The Letter


Erin sat on the couch, trying to distract herself with the movie that was on, but she kept looking down at the letter that was sitting on the coffee table. She wasn’t supposed to open it until 1:30, and for most of the morning she’d been able to keep her mind off of it. But now, at 1:20 it was all that she could think about.

Landon had given her some instructions on what to do today. She was to open the letter at 1:30, turn the ringers off all the phones and only answer if it was an emergency with someone. He said that for the whole evening she was his, and she had no problem with that. Landon was usually pretty bad with keeping secrets, but he’d managed to keep this one, which drove Erin even crazier waiting.

At Landon’s office he was about to go crazy as well. He knew that any moment now his gorgeous, sexy wife was going to open that letter and spend the rest of the afternoon doing what he had told her to do. His cock was rock hard in his pants just thinking about it.

1:30 finally came and Erin tore into the letter. Her eyes devoured the words on the page; she’d been waiting too long for this moment and didn’t think that she could have stood another moment of waiting. Landon had taken to calling her “The Sex Goddess” as of late, they both knew that she had tapped into a part of her sexuality that so many women in this world would never discover. She let herself fully go now; she didn’t hold herself back like she might have done at times in the past. Pleasure was her God-given right and she enjoyed every second of it that she had now.

The letter had begun with Landon’s new pet name for her, and laid out the instructions for the day. He told her how she was going to be a model for a photo shoot, and she would have specific clothes for that photo shoot. Already moist and ready, Erin let her mind wander for a few moments about being a sexy model for her husband later that evening and almost thrust her fingers into herself right then. But she had some semblance of will power and would wait until later.

The letter told her to go and run a bath and light candles and for her to relax and enjoy. She had no problem doing that. The letter also mentioned that since she would be on film tonight she would need to make sure her pubic hair was trimmed and in a pattern she would choose. She could almost feel the pool of moisture in her panties as she read on. After her bath she was supposed to relax and masturbate as long as she liked. Erin knew that Landon would be turned on thinking about her playing with herself all afternoon. She kept reading to see what was next, but it seemed that Landon had anticipated that she would try and do that.

“I want you to complete all the tasks that you already have before reading any further. You must put the letter down, and not read anymore until 4:30, understand?” The question that Landon had left her with was more a command to Erin, she knew he had a plan and would follow him and dutifully put the letter down, not without some nervous anticipation about what else the letter contained, but she did as she was told.

Erin thought of her husband as she went into the bathroom and began to draw her bath, how he will probably have trouble getting any real work done this afternoon as he thinks about what she will be doing. Erin smiled at the thought and let her hands drift along her body. Her pussy cried out for attention, begging her to brace against the sink and drive a finger deep within her sopping wet treasure box, but she continued to resist. She will have plenty of orgasms throughout the day she thought. Her body kept calling out to her, and she knew that soon she would reward herself.

Her bath was largely uneventful, her pussy still yearned for attention, but she managed to concentrate on her shaving job. She was careful of course, and removed any stray hairs that she could find, and removed some more from the tuft that she had had before. By the time that she finished, she was left with a small patch of hair on her pubic bone, enough for her to still feel like a woman and not a little girl, but trimmed enough not to get in Landon’s eyes when he ate her out, as he mentioned in the past week. Her pussy involuntarily spasmed at the thought of her husband eating her out. His tongue was magical, and he had only gotten better since they had met. She had never had good oral sex until him, and not until she discovered how wonderful her clit truly was did she truly learn to appreciate the dexterity of his tongue.

Erin climbed out of the bath and toweled off a bit before donning her robe and heading to the bedroom. She and Landon had been considering watching some erotic videos for a few weeks and he had surprised her last night by bringing home two. The one they watched last night was truly awful, and if the other one wasn’t any better they’d never watch any again they both agreed. Erin had lots of time on her hands before she was allowed to read anymore of the letter, so she figured a video would be good to help pass the time.

She slipped the cassette xnxx in the VCR and moved to her dresser. She pulled out on of her growing number of toys. Landon enjoyed buying them almost as much as she liked using them Erin thought. Her mind drifted back a few weeks to one of their marathon sessions. She had her favorite rabbit vibrator deep in her (Thumper) and had been proceeding to fuck herself silly while Landon watched and took pictures. Landon had blindfolded her and tied her hands to the bed and was whispering in her ear. Her mind was a wash of love, and lust and the words he was whispering and the toy that he had buried deep within her. Landon had talked of how much he enjoyed buying things for her, and Erin was getting hotter listening to the things that Landon wanted to get for her over time. He had mentioned several times how he wanted to see her with a bigger toy inside her, how hot it made him and how he would love to buy it for her one day. He mentioned in the middle of a mind-shattering orgasm that all she had to say was the word and he would go right then, even though it was 11:00.

In a weakened moment, Erin said “Word,” and Landon had said okay. She thought he might have been teasing, but she should have known better. That is how they got Thumper in the first place, in a very similar situation as that evening. Erin didn’t want Landon to leave just to buy more things to pleasure her, but he insisted and the thought did turn her on immensely. Her walls were clamping down hard on Thumper as she thought about it, and letting herself go in the moment, she had told Landon to come back with at least three toys and to keep her blindfolded and not tell her what he’d bought when he got back, just to start using them on her. Both of them nearly came with that thought and a couple of moments later Erin did. Landon dressed her in her favorite thing before he left, black thigh high stockings and untied one hand so she could hold Thumper and shot out into the night.

Erin remembered the massive orgasms she had experienced waiting on her lover to return, and shuddered with the thought. Very soon, she thought, she wanted Landon to tell her all he was thinking that evening and write down the experience of that night, like he had taken to doing with some of their sex-capades. Her mind drifted back to the present and she pulled out a clitoral toy that simulated tongue action supposedly to help keep her occupied.

The movie began and Erin lay back on the bed and watched the credits. She had her new toy on the bed beside for a little while later, but for now she settled in and hoped this one had a plot. Thankfully, it did and the actors, if you could really call them that, were not that bad looking. After about fifteen minutes Erin could feel the heat from her legs rising again, and she reached over and picked up her fake tongue. She turned on the vibrations and let is ease down onto her outer lips.

She absent-mindedly watched the video for a little awhile as she kept adjusting the tongue, it had gentle flicking motions that felt very nice, not quite a real tongue, but good to have in a pinch. She felt little waves of pleasure wash over her as she had a couple of mini-orgasms. She spread her lips wide and moved the tongue so that it could find her clit. After a few passes she found it for a moment, and that moment was absolutely delightful. The movie was actually good and kept turning her on, but this toy only brought fleeting bits of pleasure for her. She turned it off and walked back over to her dresser.

Pulling out the drawer she grabbed Thumper, the best thing in the world next to Landon’s cock. She pulled him out of his case and wiped him down, put a condom on top of him and lay back on the bed. She realized that this was the first time that she had ever pulled out Thumper without Landon around. Her newfound sexuality was only now allowing her to explore the possibility of masturbation, before it had seemed so dirty and wrong, but with Landon’s encouragement she felt like it was something that, while not ready to be celebrated yet, was not anything to be ashamed of.

She felt the tip of Thumper at her opening and slowly pushed him in. She took her time and eased him in slowly, letting her lips wrap themselves tightly around the phallus before she eased that much more into herself. Her mind started reeling the sensations felt so incredible. She writhed a bit on the bed, spreading her legs, her robe now a bunch on the floor, letting her fake man take her. After what seemed like an eternity the cock was fully immersed in Erin’s honey pot and she turned on the little rabbit ears and was transported to another world.

Time seemed to both stand still and fly by after this. For what seemed like an eternity and also like no time at all she let the toy bring her to orgasm after mind-shattering orgasm. She knew her screams were loud enough to wake the dead when she realized she was screaming, but it was the middle of the afternoon and no one in the building was home to hear anyway. The constant buzz brazzers against her clitoris, the grinding of the pearls at her opening, the twisting of the cock inside her, all combined to bring her shuttering down upon it over and over as she lost almost all track of the movie. Her vision would become spotty, and she would feel faint from time to time, but not anything that would make her want to stop this glorious feeling deep within her.

After quite awhile, the movie had ended and cut off even, Erin continued to lay there, her whole body feeling only what was between her legs, concentrating on that small part of her body. Her face contorted in pleasure, she could feel what she had been waiting for. Erin is a lucky girl; it does not take a lot for her to orgasm. She cums quite easily, and has a great number with Landon and her toys, but every now and then, she has a total melt-down orgasm. One that makes her entire body go numb, the ones that make her feel like she is going to die from an overdose of pleasure, these orgasms are few and far between. One was building now.

Erin let it come slowly, enjoying the feelings wash over as the crest came closer and closer. Then, with a start it washed over her, engulfing her body in spasms and screams of pleasure, if her vocal chords could create any sounds. Her body went numb, literally the only things in the world she could feel was her clit with its helper, the cock deep inside her and her inner walls contracting down on them. Otherwise the world was just a white noise.

The feeling left all too quickly, her breathing ragged as she noticed once again other parts of her body. She let her body come back down, and realized that her legs had been splayed high in the air and far apart, enjoying their feelings as well, apparently. She gently lowered them and cut the power to her purple best friend and took a deep breath with the phallus going dormant still deep within her. She enjoyed the afterglow for quite awhile, enjoying the feeling of fullness she still had within her and let her body regain control of itself.

Meanwhile, at Landon’s office, the poor boy was about to go crazy in his chair. He had told Erin in the letter that he wouldn’t be home until 6:00 sharp, and it was only now 4:00. The two hours could not go by fast enough. He could not wait to get home and see the sex crazed look in his wife’s eye, the outfit she would be wearing and the overall essence of her when she was in “Sex Goddess” mode, even though it sounded corny even to him. 4:01, well at least he was another minute closer to being home and seeing what had happened in the afternoon. He did his best not to let his mind wander, or else he would need to go to the bathroom and relieve himself even before he got home. He took a few deep cleansing breaths, and tried once again to focus on the paperwork that was laid out before him

Erin basked in bed for a little while before removing Thumper and cleaning him up. She was satiated for the moment, but she could feel her wetness still there, a constant reminder about the rest of the evening for her. She still had a little bit of time before she could read the rest of the letter, so she pulled an erotica book Landon had gotten her and read the exploits of other women discovering the sex goddess sides.

The stories were good, and her hand instinctively went down to her dripping self a few times, but she was more interested in reading the letter. Finally 4:30 flashed on the digital clock by their bed and Erin snatched the letter from the nightstand and started reading. The rest of the letter consisted of Landon instructing Erin on what to wear for their evening. He didn’t give any other details about their plans except that there would be a photo shoot, and that Erin would not be uncomfortable in anyway. She would feel loved and sexy and beautiful through the entire evening, and she would be paid for her time in wonderful, mind-numbing orgasms. Not like she hadn’t already felt that today Erin thought, but felt the shivers of anticipation run through her and set upon getting dressed for her man.

Landon had instructed her to wear a skirt and blouse, with a garter belt and stockings. There was no great surprise in that for Erin. Landon loved for Erin to wear skirts and especially stockings or tights, it seemingly drove him up a wall. Erin was just glad that he enjoyed seeing her in them and tried to wear them more often than she had in the past. She was not a great fan of them, but she did have to admit to herself that over time, when she wore stockings now she felt sexier, like there was a secret beneath her clothes. She had never worn stockings before Landon, only tights and pantyhose. Landon had laid giant hints about seeing her in some sometime when they first started dating and she did feel sexy when she wore them for him.

Otherwise, Landon was not too specific about what he wanted her to wear. She went into her closet and began to look at her selection. He had told her to wear some sexy lingerie underneath her clothes, but sikiş izle on a night like tonight that was a given for Erin. She looked at her closet for a few more moments and decided to ponder her wardrobe while putting her lotion on. She sat down on the couch in her sitting room, and massaged the new lotion into her skin. She had just bought it yesterday, and it felt divine, it almost sensual even.

She continued to think about what she was to wear as she rubbed the lotion in. As she finished she decided on what she would wear and Erin moved back into the closet. She pulled out the lingerie first and went to their toy box for something. She would wear the bra and garter belt that Landon had bought for her as a welcome home present from her trip overseas a few weeks back, but she would wear some different panties. The ones she got for the honeymoon, with the adjustable blocks on the back. She could spell what she wanted, and decided to be a little bit dirty for her lover tonight. He would see the message at some point in the evening, and she couldn’t wait for the surprise on his face to register.

She sat on the bed and slowly eased the silky black stockings onto her legs. The lace tops were pretty and she did think that she felt very sultry once she had them on and clipped to the garter belt. She stood and looked at herself in the mirror and felt good about the image staring back at her. She did feel wonderful and sexy and beautiful and was amazed that Landon had orchestrated this while being 25 miles away.

She moved back into the closet and selected the blue silk blouse and began to button it up on her slowly. The silk would feel wonderful this evening, and continue to drive her crazy more than likely. Her new black skirt glided easily over her hips and she tucked in the blouse. She knew with a photo shoot that Landon would want her to strip for him, so she decided the more clothes she had on the better. She pulled a light sweater vest out and pulled it on, and selected a new black blazer from the rack and slipped it on as well. This would give her plenty of clothes to discard throughout the shoot. She found her Coach heels and slipped her feet in and wandered off to the bathroom.

Landon was finally out of the office, on his way home to a night of great passion and delicious teasing with any luck. He still had a little time to kill, but he figured he’d fight the traffic now so that he wouldn’t have a chance to be late. He raced through the traffic, wondering what his wife had been doing to herself all afternoon, and his cock rapidly rose in his pants again. He let it press against his pants as he thought about his wife stripping on film for him later this evening, him taking pictures of it all, watching her sexuality just overtake her. Man, he couldn’t get home fast enough.

Erin applied the last little bit of lipstick and looked at herself again in the mirror. She looked very professional when her hair was up like this. Putting it up would give her another thing to be able to do for the camera later on. She felt herself gush just a bit again thinking about the fact that she would be on camera later on tonight. She had taken a good bit of time on her makeup, doing it as the person she bought her stuff from in the neighborhood said to. It looked great, even though there wasn’t much there. The makeup artist said she didn’t need a lot of makeup, just a little to accentuate her features. She didn’t usually wear lipstick, but tonight she would, she really wanted to see Landon’s cock bulge from his pants when he got a good look at her. She looked like a professional almost, but they would both know what was underneath.

Erin turned on her stereo and sat down with another book to try and take her mind off of Landon’s imminent arrival. He was only a few moments away, and her panties grew moist again with the thought of his cock slamming into her at some point this evening. She let a shiver run through and tried to concentrate on her book.

After a couple of chapters she heard the keys in the door, and she had a great urge to run and greet Landon, but decided to let him come to her. She simply crossed her legs, turned her page and called to him where she was at. Now it was payoff time, at least she hoped.

Erin could hear Landon’s footsteps as he approached her sitting room, she wanted to spread her legs and take him deep within her right then and there, but she knew he would make her wait and she was looking forward to it a bit as well. She had learned patience when it came to pleasure in the past few months. She used to want Landon’s cock so badly that she would get impatient demanding it, they joked that theirs was the only relationship where the man wanted the foreplay. But with the discovery of her sexual goddess self she had learned patience as well.

Landon came through the doorway and before he could say hello Erin could hear his breath catch in his throat. Her outfit had done what it was supposed to, and to tease him a bit more, she uncrossed and re-crossed her legs to make him even more in awe. Landon was finally able to squeak out a hello, and a few moments later had regained his composure almost entirely. He sat down in a chair across from Erin and inquired about her afternoon.

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