Big Dick

I saw a picture on
of a small cabin secluded on top of a mountain that was made entirely of glass. The web site guarenteed that you would see no one else for miles and would have complete privacy during your stay.

I often find myself fantasizing about AJ and I taking a trip to that little glass cabin and bringing a third to join us for a weekend of uninhibited sex. We would spend the entire trip of not worrying about anything except pleasing each other.

I would find the perfect guy to join us, a smaller build bi-sexual guy that was more into guys then not, but didn’t mind playing with us both. Clean shaven, hot – just the type that made AJ go crazy to play.

In my fantasy on the drive up we talked about all of the dirty things that we were going to do when we arrived. Clothing was not allowed once we checked in and there were to be no rules except that you had to let yourself go and try it all. We were all excited as we drove up the mountain – I could see AJ’s dick getting hard as we got closer to our love nest.

The picture on the website didn’t do our cabin justice. Keeping true to our word, we all immediately felt the rush of freedom from our daily lives and tore off our clothes.

Our third was the perfect fit for us. He already was kissing on AJ and pushing him toward the huge king size bed in the middle of the room. AJ fell onto his back on the soft mattress and found our bi lover rokettube on top of him, kissing him hard. He told him how he couldn’t wait to have him, and that his cock was going to love feeling his tight ass beneth him.

AJ looked at me and smiled, both of us knowing that we were in for a great trip. I sat on the small couch facing the bed just watching as our boy toy laid on top of AJ and their hard dicks rubbed against each other as they grew more passionate in their kissing. AJ couldn’t help but grab it and stroke all of his 8 inches. It was thick and long, everything a true fag would want. I told AJ that I wanted to see him loose himself for the weekend and be completely gay. I wanted him to forget for awhile that I was watching. I wanted to know how he would act if he could pretend that he was alone and 100% gay.

AJ quickly adapted and I watched in amazement as they pleasured each other. They kissed and whispered their wants and needs to each other. It didn’t take long before AJ had his gay lover on his back with his legs far in the air begging for AJ to enter his man pussy.

AJ found it fun to tease his little faggot, taking the head of his rock hard dick and rubbing it all over his juicy hole. He would stick it in just a little and make his lover beg for more. Once AJ slipped it in completely, he laid on top of his fuck and kissed him hard while telling him he loved being a fag with him.

AJ asyalı porno went slow, never breaking eye contact with our third, and just as promised, he was soon facedown on the bed while being mounted and fucked from behind. He took his whole cock right away, like his ass was waiting to swallow him in. He moaned and begged for more as his lover fucked him gently then faster as he couldn’t hold back anymore.

The two fucked for hours, as if they couldn’t get enough of each others cocks. I was intranced and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them.

I must have made myself cumm just as many times as they did. They shot it everywhere and didn’t waste a drop. They fucked on the bridge to the outdoor shower, in the shower and outside on the grass. It wasnt until a few hours in that I caught something out of the corner of my eye and I turned to see a shadow dodging back behind a tree off in the distance.

I alerted the boys that we weren’t alone after all and that someone else was enjoying their show. This turned my husband and his fag boy on even more and they made love louder and more intensely for our unexpected guest. AJ talked in detail about what his lovers cock felt like inside him and he was begging for more cock to join in the fun.

I turned to our spectator and motioned for him to come out from behind the tree that he was using as his cover. His pants were down around azeri porno his knees and his cock was even larger then the one in bed with AJ. He was the property care taker, and if he was that into watching, I sure as hell was hoping he would join.

He abided my request and came inside. I ordered him onto the bed and scolded him for not joining the fun sooner. AJ and his boyfriend immediately began pleasing his dick like it was a new toy. Taking turns sucking, licking and kissing their new friend, knowing it was his first time exploring with the same sex.

The boys made him their sexual playground for the rest of the night. They spared him no mercy and his virgin ass was soon being abused over and over. They forced him to eat their hot cumm again and again and enjoyed kissing his soft straight lips and making me him moan for more.

As the sun came up on our glass cabin, and I saw the three of them finally grow weak from their night of love making, I climbed in bed and fell asleep in the middle of the three hotest dick lovers I had ever seen.

AJ was smiling in his sleep from ear to ear – he had finally experienced what having a boyfriend would be like. I would tell him when his eyes opened that he could keep him if he wanted and ask him to join our family. I knew after that night he would only crave men more then he had before. He was falling in love with our third, and I was happy to welcome him in to our home and bed.

My fantasy created a gay monster – and I couldn’t wait to wake up to see it all over again.

I wish I could live this fantasy – anyone want to come on a trip?

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