my back as I worked on him. I stared up at him the entire time, loving the pleasure on his face.

“That’s great,” he said. “Staring up at me. You want to keep eye contact with your man. That lets him know that you love the things you’re doing to him. It’s very important to him that he feels loved.”

I shuddered in delight, so happy to make my daddy feel loved. This was all so exciting to me. My pussy clenched, the heat rippling out of me. I sucked and nursed on him, my braid dancing as I worked my lips up and down him. I bobbed with more and more hunger. It was incredible.

The salty flavor increased. I kept tasting more and more of it. What was it? It was so good. I sucked hard and the taste swelled. It was like something was leaking out of the tip of his cock. Not pee. What was this yummy taste?

His cum? But he wasn’t cumming yet.

Then I remembered something about lubricating liquid guys produced. Some of the girls called it precum. I shuddered, nursing hard to taste more of my daddy’s precum. Did his seed taste like this? Girls whispered that it was bitter.

He groaned. “That’s so good, Samantha.” He squeezed his eyes shut. “I want to cum in your mouth, but there’s something else I want to teach you. We have plenty of time to practice blowjobs. And to teach you how to deep-throat.”

I shuddered and slid my mouth off his cock. I panted, drool running down my chin. “But… I want to finish blowing you, daddy.” I ducked my head down and licked at the lower part of his cock. There was still pussy cream there. “I want to taste it.”

“You will,” he promised. “We’ll have lots of lessons, but you need to learn that there’s another hole on your body your husband will want to enjoy. You need to learn how to do anal. Just like your mother does. And if I cum… I’m not sure I can get it up again so soon.”

I shuddered. “Okay, Daddy.”

“That’s my good girl. You’re going to be a good wife someday.”

I smiled at him. I didn’t know who I could love more than my daddy. It was a shame he already had a wife. Well, when I met that special guy, I would know how to love him thanks to my daddy. I shivered as he told me the next command.

I would learn to be the perfect wife.


Michelle Meyers

I heard muffled talking as I opened the door and peaked in.

Samantha was on her knees, her daddy behind her. I could see the cum matting her black bush and leaking down her thighs. She threw a look over her shoulder, her braid of hair sweeping off her back. She gasped.


“It’s okay,” I said, slipping into the room. “I wore Kevin out. He’s not going to interrupt your lesson.”

“Wore Kevin out?” Mitch asked. He glanced at me. I could see that dominating look in his eyes. His gaze took in my naked body then at my bush.

The cum matting it.

“You and our son?” he asked.

“He needs to learn how to please a woman,” I said, all that confidence I felt with my son evaporating. I slipped into the demure wife’s role beneath my husband’s powerful gaze. “I thought it was best if he learned from me. Like you’re teaching our daughter.”

“He’s going to teach me anal, Mommy!” Samantha said with eagerness.

“Wonderful,” I said.

My husband stared at me for a long moment. His eyes were unreadable. “Get our daughter’s ass ready for her first time with anal.”

“Yes, dear,” I said and hurried to obey, this kinky ache filling me. “Now, you need lube for anal, Samantha. Once your asshole’s used to your husband, or your father’s cock, you can get away with pussy juices, but you really should use KY your first time. You can lube his cock, but I like to lube my asshole, too. It feels good and the man likes watching you apply it.”

“Okay, Mommy,” cooed my daughter.

I opened the nightstand drawer. There was always a bottle of lube on hand. Next to it was the marital aid my husband liked to use on me sometimes. He would make me cum from that and drive me so wild he could fuck me as hard as he wanted. And I would be begging for more.

In this room, he ruled.

“Apply it for her,” Mitch said. “So she knows how to do it right.”

“Yes, dear,” I said, this wild heat in me to touch my daughter sexually. I moved behind her. I could smell the scent of their combined musk. The union of father and daughter. He needed to get his vasectomy reversed as soon as possible.

If Kevin had bred me, my husband had to breed our daughter. It was only fair.

“Now, you want to coat your fingers in a good dollop of lube,” I said. “You want to start with one, but you don’t want to take your father’s cock in your asshole until you can handle three, okay?”

“Okay,” she said.

I coated my finger in lube and then parted her butt-cheek with my left hand. I found her little rosebud asshole. I felt Mitch’s eyes on me as I pressed my glistening pointer finger against our daughter’s asshole. I rubbed against it, coating her butthole in the lube.

Then I pressed against her. I thrust into her depths. She gasped, her body shuddering as I worked my finger deeper and deeper into her bowels. Her passion echoed through the room. She whimpered, her hips wiggling from side to side. This naughty heat swept through my body. I loved every moment of this.

“Feels weird, Mommy,” she moaned, her bowels clenching on my digit. “Weird but good.”

“Mmm, I know,” I said, my asshole tingling.

I pumped my finger in and out of her asshole. She whimpered, her velvety sheath growing more and more relaxed. I stared down at her pussy. I glanced at my watching husband, this naughty hunger surging through me.

He nodded.

I pressed my lips into my daughter’s pussy. Mitch wanted me to eat her. To my surprise, I wanted to lick her. She had my husband’s cum matting her bush. My tongue licked out through her curls, gathering the salty seed mixed with her tangy juices. She tasted so much like me.

I licked through her bush to stroke her pussy folds now. She squealed in shock, her asshole clamping down on my lubed finger. The incestuous mix of father and daughter’s juices melted across my tongue. I loved it. This was so naughty.

“Mommy!” she gasped. “You’re doing lezzie things with me.”

“Sometimes, your husband wants you to lick your daughter’s pussy,” I moaned. “You have to do it. You have to please him.”

“Yes, Mommy!” she moaned as I licked her again.

As my tongue gathered up that incestuous delight, I thrust a second finger into her asshole. Her velvety sheath stretched wider. She gasped and shuddered. It was so hot. My heart pounded wild blood through my veins as my tongue danced around her hot flesh. I caressed her. Loved her. I enjoyed every minute of nuzzling into her flesh.

My tongue thrust into her depths. I swirled around in her. She groaned, her hips wiggling back and forth. I swirled around, teasing her. I licked her up. I caressed her hard and fast. She groaned, her pussy squeezing around my tongue while her naughty asshole clamped down on my fingers.

“Daddy! Daddy!” Samantha moaned. “Mommy’s got her tongue deep into my pussy.”

“I know,” he growled. “She’s such a wicked Mommy. Just doing all sorts of naughty fake taxi porno things today.”

“Mmm, I am so wicked,” I moaned. I glanced at my husband. Was he mad? No, he was smiling.

I pressed a third finger against my daughter’s asshole as I nuzzled back into her silky bush. I licked out more tangy-flavored cum from her pussy as I thrust. She gasped as her anal ring, loosened by my pussy licking and the other two digits, stretched. I savored the feel of her parting to engulf my fingers.

I slid into her.

She squealed in delight as I plundered her bowels with my three digits. I pumped them in and out of her as I licked her. She gasped and wiggled. Her moans echoed through the room. I thrust my tongue deep into her cunt, scooping out more cum.

“She’s got my ass ready, Daddy!” she moaned. “And she’s going to make me cum. Mommy’s going to make me cum, Daddy.”

“Good,” Mitch said. His hand stroked across my hair. He petted me as I feasted on our daughter’s cunt. “You’re doing good, Samantha.”

Pleasure rippled through me as I devoured our daughter’s snatch. I licked the cum out of her and jammed my fingers deep into her asshole. She moaned louder and louder. Her tangy juices grew hotter. Then she squealed.

Pussy juices gushed out of my daughter’s twat. I groaned and drank down her fluids. I gulped them down with wild hunger. This delight surged through me. I shuddered, my entire body quivering from the thrill of this moment. It was incredible.

“Daddy!” she cried out. “I’m cumming! Mommy made me cum!”

“Yes, she did,” he groaned.

Her asshole writhed around my digits. I licked up her pussy cream, my body on fire. I ripped my fingers out of her asshole and stared up at my husband. As she quivered in her orgasmic delight, I grabbed the lube bottle and squeezed more into my hand, tangy juices dripping down my face.

“I readied our daughter for your cock, dear,” I said as I grabbed his dick and spread the lube on him.

“She did!” gasped Samantha. “Oh, Daddy, she did! I’m so ready to learn how to be a good wife and give my husband anal!”

Mitch glanced at me. “A good wife does everything her husband wants. Even eating out another woman’s pussy, Samantha. You need to learn that, too.”

I shuddered. I could swoon.


Samantha Meyers

Mommy settled down before me as Daddy moved in behind me. I stared at her pussy dripping with white cum. That was my brother’s seed. I shuddered. Kevin was just as handsome as Daddy. Not as mature, but my brother was still cute. A lot of my girlfriends thought he was a hunk.

They would whisper about him.

Now his seed leaked out of Mommy’s pussy. This day was so wild. This was lezzie stuff. Sinful stuff, but if Daddy wanted me to do it, I had to be a good wife. I leaned my head down, smelling salty aroma mixed with tangy delight.

“You smell like me, Mommy,” I gasped.

“You came from Mommy’s pussy, so why is that surprising?” She grabbed my braid and pulled my head lower. “Now eat Mommy’s pussy. You have to learn.”

“Yes, Mommy!”

I pressed my face into her bush. Her curls spilled over my face. They were matted in Kevin’s spunk. I flicked my tongue out, a little scared. I caressed her thick labia—mine didn’t stick out like hers did—and gathered up the seed leaking out of her. It was so salty, like Daddy’s precum but stronger. I liked it mixed with Mommy’s juices.

I licked again, wiggling my hips in excitement. My butthole tingled. Mommy’s fingers had felt so exciting in my butt. I needed more. I ached for Daddy to slide into me. It would be so hot. He would fuck me so hard.

I shuddered as he pressed his cock between my butt-cheeks. He was all slick and ready for me, just like my butthole. He groaned as he slid it lower. Mom moaned, too, her big boobies jiggling over my head.

“Mmm, teach our daughter about anal, dear,” she said. “She needs to learn everything.”

“Yes, yes,” I moaned into her pussy.

His cock found my asshole and pushed against it. I gasped as my anal ring, stretched out by Mommy’s fingers, surrendered to daddy’s dick. He pushed into my butthole. I moaned into her pussy, rubbing my face into her silky bush and hot vulva. Her juices and Daddy’s cum smeared across my lips as I trembled.

Then Daddy popped inside of me. I was so relaxed from the wonderful orgasm Mommy gave me. All stretched out and lubed up. Daddy slid deeper and deeper into my butthole. He penetrated me. It was so incredible to feel him sliding into my bowels.

“Samantha!” Daddy groaned as his big cock slid deeper and deeper into my butthole. “Damn.”

“Enjoy our little girls’ asshole, dear,” Mommy moaned, still gripping my braid. “And you, keep licking Mommy’s pussy.”

“Yes, Mommy!”

As Daddy’s cock slid deeper and deeper into my bowels, I lapped at Mommy’s cunt. There was more yummy cum to lick out of her depths. I savored licking out the jizz mixed with her tangy cream while my asshole ache. Daddy massaged my anal sheath. It felt so hot. So different from my cunny.

I liked it.

I moaned into Mommy’s pussy, thrusting my tongue deep into her depths. I scooped out more jizz as she gasped. Her big boobs jiggled. I stared up at them as Daddy bottomed out in me. His bush rubbed on my butt, his balls resting on my taint.

Groaning, he drew back. My asshole clenched around him. The friction was so wonderful. Heat rushed through me. All these wicked delights that had me groaning. I shuddered, squeezing my asshole around Daddy’s cock. His dick felt so amazing in me.

He pumped into me. He thrust his cock hard and deep into my bowels. I loved it. All these naughty, yummy, wicked delights rushed through my body. I whimpered and groaned, my heart pounding so fast.

I squeezed my eyes shut as Daddy pumped away at me. He thrust his cock into me again and again. It was so wonderful. I loved it. I groaned as he stimulated my bowels. Velvety friction melted down to my pussy and swelled my orgasm. I clenched my asshole around him, loving him burying into my butthole over and over again.

“Damn!” Daddy groaned. “Samantha!”

“Oh, dear, she’s eating me out!” Mommy moaned. “You’re going to make Mommy cum, Samantha!”

“So’s Daddy’s cock!” I moaned and thrust my tongue into her pussy.

I couldn’t find any more cum, just her tangy pussy cream. I licked at her, savoring the taste of her, her bush rubbing on my cheeks. My asshole burned hotter and hotter as Daddy fucked me harder and harder.

He rammed his cock into me. He buried his dick into my butthole with such hard strokes. I whimpered and moaned into Mommy’s twat. Her silky curls caressed my face as I squirmed. Her back arched, her boobs bouncing up.

“Oh, yes!” she moaned. “Suck my clit now! Yes, yes, just like that. You’re going to make Mommy cum! Such a good girl!”

“Make a good wife!” Daddy grunt as he slammed hard into me.

I sucked hard on her clit. I nursed on her bud. Mommy gasped. Then she bucked. Her pussy juices gushed out. I knew I made her cum. They bathed my chin while her breasts smacked together. They rippled as she thrashed.

“Damn!” Daddy groaned and slammed hard into my asshole.

His cum jetted in me. My eyes widened at the splash of Daddy’s spunk firing into my butt. It was so naughty. This incestuous heat burst in my cunt. My pussy convulsed. My orgasm rippled through me. All those wonderful blisses flowed through my body.

“Daddy! Mommy!” I squealed, all of us cumming together.

My butthole writhed around Daddy’s cock. My naughty hole milked him. I groaned, the heat surging through me. Stars burst across my eyes. His seed pumped into me over and over again. He fired so much jizz into me.

“Yes!” he growled in triumph.

“Mmm, yes, dear, enjoy her!” Mommy groaned.

I whimpered, the pleasure rushing through me. My pussy cream dribbled down my thighs. I lapped at Mommy’s pussy as my writhing asshole worked out all of Daddy’s cum. I drained him dry. He groaned as my rapture reached that lovely pinnacle.

Then he pulled out of me and fell onto his back. “Damn, that was good.”

“Mmm, it was,” Mommy purred. She shuddered. “Ooh, Samantha, you’re a good pussy licker.”

I blushed. “Thanks, Mommy. You were good, too.”

“It was my first time,” she said.

I smiled. “Mine, too.”

“Mmm, your daddy’s going to take a nap now. Why don’t we get cleaned up and start cooking dinner? We have to feed our men. A good wife takes care of her husband. He works hard to provide for her and pleasure her.”

I nodded and took her hand. Together, we left a satiated Daddy with a smile on his face. I was so happy that incest made sense. That it all clicked in my head how right this would be. I had no idea why, though.

But I didn’t care.


Dean Michael

I yawned as I set down my soldering iron. I had the second device built. I had been working for hours after dinner. I knew Kimmie would have fun with the main one I was leaving here at the house. She would play with it while I installed this one in the college.

I stood up and stretched. Yawning, I headed upstairs into the quiet house. It was late. I had had another long night. Tomorrow, I would be bush-eyed. Maybe I could write a macro for that. Why not? I had one for my cock’s stamina.

I reached my bedroom and opened the door. A slash of golden light fell on the bed. I found my wife and daughters sleeping on it, June in the middle cuddled up with Dusk. I slipped in and closed the door. I shrugged out of my robes and headed to the bed.

I slipped onto the bed. Kimmie rolled over and snuggled into me, pressing her naked body into my side. She let out that sleepy moan she did when she came half-awake. Her head rested on my chest while her fingers touched me.

“I won’t let any man but you touch me,” she promised.

“I’m not worried,” I told her. “I trust you.”

“Did you mind-control me not to?”

“No.” I kissed her on the lips. “Good night.”

“Mmm, dream of all those schoolgirls you’re going to molest tomorrow,” she purred, her words getting sleepy. “Pervy teacher.”

I chuckled, stroked her hair, and drifted off to sleep.

To be continued…

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