The Group Ch. 01


The story you are about to read is entirely a work of fiction and fantasy. It is the first of many parts that will cover topics including erotic couplings, lesbian, non-consensual, group sex, swinging, incest, anal, bi-sexual male/female, and BDSM

If you are offended by stories containing sexual explicit material, do not read on.

PREFACE: I am a widower, my wife having died some years ago, I have 2 children the eldest, James, lives with his girlfriend, the younger one, Anna, well she’s still at home.

It all started one morning, feeling all lonely, and Anna having gone to stay over at one of her female friends, I was at a loose end, then the phone rang, it was James, he needed some help with moving some furniture around in his new house, so I though “at least it’ll get me out of here.”

So off I went over to help him, this took most of the day, that afternoon I asked them both if they wanted some company that evening, they said that they’d been invited out, first to the pub then onto a local night club, Ok I said, maybe another time, seeing how I looked a little disappointed, James’s girlfriend, Carol said, unless you want to join us at the pub, for a couple of hours, then we could go on to the club afterwards.

This sounded great to me, and James said it was ok by him, so off I went to shower and change and arranged to meet them in the pub.

I went to the pub, as arranged, and there was James with Carol, they introduced us to more of their friends, which made me feel a little awkward, as I did not know that they would be there, there I was a middle aged man, with all these youngsters in their 20’s.

I had couple of soft drinks, as I don’t drink and drive, then went to say goodbye and head for home, Carol asked me what I had planned for the rest of the evening, nothing really, I replied, oh good she said, can you drop us off at the nightclub, cheeky sod I though, but I was a soft touch, not only to her, but my own children, and I also thought that at least I’d know they Escort Sincan would be safe.

So everyone piled onto my car, once in town, they asked me to join them, to which I agreed, during the night, Carol told me that one of their friends though I was cool, I asked who? She said it was Tracy, now Tracy was 21, blonde hair, blue eyes and absolutely stunning, Carol did warn me however that she was a bit of a nymphomaniac, that was music to my ears, but it ran through my mind, what did she see in me?

Later as we left the club, most of them were a little the worse for wear, I had not been drinking at all, so was stone cold sober, and nearly wetting myself at their antics, as usual, Dad played taxi driver, and dropped everyone off home, everyone that is except Tracy, she whispered to me as we left the club, that she’d like to get to know me better, and as Carol had warned me what a nymph she was, I took that as a metaphor, for something else.

I was not wrong, once we got back to my place, no sooner had we closed the front door, then she was all over me, we eventually made it to the bedroom, leaving a long trail of clothes from the front door, once there, I laid her on the bed and took a good look at her, she was even more stunning without her clothes, I just dropped onto the bed, and started to kiss her, she responded back, and we were locked in a lustful kiss that seemed to last for ages.

I was hard, rock hard, all I wanted to do was screw her into the middle of next week, but I also wanted to make it a night for her to remember.

So being a considerate lover, I kissed her neck took her breasts one in each hand and caressed them both, pausing only to tweak her nipples to full erection, she moaned at this, so I knew she liked it, I then took one nipple then the other in my mouth, sucking gently, the response was the same, a long slow moan, I moved on down across her belly, kissing it all the time, down to her cute blonde haired pussy, now I prefer women to be totally Sincan Escort shaved, as it makes going down on them more pleasurable for me, but in had to have this beautiful pussy on my mouth, I could smell her pussy, it was intoxicating, I place my tongue on it, and started to part her lips with it, no sooner did I find her clit, then she came in my mouth, bucking and screaming.

She was hot and ready for some cock, and as I was the only one there, I had to oblige her, but she had other idea’s, she got off the bed and pushed be onto it, then she clamped her lips round my now aching tool and began to lick and suck it, it was wonderful, I told her that I wouldn’t last long, she replied we’ll see about that, I want you to cum in my mouth, then I’ll get you hard again and you can have my pussy, that sounded fair enough to me, and she went back to sucking me.

It didn’t last long, and I warned her that I was about to cum (as not all women like the taste), she sucked me harder, and I blew my nuts in her mouth, she swallowed most of it, with just a small trickle coming out of her mouth.

We both rested for a while, and I asked her if she ever shaved her pussy, she replied that she shaved the sides, for when she wore a bathing costume, but that was all,

So you’ve never thought of shaving it all?

I’ve thought about it, but was afraid that I might cut myself,

Well I’ll do it for you if you want?

Mmmmmmmm came the reply, sounds nice,

Ok, I’ll get the stuff, and off I went to the bathroom.

Back I came, razor, bowl of water, shaving gel, face cloth, and towel, by now my cock was starting to stir, as it always did, when I shaved a woman’s pussy, by the time I’d finished, my cock was rock hard again, but I had to check my handiwork, as I always did, with my tongue

Mmmmmmmmmm smooth as silk I said,

And so sensitive came the reply

I carried on licking and sucking her pussy, which I know was appreciated by the moans and groans coming from Sincan Escort Bayan her mouth, she then said for god’s sake fuck me, I need your hard cock all the way inside me.

I needed no more encouragement and moved into position, guiding my cock to her entrance, I applied a little pressure, and it started to slide in, Tracy gasped and winced, so I stopped and asked her if I was hurting her, it’s just a bit larger than I expected, but I’m ok with it, I slowly pushed a bit further, and then withdrew, soon she had all my cock inside her.

God I feel so full,

And you’re so tight as well

I started to move in and out of her pussy, all the time she was moaning and breathing hard, I knew she was gonna cum real soon, and so was I for that matter.

We fucked for the next 10 minutes, and every time either Tracy or I was about to come, I stopped and let it subside for a bit, to prolong the experience, eventually I couldn’t hold back any longer and neither could she.

Oh god I’m cumming again

So am I Tracy, so am I?

With that we both came in unison, after we’d finished, we lay there side by side

Carol was right


She told me that men were different to women

Well duh, of course we are

No I means, having sex with a man is very different

Huh, you mean this was your fist time with a man

Yes, didn’t you know?


I thought Carol had told you in the club, when I saw you both whispering

She just told me you fancied me, and when you said you’d “like to get to know me better,” but I didn’t know you were a virgin.

Well I was, more to the point I was a card carrying lesbian, until tonight, I’ve never really fancied men until Carol said I should try one, just the once, to see if I liked it


I do like it, so now I suppose I could be classed as bisexual

You could

Don’t get me wrong, I still love women, but now I love men as well

I’m ok with that, nothing wrong with bisexuals at all

I’m so glad to hear

We both lay there, cuddled up in each other’s arms, until we fell asleep

To be continued…

Feedback on this my very first submission would be greatly appreciated, if I receive enough, I will post what I have written so far…

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