The Convention Part 2


My Name is John, I’m forty-four and my sexy, hot BBW wife Deana is forty-two. Our sex life is hot, and satisfying. However, lately we have been talking about adding some spice to our lives. One idea that we came up with has us both excited. I am planning on attending a convention in Nashville and, while there, we will have a few, hot, sexual encounters. My dick got so fucking hard when I thought of all the possibilities.

My wife loved to dress provocatively, rarely wearing a bra, and went commando when we did go out. I might add she loved to flash men, and gave them a big thrill. Her breasts were just right, not so big; they sagged, but were more than enough to play with. She had a full figure with nice rounded hips, and sexy long legs completed a package that said, “Come fuck me.”

Deana was a hot, sexy, woman, and as much as I gave it to her, she always seemed to want more. She especially loved the feeling of my big cock deep inside her pussy, fucking her like a wild animal. Afterwards, I loved to taste her cum and mine, as my tongue cleaned her well-fucked tunnel.

I had gotten to love the taste of her freshly fucked pussy, and lately I’d begun to wonder what it would be like to eat her after a strange man had filled her up with his sperm! I wasn’t worried about her getting pregnant, as she used birth control. However, in the back of my mind, I wondered, “What would she do if I hid her birth control pills on this trip? What would she do if she got pregnant?”

She didn’t know it, but I had been fantasizing about seeing Deana with a black man. One night during sex, I mentioned it, asking if we could find such a man at the upcoming convention. Oh, my, God, she got more aroused than I ever saw her.

“Ooooh fuck, baby, I’d love to fuck a well hung black man, especially if you were watching, or better yet joining in on the fun!”

“Hot-damn baby, you’re making my dick hard as steel! I have an idea, why don’t you pretend that I’m that big, black stud, fucking your hot cunt!”

“WOW is all I’m going to say.” She climaxed three times before we were done making love.

After that, every time we talked about our upcoming trip, I asked if she’d been thinking about what it would be like to have a black dick pumping her pussy… I could see the wheels turning.

The night before our trip, we were fucking up a storm and I mentioned it to her again. This time she didn’t say anything but her level of enthusiasm went sky high, and she fucked my brains out for over an hour that night.

The day before the trip, we were finishing packing when I suggested that she bring her new, hot pink and black swimsuit. bayan escort gaziantep That way she could sit by the pool, entice the men, and start up a conversation with the kind of guy that we were looking for. I wanted to make sure we could get to know him and he was safe for our little encounter.

Deana loved the idea but said she wasn’t sure she would find the right kind of guy. I assured her that I would look too, and together, we would make this happen.

The morning of our trip, we made wild, passionate love once more. Around nine a.m. the phone rang, as it turned out I had some last minute stuff to take care of at the office. Although disappointed we could not take the same flight to Nashville, I assured her, I would take the next shuttle, which was scheduled an hour and a half after hers.

Since we got our tickets online there would be no long wait to purchase them at the airport. I kissed her goodbye and then drove to the office, while she took a taxi to the airport. She would call me when she arrived in Nashville.

I took care of business, and was soon on my way to Nashville. All I could think about on the flight was a big, black stud pounding her pussy. I had to give myself a little pep talk so my dick would not spring into action.

When I finally made it to the hotel, I inquired about our room number. I gathered my luggage without the assist of the bellboy, because I wanted to surprise Deana. After all, by that time, I was ready to fuck Deana’s brains out. My plans for the moment deflated somewhat when she didn’t answer the door when I knocked. However, I figured she was lying down after her flight and fell asleep.

The wheels of my mind began turning, and I took my key, opened the door, and headed straight for the bed. There she was, lying in just her slip, positioned just right for my finger to awaken her desires.

When she awoke, her whole body was ready to fuck. And we did too, for over an hour, with talk of a black man joining in on our hot action.

I don’t know about her, but that evening, thoughts of the encounter raged through my dreams.

The next day, I told Deana I was going downstairs to check in to the convention. Most of that day would be spent getting the list of scheduled activities. Nothing else was supposed to happen until eight p.m. when there was an informal dinner to kick of the festivities. I told Deana that she could maybe go relax by the pool and put our plan into action. If I could, I would join her in a couple of hours.

I really didn’t expect too much to happen that day, except maybe making acquaintances with our kind of guy.

On the other hand, when I joined Deana by the pool, I went weak in the knees and my dick began to swell. There she was, already talking to a tall, black man.

When I walked up, he introduced himself as Phred, a professor at Vanderbilt University. As I joined in on the conversation, I sensed that there was something already going on between them.

I noticed that her eyes kept wandering to the bulge in Phred’s pants and I noticed that he was staring at her boobs that were straining the top of her wet swimsuit. As for my dick, it was straining the fabric of my suit.

After a few minutes, I suggested that we move to a more private area of the pool, where would could sit and talk without interruption. To my surprise, Deana led the way with Phred staring at her sexy body all the while. She sat so that I was on one side of her and Phred on the other. It was clear that he liked Deana a lot.

I shifted my gaze back toward her, and it appeared by her actions that she found Phred attractive too. I wondered if her crotch was still wet from pool-water, or if her hot, pink pussy lips were quivering with anticipation. It was then I realized that anyone looking could see her hard nipples through the thin fabric.

Since it was her first encounter swinging, I was a little surprised that my wife seemed so turned on by this black guy. Had she already been fantasizing in private about, fucking a black guy?

For a moment or two, I was lost in thought, daydreaming about what it would be like to see Phred’s big, black cock banging away at my wife’s pussy. I didn’t hear her speak to me until Phred left the area, and I was able to clear my mind.

I jumped when Deana touched my arm. When I looked into her face, her eyes were flashing with excitement. She hugged and kissed me, and then whispered in my ear, “Oh God, I want Phred to fuck me!”

I flashed her one of my seductive, devilish smirks and asked, “How about we go to our room, strip off these suits and get in our private Jacuzzi for some hot, fucking fun!”

I never saw that woman move so fast. The moment we were inside the door there was a flurry of hands and mouths as we removed our suits. As she groped my already aroused areas I thought, “God, that woman knows how to push my buttons!”

I picked her up, carried her to the Jacuzzi, and helped her climbed into the water. I got in, and pulled Deana onto my lap. As our lips met, her pussy grabbed at my cock as it slid effortlessly into the well drenched hole. Her hips were bucking wildly and splashing water everywhere, urging me to fuck her like an animal.

All of a sudden, she began talking, “Oh fuck, I cannot wait to have Phred’s big, black cock plunging into my hot pussy!”

I grabbed her by the waist and began to pump my cock madly. I loved the fact that my wife’s lust was directed at the black guy we had envisioned. I could tell by the look on her face that she was fantasizing about him.

We finished fucking on the bed, having wild unabashed sex for about an hour. Afterwards we lay next to each other, snuggling and calming down. We then decided it was time to get ready for dinner that evening.

Deana was busy applying her makeup when the phone rang. I answered, “Hey, hello Phred, what’s up?”

“I was just wondering if the two of you would join me at my table to the kickoff dinner tonight.”

I paused, then turned and asked, “Deana, Phred wants to know if we all could sit at his table tonight?”

I knew that seductive look where she blushed, smirked, and with an excited tone, loud enough for Phred to hear, answered, “Sure, why not! I would also love to sit on something else that’s hard… and I’m not talking about the table.”

Phred must have understood quite well when he replied, “Well let me put it this way, since you both are swingers, I have this to say. Tell that sweet-sexy, big and beautiful baby, there will be time to sit on this hard dick after dinner, because I plan to have her for dessert!”

I laughed and replied, “We both can enjoy her for dessert, you bring the whip cream, and I will bring the cherry!”

Deana wore a short, frilly sundress, going commando underneath. After all, no one would know but us. I wore a golf shirt, Dockers, and silk shorts. We set the plan into action as we left the room and headed toward the banquet hall.

We started looking around for Phred the moment we entered the dining area. As it was, he found us first and escorted us to his table. One that was located a little out of the way, in the farthest corner of the room.

After some small conversation, I was really amazed on how my wife acted. Deana had only met Phred a few hours ago and I noticed she could hardly control her enthusiasm. While she spoke, her eyes met mine then his, and I saw her right hand began touching Phred’s leg, moving slowly toward his crotch. I took the hint, scooted over closer to her, looked around, and then raised her dress up.

An hour had passed when her eyes met mine. She winked and suggested, “John, why don’t we go to our room and order dessert, that way we can talk privately?”

I stretched, yawned and answered, “Why not? This dinner is kind of boring.”

Phred piped up, smirked and said, “What, no dessert?”

Deana quickly responded, “Phred, I’m your dessert!”

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