The Love Of Peggy Ch. 03


Peggy’s body was spectacular it dripped with sex appeal! And her face was prettier and better than her body! She had that sad eye expression and full lips that made your cock hard just watching her talk. Her face was long and heart shaped. But it was her hair and eyes that set her apart from every other woman I have ever met. They were dark brown and both shinned. Her hair always felt like silk! It was soft and wavy. Her eyes, bright with that bedroom look. They seem to say come here and make love to me.

As I lay between her open legs I had one leg over my shoulder and my lips were trailing down her thigh from her knee and were just an inch away from her pussy. It dripped with both of our cum from the lovemaking we had done earlier. (Read chapter 2.)

While it looked wet and sticky I didn’t care, I plunged into her wide-open pussy with all the lust in the world. My mouth worked her clit while my tongue lapped and lapped her pussy clean of all cum! She was going crazy with her body enjoying the feeling I was providing! Her hips thrust and her ass lifted while her cunt pumped and ran with new juices from her excitement. Now it was very exciting to have a very beautiful sexy woman in the same bed as I was in, but the way her body reacted to my touch made me want to give and give and give her as much stimulation as I could provide.

I enjoyed watching her hump and fuck my face and fingers. I loved the way her hips pumped as she climaxed and I died and went to heaven when my cock was as deep as it could go inside her body! It was like a dream as I worked on her pussy with my mouth and fingers getting her off again and again! Now, as she approached another climax, I move my tongue around in tight little circles covering all of her cunt. When she arched I heard her grunt and fart! Yep, she was straining so hard she farted but who the fuck cares once she had finished this orgasm, I was going to move up and insert my cock so I could get relief.

She held my head and rammed her cunt into my face. I slid my hands under her ass and held her up as I sucked her pussy and just when I felt she was at the height of her orgasm, I began to hum and vibrate my lips directly on her clit! She screamed and I couldn’t’ hear her as her body bucked and jerked and thrust porno izle and rammed into my face. She held her ass up off the bed grinding her snatch into my mouth and the cum ran from her hole. “OH GOD BABY!”, Peggy moaned as she began to end her orgasm and start on another one! I heard her muffled voice as she relaxed her legs, it seem to say: “OH FUCK! That was so good, so good baby! Oh Bud I love the way you make love to me!”

I heard her but my needs were overpowering! I moved up her wet body licking it as I went. Over her mound where her pubic hair was trimmed close to her body, over her pierced navel and over to her left tit my lips and tongue move. As she held my head gently in her hands I came up sucked the nipple for a few seconds before moving to her mouth and shoving my tongue into it! She sucked my tongue and moaned as our bodies merged together. I broke the kiss and whispered: “Put me in baby! Put my cock in your pussy! I need you so bad!”

She moaned from my words and reached between our bodies for my pre-cum dripping cock. She wrapped her hand around the swollen shaft and slowly moved it to the opening between her thighs! She lifted up a little and positioned my fat mushroom head of my cock in her hole. As I pushed her pussy lips opened further and I felt the head slid into her warm wet pussy! “Oh Bud!, Peggy moaned as I pushed more and more of my cock into her! As she took 3 or 4 and then 5 more inches of my thick shaft up into her body, she lifted her legs and I moved then up so her knees were bent over her head. She lifted her ass up off the bed a little and as she looked into my eyes she told me: “Give me all of it! Oh God Bud fuck me baby!! Give me it all baby! Fuck me! Fuck me and make me scream baby!”

I could feel my cock jump from her words this time. It was so fucking sexy! The woman of my dreams under me making love to me. It was a dream, a fantastic feeling dream! Her pussy squeezed my cock and held it like a glove as I pushed the rest of me into her body! Now with my body against her body I began to pull out a little. She held me and said: “OH Bud. Stay still don’t move! I want to feel you inside me! Don’t move baby! Don’t move!”

I moaned because I wanted to thrust and thrust and thrust until I shot my cum deep into porno her body! I needed relief bad! Oh fuck I just wanted to pump and pump her cunt with everything I had until she climaxed and so did I. But, I attempted to stay buried in her pussy w/o moving! It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but somehow I stayed buried all the way in Peggy’s body.

As I looked down at her face she smiled up at me and said: “Mummm! Bud!! Oh baby, that feels so good!”

I said: “Oh god Peggy! I have to move baby my cock is screaming to move!”

She kissed me and licked my ear just before she told me: “OK Bud fuck me now! Fuck me baby! Fuck me good sugar!”

I slowly pulled almost out of her pussy hearing her moan! Then I slowly moved all the way back into her and held it there for a few seconds before moving back out! I did that for maybe 6 or 7 times before picking up speed with my in and out movements. I was fucking her my way! Now as her entire hole became wet and lubricated with her juices, my cock head slid against the walls of her pussy easier. While the friction was tremendous pumping in and out of her pussy, it became easier and with each thrust! With each thrust she would grunt or moan. My pace began to increase. As the need to cum began to increase my body reacted by pumping faster and faster into Peggy’s pussy! As I held her legs with her knees bent up by her head we both heard my nuts slapping against her ass.

I kissed her and we locked lips as both of our bodies worked towards achieving orgasm! She moaned and I thrust into her body like a man possessed now! I was like a machine as my hips rotated into her body filling her with all of my cock. Her mouth was open and her eyes closed as she let me ram into her anyway I wanted.

She was gone! Gone in the dream of rapture and ecstasy! She could only say:” Ohhh Budd! Ohhh Budd!”

I elevated my upper body with my arms and arched my back as I slammed into her over and over again! I let her legs relax and she left each one over my shoulders as she lifted her ass up now to receive my cock. I knew she was close and so was I.

I adjusted my body weight and her legs wrapped around my waist now. Now with her legs in a better position she began to hump me back with that fantastic rokettube ass. She met my thrust again and again! Now we were really fucking like the work said, fucking! Our bodies merged as we rammed our sex into each other. Like two sex-starved animals we grunted and slammed into each out! We moaned and fucked we licked each other’s mouth and we fucked! It was like a porno movie only with love. We each wanted to please the other person. Our bodies locked together as she cried out and began to hump and hump and hump climaxing on my cock as it began to swell and harden to it’s fullness!

She squeezed my body with her legs and held me down on top of her with her arms. Mouths locked together her tongue deep in my mouth my arms under her head lifting it so I could kiss her harder, I felt the first load of cum fly into her like a missile to its target! My cock never felt so big, so long or so thick! I moaned and arched my back pushing as deep as I could go into her pussy as load after load after load of white warm sticky cum flew into her open loving pussy of love.

I filled her and as I continued to pump my cock into her the cum squirted out all over us. She moaned again: “Ohhhh Bud! OH Budddd! I love you so baby!”

As my cock drained into her I knew I was finished. I held my position locked in her embrace! Our lips locked together, our bodies merged together, and our sex mashed together, we were one! Nothing in this world seem to matter at that moment only our love. Finally she moved a little and I felt my cock slip out of her body. I rolled over on my side and stroked her face as she opened her eyes for the first time in a long time.

She smiled and kissed me gently as I held her. She curled up in my arms and we lay there just holding each other until we heard my sister yell: “Mom’s home and we’re starting dinner”.

We sat up and I said: ” You know Peggy, this how it’s going to be all summer baby! Everyday I am going to make love to you over and over again! I love you baby!”

She kissed me and said: “You better! Now get out of here and get dressed. By the way, what do you want to do tonight?”

I smiled and patter her thigh saying “Oh I don’t know how about I shave your pussy bald?”

She laughed and then she moaned telling me to get out so she could get a shower and dress for dinner. I left to do the same in my room. This wasn’t going to be a good summer it was going to be a GREAT summer! It turned out to be the greatest summer of my life.

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