The Literotica Affair


* A story of two writers that become friends and then meet up for some illicit sex to live out and fulfil their fantasies. Fact or fiction – I leave it to the reader to decide. *

Steve sat in the hotel room, watching his phone. He could feel his heart thumping in his chest – a mix of excitement, nervousness and suspense. And of course guilt. He lit a cigarette and took a deep drag out of it. His phone beeped signalling the arrival of a text message.

“15 minutes away” the text message read. Steve smiled softly and keyed in a response.

“Room 1304. Get a move on :)”

He took another deep drag of his cigarette and wondered not only why he was doing this but how he had let it happen.

**** *** ****

It had all started about 6 months ago when he got e-mail feedback on one of the stories he had written for Literotica. She was a writer on Literotica as well and liked Steves’s stories. A return email address had been supplied and they had started corresponding. Their e-mails were short at first and mainly centred around their Literotica writings.

Alexia was 37 years old and married with three children. She lived in a quiet suburb just out of the city. Steve enjoyed her email correspondence and slowly but surely, the emails had become more and more risqué. After about 4 months of email correspondence, Steve had volunteered his cell phone number with the proviso that they would only text each other and promise not to resort to calls. They also agreed to only text each other during office hours. Never after hours and definitely not on weekends.

Their texting and mailing became suggestive and they would flirt shamelessly throughout the day. It all seemed like harmless flirting until one day when their messages took a drastic turn.

“Wish I could massage your body.” Steve messaged.

“That would be nice.” Came the unexpected reply.

“Then I’d kiss your legs and work my way up.” Steve texted back, somewhat excitedly.

“Only my legs?” Alexia replied.

“lick your juicy slit too”

“Don’t make promises you cant keep.” Alexia’s reply surprised Steve. Was this an invitation from Alexia to take things further?

“When do you want a massage?” Steve ventured.

“I have a long lunch tomorrow.”

Steve’s heart took a leap. Was she just teasing him or was she really opening a door of opportunity?

“Where will I give you the massage?” Steve replied.

“Book a room at the Hilton or Westin. They are both next to my office. Text me the room number once you check in and I’ll be there.”

It wasn’t just Steve’s heart that took a wild leap this time. His cock throbbed hard in his pants as he thought of how sensual this was.

“What time do we meet?” Steve messaged back.

“1230 to 2.30. You sure you wanna do this?”

Steve read the message long and hard. Was she just trying to tease him and then not show up? Another thought suddenly hit him – what if she was a friend of his wife? What if he was being set up? His heart started to beat wildly now and his mind pictured all the possible scenarios. But if this was real, then it was too good an opportunity to pass up. He had to take the risk.

“Are you worth it?” Steve replied.

“Of course I am.”

“Sure you wont stand me up?” Steve asked.

“I’m a woman of my word.”

Steve realised his cock was rock hard. In fact he was leaking pre-cum and he could feel the dampness pressing against his thigh. This woman was exciting him with her text messages and boldness.

“I’ll confirm with you tomorrow.” Steve wrote back as he stepped into his car. It was already a little past 5.30 and they had agreed no communications after that time. He hoped she had received his last message before her husband had come to pick her up.

Steve’s cock remained hard during his drive home. He kept wondering if this was real or if it was just a dream. He was going to meet another man’s wife! He didn’t even know what she looked like or what to expect. Did she only want a massage or was it just an excuse to have wild, unbridled sex?

Thoughts of Alexia filled Steve’s mind the whole night. He slept fitfully, his thoughts occupied with what he was going to do the next day. Finally daylight shone through the windows and Steve got out of bed to get ready for work.

As he was driving in to work, his phone beeped.

“We on for today?”

It was her! She was really serious. In a way, Steve was hoping she had just been toying with him the previous day but this message from her showed that she wasn’t just playing.

“I am if you are” Steve replied, keeping the ball in her court.

“Already told you I’m game. You chickening out?”

Damn, but this woman was good. The ball was now back in his court.

“Its on. I’ll text you once I check in.” Steve replied.

The rest of the morning went by in a haze for Steve. He made up an excuse about having to go for a lunch meeting and then left for the Westin. He arrived shortly before 12 and walked into the hotel xnxx to check in. He grunted annoyingly as he saw there was a long queue ahead of him. He didn’t want to be seen by anyone queuing at a hotel check-in counter. Fortunately the queue cleared quickly and he was soon up in the room.

He sent Alexia a simple message “Room 2520” before lighting a cigarette and drawing deeply on it. He glanced at his watch every few minutes, almost willing time to move faster. 1230 came and went and there was no sign of Alexia. Not even a text message. 1232…1233….1234….the minutes seemed like hours and Steve paced the floor nervously.

Finally at 1240 the doorbell rang. Steve walked briskly to the door and peered out of the eyehole. An attractive woman with thick, curly short hair was standing outside. He opened the door and gave her a thin smile.

“Hi there.” She said as she walked confidently in. Steve motioned her to the chair and she sat down. Alexia was a little on the short side and slightly plump. She was wearing a long skirt and a loose sleeved blouse. But even under her loose blouse, Steve could make out her huge tits. What knockers! But what caught Steve immediately was her warm smile. She wasn’t gorgeous or anything but there was something very attractive and alluring about her. Steve immediately felt like ripping her clothes off her.

“So what are we doing here?” Steve opened the conversation.

“I don’t know. I guess the ‘devil’ got the better of us?” Alexia laughed, somewhat nervously. “So you gonna give me a massage?”

“Are there any rules?” Steve ventured. “Coz I’m not gonna fuck you. I didn’t bring any protection anyway.”

Steve was amazed at how easily he said that. It was like they had known each other for a long time.

“I was going to ask you about protection but since you didn’t bring any, I guess that settles the issue.” Alexia smiled softly. “So it’s just a massage. Wanna get started then?”

Steve smiled at this woman’s directness. He offered his hand to her and pulled her out of her chair. “Why don’t you take off your clothes.”

He watched as Alexia turned her back to him and pulled her blouse off over her head. He caught a glimpse of her heavy tits encased in a lacy beige bra. Next she undid her skirt and let if fall around her ankles. Steve stared at her firm butt in bright pink panties. His cock lurched in his pants. Alexia spun round briefly, offering Steve a view of her luscious breasts, before lying on the bed – face down. She turned her head to him. “You’re still dressed. If I’m naked, you have to be too.”

Steve hurriedly pulled off his shirt and pants, leaving his underwear on. He straddled Alexia’s back and applied some lotion to it, massaging her gently. They carried on chatting to each other as Steve administered his massage.

“You’re quite good at massage.” Alexia grunted as Steve’s fingers dug into her back. “You do this to a lot of women?”

“You’re the first one other than my wife after I got married.” Steve admitted. He found it amazingly easy to talk to Alexia and it felt as if she did too. Steve had finished massaging her back and reached to pull her panties down. Alexia raised her hips, offering no resistance. He pulled her panties off her slowly, luxuriating in the sight of her butt and practically hairless pussy.

Steve started massaging her feet and legs, slowly working his way up to her thighs and then starting at her feet again. Alexia opened her thighs wider as Steve’s hands roamed higher and higher. He teased her thighs lightly and then began to suck on her toes. Alexia gasped as his warm mouth enveloped her toes and his tongue snaked around them.

Steve’s excitement grew as Alexia’s moans fired his lust. He sucked harder on her toes as his fingers strummed up and down her thighs. Slowly, he licked along her feet and up her thighs. He hovered around her pussy mound and briefly considered diving in.

“Turn over.” He commanded.

Alexia turned herself over and Steve studied her naked front. Her breasts were truly beautiful to behold with stiff, erect nipples. He continued his massage, paying attention to her arms and neck. He soothed her tense muscles around her neck and then moved to massage her armpits. She sighed contentedly as he worked his way around her body, teasing and kneading her supple flesh.

Steve rubbed her stomach lightly and then moved his hands to cup her breasts. He glanced down at her pussy and he could see beads of dew coating the thick lips. He gently kneaded her breasts, enjoying how she sighed and moaned lightly. Suddenly he bent down and suckled her nipple.

“Ohhh…unnnhh!” Alexia responded. “I-is this part of the massage?”

“Mmm Hmmm.” Steve acknowledged, his mouth full of breast. He flicked his tongue across her breast, causing her to moan louder and grab hold of his head. He suckled on one breast while his fingers teased the nipple of the other.

“Oohh yesss…that feels so good….” Alexia moaned.

Steve kept his fingers on brazzers her breasts, teasing the nipples as his mouth travelled lower, leaving trails on her stomach. Her vulva was coated with her juices and Steve could almost feel the heat radiating from it.

“Can I suck you?” Steve asked quietly.

“Yesss… Oh yess Pleaseeee.” Alexia moaned, her voice thick with desire.

Steve kissed around her thigs, teasing her slowly before he ran his tongue up along her juicy slit.

“Unnnh….Mmmm.” Alexia moaned as she felt his hot tongue caress her wanton slit.

Steve licked hungrily. Her juices were thick but they didn’t have a pungent odour or taste – a sign that she paid detailed attention to her hygiene. He lapped and teased at her clitoris as she bucked her thighs up at him.

“Oh yess… Fuck me. Fuck me Please!” She begged.

Steve wished he had brought protection but he couldn’t afford to risk fucking her without a condom. He pushed his finger into her instead and Alexia groaned thankfully. Steve finger fucked her as he sucked on her pussy, enjoying how her body responded to his ministrations. He slipped another finger into her and teased her g-spot.

Alexia’s body stiffened and she let out a low moan as waves of pleasure started to lap at her body. Her fingers grabbed the sheets as her pussy muscles grabbed at Steve’s digits thrusting into her. She bit on her lip as she felt hot lava churning from her pussy. Her body arched upward and she cried out as her body convulsed and shook from a much needed release.

“Ooooaaaahh….ohh yesssss!!” she cried out.

Steve’s fingers felt like they were in a vice as her tight pussy contracted and pulsed. He let his fingers tease her softly as he watched her come down from her orgasm. His face was quoted with her juices and he wiped his mouth with the bedsheet.

Alexia pulled him up toward her and cuddled him. Her hands moved to his erect cock and she toyed with his balls as her thumb played around with his cock head, coating it with his precum.

She raised herself up and bent her head down to lick at his shaft. Steve groaned with pleasure as he felt her tongue licking the base of his cock and his balls. Her tongue coated every inch of his cock and then she swallowed him, her tongue swirling around his head as she did so.

“I’m not going to last long.” Steve grunted. “I’m too excited”

“Its okay. Just lie back and enjoy this.” Alexia cooed as she lifted her head of his cock momentarily.

She licked and sucked expertly at his cock as her fingers toyed with his balls. He reached to play with her breasts, teasing the nipples.

“Ohh soo good.” Steve moaned. “Fuck me with your breasts. Please”

Alexia smiled and positioned herself over his cock. She cupped her breasts together and surrounded his cock with her large globes. She liked how his cock slipped between her breasts and caused him to moan with each thrust.

“Your breasts feel so good! I’m gonna cum soon….” Steve moaned. Her breasts felt like a soft pussy surrounding his cock and he loved how his cock disappeared between her breasts and then appeared at her cleavage. He felt his hot lava starting to churn deep in his balls.

“Aaarrhh…gonna cumm…aaarhhh!” Steve moaned.

“Cum…Cum on my tits” Alexia urged. Steve stiffened and the thick white cream rushed up his shaft and sprayed out onto Alexia’s chest, some of it going up as high as her neck. His cock continued spewing its fuck cream out at her as she kept on fucking him with her breasts. Finally his cock started to deflate and Alexia smiled.

They lay cuddling for a little while before Alexia looked over at Steve. “Its getting late and I gotta go.”

“Yeah. Me too.” Steve mumbled.

“This was the first and last time right?” Alexia asked although it was more of a statement.

“Yes. First and last.” Steve conceded.

They both freshened up and said there goodbyes at the door with the promise that they would keep in touch with emails and the occasional text message.

As Steve left the hotel and returned to work, he received a text message.

“Thanks for the great time. It was fun”

Yes, it certainly was thought Steve.

*** **** ***

And that was what started it all six months ago. Their messages had continued to be raunchy and they had both conceded that they wanted to meet again. But this time they didn’t want it to be a rushed lunch hour tryst. And that was what had led them to this meeting. Steve had brought a long a vibrator as well as a strap on dildo – all toys he had bought for his wife and that she didn’t appreciate.

The soft knock on the door jolted Steve from his reverie.

He opened the door to let in Alexia and their mouths met in a deep kiss. Her tongue snaked into his mouth and wrapped around his. Steve sucked gently on her tongue and felt her melt into his arms.

Steve led her slowly backward and pushed her back onto the bed. He raised her skirt and began kissing her thighs.

“Wait!” sikiş izle Alexia pleaded, pushing Steve away. “Let me get this skirt off. Its expensive.”

Steve laughed softly as Alexia unzipped her skirt and threw it on the chair. She pulled of her blouse and threw that on the chair too.

“All yours now.” She hissed. “You like my lacy black bra? And I wore these old panties so you can rip them off – just like you promised.”

Steve dived in between her legs again. He could see her juices already seeping out onto her panties. He kissed her soft thighs again and licked all around her panties, teasing her and causing her to moan softly. He grabbed her panties between his teeth and with one motion he ripped them off, causing her to squeal.

Alexia’s vulva was swollen with lust and already coated with her love juices. Steve lapped along her slit paying attention to her hard and large clitoris. He fastened his mouth on her clit and sucked as his fingers danced inside of her. Alexia moaned incoherently as her fingers curled into his thick hair. She pulled him closer to her mound and thrust her face up at him.

“Yess…eat me you bastard.!” She cried out. “Eat my cunt.”

Steve’s cock lurched with her use of foul language. He loved women to talk dirty during sex. He carried on lapping at her pussy while his fingers played inside her. Sensing she was close to cumming, Steve suddenly withdrew his fingers and began rummaging in his bag.

He had brought along wrist and ankle restraints and he tied her up with them. Each wrist was fastened to the corresponding ankle so her knees were drawn up high and spread apart. He then rummaged in her own bag, looking for the pair of extra panties he had asked her to bring along.

He lifted a pair of grey cotton panties from her bag and held it up for her to see. “Can I use these?” he asked.

“Yes. Those are fine. Leave the black ones for me to wear later.”

With that, Steve took the panties and started licking at her pussy again. Slowly, he began stuffing her panties into her wet swollen pussy. Alexia moaned as her pussy filled with her panties. She felt so full and stuffed and Steve’s tongue licking at her clitoris only served to heighten her pleasure.

“I’m so full….Ohhhhh.” she moaned. Steve forced the rest of her panties into her, leaving just a tiny bit of material hanging out. He licked and sucked hard on her clit as he used his fingers to fuck the panties into her.

Alexia felt like she was climbing a cliff as the pleasure built within her. Her pussy was throbbing expectantly as Steve licked her clitoris and she could feel the panties stuffed in her stretching her walls. She began to mewl and moan and her hips thrust wildly upwards.

Steve licked harder and suddenly pulled the panties out of her with one quick jerk. Alexia cried out loudly as that was just the stimulus she needed. Her body convulsed and she was awash with pleasure as a quick and fast orgasm trembled within her.

“ohhh yess..” she moaned. “Gimme your cock. Fuck me. Fuck me now.”

“Just relax.” Steve said softly. “You’ll get more than my cock.” Steve slipped on a condom and then fiddled around at the base of the bed. He slipped a blindfold on her eyes and then she couldn’t see what he was doing. She heard him rummaging around and then felt something hard and thick entering her pussy. It entered her slowly and it felt so good. Suddenly it started humming within her!

Steve pushed the vibrator deep into her and turned it on to full power. Her gasps and moans filled the room as her body arched up ward to meet the vibrator. He licked on her clitoris as he fucked her with the vibrator.

“soo good…yess..oh yess….” Alexia moaned. Steve pushed the vibrator deep into her and left her as he went back to his ‘bag of tricks’. Alexia wished she could see. She could feel the vibrator deep in her but realised that Steve had left the bed. Suddenly she felt the vibrator being pulled out of her, leaving her empty.

The shackles from her ankles were removed and she was pulled toward the end of the bed. She felt something hard and rubbery at the entrance to her pussy. “Oh yess. Fuck me with your cock!” she cried out.

She felt Steve’s cock spreading her pussy lips wide and slipping in. Something was different though. It didn’t feel hot and pulsing like a cock did. And another thing, it was big! So much bigger than she remembered Steve’s cock was. But it was an amazing feeling. The cock sliced through her, spreading her wide and penetrating deep inside her. She felt Steve slowly pull out and then fuck into her again slowly. Her pussy was stretched wide and it was almost painful.

“You like that?” Steve asked.

“Oh yess.. Yess! What are you doing?” she groaned as the cock slid slowly in and out of her. Steve suddenly pulled the blindfold off her eyes and she looked between her legs. Steve was wearing a Huge strap-on dildo and it was only halfway inside her!

“Wh-Where is Your cock?” Alexia asked, astounded at the sheer size of the dildo in her pussy.

“Inside the dildo.” Steve laughed. “It has a hollow shaft.”

“Unnh…Can you… Unnhhh…Feel Anything…Unnhh?” Alexia asked as Steve fucked her harder.

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