The Dancing Girl From Cairo


The dancing girl from Cairo

When Kira arrived at the Cairo airport, she was somewhat like a young girl at a debutante ball : usually she travels wearing Indian clothes, most frequently a saree. She flies in first class under her name ok Kira Chowdhury-Singh, the wife of a member of the government of the Indian Republic and she is often accompanied by Kyrhan, her Indian husband. This time it was different, she is flying on economy class with Dan, her French husband, she is using her French passport with her name of Keyrah F and she is wearing a quite simple white cotton dress. Kyrhan would join them at Cairo but nobody should know that she is his wife. She will be there incognito!

Kira had given in on both her husbands’ insisting pressures to enter an international belly dancing contest in Cairo. She would perform before several hundred people, wearing very revealing clothes. Such a behavior would be conceivable for the wife of a scientist from France, a country renowned in the world for its permissivity for women but the wife of an Indian top ranking official just could not enter such a contest without provoking uproar and scandal in the India news.

During the flight, Kira had explained Dan that modern belly dancing is a far fetched gift of French Emperor Napoleon. Before the conquest of Egypt by the French army, belly dancing was a renowned art performed by women for women in the secret of the private houses of rich families. Men were never allowed to watch these dances. The French troops when on leave wanted to discover these exotic marvels but the best known dancers, obedient muslim women, just faded away into hiding. The local gipsy women who did not face the same religious interdictions took the job.

The result was that belly dancing became better known but the performers dancing for male spectators, scantily clad in transparent veils, were seen as the lowest sluts. The number of performing belly dancers then plummeted down slowly in Egypt until belly dancing became a fad for westerner women. A few of them even became dancers in Arabic countries while the number of performing belly dancers in the world soared to unprecedented levels.

Kira found the waiting lines at the customs control so boring. Traveling with Kyrhan as a VIP had its advantages, after all. Their first day was allotted to rest for Kira in preparation for the next day performances. They just made a short visit to the Pyramids of Gizeh and the Khan El-Khalili, the Turkish bazaar where Kira wanted to buy a few belly dancing outfits. The traffic in the town was as usual terrific with drivers using aplenty their horns for any reason. Kira was glad to come back to their hotel.

For the dinner, Kyrhan had organized a party for Egyptian businessmen. Dan had been invited and Kira would dance for Kyrhan’s guests, a good rehearsal for her, a treat for the guests and a pleasure for Kyrhan and Dan.

Kira appeared for her first dance completely hidden under her dance veil. Slowly, she let the veil slide down undulating with the music. The top of her head appeared and her heavy make up with mascara and khol was revealed. Her eyes were superbly featured and drew gasps of admiration. Her veil began to swirl around her, drawing attention successively to her breasts offered to the view by a yellow richly embroidered push up bra with swirling tassels hanging from the tip of her breasts, her sensual tummy and finally her richly decorated belt. The guests’ mouths went dry when Kira made horizontal loops with her breasts while her belly remained totally still or oppositely when her hips swayed at a very fast rhythm while her breasts remained as still as if they had been carved in marble. When she finished her dance, Kyrhan applauded and the guests followed his lead. He made her take a seat at his table while she regained her breath. It was after all the privilege of the organizer of the party and no one would object to it.

– A very fine dance, for sure, Kira!

– I’m glad that you appreciated it, Prince. I will dance five times more this evening every half an hour or so when you give me the signal.

– Perfect. I hope that the other dances will be of the same perfection.

Kira had a tremendous reaction from the spectators when she made the dance of the saber with a rather heavy curved scimitar poised on her head, on her shoulder or directly on her breasts while she danced. The scimitar never moved while she executed rapid shimmies with the rest of her body. But the guests were mesmerized when she began her dance with the big Isis wings that topped three feet above her head. The show ended there under a thunder of applauses. Kira saluted and went to Kyrhan to wish him a good night.

– Thank you, Kira. I hope that you will win a prize tomorrow. I will come to attend the show and especially your presentation.

– You are so kind, Prince. Whatever the result, my husband Dan is organizing a small private party of his own at his hotel. Would you be so kind Escort Ankara to join us there after the distribution of prizes, whatever the result for me.

– It will be my pleasure.

Dan had to soothe the distraught Kira to let her find sleep. She had been enthralled to dance before Kyrhan’s guests and even more so by their feverish applauses.

The pageant had around one hundred and fifty contestants. They were divided into pools of ten dancers, the two best were selected for the next round. They had to present three different dances. Kyrhan had not told Kira that he had been appointed as one of the judges of the pageant. She dedicated in her mind her dances to him. On the first round, Kira received the best result of her pool. At the end, there were only thirty dancers left.

The second pool was, as could be expected, of a much higher level. Kira presented the dance of the scimitar that had been applauded so loudly the last evening and a dance with a cane that she made twirl around her, amazingly fast, in tune with a rapid dance music. That dance must have pleased the judges as she was selected for the last round. They were only six dancers left, two of them being members of the Belly Dance Superstars group, the world best known troop.

The tension was at its maximum but the dancers were weary after two warming sessions, six dances and more and more select opposition. Kyrhan watched avidly the dances of Kira. During a pause between dances, his gaze swept the audience and caught two faces he knew so well : Sabrina, the American wife Kira had met and had convinced to offer herself to Kyrhan for breeding a year before with her husband’s agreement and Leena, the wife of Kyrhan’s closest English friend he had also bred at the same time.

There was in his study an enlargement of himself seated with Kira standing to his right and behind them Leena, Sabrina, the Australian Preeti, Ranu and even Swapna, each one with her belly bulging with one or two babies ready to be delivered, all of them his. The women were beaming to the photographer, their hands clutched to their distended bellies, just to show off for the picture. They were all wearing richly embroidered sarees and bristling with olf jewels The photo could be compared with those taken in the harem of his ancestors and Kyrhan was tremendously proud of it.

When Kyrhan looked again, Sabrina and Leena had disappeared. He may have dreamed. Kira’s performance had been breath taking. She was wearing a new red outfit that looked like flames devouring her breasts and her belly. Her jewels were real rubies, the biggest adorning her forehead in a slightly more Indian than Arabic way. She had danced with the Isis wings, alternating ample sweeps of the wings with episodes with the wings extended behind her in more hieratic poses. Unfortunately for Kira, another contestant was Amar Gamal, the star of the Belly dance Superstars. She delivered a fantastic dance that let every one with their mouths gaping open, even Kira herself. She would have to work very hard to match that level of control of her own body.

Dan tried to comfort her for a mere second place in this very high level contest. Amar Gamal whispered to her that she could find a place in their troop if she cared for it. That was the best comfort she would have hoped for even though she had to decline the proposal. Kyrhan had probably exerted his diplomatic talents as it was him who presented to Kira the awards she had won : a silver plated statue of a performing belly dancer with Isis wings and a five thousand dollars check. Dan had been appointed to carry the awards that Kyrhan took and offered to Kira. It was typical of Kyrhan to use Dan as his personal servant in such public occasions and equally typical of Dan to comply with a big smile.

Kyrhan arrived at their hotel one hour after Dan and Kira. The reception sent him to the honeymoon suite where he was expected. When he entered the room where Kira was waiting, the light went off. He stopped for an instant and saw a male form looking like Dan igniting a good number of big red candles. All around the room, thick red drapes were hanging like in a fairy tale palace. He rubbed at his eyes in disbelief because there stood a beautiful vixen, in a place where he would never have expected to find such a vision. She was wearing the dancer outfit with which she had won the second prize at the contest. She could have just jumped from an Aladdin and Jasmine film. She was wearing a face veil, so thin that he could see all the details of her full, luscious mouth and her big loving smile. The veil just drew attention to her heavily accented with kohl eyes, just above the veil.

Kira was wearing a richly embroidered with gold thread red push up bra under a small matching bolero that did not even try to hide the mouth watering curves of her breasts pushed forward by the bra. Her belly was on full display but Kyrhan was used to watch such a magnificent spectacle. But she never Ankara Escort had worn a big true red ruby inserted in her navel. She was wearing lace red pants with slits on both legs from the hip down to her ankles. Whenever she moved, Kyrhan could glimpse a flash of her knee, her thigh or her calf. He noticed that there was a just slightly transparent silky material covering her sex, giving her some hint of modesty but when she turned her back to him, he could discover that the semitransparent material had not been extended to her back. He could quite clearly see the cleft separating her buttocks.

Kira had red sandals at her feet, and equally red armlets covering her forearms. She was the wet dream of an Arabian desert prince, a houri ready to fulfill all the wishes of the weary warrior. Kyrhan had been Kira’s husband for nearly six years now and she still made his heart beat faster, his eyes bulge in sexual desire and his cock become instantly erect when his eyes fall casually on her. Finding her in a so inviting posture and outfit could induce nothing but even stronger reactions.

– Are you real or the fruit of my imagination? You are by far the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

– Thank you, Master. I hope that you are not afraid of a wanton houri, quite eager to please you. My name is Kira, Master.

– Tell me, Houri Kira, what all this is about.

– Yes, Master. I won the second prize in the contest by one vote, yours I think. It seemed a quite normal idea to thank you. I thought that this decoration would suit you, Master!

– Why don’t you address me as Kyrhan, as usual. We keep the Master for when you are in a submissive mood.

– And who can be more submissive to the victorious warrior than a houri, Master? Besides, a houri must always speak to the warrior with extreme respect! Nothing else would do. I am here to fulfill all your wishes, Master. I will do whatever you command!

Kira looked at him with the most loving eyes Kyrhan had ever seen. She fell on her knees in front of him. The slit in her pants opened completely, exhibiting her bare legs from the hip down to her ankles.

– Master, your wish is my command!

– In that case, I wish to spend the whole night fucking my houri by her three holes until I cannot get hard again.

– I rarely have more pleasant wishes to fulfill, Master!

– Don’t forget that each time you tested me, you had to beg for mercy!

– I know but this time, Master, it will be different!

– As you want! Just to make it more interesting, the loser will serve the winner for a full week.

– OK, Master! I just want to please you.

Kira knelt in front of her husband and hurriedly, unwound his belt to pull down his pants along with his briefs. Freed from its confinement, his cock hardened rapidly. Kira’s face was just inches from his engorged prick. She wrapped her right hand around his shaft and began to rub her hand along its length while her other hand caressed lightly his testicles. She ran a finger along his perineum from his testicles to his anus and back. The sensations were overpowering for Kyrhan.

Kira leant forward and kissed the head of her husband’s cock like a feather. She took the head of his cock into her mouth and began to twirl her tongue around it. Kyrhan gasped in pleasure. Kira looked up at him inquiringly while continuing to lick his cock thoroughly.

– Continue, Kira, your mouth is so wonderful!

His praise elicited a beaming smile on her face. She gripped the base of his cock with her left hand and began to swallow it slowly. It was sliding in, inch after inch, oh so slowly, gliding along her palate before venturing down her throat. She needed all her attention to avoid the gagging reflex while she swallowed the last inches. Kyrhan had always been so long that Kira always marveled that she was able to take him completely into her mouth. When her lips reached her fingers encircling the base of his shaft, Kyrhan ran his fingers through her hair.

She pulled back by three or four inches and began to bob her head back and forth. The sensations for Kyrhan grew to levels he would not withstand for long. His cum was ready to burst out from his testicles and the pleasure was reaching unheard of levels, still building up.

– Kira, I’m about to cum! Where do you want it : in your mouth or in your cunt?

Kira did not answer and, instead, redoubled her efforts. Kyrhan could not delay his pleasure any longer. He felt his hot jism rushing through his cock and explode in her mouth. She was sucking and licking on, trying to swallow it all. When she had milked every drop from his testicles, Kyrhan was still trembling in ecstasy. When he had finished, Kira looked up at him with a proud smile, her mouth still filled with his come. She opened it wide to show him the volume of his emission before swallowing it completely. She opened her mouth again to show him that not a single drop remained before leaning again Ankara Escort Bayan to clean him thoroughly with her eager mouth.

– Everything was OK, Master?

– Sure, Kira. You blew me superbly!

– This houri is waiting for your next wishes, Master!

– Quiet! I need a little time to recover.

– Not my master! Not so soon.

She ran her fingers along his shaft while her left hand flew back to his anus. She had licked the tip and she pushed the first knuckle inside. Kyrhan was definitely straight but the intrusion had the immediate effect Kira was looking for. His shaft became very hard and erect in an instant.

Kira drew him to a pile of pillows that acted as a bed in the center of the room. She took off hastily all her dancing girl outfit, just keeping the bangles on her fore arms, the ruby inserted in her navel, a thick gold chain hugging her hips and her long earrings that hanged down to her clavicles. She was at last naked in front of Kyrhan. Kira spread herself on the pillows, playing with her long hair she had let loose to spread it around her. She parted her legs as wide as she could. Her right hand went to her breasts and began to knead the nipples while her left hand went to her cunt and played with her lips.

– Would you, mighty warrior, care to spend sometime with me on this bed?

– Lakshmi would attest that I want nothing else!

Kyrhan met his wife on the center of the pillow heap. He topped her and pressed his mouth on hers. They kissed urgently as lovers eager to taste one another as if they had never fucked before. She wrapped her arms around him to hug him closer. Their kiss grew in intensity with her tongue exploring the deepest recesses of his mouth. Her nipples were so hard and their embrace so tight that he was feeling real pain on his chest but it just spurred him on to crush her on his heart. It would have been impossible to place a sheet of paper between them, so closely they were.

Kira’s mouth was moulding itself against Kyrhan’s. Kyrhan cupped her delicious breasts in his hands and squeezed them tenderly then more and more passionately. When she moaned in exquisite pain, he relinquished his grip and sent an exploring finger to her twat. He found it dripping wet, oozing love fluids that had already stained several pillows. He slowly slid his finger inside her. She moaned and arched her back to increase the depth of penetration of the finger until it could go no deeper. He still slowly pulled out his finger and she reacted with a moan of frustration. He immediately pushed back not two but three fingers, pressed together to help penetration. Her moan of frustration was replaced by a triumphant gurgle of delight.

Kira had wanted to make Kyrhan cum without herself climaxing in order to keep her strength but he had outplayed her. It was her who was now moaning, groaning and finally screaming for release under his fingers. She was now thrusting against his hand, trying to impale herself even further. Her breath came in laborious gasps but Kyrhan did not leave her any respite until she reached an Earth shattering climax. She could just whisper as her hips were bucking frenetically against him :

– Oh, Master, I’m coming, I’m cooominggg. . .!”

When Kira had stopped writhing, moaning, sobbing and wailing, he just told her to turn over. She complied immediately although she was really exhausted.

– Oh Master, that was so good!

– But I am far from being exhausted. I really doubt that you can stay until the next dawn at that rhythm!

– We will see! Are you intending to fuck me in the ass!

– In your state, it would surely be the killing stab! I have a better idea.

Kira was still on her belly. Moving behind her, Kyrhan placed the head of his cock just at the entrance of her waiting pussy and pushed it in.

– Oh yes, Master! Fuck me, Master, harder, please!

This time, Kyrhan went straight to the heart of things. He buried himself to the hilt inside her cunt, as deep as he could get and began his back and forth movements. He was not trying to give her the longest and most exquisite pleasure as he did most of the time. He was just trying to push her over the edge as fast as possible. He was pretty sure that she had some scheme running and if he let her develop her plot, he was pretty sure that she would ultimately win his bet. It was not that he was too proud to risk losing a bet but just that he had kept sufficiently young in his mind to love the thrill of a possible victory.

In her position, Kira could just encourage him by her moans. His thrusts were becoming harder, faster and deeper. Suddenly she began to scream loud.

– Oh, Master! I’m coming again!!

Kira’s orgasm was mind blowing. Her cunt muscles were clamping desperately around his cock. He could feel his own climax building up. There was a fight of wills. Kyrhan won and forced Kira to orgasm but her screams of ecstasy triggered his own release. It was not so important as she would clearly not withstand another round with him. He rolled off her, confident on his own total victory. She collapsed back into the pillows with a look of triumph he could not decipher. She was panting, completely exhausted by her efforts to please her husband.

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