The Co-worker

Big Tits

A Short Erotic Encounter by Endura Glass

The little Toyota pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store and came to a stop under one of the tall streetlights casting a dull halo in the night onto the sparsely filled lot. Cecilia emerged from behind the wheel and started for the market, taking in the smell of wet pavement, result of an unexpected rainfall about an hour earlier in the evening.

Cecilia preferred going to the market at night to avoid the crowds, to wander the barren aisles wonderfully devoid of people and congestion. She’d always been a night person, a habitual night owl born of concert going in her youth, and now working as a waitress in a series of upscale Italian restaurants. There was perhaps also the comfort of the night staff of the market, they seemed friendlier. Being alone now for more than a year, Cecilia sometimes wondered about the seven year relationship that had ended so sadly and abruptly.

Having pulled a cart from the wedge of units collected from the day, Cecilia strolled into the store, one of the wheels wobbling in a vibration that vibrated up through the steel framework. Among the aisles she carefully gathered the items she needed from the shelves, crossing them off as she went, the Musak being piped in over the sound system conveniently blotted out by the sounds and talk of the night stockers.

Rounding a corner Cecilia saw a man she had worked with several years previous, at a high-end bistro not far from there. He was standing there, deeply enthralled with the offerings of jarred pasta sauces, his basket hanging from his arm. She enjoyed one of those private moments when you are able to watch someone before they are aware of being watched. This was the younger man, a fellow waiter, who had deeply flirted with her. She had been flattered because he was somewhat younger than she—younger meaning that he was perhaps late twenties to her early forties at the time. He heaped a great deal of attention on her back then. He was good-looking—a man who could have had his pick of the other nubile waitresses there. However, any notion of a romantic entanglement were quashed by the fact that Cecilia was living with someone, and she held firm to a code of ethics that prevented her from dabbling in wanderings of the flesh outside her relationship. That hadn’t curbed her wonderful imagination with all the “what ifs?” that arise in such situations.

As she crept closer one memory in particular was dredged up. There had been a night, back in the Italian restaurant days, as she was collecting up freshly laundered napkins in the linen closet, that he had crept into the room and closed the door behind him, the latch resounding just loudly enough to turn her around to see him standing there with a mischievous look on his face. As the muffled sounds of the restaurant were heard just beyond the closed door, he had approached her and pressed himself up against her, pinning her against the shelf. As the two of them laughed, her hands bound by his, she had felt the unmistakable presence of his hardening cock through his thin black slacks. The moment didn’t go any further, Cecilia shooing him away after he planted a kiss on the softness of her neck. That had been the extent of their physicality. All the rest of their flirtation had been merely talk and innuendo.

A short time later, frustrated by the management and lack of shifts, Cecilia had decided to quit. The young admirer had actually exhibited a bit of sentiment when she informed him she was leaving and gentlemanly shook her hand with a fond farewell. And she had left.

Creeping along the aisle, watching him, the squeak of the misaligned wheel of the cart announced her approach and he arbitrarily stepped closer to the shelf to allow her to pass. Then looking over, he made eye contact, doing a double take, recognizing Cecilia.

“Hi,” he uttered, his normally cool persona momentarily upstaged by genuine excitement to see her. “How are you?”

Cecilia smiled with the same excitement, “Good. Haven’t seen you for a while. Still at the restaurant?”

“No, I quit about a month after you,” shifting the basket to the other hand. “Well how have you been?”

“Working at a little bistro.”

“Yeah, after you left there just wasn’t anybody any fun there,” he said, taking quiet stock and remembering her slender figure.

They chatted like that for a few minutes, the usual loose and somewhat cordial banter between people who know one another. However, during that brief exchange, all the dormant attraction began simmering in each of them. He was absent his former robust forwardness and treated her with respect. However, Cecilia’s thoughts were already racing well ahead and, no longer tethered to a relationship, she entertained some wickedly nasty thoughts of what she would like to do to him—perhaps the coolness of the evening and the recent rain having plied some erotic notions. Escort Sincan She was enjoying his slightly timid conversation as he tried to drum up topics to hold her there, unaware that Cecilia was already conjuring copulations, only half hearing what he was saying as her needful libido was charging her with increasingly vivid visuals of touching; her of him, and him of her.

As women are prone to do, Cecilia didn’t offer any updates on her relationship status, enjoying too much his boyishly vague inquiries—to which she was not about to divulge too much, and leave him stewing as to her possible availability. Planning her move carefully, she told him how nice it had been seeing him and took leave, pushing her cart on down the aisle, knowing full well the poor boy was watching her, longing after the move of her hips, the bounce of her butt through her jeans.

As Cecilia checked out she drummed up her line of action. His basket had been empty, so she assumed he had just begun his shopping. So, after paying, she exited the market through the sliding glass door, a slight chill hitting her as she entered into the night air. She took quick inventory of the parking lot and saw his Jeep parked out near the edge of the parking lot. He always parked his pride and joy away from the risk of swinging doors of careless drivers.

After placing her groceries in her car, Cecilia took a quick look in the mirror, fluffing her hair and licking her lips. She then locked her car and headed across the parking lot, into the shadows of where his Jeep was parked, and lied in wait.

She could see him at the checkout counter through the large glass windows of the market. She had little tremors of excitement shooting through her as she thought of how the next few moments, perhaps hours, might play out. As she waited for him to emerge from the market she took note of the relative solitude of where the Jeep was sitting in the parking lot. As the sliding doors swooshed open and he emerged, Cecilia leaned against the front fender of his Jeep and crossed her arms. She watched him as he crossed the parking lot, reaching into the front pocket of his jeans to take hold of his keys, pulling them out with a rattle. When he looked toward his Jeep his stride slowed slightly. A smile came to his face. It was a lifted and genuine smile revealing a sea shift in emotional charge following what he had believed to be a good-bye, now reclaimed as a possible evening encounter.

“Still have the Jeep, I see,” Cecilia said as he came closer.

“She’s my girl, you know that.”

He arrived at the Jeep, face to face with Cecilia. “What a nice surprise to come out and see you standing here.”

“Do you need to be anywhere?” Cecilia coyly asked.

“No place at all,” he said, as he unlocked the door and placed his bag of groceries in the Jeep. He asked, “Would you like to go somewhere, maybe have a cup of coffee?”

“Coffee? At ten o’clock?”

“Not very imaginative of me, I suppose. Okay, maybe a drink somewhere?”

“Why don’t we just sit here, and talk.”

“You at least want to sit inside?” he asked.

Cecilia tacitly answered by walking around the front of the Jeep to arrive at the passenger side door. He slid behind the wheel and reached across to unlock her door. Cecilia hopped up into the jeep and settled into the passenger seat.

When he shut his door they found themselves in a private little world of quiet and stillness—the outside world, with the occasional passing car on the boulevard, and the infrequent clamor of a shopping cart being pushed through the parking lot was muffled through the windows of the Jeep.

The two of them sat there, chit chatting about things, laughing at the recall of an incompetent manager or some surly customer. As the silences between their various chitchatting increased, he turned on the radio to fill the void. Not an unpleasant or awkward void, more a tentative silence punctuated by the inherent electricity of two people coupled together in a private moment. He fidgeted somewhat, as if trying to assess if a pass would be rebuffed or not.

Cecilia broke him from his dilemma when she said, “Do you remember that night in the linen closet?”

He was suddenly acutely attentive. “Of course I remember.”

“Okay, just wondering,” Cecilia responded, as she turned to look out at the night.

“Forgive me for asking,” he said, “but where’s your boyfriend?”

Cecilia slowly turned her gaze to him and said, with conviction, “What boyfriend?”

Her response left a palpable air of anticipation as he took stock of the lingering possibilities; him, with her, alone in the front seat of his Jeep. So, he took her coquettish response as an invitation to at least lean into her and kiss her. She reciprocated, the kiss quickly turning to a lashing of tongues and pressing of lips, wet and soft.

Their unrequited past Sincan Escort came rushing forward in a torrent of eagerness, as their hands found each other, caressed the clothed coverings of chests and torsos. Cecilia lost herself a bit in his tender kisses that ran up and down the sides of her neck, his tongue being inserted into her ear to tickle and prod. Her breathing became chopped as little shots of nerves went through her in reaction to the probing of his mouth and hands.

This went on for a few minutes before she felt his hand take hold of hers and slowly move it to the area around his crotch. She expected to feel his hardening penis through his jeans, but was shocked when he guided her hand on to his naked cock. The instant she felt the taught skin of erection she withdrew her hand. How he had managed, while engaged in kissing and fondling, to have adeptly and slyly unfastened his jeans without a hint of what he was up to, was beyond her. He once again took hold of her hand in his and with a sense of confidence and command, guided it back onto his shaft, wrapping her fingers around the thick girth. Then, he slowly began to stroke himself with her hand. After some encouraging strokes he took his hand away and was pleased when she didn’t abandon his seriously hardening dick.

As their kissing intensified as result of his throbbing member grasped in her hand—made to look all the larger in her dainty little fingers—he began to emit little moans of pleasure. She was pleased to see he possessed a rather nicely shaped cock with significant size to it. Cecilia removed her hand just long enough to bath it in a healthy dosing of saliva, then took up again with gentle, slow strokes of his cock, the sensation greatly enhanced due the lubricating saliva.

Although Cecilia knew she was going to suck his cock, she played coy. “Can you cum like this?”

To which he answered, “Maybe.” Believing that was her way of saying this was all he was going to get, he sat back in the driver’s seat and stared down at her hand stroking him, then into her eyes. “I want to see your breasts.”

Cecilia, taking a look out into the parking lot, seeing just one shopper loading groceries—and even they were a good ways off—used her free hand to adeptly unbutton her blouse and open it up to reveal her small, well-formed breasts, the nipples already hardening, the rush of cold night air stimulating them more so.

As she continued her measured stroking of his cock he reached over and fondled her breasts, feeling the soft skin. He was turned on by her staring at his cock in her hand, making long and elaborate strokes that circled her hand around the shaft, tingling the head with her fingertips, then reaching down and cradling his balls.

He ventured further. “I want to see your ass.”

“Oh,” she protested without any real conviction.

“Come on, it will turn me on,” he argued.

His concern for rebuttal was overridden when he saw her reach down and undo the snaps of her jeans while continuing to stroke his cock. With another quick survey of the parking area to ensure no-one was about, Cecilia got up onto the passenger seat on her knees, then, slightly cramped against the roof of the Jeep, slid her jeans down to her knees. She then bent across the center console and took him in her hand again after another salving of saliva, and went back to stroking him. He was able to take in the sight of her bare ass in the dim light of the distant parking lot light, running a hand over the smooth skin of her ass cheeks.

“Put your face right up close to me,” he ordered, his voice a little tempered with nervous excitement. Cecilia obeyed, crawling closer, getting her face to within a few inches of his cock, as she continued to stroke him. She was surprised he had managed to get a bit harder and larger then a moment ago. “That’s it.” He uttered with a kind of relief.

After a moment of this torture he said, “Open your mouth as if you’re going to suck me.” Cecilia again obeyed, opening her lips right next to his hard cock, then going one step further to slowly and lavishly run her tongue over her lips, to which he whispered, “Oh my God, that’s sexy.”

This little display went on for a moment before he spoke, begging pathetically, “Oh God, you’ve got to suck my cock, will you suck my cock?”

“Don’t get greedy,” Cecilia came back, her resistance driving him further into the inebriated tension of want.

“Please, you’ve got to suck me,” he pleaded.

“Okay,” Cecilia began, “I’ll lick it a little, and run my lips over the sides, but no sucking.” Cecilia was enjoying teasing him. She wanted to make sure that when at least she took him in her mouth it would be with an unexpected electricity that neither of them could stand.

Repositioning herself, Cecilia leaned across him and gently touched her tongue to the head of his penis. She then ran her closed Sincan Escort Bayan lips, wet from moistening, down his shaft at an angle, focusing special pressure against the thick ridge of flesh along the underside of his cock, from the base of the balls to the tip, and then leisurely back down again. She felt his entire body surrender to the delicate maneuverings of her mouth, increasing the stroking of her head as his breathing heightened, suddenly aware he was grabbing one of her ass cheeks with force, which Cecilia liked.

Cecilia felt his body going into those impulsive reactions to arousal, convulsing slightly in independence now from his will. “Oh God,” he said, his head tilted back for a moment, eyes closed, before opening them again and fixing on her closed mouth, the wet lips sliding up and down and length of his cock, the perfect curve of her ass, the dim light catching it just so.

Then, as Cecilia frantically jerked her head in rhythm to his building ejaculation, she deliciously surprised the poor boy by devouring his entire cock, all the way into her mouth, the new sensation almost erupting him in a formidable climax. But he calmed and held on, savoring the luscious feel of her dripping mouth wrapped around his cock. Cecilia employed all her wisdom and experience to heighten the experience for him, doing a twisting motion of her head that gave her mouth a turning, cylindrical sensation. She then sunk her head down to lick the base of his cock, that usually untraveled area by mouth, sending vibrations up through his body like tiny lightning bolts pelting a grassy plain.

With one of her hands, she carefully felt his testicles retreating into his groin, telling her his climax was imminent. She went to work in earnest in ensuring his orgasm was going to be momentous by dropping onto him, getting the tip of his cock as far back into her throat as possible, emitting a choking sound, and closing her lips and cheeks down around the length of his shaft. Her own moans only served to get him even more aroused as he grabbed at her ass, the visual of her arched backside gyrating in tempo to the thrusts of her head leading him to that unstoppable place.

She felt his body tense and the rhythms of his thrusts slow, indicating he was about to come. She pulled her head off of him and grabbed his cock and stroked it like mad. The first convulsion resulted in a little spurt of semen that jumped straight up into the air and almost caught her in the face. She continued to stroke him and felt his body twitch again, this time sending a thick stream of cum into the air to fall back onto her hand. Another, and then another ejaculation had spurts of copious semen ejaculating from his penis. She enjoyed the white fountain of pleasure as several more little vibrations erupted in diminishing load, then surprisingly, two more explosions of semen, jumping as high as the first, had her hand awash in his semen. She marveled at the amount of cum that had been ejaculated, watching it glistening wet in the dim shards of light cast by the distant parking lot light.

Cecilia took care in stroking the softening cock in her hand, all awash in a lovely wetness of sticky fluid, each movement of her hand resulting in a shake of sensation that ran through his entire body. So enthralled in his moment of absolute surrender to her actions, Cecilia was taken as she had never been before and leaned into the hot slosh of wetness that bathed his penis and lap and balls. She then began to lick up the expended semen, running her tongue up the length of his shaft to draw up as much cum into her mouth as possible. She had only had a man’s semen in her mouth once. That had been a bitter taste. But his semen, drenched around his entire groin in a bath of white, was sweet and had a pleasant smell to it, so much so she lapped it up like a kitten at a bowl of milk. Her lips went slightly numb at the touch of the semen as she licked his balls free of the lovely fluid. As his cock went soft she slid it one last time into her mouth and sucked to get every last remnant of semen out, swallowing it. The feel of her mouth against the sensitive head of his cock gave him the shudders.

Her mouth now easily held the shrinking penis, thoroughly drained of male essence following the gargantuan explosion of orgasm. When she was finally satiated from licking up the semen that was transforming from its hot, thick white to warm translucence, Cecilia slowly rose to meet her face with his and drew him into a deep kiss, the taste of semen spreading out over their tongues and lips in a savoring of shared juices. He barely had the energy to move, his mouth only slightly reacting to her kisses.

And on that she got up on her knees, fidgeting in the cramped cab and pulled her jeans up over her ass, fastened them with fingers sticky with cum. She then planted one last kiss on his drowsy lips, opened the door of the Jeep, stepping down to the pavement, closing the door behind her and walking gingerly across the parking lot to her car, tasting again the semen that coated her fingers and ringed her mouth, still warm, leaving her satiated partner to his slumber in the cab of his Jeep.

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