The Diary of a Sex Addict


So, I’m going to give you a run down on me as well as what has gone through my mind on a daily basis these past few years. I’ve never considered myself an overly sexual person. Sex has always been an okay thing for me but never just mind blowing with the inability to get enough of it. I’ve wanted, for lack of a better word, some men before and thought about them every now and then, but they were never mind consuming. I’ve never been super social, but rather more of a recluse. I am simple and easy to please and don’t ask for much, if anything at all. All I’ve ever wanted is to just be happy. There came a point where my life had hit a plateau that was not going to change one bit in any direction, or so I thought.

With the snap of a finger and blink of an eye my life changed drastically. That “Just want to be happy” had become the number one and a half on my priority list. Number one being my son of course. Why the half then?? Because I want happiness for him and I know that me being happy is part of that and it’s important enough to not be bumped down to number two. So, I decided that was that and I was going to make it happen and I made the changes required to do so. That’s the end of that pretty much.

Then you come along. Your smile has burned itself into my memory permanently. Soon enough I want to see more than just that smile on the other side of a piece of smudged glass. I’m now trying to find out your name and your story. The only thing I was able to find out would be that your first name is Rick, some call you “The Cat”, and that you’re a good man. Some time goes by and then it seems that around every corner I turn, there you are.

Who is this mysterious Rick and how can I get to know him? I tell myself that the only way to find anymore out would be to talk to you. Turns out that I had lost my game though. All wasted and shot down the damn drain. My ability to socialize with a person of interest and of the opposite sex had been ripped from me just as many other things had. If it wasn’t for you being the social butterfly with the brave patch on your uniform, I wouldn’t be telling you this very story.

Next thing I know, I’m in your bed. I don’t even know your middle name nor how to get to your house! Actually, I think I still have trouble remembering where you live even after all of this time! So, that sex “being an okay for me thing” changes instantly and turns into sex is amazing and addicting with you. Not to mention, beyond mind blowing and I now have the inability to be able to get enough of you. Who the hell would have thought? You even consume my thought’s night and day.

The sex has been off and on for the past couple years and it only gets better. I never would have imagined that would be possible. You have the capability to make me wet just by looking at me or touching me. I walk into work everyday and when I’m climbing those stairs and I see you, it’s on. That switch has been flipped again. I instantly begin to imagine the things I want to do to you or have you to do to me. A lot of the time that sticks with me the entire day and if you don’t come over that night, then I end up needing to get myself off just so I can have some relief.

I now completely understand why they have interventions or therapy for sex addicts. I admit I am way beyond the being able to be treated or cured stage. You can commit me to an institution and drug me out of my mind, but it won’t get rid of the desire and cravings I have for you. It has absolutely nothing to do with me hitting my prime and it has everything to do with you just being you.

So, back to the imagining part. I think about what it would be like to push you up against that piece of glass you are leaning on that has history articles in it, or Escort Ankara what the fuck ever it is because honestly I have no clue, and rip your god damn clothes off after I’ve sexted you and I know you are rock fucking hard. I’d drop to my knees and suck you off right there and not waste a single drop of your cum that tastes so damn good. Lord knows I do not like a wasted hard on nor a wasted opportunity to taste your cum. That is one among 50 million other things I think about.

Let me tell you about this week. I have been sexually frustrated the entire week. I see you 30 times a day and those 30 times make me want your tongue in my ass and dick in my soaking wet pussy even more. It’s been so bad that I’ve even thought about finding a hiding spot and getting myself off just so I can think clearly. I’m pretty sure that is not going to help matters though. The phrase of “Want it so bad you can taste it” is exactly the perfect phrase for not only you, but your cum as well and my want to have both.

Each time I see you my eyes are drawn to your dick that I know as well as the back of my hand, while you are sporting that sexy as fuck uniform. Then, my eyes find your beautiful eyes and then your lips that turn into a gorgeous smile. I can’t help but think that I’m one lucky chick to know what is under that uniform and what you are capable of doing. Next I’m imagining me bent over the “washing machine car wash” belt with my skirt pulled up and your hard dick hanging out of the zipper of your pants ready to plunge into me head first. I am thinking you are one fuckable man and I am the one getting to fuck you. Fucking awesome.

The one thing that keeps coming back to my mind is you lying in my bed completely naked, yes you even took your shirt off, and me straddling you with your hard dick deep inside me. I am riding you like it’s going to be my last chance ever. Sweat is running down between my swollen tits with my hair damp from the hard work of fucking away my built up sexual aggression for you and the inability to get enough of you.

You are sucking in air and saying, “Baby, baby easy you are gonna make me cum!”

I’m saying, “I know and I’m sorry I just have to do this baby so please don’t make me stop and please cum in me!”

I’m riding you and riding you and you say, “I’m gonna cum baby, I’m gonna cum!!” At that very moment I can feel your dick pulsing and filling me with your cum. Afterwards, you say, “You fuckin brat I wasn’t ready to cum yet!”

Of course I say, “I’m sorry baby I just had to do it because it felt so god damn good!”

I feel fucking wonderful afterwards even though you’re the one that got off. I think it’s because it still felt amazing, but also the fact that I am capable of fucking you to the point of making you cum and I can completely control it when I’m straddling you and you’re pretty much helpless.

Next on my mind would be what I want to do to you the very next time you come over. You’ll sit down on my couch and pull out your phone and I will move to you and kiss your neck, undo your belt and then your shorts. My hand will find your dick that is beginning to get hard. I will lean over and take you in my mouth and soon enough you are hard as a rock. I’ll suck and lick for a few minutes and then I will pull my sweats off and climb on top of you.

Oh yeah, at this point you have put your phone down, because trust me I’d have to hurt you if you didn’t. I will sit on your dick, grind back and forth, while asking you what you want. Then, I’ll say, “Do you want another girl to fuck you like this while I watch or do you want me to fuck another guy like this while you watch?”

You choose the girl fucking you while I watch. So I begin to tell you about my scenario. Ankara Escort It goes like this. I am the one fucking you first while she watches and takes mental cliff notes on “How to fuck Rick Jennie style.” Then I climb off, pull her in for a kiss, push her pants down and whisper, “I am going to get her wet just for you baby!”

My fingers go deep inside her while my tongue finds her swollen nipple. Once I am satisfied with her wetness, which of course doesn’t compare to mine at all, I tell her to fuck you. She obeys and climbs on your dick. She lets out a gasp and I say, “it feels fucking amazing doesn’t it?”

She nods because she is unable to speak.

She starts moving her hips back and forth all while your eyes are focused on me. There it is again, that god damn look that fucks me up instantly and that only you are capable of giving. I sit down next to you and take your tongue in my mouth. You are plunging your tongue in and out just like I know you would be doing if it was in my ass.

She is fucking you harder and faster and I know you are on the verge of cuming, because I know my man. I tell her, “stop!” She does and she gets up. Then I tell her, “lay down on the couch and spread your legs” while I get on my knee’s right in front of her on the couch.

You don’t even have to be told what to do. Your tongue finds my wet pussy and swollen clit just as my tongue finds her wet pussy and swollen clit. I wonder how different she and I taste and remind myself to ask you later. Your tongue soon moves to my ass and begins to wet it in preparation for your dick. Once you have licked every single bit of me, you slowly push your dick into my ass. You know me so well, know to take it slow until that moment where my hands grab the back of your legs and pull you deeper into me. Then, you are fucking me just like I love it.

Meanwhile, my finger has slid into her wet pussy and my tongue is flicking across her clit careful to stay in the exact same spot with exactly the same motion of my tongue. I am curious if she likes her pussy licked the same way I like mine licked? I stop long enough to ask her, “does it feel good?” Before she answers me she is shoving my face back down into her pussy again. I am guessing that is a yes, I tell myself.

So, the thought also has crossed my mind about making her cum. Am I going to be able to do that? Just a few seconds later I feel her legs begin to shake and her breathing stops as her body stills. Her hands go to my head to ensure I don’t move. My tongue is still flicking across her beyond swollen clit and then she is cuming.

She is saying, “Oh my fucking god, oh my fucking god” over and over.

Once she has completely stilled and her hands fall from my head, I think to myself, “I just gave this girl multiple orgasms and got to find out if a woman’s cum tastes different from a man’s!” I mean I know everyone has their own taste and like I said, I love the taste of your cum, but there has to be some sort of a difference. Now, hers does taste different and it’s almost sweeter and there is not as much as when you cum, but nonetheless I am so fucking turned on knowing that I just made a woman cum and not only that, made her cum in my mouth while you watched.

So, all while that just happened, I am still being wonderfully fucked by you. As much as I hate to, I say to you, “baby stop and fuck her just like you fuck me!”

She is so sensitive from the orgasms that when you slide into her pussy she cums again. Jesus Christ this girl is more of a woman than me it seems!

I tell her, “look at me and tell me if want you him in your ass!”

She bites her lip and nods and then whispers, “Yes!”

You pull out of her and I lean in to wet her ass Ankara Escort Bayan for you. Then, I pull back and you slide into her slowly. I ask her, “have you ever been fucked in the ass before?”

She shakes her head and says, “No.”

I say, “Baby be gentle with her while you fuck away the purity of her ass just like you did to mine not so long ago!”

You say in return, “Jesus Christ baby that alone is gonna make me fucking cum, where do you want me to cum baby?!”

I ponder this because the original plan was for you to end it by cuming all over my face so that I could lick off what I could reach with my tongue, and taste you and her, all at the same time. I change the plan. I say, “Baby let her make the decision.” You moan at that and I ask her to tell us what she wants.

She says to you in a pleading voice, “Cum in me please, cum in me!”

I lean down to her and tell her, “That is exactly what I would have chosen too.”

You say, “Baby I’m gonna cum, look at me baby, look at me and know it is you that is consuming my mind right now and always will be!”

With that, you cum so hard and long. When you are done you quickly pull out of her, which is the opposite of what you would do with me. With me, you’d wait until you had to pull out because there was no other choice.

Next, you collapse on the floor and are trying to catch your breath. After a few moments of rest I say, “Okay, so you’ve both been given the chance to cum so what about me?”

She sits up and says, “How about we both make you cum, starting with me?”

I lie back and say, “Sounds like a brilliant plan!”

She pushes my legs up and apart as she starts at my ass and licks her way up to my soaking wet pussy. Then, her tongue finds my clit. I wonder how long it will take me to cum because it always seems like an eternity. She is flicking her tongue side to side on my clit just like I did to her.

I reach down and grab you, my energy drained man, and tell you, “come here baby.”

You do and then I grab your hand and take a couple of your fingers and slide them into my pussy. I let out the moan this time. I don’t know what it is about your tongue, fingers or dick, but they all feel so god damn amazing when they enter me. You are working your magic fingers inside me while she licks away.

After a while, my breathing is turning to panting and I know I am finally going to cum. I say, “Baby I need to cum, but I want you both to switch places so that I can cum in your mouth since I have only been able to give you that a couple of times!”

You switch and now your tongue is flicking stronger and bigger across my ready to explode clit. Her fingers enter me and with that I have one of the most amazing orgasms I have ever experienced. I’m pretty sure it was more like ten orgasms. Your tongue has moved down and you are licking me with a vengeance, trying to savor every drop of cum that has finally escaped from my body.

My body goes limp and you move from between my legs while she stands up and comes over to my face and leans down to kiss me. Then, she does the same to you as you lie down beside me and your hand rests on my stomach and it is moving along with the aftershocks of my orgasms. She turns and begins to gather her clothes and dress herself.

She whispers, “Goodbye.”

We say, “goodnight” as she lets herself out and closes the door behind her.

I turn to look at you and say, “Well now we won’t have that awkward moment of trying to figure out how to tell her that her job is done and she can go now!”

You laugh and pull me closer and whisper to me, “You’re one amazing woman.”

Then I say, “No baby it’s you that is amazing.”

With that we drift off to sleep in each other’s arms and into one of the best nights sleep we have had in a long time…

So, that is the end of one of my many scenarios and is one that I know will some day come true. Until then, I will just continue to enjoy the fact that I have you all to myself.

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