The Hitch Hiker


It was 2:00 AM and I was driving home. I’ve been out on the road better than two weeks. I’m a salesman and my week wasn’t very good. I had many rejections and my sales were down. Just wanted to get home and take a bottle of bourbon to bed and try to forget. The road didn’t make it easier. Pot holes and ruts made the car hard to handle and frayed my nerves even more.

Then I saw someone up ahead walking along the shoulder of the road. Strange I thought, as I got closer I slowed down wondering if this person needed my help. Pulling up beside him, I stopped and rolled down my window. “Are you ok?” I asked. The man was wearing a trench coat with felt brim hat and scarf wrapped around his neck. In a low voice “Can I have a lift, my car broke down back some ways?” I said “Sure”.

The stranger hopped into my car and we proceeded down the road. He said in a whisper “Radio”. I said,” Go ahead”. He proceeded to turn it on and began to search the stations. Interesting I thought I could smell perfume. Why would this man smell of perfume? I thought.

The sound of Buddy Guy came on and obviously the two of us like the same music. He settled porno izle in and took his scarf off. I was not paying too much attention because of the road being difficult. I had my eyes on the road and off came the hat and the coat too.

“Are you too warm?” I said

His voice responded in a low whisper. “Would you like to fuck me?”

I thought what the hell is going on here. I made a huge mistake picking this guy up.

I was about to hit the brakes and kick his ass out. When out of the corner of my eye I see in the dark the form of a women and she was completely naked.

“Would you like to fuck me? I’ll let you choke me if you like that kind of thing. I need you to be rough with me, I deserve it. Can you be rough?”

“Are you crazy?” Why would I want to hurt you?

“I have to be punished for what I’ve done. I’m a bad person, I’ve wrecked a lot of people’s lives. I need this… Can you be rough and fuck me?”

“Listen, whoever you are, I don’t mess with people who are nuts and sick in the head. Get out of the car and find someone else. You’re not going to find money if that’s what you’re doing. I’m porno broke and just want to get back home. “I said.

“What’s your name? My name is Thea. What’s yours?’ she said reaching with her hand to my shivering leg.

“Richard Nixon is my name. Now get out of the car” I said.

“Or you’ll hurt me and I told you that’s what I want from you. I think your angry with how your life is going and need to take your failures out on someone. Why not me? I promise I will keep our little secret. Nobody will ever know about what happened in this car tonight.” She said seductively.

I pulled the car over to side of the road and turned on the dome light. There she was a beautiful blonde with tits that hung on her chest like Michelangelo sculpted them. Perfect in every way she was.

I wanted her. I needed her. The perfume was making me dizzy and I absolutely was not thinking straight but all I could do was feel my lust for pleasure calling me.

“Get in the back!”

“I don’t think your man enough to do this Richard Nixon. I think you’re a sad little failure who can’t get it up, Richard!

“You bitch; I’m going to give rokettube you what you want!

I got out of the driver’s side door and went to her door, opened it and grabbed her scarf wrapping it around her neck. I pulled her into the back seat and tightened the scarf tighter.

“You can do better than this.” she gasped mocking me

I tied the end of the scarf to the door handle while pinning her down with my body weight. I unzipped my pants freeing my hard cock. It definitely wanted to punish this bitch. I was only giving her what she wanted.

“Hurt me, you bastard. Fuck me hard with that son of a bitchin big cock of yours. Make me cry and beg for forgiveness for all the pain I’ve cause. “

I thrusted my throbbing cock into her tight pussy and let all of my anger flow into her. She was gasping for air. So I slowed my pace and I could hear her moaning. She liked it. I could tell that she was reaching climax and I was too. We both came together. We laid together with me on top of her. Spent I managed to untie her and we held each other in silence.

I felt a sense of cleansing and release as I helped Thea back to the front seat. I helped her put her coat back on. She cuddled up close to me and put her head on my shoulder. I tenderly kissed her on those pouty lips.

“We should be back to hotel in less than an hour. Darling.”

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