The Evacuee chapter 4


Although the girls had not mentioned it, a few days later they were booked to go on a coach outing with other girls from their school which meant they would be away overnight. David was obviously disappointed at missing the girls for a couple of days, especially as although the night following their exploits in the woods they had chatted, they hadn’t yet repeated the experience either in bed or back in the woods. Kate, however, promised him they would do something as soon as they came back.
The girls left quite early on the Thursday morning which left David and Mrs. Ellis alone in the house. Since his relationship with the girls David had given no thought to Mrs. Ellis herself, but Mary had certainly given a thought to David! In fact the next couple of days would prove the ideal opportunity to put her plan into action…
David had agreed to help Mrs. Ellis in the garden that day, and luckily the sun shone brightly. There was quite a bit of work to do in tidying up and the pair of them went to it with a will. David was a good worker, which pleased Mary, but she hoped he wouldn’t be paying all his attention to the garden that day. She had specifically chosen the outfit to garden in which, although obviously suitable for gardening, was perhaps a bit more daring then she would normally wear.
She had her hair tied up in a turban as was the fashion, and was wearing a pale blue cotton blouse which she had tied under her bust, exposing her tanned midriff. She wore a pair of matching shorts which she carefully rolled up, exposing as much of her tanned legs as possible, and catching sight of herself in the mirror as she left the bedroom she had to confess she did look rather sexy, although perhaps a little too tarty for the garden! She felt sure David would not object…
Mrs. Ellis’s appearance had naturally struck David as soon as she stepped out into the garden, where he had already been working. He tried to keep his concentration but found it very difficult as Mrs. Ellis kept bending over where she was weeding in the vegetable plot. If she faced away from him, her backside was stuck provocatively up in the air, and if she was facing him, he could stare right down her blouse where her breasts were swinging happily underneath their blouse.
Meanwhile Mary herself was only too aware of the effect she was having on David and smiled to myself as she caught him staring at her out of the corner of her eye. In fact she was getting quite aroused herself with the heat and David’s attention.
Mary checked her watch and noticed it was nearly 1.00. She stood up and stretched, carefully thrusting her breasts outwards towards where David was nestled in the flowerbeds. She stifled a grin at the look on his face.
“Time for lunch I think don’t you?” David stood up and agreed. He carefully stepped out of the flowerbeds onto the lawn and Mary reached out to take his hand to steady him. She then led him into the kitchen, and between them they fixed a large ham sandwich and a glass of lemonade each.
They sat on the freshly cut lawn to eat this, chatting happily as they did so and once they had finished David politely took the plates and glasses back into the kitchen. When he returned to the garden, Mrs. Ellis was stretched out on the lawn, obviously intending to sunbathe. She glanced up at him.
“I think we’ve done as much as we need to in the garden today don’t you? I thought perhaps we could take the afternoon off.”
“Sounds good to me!” David replied and settled down next to Mrs. Ellis. He tried not to stare at the perfect view he had of Mrs. Ellis’s breasts, convinced as he was that she had shifted the neckline of her blouse down to expose as much flesh as possible! Occasionally she would run her fingers along the cleavage, wiping away the sweat that was gathering there in the heat, and this making her breasts wobbled was starting to get to David. He was somewhat embarrassed to feel stirrings in his shorts and tried to think of other things.
“Gosh it’s hot isn’t it?” Mrs. Ellis suddenly exclaimed and, to David’s astonishment, casually untied her blouse and undid the buttons, allowing the two sides to fall away from her body, exposing her bra-clad breasts. “That’s better.” She quickly glanced across at David.
“You don’t mind do you? I’m not embarrassing you am I? It’s just so hot out here and it seems a shame to go inside and waste the sun.”
“No it’s fine.” David replied. He paused. “I thought I might take my shirt off actually.”
“I’m surprise you haven’t done so already. Don’t mind me! I’ve seen it all!” Mrs. Ellis grinned at him. I’m only going to take my shirt off, thought David but thinking nothing further he quickly sat up and pulled off his shirt over his head. He lay back again and closed his eyes, enjoying the heat of the sun on his chest.
It was now Mary’s turned to gaze at David. His chest was quite broad and well toned for a young lad, and she longed to run her hands up and down it, especially to the firm flat stomach. And who knows what lay beyond that? She giggled to herself mischievously. To her horror she realised she had giggled out loud and David turned to look at her with a puzzled expression.
“Sorry David… I was just thinking.” Mrs. Ellis bit her lip. David waited in case she decided to share the joke with her. Mary looked up at him and wondered if she dare say what was on her mind.
“I was just thinking…when I said just now “I’ve seen it all” you must have wondered what I was on about! I meant that I had seen boys chest before. Not that I had…you know… seen it all…” her voice trailed away and she realized she was making a complete idiot of herself.
“God I’m sorry David.” She heaved a sigh. “What must I sound like?” She turned to look up at David who was now resting on one elbow and staring down at her. She looked into his blue eyes and her heart melted. She had to have this boy. Luckily David said nothing and she raised her hand and gently stroked his cheek.
“I miss my Jack…” Mary whispered. The words hung in the air as David continued to gaze at Mrs. Ellis, his heart beating faster. He was of course inexperienced in the ways of older women but he recognized a look of pure lust when he saw it! He felt sure Mrs. Ellis was his for the taking…
“Of course you do…he did so much around the house and garden for you I’m sure. And other things…” David grinned at Mrs. Ellis, hoping he was not overstepping the mark.
“Yes…other things…” Mrs. Ellis turned to stare at the skies. David wondered if perhaps he had gone too far. Then she turned to look at him again.
“That’s why it’s nice to have a man around the place again.” She grinned up at him and once again stroked the side of his face.
“I’m always happy to help whenever I can, around the garden and in the house…” David purposely left the sentence hanging but grinned at Mrs. Ellis who was still smiling up at him and gently caressing his cheek. Surely all he had to do was lean down and kiss her. One little movement…
“You know this garden isn’t overlooked don’t you?” Mrs. Ellis said quietly. This was all the invitation David needed. He leant down and carefully kissed Mrs. Ellis on the lips. The kiss lasted for several seconds, before David pulled away again. He gazed into Mrs. Ellis’s eyes, and the expression said it all.
“God I want you so much David…” she whispered. He kissed her again, now knowing what the afternoon would bring. He carefully brought his left hand up to caress Mrs. Ellis’s tummy and he slowly slid upwards until he met the harsh material of her bra. He felt her right breast jiggling inside and moved his hand up and over the material until it was gently caressing the soft flesh of the breast itself. It felt wonderful and warm.
“That’s it David…nice and gentle.” Mrs. Ellis had pulled away and whispered to him before starting to kiss him again. Fatih Escort Then he felt her lips apart and he slid his tongue between them, searching for the soft wetness of her tongue. They now started to kiss quite passionately and David moved his body closer to her, almost climbing on top of her. As if sensing this, Mrs. Ellis slid her hands down and grasped hold of David’s hips pulling him onto her. He now didn’t care how or if they were overlooked as Mrs. Ellis parted her legs and allowed him to nestle between them.
They were still kissing and David could now feel Mrs. Ellis is large breasts crushed against his chest. The harshness of the thick material scraped against his skin and he felt his cock straining against the material of his shorts. Suddenly Mrs. Ellis pushed him up and he leant up on to his elbows gazing down at her. She had a startled expression on her face.
“David what on earth is that I can feel between my legs?” She grinned mischievously as she wiggled her hips up at him. His cock was now thrusting against the vee of her groin.
“That’s my cock Mrs. Ellis!” David grinned smugly at her.
“Is it all yours? It feels enormous!” David laughed.
“It was last time I looked!”
“Shall we go inside David? I think my big double bed is a bit more comfortable than this lawn don’t you?” David nodded and quickly climbed off Mrs. Ellis. He reached down and helped her to her feet and they quickly went into the kitchen, up the stairs and onto the landing. Mrs. Ellis quickly pushed open the large wooden door of her bedroom and dragged David inside.
He had only been in the bedroom a couple times and it was wonderfully bright in the sunshine. It was quite a sparse room, he noted, but very clean and the wooden furniture almost glowed in the sunlight. The room was dominated by a large wooden double bed.
Mrs. Ellis stood in the middle of the room, her blouse still hanging loose from her shoulders and stared at David.
“Have you done this before David? I mean have you…you know…been with a woman before?” David blushed.
“Not as such….” He bit his lip, being careful not to reveal what he had done with her daughters! “I’ve seen a girl naked and that. And I’ve played with her and she played with me…my girlfriend Beth that is…back in Southampton.” He added hastily. Mrs. Ellis grinned at him.
“Bet you’ve never actually fucked a woman before?” David was astonished at the language, which he had never heard Mrs. Ellis use before, but was secretly aroused by it.
“No I haven’t. I’ve never fucked a girl or anything.” He rolled the word around his mouth. He found himself excited just saying it himself. Mary grinned.
“So would like to fuck me now David? Here?” She pointed to the big double bed. David nodded dumbly.
“Yes please… if that’s all right?”
“Of course it is David…but there’s no need to be so polite!” David grinned sheepishly as Mary stepped forward and ran her fingers down his chest. He shivered at the contact and as Mrs. Ellis slid her fingers down onto his tummy she closed her eyes, enjoying for the first time for a long time the feel of a man’s body.
They kissed again, David automatically wrapping his hands around her and she slid her hands around him and started to stroke is back. Then she slid her hands down to his backside and squeezed the cheeks through the material of his shorts. They felt very firm and pert.
“I think we should get undressed don’t you?” She stepped back and quickly slipped off her top. David stared as she held his gaze, reaching behind her and unclipping her bra. She slowly eased each strap off before gently shrugging her shoulders, allowing her bra to fall away, revealing her large breasts. David gazed at them.
“Do you like them?” Mrs. Ellis teased. David swallowed hard.
“They’re fantastic Mrs. Ellis…” They were far bigger than any he had seen before and licked his lips. Without being asked he reached out and took each breast in his hand, feeling the weight as the soft flesh overflowed his hands. They were enormous! He looked up at Mrs. Ellis again who was grinning at him. He was like a boy in a sweet shop! She loved the feel of a man’s hands on her breasts again and her nipples rapidly hardened.
“Look what you’re doing to me David…” She glanced down at her breasts and David marvelled at the stiffening nipples. He expertly flicked his thumbs across them, as he had done for Beth, and Mrs. Ellis sighed appreciatively. Then he lifted each one in his hands and kissed them in turn, flicking his tongue across the nipples and gently nibbling at the firm stalks.
“Jesus, David that’s nice…” Mrs. Ellis gasped. Suddenly she pulled away and David glanced up at her.
“Let’s get undressed…I need to have that cock inside my cunt as quickly as possible!” Mrs. Ellis grinned mischievously at him. Her face was red and her eyes were sparkling. He had never seen an expression like it! Mrs. Ellis quickly unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down. To his amazement she hadn’t been wearing any panties! Her pubic area was bald and she obviously noticed his puzzled expression.
“Don’t worry David, I shaved it. Is the fashion now you know?” She casually reached down to her pussy and rubbed her fingers along the slit, pulling the lips apart. David gazed in wonderment. Mrs. Ellis was so wanton, so brazen he had to have her as soon as possible.
He quickly unbuckled his own shorts and pull them down, followed swiftly by his briefs and he stepped out of them as they fell to the ground. He looked up at Mrs. Ellis who was now gazing wraptly at his groin.
“Jesus, David – it’s fucking enormous! That is quite easily the biggest cock I’ve ever set eyes on.” She glanced up at him. “And I’ve seen a few believe me…” David smiled sheepishly as his cock swayed about in front of him, almost throbbing with desire for this woman. Suddenly Mrs. Ellis turned away and quickly clambered onto the bed. She made herself comfortable on the pillow as he stood at the foot of the bed and then staring at him she slowly spread her legs. Her pussy opened up before his gaze, the lips almost winking at him. Even from this distance he could see she was wet. He licked his lips again.
“Come on David…fuck me hard quickly!” David needed no second invitation and quickly scrambled onto the bed. This was of course his first time with a woman but he felt sure he knew what to do. Mrs. Ellis grabbed his shoulders and guided him down to her as he nestled between her legs and she suddenly felt the head of his cock nuzzling against the wet lips of her pussy.
“Are you ready for this David? You have to hang on tight because once I get going I can get pretty noisy!” Mrs. Ellis grinned up at him and he looked back nervously.
“I’ll do my best Mrs. Ellis…” Mary grinned. He loved the fact that he called her Mrs. Ellis. It made her feel motherly towards this young boy, which only seemed to heighten the arousal. She slid her hands down his back and took a firm grasp of the pert cheeks of his backside. He was smaller and tighter than Jack and she had been astonished at the size of his cock. At least wto inches longer than jacks! She hoped she could take it…
She took a breath, closed her eyes and widening her hips slightly she pulled at David’s hips so that the entire length of his massive cock slid into her in one swift movement. Jesus it was huge! She thought she was going to burst! She let out an involuntary grunt.
“Are you OK?” David whispered in her ear as he nuzzled the side of her neck in the pillow.
“I’m just fine David don’t you worry! Just beautiful…” she whispered back. She flexed the muscles of her pussy around David’s cock and heard him whimper. They were both ready…
“You can start now David…start fucking me!” Mary murmured in the boy’s ear. Obediently she felt his shaft slide out of her pussy and then Escort Bayan back in again, out then in, out then in. He started to get a good steady rhythm going and soon all that could be heard in the room was the slapping of this young boys body between her legs. His balls, she had noticed, were also quite large and these were banging against her groin. The whole effect was stunning…
“God this is nice David…this is really nice…” David did not reply but was breathing heavily in her ear as he continued to thrust in out of her. She knew she wasn’t far off coming.
“You’re going to make me come in a minute David you know that don’t you? You’re going to make a girl come by fucking her for the first time. How does that feel?”
“Lovely Mrs. Ellis…” David gasped and she smiled to herself. Still so polite. Mary desperately wanted to come at the same time as David. She could feel David was close by the way he was twitching and she knew there was one way guaranteed to bring her off quickly.
“I love being fucked David. I love having you on top of me and fucking me with your big cock. Do you like it?” Mrs. Ellis gasped. David wasn’t quite sure what to say.
“Yes I do…it’s brilliant…” he muttered.
“Say it for me David…” Mrs. Ellis whispered. “Tell me what you’re doing”
“I’m making love to you Mrs. Ellis…” David gasped, his orgasm rapidly approaching.
“No you’re not David…your fucking me…say it! Say it!” Mary was getting desperate now. She felt David hesitate hiss rhythm but then start again.
“I’m fucking you Mrs. Ellis I’m fucking you with my big cock” That was what she wanted!
“That’s it David! That’s it! that’s what you’re doing. You’re fucking my cunt with your huge cock. What are you doing?”
“I’m fucking your cunt…I’m sliding my big cock in and out of your wet cunt!” David guessed what was expected of him and started to use his imagination. “Your cunt is really tight around my cock and in a minute I’m going to spurt juice into you. But I’m not going to stop. When I finished I’m going to flip you on to all fours and fuck you from behind and then lay on my back and get you to fuck me on top so I can watch your tits bouncing about!” David surprised even himself at this and hoped he wasn’t assuming too much!
Mary, on the other hand, almost came in an instant. This was what she wanted! Suddenly she felt her orgasm building.
“I’m coming David! I’m coming! Fuck yes I’m coming! I can feel it… I can feel my cunt going to explode…YESSSSSS!” With an almost animal growl Mary felt her orgasm thunder through her and she wrapped her legs around David as he continued to thrust in out of her cunt. It seemed to last forever and she luxuriated in the stamina of this young boy as he continued to thrust his whole body against her. All too soon it started to subside and she collapsed back on to the bed. However David was still thrusting away…
“Almost Mrs. Ellis almost…” He muttered.
“That’s it David…” Mary cooed into his ear as she ran her hands through his hair and down his back to clutch at his backside. He felt her fingers slipping between the cheeks of his backside and to astonishment she started to rub her finger insistently against the opening.
“Do you like that David? Most men do…”
“Yes…yes that’s lovely!” David gasped.
“Come on David…come in me…come for me…” Suddenly she felt the young boy stiffen and the familiar squirt of juice shot into her cunt. David cried out as he came, his thrusting still not ceasing as he continued to pump more juice into her.
“Oh David that’s lovely! I can feel it! I can feel your huge cock pumping its juice into my waiting cunt! Oh yes that’s just wonderful!” Mary knew she was safe and it had been a long time since she had felt somebody coming inside her. It brought back fond memories and she felt complete once again.
David collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily and she ran his hands through his hair, gently stroking him. David stayed where he was, lying on top of Mary whilst the two of them recovered, enjoying the silence. All was quiet except for the birdsong coming in through the bedroom window.
“The girls aren’t back until tomorrow you know that don’t you?”
“Yes I know…” David replied. Mary smiled to herself.
“There’s a lot I can teach you David.” She whispered. He looked up at her with a broad grin on his face.
“That would be brilliant Mrs. Ellis!” She felt sure that David would be a willing learner. She glanced at the clock by her bedside and saw it was nearly 4.00.
“Shall we get something to eat?” The pair of them quickly got up before wrapping a towel round each of them and then venturing downstairs. Mary suggested they put together some cheese sandwiches and take them upstairs to eat, which David thought a great and somewhat daring idea.
Once back in the bedroom they dropped the towels and each sat cross legged on the bed munching at the sandwiches. They chatted generally about this and that, each skirting round what they both were thinking…what would happen over the next few hours. David was also trying to glance surreptitiously between Mrs Ellis’s legs!
Once they had finished the lemonade they had brought up they sat side by side leaning against the headboard, now quite relaxed in each other’s nudity. Mary idly stroked her hand up and down David’s leg and watched in fascination as his cock began to twitch once again. The stamina of young boys! She turned to him.
“Would you like me to suck your cock?” David’s eyes widened, and Mary smiled. “Don’t worry it’s quite common…men and women often use their tongues on each other…you know…down there…” David had never heard of this but thought it sounded fascinating and was more than happy to learn.
“You lay back and I’ll do you first if you like.” David quickly shuffled down the bed until he was laying full length, his head resting on the pillow. Mary lay down next to him and kissed him gently on the lips before working down his chin and on to his neck.
She stroked her hand down his chest, enjoying the firm taut muscles of his young body. She started to kiss down his chest, carefully twirling her tongue around his nipples which he seemed to enjoy. She continued kissing down his belly, giving him a quick peck on the naval before continuing her journey down.
He smelt wonderful. He smelt so young! She quickly put to the back of her mind the fact that he was only 15 and continued her journey, as her nose started to furrow through his soft curls. She slipped her hand down to cup his balls which lay swollen and plump in her hands. His balls were in proportion to his cock, quite enormous…almost the size of the plums they grew in the back garden.
His cock was now starting to stiffen and she gently sniffed at it, sensing her own scent on it, which aroused her even more. She carefully poked out her tongue and ran it along the full length of his cock, which brought forth a gasp from David. She glanced up and saw his eyes were closed and mouth half open. Time for her to get to work!
She ran her tongue to the very tip of his cock and carefully twirled it around the engorged head. Then carefully opening her mouth she slipped her lips over the top and just captured the head of his cock in her mouth, running her tongue along the slit. David grunted at this and she felt his balls twitching as she gently squeezed them.
Now his cock was in her mouth, she could appreciate the size of it compared to Jack’s, and she carefully slid her mouth down but could only get about half in. She didn’t want him to touch the back of her throat so she carefully started to slide her lips up and down the hot, salty shaft. She could now sense David breathing quite heavily and starting to twitch. Her left hand continued to gently squeeze and caress his balls as her head bobbed up and down on his cock. He knew he was close to coming istanbul Escort and longed to taste his young spunk. Suddenly he felt his hands on her head.
“I’m coming Mrs. Ellis…I’m…” He jerked his cock into her mouth, and using her hands she managed to stop him jamming it into her throat but then suddenly she felt the first spurt of his orgasm. A jet of semen shot into the back of her throat and she swallowed greedily, being careful not to choke. The second jerk seemed almost as fierce and once again she swallowed hard. Several more spurts followed, each time the volume lessening and Mary continued to swallow each one as young David jerked and writhed underneath her.
David felt he was on a different planet! It had been nice enough when she was running her tongue up and down his cock and caressing his balls. He thought she would stop at this but when he felt his cock disappearing into her mouth he could not believe it. He hoped he hadn’t come too quickly but the feelings were just sensational. He opened his eyes and lifted his head to gaze down at Mrs. Ellis. She was now lying between his legs, his cock grasped firmly in her hand. She was rubbing it gently against the side of her face and gazing up at him with a mischievous grin on her face.
“How was that David?”
“Brilliant…” He croaked, dropping his head back on the pillow again. Mary smiled to herself and gave his cock and gentle kiss again. He would miss this when it was gone!
She crawled back up the bed again and lay down next to David, carefully licking her lips. The taste of his sperm was so different from Jack’s…somehow cleaner and fresher. She turned to David, who was now gazing at her.
“Would you like me to do you now Mrs. Ellis? If you can tell me how to…” She nodded.
“Don’t worry I’ll give you a guided tour!” He smiled back at her and quickly shuffled down the bed. Mary spread her legs and David carefully positioned himself between them, leaning on his elbows and gazing between her thighs. She felt incredibly sexy and wanton at this young boy gazing at her most private place. She carefully slid her hand down between her legs and parted her lips. She was glad she had shaved freshly that morning – it felt so much sexier!
“These are my pussy lips David.” She ran her fingers down each side of her opening. “You can lick up and down these and the occasionally slip your tongue in if you like.” She peered down at David who was looking studiously between her legs and then he leaned forward. She closed her eyes at the first soft touch of her breath on her pussy and then she felt the tentative touch of his tongue on her lips.
“You can do it quite hard David…” she instructed and suddenly she felt the rasp of David’s tongue sliding up and down her lips. “That’s it…!” she gasped. She brought her hands up to caress her breasts as David continued to run his tongue up and down the lips of her pussy. Then she suddenly felt it slip into the opening and she gasped again. This was fantastic! Jack was quite good at this but the fact that David was more tentative made it far more exciting.
“Do you know where to find my clit David? My clitoris that is…” she wondered how much David knew. His head appeared between her legs.
“Is it just here Mrs. Ellis?” He brought his hand up and she felt a finger delving into the folds at the top of her pussy. She gazed back at him with a grin.
“Right first time David…” He grinned back and then his head disappeared between her legs once again. She let her head fall back and then David’s tongue rasp across her clitoris. She felt it unfolding from its hood and heard a gasp from David.
“Wow…” he whispered as Mary smiled to herself. He might have seen a clitoris before but he certainly wouldn’t have seen one as big as hers! She peered down as his eyes caught hers again. She saw him go bright red.
“Sorry Mrs. Ellis…it’s just that…well it’s big isn’t it?” He glanced down again.
“Just treat it like I did your cock David…that’ll be nice…” Suddenly she felt his lips wrap around her clitoris.
“That’s it David…that’s lovely…just use your tongue and then… JESUS CHRIST!!! FUCK YESSS!OH YESSSS….!” Suddenly Mary’s whole body seemed to explode as David hit the right spot, her clitoris almost disappearing into his mouth as he sucked on it. She grabbed his head and thrust her hips up at him, as her orgasm thundered through her, spasm after spasm of intense ecstasy coursing through her body.
David held on as best he could as Mrs. Ellis’s pussy was thrust into his face. All he had done was suck on her clitoris and she seemed to explode! He continued lapping at her pussy as she came, hoping it would help her.
He was fantastic! He actually kept lapping at her cunt as she was coming! Jack never did that – he was a bit squeamish about her pussy juices. She felt herself coming down and casually eased back on the bed, taking hold of David’s head and carefully lifting him up. She gazed down between her breasts where his bright red face stared back at her, slick with her pussy juices.
“Kiss me David…” she gasped and David quickly crawled up her body and they kissed wetly. She lapped her tongue over his face, licking her own juices from it and then sliding her tongue into his mouth they kissed again. She gave a little tremble. It was almost as if her orgasm was continuing.
“Got that was fantastic David…absolutely fantastic…” She whispered as once again David lay on top of her, his head cushioned by her breasts. She felt him kiss her lightly on the soft mound of flesh. Surely he didn’t want more? She glanced down at him and taking his face in her hands lifted it up to gaze at him.
“You know what I’m going to do tonight don’t you?” He raised his eyebrows. “I mean to let you fuck me again.” His face broke into a broad grin. “You’d like that wouldn’t you?”
“Yes please Mrs. Ellis!” He replied eagerly.
“I’m going to let you fuck me from behind, so you can play with my tits as you’re fucking me and then I’m going to climb on top of you and bounce up and down on your cock. You’ll like that because you can play with my tits while I’m fucking you!”
David would never forget that night as long as he lived.
They snuggled together and actually slept for an hour before he was woken up by Mrs. Ellis’s hand delving between his legs. She brought him to full hardness before straddling him and, as promised, bouncing up and down on his cock. She leaned forward so he could play with her breasts as she did this and the feeling of the soft, warm flesh in his hands was fantastic. She came twice as she did this, each time almost screaming as she came and then she quickly climbed off.
She turned on to all fours and stuck her backside towards him. It was a very inviting sight and he quickly got onto his knees behind her. He grabbed her hips and pulled had them back onto his cock which slid up to the hilt into her pussy. It was in this position that he came himself. The sound of his hips slapping against Mrs. Ellis’s backside and the feel of her enormous breasts overflowing his hands was too much for him. As for Mrs. Ellis, this was the final and the best orgasm…
“That’s it David…squeeze my tits! Squeeze them! Pinch the nipples! That’s it…I love that! Harder! Harder! God doesn’t that sound good? Doesn’t that sound so fucking good, your hips banging against my cunt! I’m nearly there now…a bit more…that’s it… Squeeze them! Oh fuck…YES! Oh FUCK my cunt is on fire. YESSS! YESSSS! SHIT YESSSSS!!!”
Mrs Ellis collapsed on to the bed and David was pulled down with her, her backside cushioning his hips as her fell on top of her, his cock trapped deep inside her. They lay like this for a few seconds before he carefully withdrew and knelt up.
David and Mary shared a bed that night but nothing else happened apart from a kiss and a cuddle the following morning. They were both too exhausted from the previous afternoon’s exertions. They didn’t speak about what had happened but both hoped that they would get an opportunity to repeat the experience.

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