The Hypnotist

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My wife and I were living a pretty happy life together in our early 30s. Even after five years of marriage we had plenty to talk about, had lots of fun going out or staying in together, and still found time to have sex at least two or three times every week. We were both still fairly attractive and youthful for our age. Sure I had put on a few pounds, and sure we got into ruts as far as what to eat for dinner every night, or what to watch on TV. I would occasionally cook something basic for dinner, but overall on an average weekday we had settled into a sort of lazy and sedentary lifestyle of ordering pizza or chinese and watching Netflix.

If someone put a gun to my head and told me I absolutely had to complain about something, then I guess it would be that I wasn’t really getting blowjobs anymore. Not to completion like when we were still dating anyway. But at least oral was still frequently on the menu as foreplay, so I couldn’t really complain. A lot of guys in my position have to beg for sex, or so I’ve been told. Life was actually pretty good.

The one thing my wife and I both agreed needed to change was our smoking habits. When we first met, neither of us were heavy smokers, but social smoking while out at bars or parties with friends turned habitual after awhile. And even though neither of us typically had more than six or eight in a day (a bit more if drinking), quitting proved to be extremely difficult. Inevitably one of us would cheat, usually by bumming a smoke while out drinking, and a day later she or I would buy a pack and we would both go right back to our old ways.

It was my wife who first suggested we try a hypnotist to stop smoking. I had been hearing the amateurish radio ads for the local hypnotist, Dr. James Gregory, for several months and didn’t think anything of it. It seemed like a good way to lose money to me. But my wife read about him on some blog she reads, and found some reviews online swearing that Dr. Gregory had cured people of smoking and other addictions after just one session. She was pretty sure he was legit.

“What have we got to lose?” my wife pleaded.

“What does he charge? That much times two,” I said.

“Five hundred per person. But he does couples together for $750.”

“Think of how much fun we could have in Vegas with $750.”

“Think of how much money we will save not buying a pack of cigarettes every other day.”

She had a point. I agreed to let her make an appointment for the following Friday. When the time came, I picked my wife up from work, and we drove out to Dr. Gregory’s office in a nearby suburb. His office was inconspicuously located in a strip mall storefront. We entered the front door, and I was a bit surprised that there wasn’t any reception or waiting area, and that Dr. Gregory himself was at the door to greet us. Doctor of what? I wondered.

“Come on in, have a seat on the couch there,” he said.

We exchanged pleasantries and though I was beyond skeptical, I handed him a check for $750. Soon, without being too specific, he explained a little bit about his process and how his brand of hypnotism is by far the most successful of any in the the country. Normally all it takes is one session to fully quit smoking, though in some cases one or two followup sessions may be necessary in order to “tweak” the hypnosis cues, whatever that meant.

“Who would like to go first?” he asked, looking directly at me.

“I thought we were doing it as a couple?” my wife asked.

“Yes, but each person’s response to stimuli is different, so it really works best if we do it one-on-one. You’re both welcome to stay and observe each other, of course.”

I volunteered myself to go first. Dr. Gregory instructed me to relax, to breathe deeply, and to close my eyes until I was told to open them. He told me to imagine nothing, only blackness. Breathe in, breathe out. Some new agey music began playing. When I was told to open my eyes, I almost laughed. Dr. Gregory had some kind of gold wand he was moving up and down in front of me almost exactly like the “rubber pencil” trick we used to do in grade school. What kind of quackery was this?

“Focus on the wand. Observe its energy, spiralling around the room. Your energy is bonded to it. Feel your own energy spiral outward. Listen carefully to what I say.”

I admit that whatever he was doing with that wand was captivating, that I don’t think I could have looked away, nor did I want to.


Slowly he chanted these words, or words similar to this. I can’t exactly remember. But it went on for a couple of minutes before he announced it was over.


“And now your wife’s turn,” he said abruptly.

“That was it?” I was in disbelief. How could that have possibly accomplished anything?

“You were deep in a trance-like state of intense focus for somewhere around fifteen minutes. They say you only need ten, but I prefer a full fifteen.”

“You don’t remember altyazılı porno anything?” my wife chimed in. “You seemed awake.”

“Honestly, no.”

“Then I am confident that this will be successful. Shall we continue?” Dr. Gregory said, turning to my wife.

He performed a similar routine on her, with the breathing and the wand and the “I ME WE YOU HE” chants. Soon, she was staring blankly at nothing, seemingly in a trance.

“Speak to her. Try to break her concentration,” he told me.

“Honey, can you hear me?”


I waved my hand in front of her face, yet there was no response.

“Boo!” I screamed suddenly, but she didn’t even blink.

Dr. Gregory produced a small bell, and softly rang it for a few seconds.

“The sight of a lit cigarette,” he began, “reminds you of the pain and suffering of animals. The death of children. The smell of cigarette smoke is old cat litter full of piss and shit. The taste of the smoke is akin to rotten eggs and spoiled milk. You take no pleasure at all in smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes are vile, disgusting reminders of your own mortality.”

I squirmed as he said these things, aware of my own visceral, horrified reaction to his description of cigarettes. Certainly I felt no desire to smoke.

“This is going well,” Dr. Gregory said, turning to me. “While we have her in this susceptible state, is there anything else perhaps I could help her to do or to not do? Anything that might be to your benefit?”

“What do you mean?” I genuinely had no clue what he was talking about.

“Sometimes a gentleman has certain requests for his wife, an increased libido for example is quite popular.”

“You can do that?”

“For an extra fee of $500, yes.”

My gut reaction was to grab my wife and leave before this creep could do anything to her, but instead I sat and contemplated his offer. Frankly, I didn’t have any issues with my wife’s libido, but it would be nice to get a few more blowjobs now and then. But I didn’t want to have some magic word I could say that would turn her into an unresponsive sex doll.

“How would that work?” I asked. “You teach me how to put her in a trance, then I have my way with her?”

“No, nothing like that. It works just like smoking cessation therapy does. Only instead of being averse to certain behaviors that now have negative associations, I can associate positive reactions with any behavior of your choosing.”

“So let’s say I wanted her to go down on me more often.”

“A very common request, and very easy to do. Has she ever enjoyed it?”

“Yes, once upon a time.”

“Then I will teach her to naturally like it again, and to perform fellatio frequently and eagerly of her own volition.”

“But she will still be able to control herself right? I don’t want to take away her free will.”

“Yes and no,” Dr. Gregory hesitated, choosing his words carefully. “Just as she is now, she won’t ever be coerced into doing anything she doesn’t want to do. She can always choose whether she wants to do the certain act. But she will generally want to do it because it will bring her great pleasure. The pleasure part she can’t control.”

I thought about it for a minute. Was this unethical? Certainly it was unethical for Dr. Gregory, but was it for me? My wife used to love performing oral on me, and still did on occasion, just hardly ever to completion. If all the hypnotist was offering was to help her find joy in that activity again, then I was fully on board.

“That sounds like it would be worth $500 to me,” I said, once again taking my checkbook out of my pocket.


Dr. Gregory softly rang his bell again, indicating to my wife that he was addressing her again.

“Listen to me. Your mouth, your lips, your tongue, your throat. These are highly sensitive areas for you, and a strong reaction is formed whenever they make physical contact with your husband. This reaction manifests as extreme sexual pleasure at least as intense as vaginal or clitoral stimulation, and often even more so.”

This was strange, but interesting. I had assumed he was just going to tell her my dick tasted like candy or something.

“When you kiss your husband, it arouses you immensely and immediately. His tongue in your mouth is like the cunnilingus of your most skilled lover. His penis in your mouth is intercourse. You strongly desire his penis in your mouth because it causes intense and prolonged orgasms better than or equal to the best sex you have ever had.”

It was pretty shocking how graphic yet clinical it all sounded, but couldn’t help but be a little aroused by the possibility of it all. What if this actually works?

“My cum tastes like salted caramel ice cream,” I whispered into Dr. Gregory’s ear. He nodded. Why not go for gold?

“When your husband reaches orgasm and ejaculates into your mouth, his semen tastes sweet to you, and a little salty, but remarkably delicious. It tastes almost exactly like warm, melted mobil porno salted caramel ice cream. You crave the taste of your husband’s semen, and wish to drink it as often as you can.”

Did that go too far? Maybe. My wife was a sucker for anything with salted caramel. She even joked about putting some on my penis once. So I figured if she was going to start giving me head all the time, then she might like it if she got to have a little dessert at the end.

Abruptly, Dr. Gregory loudly clapped his hands together, and my wife sprang back to life.

“I do believe we are finished, and I don’t think either of you will be smoking ever again,” he said.

“How long was I out?” my wife asked.

“For about fifteen minutes, same as your husband. You did great.”

We thanked Dr. Gregory and then walked back to the car, befuddled by the experience we each just had.

“That was bizarre,” I said. “Do you think it worked?”

“I definitely don’t feel like smoking, do you?” my wife asked.

“Not at all. Hey let’s stop by the grocery store. I feel like making dinner tonight. I just need to pick up a few things for this asian noodle dish.”

Before pulling out of our parking spot, I gave my wife a quick kiss on the lips. A few seconds later I was shifting into reverse when she leaned in to give me a long, open mouthed kiss. Her tongue entered my mouth as we made out for several seconds.

“Let’s just go straight home instead,” she insisted.

“Okay!” I obliged.

She kissed me several more times on the way home, to the point where it was sort of distracting me as I drove. It was nice to see her acting so affectionately towards me, but I couldn’t yet be sure this had anything to do with the hypnosis. I grabbed her hand and rested it on her lap, trying to keep her calm until we got home. Suddenly my wife took a hold of my finger, pulled it into her mouth, and began sucking on it. She moaned softly as she pulled my finger in and out of her wet mouth.

“I can’t wait to have your dick in my mouth,” she said lustfully.

I raced toward home with an impossibly huge, throbbing boner in my lap, rolling through every stop sign and accelerating through every yellow light. We were on our street but still a couple blocks away from our garage when my wife unzipped my pants and released my cock from its cage. She stroked her hand up and down my penis a few times, which was by now lubed pretty heavily with my own precum. She brought her head down and started licking me.

“Mmmm, you taste so good,” she said.

She was absolutely going to town on my dick by the time I pulled into the garage, sucking me off as aggressively and deeply as she ever had. She moaned passionately as she did this, as if fucking my dick with her throat really might bring her to orgasm. The physical sensation of this event was getting to be too much for me. And it had been months, maybe years since I last came in my wife’s mouth, so I was beyond excited and ready to burst.

“I’m coming!” I announced.

My wife slid her mouth down on me as far as she could go. Her moans turned into a high pitched, almost squealing sound as I erupted ferociously into her throat. I was pretty sure she was climaxing at the same time as me. I felt her swallow two huge mouthfuls, then she slowly slid her mouth back up to the top of my penis, stopping at the tip to suck out whatever was left of my load like a straw.

“Holy shit,” I said.

“I don’t remember it tasting this good. What did you have for lunch today?” she asked.

“What did YOU have for lunch today?”

Thank you Dr. Gregory! I did not expect his “treatment” to work this well and this fast. I didn’t expect it to work at all. And come to think of it, even after we both just had intense orgasms, neither of us were reaching for a smoke. Instead my wife elected to start licking my dick again, seemingly not wanting to waste a single drop of the sweet cum that was still slowly oozing out.

“You know, I think I would still like to swing by the store,” I said, zipping my pants back up. “I think you’ll really like this dish.”

“Okay,” my wife said. “I think I’ll go in the house and lay down for a bit. Hurry back!”

I must have had the biggest smile on my face throughout my shopping trip as I carefully selected some fresh vegetables, noodles, and spices. My wife had done something to me that she hadn’t done since we first started dating years ago, and at that moment I was happier than I had been in years. I felt that I really had to reward her with a delicious home-cooked meal, and not the typical boring stuff that we always made.

After we ate our dinner, which turned out quite well, I washed all the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen while my wife watched a bit of TV. When I finished cleaning up everything, I joined her on the couch. Almost immediately she started kissing me, and before long she was full-blown making out with me with her hand all over my crotch.

“Can you believe I actually came while sex izle sucking your dick today?” she told me. “That has never happened to me before. I want to do it again.”

I took her shirt off and started playing with my wife’s tits as she undid my pants for the second time that day. As soon as my dick was out, my wife wrapped her lips around it, as if she needed it to breathe. I laid back on the couch to relax and enjoy the situation while my wife was completely devouring my cock, deeper and deeper, and moaning with each thrust.

After several minutes of this, I was more than ready to come. I was pretty sure my wife had already climaxed once or twice during her performance, so it seemed like it was safe for me to finish.

“You want me to come in your mouth again?” I asked.

“Yes,” my wife said, briefly coming up for air. “I can’t wait to swallow it again.”

She went right back to sucking, and almost immediately I filled her mouth with another batch of the good stuff. She smiled, delighted to have another mouthful of her new favorite dessert.

“That was awesome,” she said, plopping down on the couch with a smile on her face. She licked her lips and her fingers clean, almost overselling the fact that she loved the taste of my sperm.

Somehow energized by the whole experience, I decided to do something I hadn’t done in several years. I got my running shoes out from the back of my closet, put on some shorts, and went outside for a jog around the neighborhood. It gave me plenty of time to reflect on the situation. Certainly it was going well. In the three or four hours since leaving Dr. Gregory’s office, I had already gotten two spectacular blowjobs from my wife. And the best part was that she was actually initiating them, and enjoying every second. And my cum really did seem like a special treat for her.

Early the next day I woke up to a warm, wet sensation on my morning wood. My wife was actually waking me up with a blowjob! How often had I fantasized about this? She was enjoying it, too, moaning as her head bobbed up and down. I let her perform this way for a few minutes, then flipped her over onto the bed and started going down on her. I licked all around and inside her vagina, then focused solely on her clit while I slipped a finger inside her. Her pelvic thrusts and increasingly pronounced moaning told me she was into it, and building toward a climax.

“You’re gonna make me come,” she said.

Her moaning turned to joyful crying, letting me know she was having an orgasm. My face was soaked with her juice. When I was certain she was finished, I moved up to slide my rock hard dick inside her pussy. I really needed to fuck her. After a full day of blowjobs yesterday, I was ready to switch things up. At this moment I wanted nothing more than to come deep inside my wife’s tight, wet vagina. I entered her slowly, then gradually increased my thrust until I was fucking her as hard and deep as I could. She was sopping wet, but there was still enough pressure on me to feel really fucking good.

“I want you to come in my mouth,” she demanded.

Well okay, I guess that works too. I hadn’t came in her mouth after during sex since…who knows? I scooted up toward my wife’s face and and started jerking my own cock, a couple of inches above her wide open mouth.

“Please feed me your cum,” she begged.

As the shockwave of my orgasm ripped throughout my body, I emptied the contents of my balls all over my wife’s tongue and lips. She swallowed, licked her lips, then happily swallowed again, pulling me close so she could suck whatever was left directly out of my dick.

This was the third load down the hatch in the fifteen hours since hypnosis, for those of you keeping score at home. My wife seemingly fell back asleep with a smile and just a bit of a cum decorating face. I was feeling rather invigorated and decided to hop on our elliptical machine in the spare room for the first time in several weeks. I rode the machine good and hard for a solid twenty minutes, thinking about the good fortune we had in visiting Dr. Gregory. If I knew that it would work this well, what is the most I would have been willing to pay for his services? A thousand? Five thousand? So far it was worth every penny.

That night I baked a veggie lasagna for dinner, and after cleaning all the dishes I once again got head on the couch from my wife. Again it was fantastic, and again she swallowed every last drop of my semen. I left her to watch some reality TV as I went out for my evening run.

The next several months went on this way, with my wife blowing me at least once, sometimes twice each day. We couldn’t quite keep up with the pace set the first couple of days, but that was fine with me. My wife continued to have orgasms while she blew me, but only if she wanted to. Sometimes she did it just for my cum. We were still having sex two or three times each week, and each time of course my wife demanded I finish in her mouth. I frequently got head while driving. A couple of times we did it in a park. Once in a dressing room. Several times in bathrooms at bars. We were going at it like young adventurous couples do in their first few months of dating. I was completely satisfied sexually.

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