The Day Our Planets Aligned 05

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Three months ago Pam contacted the business where Peter worked (Peter being the subject of my previous posts) to tell him we were coming up and she was keen for them to get together. Unfortunately she learned that he had moved interstate.

Moreover, a ban on nude bathing at Alexandria Bay by Noosa Council being enforced by the police made it highly unlikely that the chance circumstance which led to the Peter liaison would ever arise again. In short, the beach was now off limits for us nudists.

This disappointed her and in the interests of keeping her sexual desire satisfied I suggested that we start looking elsewhere for another excitement machine in the form of a guy with a big cock. After all I enjoyed it almost as much as she so why not?

Again the problem was going to be locating a man with the right cock size to completely satisfy her. She was not interested in a fuck for fuck’s sake. I could satisfy that need, She needed the excitement of another man with a bigger cock.

Before Peter came along we used to fantasise about other men fucking her. Her boss, her doctor, the tour guide in Europe and others. I once asked her if she would like a black man and she said she very much would. From then on, a black man became the centre of our fantasies.

She would occasionally dream of being fucked and we would talk about it the next day and before sex the next time.

One morning she told me about a dream involving a black man.

Apparently I was away interstate and she was in bed reading when a naked black man walked into the room with a rock hard erection. He got into bed, raised her nightie above her breasts, removed her pants and separated her legs. She put her hands down and parted the lips of her cunt to accommodate the large head of his cock and he drove it in. When he came she woke and was very wet. In the split second before she realised it was a dream, she assumed the wetness was his cum.

Her nightie was up, her pants off and her legs apart. She obviously did this during her dream.

Her dream was so realistic she wanted to use this as a fantasy from then on. That was until Peter came along. Our foreplay and talk during sex thereafter moved to the description of her real sex with Peter.

One summer night the kids were with their grandparents so we decided to go out on the town. We went up to King’s Cross (commonly known as ‘the Cross’) and I suggested we go to a male strip club for some sexual stimulation. I said there might be a possibility for her to have sex with a stripper. Male strippers usually have good cock size and are physically attractive generally. We had no idea how we could arrange a liaison but it was worth a try.

It was Friday night and we attended the 8:00pm show. There were only about twenty people in the audience including us. The theatre could hold up to about one hundred but usually were not crowded until later in the night.

The public area was fairly dark but the stage was well lit. Most were in the front rows but there were three young ladies across the aisle from us towards the back of the theatre, most likely on a hen’s night out.

The early acts were not anything special, good bodies but only down to G strings so only a guess as to erect cock size.

Then the announcer introduced “From the USA – Leroy Adams,” and a ripped Afro-American danced out with nothing on but a loincloth teasing the audience with an occasional flip of the front cover to reveal very ample genitalia. As an additional tease the head of his cock was permanently visible below the cloth.

After dancing on the stage for some time he danced down the aisle where the young ladies were sitting, kneeled on the empty chairs in front of them and lifted the loincloth for them. They giggled with embarrassment and covered their eyes as if to say don’t do this to us but we like it!

He then looked over at Escort Ankara us, came over and performed the same routine. He said to Pam “this is what you came for babe have a closer look.” His cock was very close to her face. “Do you like it?” “Beautiful, it’s very big,” she replied, “But I’d rather feel it between my legs than look at it” and cupped his balls with her left hand , took the flaccid cock in her right hand and slipped the head into her mouth for a split second. Due to the dimly lit public section few, other than the ladies opposite, would have been aware what she had done. They were, and had another giggle.

To our surprise he leant over and said “If you want me to fuck you let’s meet at the front door when I knock off at 11:00pm.”

“I’ll be there” she replied.

As he danced away I asked Pam what she thought and she replied “He certainly ticked all the boxes and what’s more he’s black. You know how much I have yearned for a big black cock, would you be willing to let him fuck me?” She sort of knew what my response would be but felt it was proper to ask nonetheless.

“Definitely” I replied, “To watch a big black slippery cock sliding into your wide wet cunt would be a massive turn on for me – let’s do it!”

We hoped he was genuine because we didn’t want to wait around for an hour or so if he didn’t show. But true to his word he came out at just after 11:00, walked straight up to Pam squeezed her buttocks and said “Hi Babe are you wearing a G string or are you naked under that dress?” She replied “Naked just for you handsome.” She had arrived wearing a lightweight skimpy summer dress without bra which was the way she preferred to dress when the prospect of a fuck might arise. She had removed her pants and tucked them into her handbag on a visit to the bathroom in anticipation of Leroy coming good on his promise.

Pam asked him why he propositioned her so readily with her partner sitting by her side in the theatre. He said that he observed her legs involuntarily spread apart when she took his cock in her mouth. He felt that it was giveaway body language. She was white and blonde and looked incredibly sexy. Worth the risk of rejection!

Leroy said he lived in a bed sitter a few blocks way and we should grab a taxi and go to his pad if she agreed. He asked her about me and she said “He will have to come too. We discussed it after you propositioned me and he left the decision entirely to me. He’s my husband but he is comfortable with me having sex with another under certain conditions, one of which is that he must be present. In other words he’s a more than willing cuckold.”

As we moved along in the cab Leroy slipped his hand up under her dress and played with her clit. She responded by slipping her hand down his tracksuit pants and fondled his cock. He whispered to her “I like what I can feel baby” and she replied “Not as much as I like the feel of your big cock!”

She turned to me and whispered “His cock is huge, I don’t know whether I’ll be able to take it all, he’s bigger than Peter.” (Peter was her nude beach man)

His flat comprised a kitchenette, double bed, couch and bathroom. After arriving we all sat on the side of his bed and I explained our background, in particular, how she had only ever been fucked by me and, not so long ago, her very first encounter with another man on a nude beach. How we were both now enjoying the experience of a third party after fantasising about it for a long time and how much we wanted a bbc to fuck her.

He said “You have found the right guy.” He explained that he would only be in Sydney for another month while his holiday visa was current.

With that he retired to the bathroom moments later emerging fully naked. He looked fantastic. Not a tall man, probably 5’10 and 170-180 pounds but very taught and fit looking. If anything his cock looked a little too Ankara Escort big for his body size. I felt this would suit Pam’s petite body, after all she was more interested in the size of his cock and the overall package looked ideal for her. I couldn’t wait for what I was about to witness!

He walked over to Pam, stood her up and lifted her dress over her head to reveal her fully naked body. In the moment she looked gorgeous – hard breasts, erect nipples and fully shaven pubic region. The black and white contrast in real life looked extremely sexy. They embraced and his cock pressed against her tummy, she kissed his very smooth upper body and squeezed his buttocks .She took his cock in her hand and worked it to full erection. She said “Leroy you are the personification of my longstanding fantasies and dreams and I can’t wait to feel your cock sliding into me.”

He sat her down, her legs dangling over the side of the bed. He fondled her breasts and gently pulled her face onto his cock. She stroked and sucked it and licked his balls. He was so big that she had both hands on his shaft (not overlapping) and there was still two inches of his cock for her to suck!

He eased her torso onto the bed, her legs dangling over the side and kneeled down. She spread her legs wide and he licked her clitoris and finger fucked her. Her sexual excitement was like never before!

The foreplay went on for 10 minutes or so until she became frantic for him to enter her. “Please Leroy, slide it in now and give me all that I’ve yearned for.”

I took his cock in my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. The precum oozed and I worked the very wet head on her cunt for a few seconds. She was extremely wet and very wide and I knew that this big cock was going to slip in with little resistance. I was so sexually aroused by what was unfolding that I couldn’t help but ask him how big he was and was not surprised to hear him say 9 inches. This was to be the biggest and deepest fuck of her life.

It took two gentle thrusts of his glistening wet black cock to glide it in and she immediately went into a state of sexual bliss. “My god Leroy your cock feels beautiful inside me, better than anything I’ve ever experienced.”

As things turned out she could almost take the lot. There would have been no more than an inch of shaft visible at any time on his upward thrusts. When she was on her back with legs up on his shoulders he got it all in. I remember him asking her if he was hurting her and she shook her head and said “Keep going as deep as you can, I love it.”

I watched with envy and sexual excitement as they went through various positions for what was at least 20 minutes. Sometimes he worked it hard and fast, at other times slow and sensual. She was in ecstasy, groaning with pleasure and periodically saying “Fuck me, fuck me, don’t ever stop.”

As he approached orgasm he pulled out and came all over her. The first spurt hit her on the chin and the following spurts covered her breasts and tummy. With a tone of disappointment as she ran her fingers down over her tummy and fingered his semen into her cunt she said “I wanted you to cum inside me Leroy.” He apologised and explained that he intended to and puilled out to settle it down but left it too late and couldn’t hold back.. “I can’t cum again now but if you want to wait until the morning after we have slept I would love to go all the way and give you a full load where you want it.”

Pam turned to me for approval. It was well after midnight and we had little hope of getting public transport home. As next day was a Saturday I nodded in agreement.

We decided that I would sleep on the couch and Leroy and Pam in the bed. Unusual but very sexy. She had never slept with anyone but me.

Leroy asked Pam whether they could shower together, she looked at me and I said “This is a once in a lifetime Ankara Escort Bayan experience, you should go where the urge takes you.” She needed no further encouragement.

Pam emerged from the bathroom first, came over to me and kissed my forehead saying “Thanks for letting me do that.” I asked her how it went and she said “If taking his big cock is 11 out of 10, showering with him is 9. We massaged each other with our soapy hands and I lost count of the times he slipped his fingers up my cunt. Likewise I spent much of my time stroking his beautiful cock.”

After the shower Leroy and Pam got into bed. It was a warm night and they had no covers on. They were both on their side with Leroy behind. He was semi erect and slipped his cock between her legs. She took hold of it , eased the head into her cunt and they drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke to see Leroy on his back still asleep but with an erection. Pam was awake, smiled at me and pointed to his erection. She got onto her knees, and went down on him, sucking his cock and stroking his balls. Leroy woke and slipped his finger in her wet cunt. She then mounted him and sat on his cock. Again, the whole shaft was inserted. She moved up and down in a state of ecstacy. I could sense that she was going to take a big load when he eventually climaxed.

Leroy rolled her onto her back and started to fuck her hard. She knew that he was not far off coming and told him that she wanted her legs over his shoulders so he had his whole cock inside when he came. “This way I’ll feel your semen spurting inside me when you come.”

He came in a big way and Pam loved every second of it. She said “You did it Leroy, and I felt you come, just as I had hoped.”

I watched with pleasure as his big cock emerged covered in semen.

They rolled onto their backs, Pam pushing his leaking semen back into her cunt and saying “I wish I could bottle this and use it as lubricant for Robert’s cock to remind me of our sex.”

As we headed home I asked whether her fantasy with a black man had been completely fulfilled. She said it was unbelievably beautiful to have a big black cock ejaculating inside her and she was so proud of the fact that she could take his full 9 inches and completely satisfy him. She said the feeling of his balls against the lips of her cunt as he came was unbelievably beautiful. She loved showering and sleeping with him. She loved being fucked on a bed rather than on a towel on the sand and welcomed not having to worry about being interrupted by early arrivals as she had been at our nude beach.

Because I believed that this would be a one and only experience for us I filmed the most sensual parts on my camera, the initial insertion of his huge shiny wet cock, his premature ejaculation, her pushing it from her tummy into her cunt and his final withdrawal, his cock covered in semen after their second fuck. Needless to say Pam loves to see herself being fucked by this bbc, a totally new experience for her and a beautiful reminder.

I often wonder why our rock solid relationship has come to this. I believe that most women hunger after another man’s bigger cock at some point during their wedded life. I also believe that many men who have trust in the relationship are prepared to accommodate this lust and, as in my case, enjoy the experience almost as much as they do.

The secret to the relationship remaining solid is the extra-marital liaisons must be with a stranger, by agreement and occasional. The wife must allow the husband to be included in some way, either by watching or participating. For example Pam likes me to feel the size of his cock by taking it in my hand and guiding it in, at the same time giving her a sense that I fully approve of her being filled with his semen. I unashamedly love watching her being filled with his semen as I do seeing the pleasure he gets from her.

I’m sure we will go again at some future time but it is going to be harder to satisfy her now she has had black cock. She has made it quite clear that no white man could come anywhere near the pleasure that she got from being fucked by a black man!

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