The Erection


Author’s note:

Just one of my little vignettes, that occurred to me while lying in bed half-asleep one morning. Damn but I wish I could actually do this.

Enjoy 🙂


He awoke with an erection. Possibly, he awoke because of it. The first thing he was aware of, as he floated up into consciousness, was the pressure lying thick and hard across his hip, twisted sideways by the waistband of his pyjama pants.

He checked it was still night and he should still be asleep, then considered the thing sprouting from his hips.

It was not yet hard enough to throb or tingle but after a few minutes he realised it wasn’t going to go away by itself and he was going to have to do something to mollify it.

While he thought he stretched, gently, pushing his hands down towards his feet and willing his head up towards the headboard.

The erection approved of the warm tingling rush of satisfaction from his muscles, and flexed slightly, beginning to trickle its boldness into his bloodstream.

He rolled his head sideways. His girlfriend was still sound asleep, lying on her back, the bedclothes thrown down past her naked breasts in the warm night, the pale light in the room giving him a back-lit view of the gently curving swell of her breast capped with a flaccid mound of nipple.

The erection throbbed once, demandingly, urging him to be a man and take charge and take her fit, willing body and make it his by force.

He shifted in the bed, the movement just enough to pop the erection out from his Escort Etlik pyjama pants to spring up along his belly, a triumphant throb and rush of power rewarding its release.

Masturbation was no longer an option now, the future had become inevitable.

He cupped his hand, cradling the space inside it as he mentally poured in the energy, the desire and the lust now pouring out of his hot, hard and heavy cock.

Carefully rolling sideways, he held his hand above her nearest breast and tipped it, pouring the energy down. Her nipple, dimly outlined against the lighter square of the doorway, stiffened and rose. She murmured something in her sleep, a sound neither disturbed nor yet desirous.

He cupped his hand again, filled it again, the drain of energy not enough to be noticed by the demanding immediacy of the erection, and repeated the exercise with her other breast. By carefully propping himself on his elbow he could see it, the near slope just visible as an erotic curve, the nipple a black punctuation at its crest which, as he poured the energy into her, grew and threw a long shadow across her chest towards him.

She murmured again, this time a faint smile twisting her lips as she shifted in the bed, still asleep, her hands moving to clumsily push the bedclothes further down her body, exposing her panties.

His breath caught in his throat and the erection leapt, demanding to be used, to be driven, to have its destiny fulfilled.

He cupped both hands this time and filled them, picturing Etlik Escort the raging heat of the energy, the desire and lust. By tightening his abs and curling upright he managed to reach down to pour the energy onto the gentle mound in her panties, bringing his arms back just as she stretched, arched her back, opened her eyes and rolled onto her side, reaching for him, purring “Mmm, come here, lover.”

When she embraced him the erection pressed boiling hot and now throbbing against her flat belly as her breasts pressed into his chest.

She hummed her approval, still sleepy-vague, and rubbed her hips against it.

He began pushing his pyjama pants down his legs, kicking them off, and then peeled her panties off her hips as her arms roamed over his back and she started kissing his cheeks and neck, taking little nips at his skin.

She kicked off her panties and rolled onto her back, taking him with her, gravity now pressing the erection painfully tight into her pelvis.

She grinned up at his strangled gasp, grinding her hips underneath him as his head dropped to her neck, going further south to her ripe breasts and hard nipples, making her moan and move with less consciousness guidance and more instinctual urgency and need as he suckled and nibbled upon her.

The erection dropped between her parted thighs as his body slid lower down hers and she reached down, sliding her hand between them as he lifted up, seizing the erection in her cool fingers and, spreading her thighs wide, pressing Etlik Escort Bayan it against her already moist opening.

He thrust forwards, splitting her with a strangled gasp from both of them, finding resistance as the slippery at her entrance was used up, withdrawing and pushing forwards again, and again until he bottomed out inside her, making her arch up underneath him, her head rolling backwards and her arms reaching up to grab the end of the bed and hold on.

Her knees folded out and back and his folded up, trapping her thighs over his, holding her wide open as he began fucking her relentlessly, plunging in and out with all the force in his hips, taking her as the erection demanded, bulldozing from her entrance to her limit, a wet slap and the stinging impact of his balls marking every stroke.

His head dropped beside hers, his mouth finding her neck, as her arms strained to hold her in place, their bodies burning in unison as he made her his, dominating her until, as her cries grew to a peak, the triumphant erection exploded deep inside her and made her, finally, explode as well, screaming in his ear as he buried his cries in the flesh at the base of her neck.

They huddled, panting, tied together by his legs folding up hers, until he weakly pushed his legs back and raised up to pull out as she found some tissues by the side of the bed and pressed them against her to save the sheets.

He curled on his side against her, one leg over hers, one hand cradling her far breast affectionately, a faint smile lingering on her lips.

As she drifted back to sleep she knew exactly what the score was and what he had done to her, but as she had done exactly the same thing to him the night before, she didn’t see any way she could complain about it.

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