The Christmas Snow


It had been a long day, and it wasn’t over yet. After going to Holly’s parents for breakfast they had done an early dinner at Nick’s parent’s house, followed by a half dozen stops around town dropping gifts for their closest friends. Christmas evening was finally here and a relaxing night was in sight. Chris and Mary were expected at 7 o’clock for dinner. For the last eight years the two couples had exchanged gifts and had dinner at Nick and Holly’s place on Christmas night; the first five years in their apartment, and the last three in the house they had bought on the outskirts of town.

Holly got the pizzas in the oven as Nick unloaded their truck. She dropped onto the couch with an exhausted sigh as Nick placed the last of the gifts under the tree. He heard her shoes drop to the floor as she sighed again. Turning, he saw her toes wiggling on a pillow with her head reclined and her eyes closed. Her fiery red hair spilled across the back of the beige couch as her long slender legs bridged the distance between the couch and the coffee table. As far as he could remember he had never failed to tell her at least once a day how beautiful she was, and looking at her now he could see why. She was gorgeous, standing five foot eight inches and a hundred and fifteen pounds. He’d always known he’d been the luckiest son of a bitch in the world the day she told him she loved him. Nick was a handsome guy, he’d admit to that, but he had some extra padding around the gut that he couldn’t lose no matter what he tried. He was by no means an obese man, but Holly could have had her pick of any man she wanted and still could, but Nick was the one that stole her heart.

Tossing his jacket aside he sat on the table near her aching tootsies and brought them to his lap. Taking her left foot in his hand he began to gently massage the under side of her feet, pressing his thumbs firmly on the places he knew she loved. “My God your hands are like magic,” she moaned as her head came forward staring at him with her emerald green eyes. Nick smiled at her and continued his treatment on her left foot; sliding his fingers deftly between her well manicured toes, drawing moans and sighs of relief from her red painted lips. Placing her left foot back on the pillow he began his brief massage on her right foot, mimicking the treatment he had given her left. “I promise you a longer massage tonight,” he said to her grinning, “one that starts at your toes and ends somewhere else.” With that promise his hands slid slowly over her ankle to her calf, kneading her delicate skin all the way to her knee before moving to her right leg and working his way back towards her ankle.

“Come here,” Holly said leaning forward and pulling him on top of her, wrapping her legs around his waist as he settled atop her. Her knee length skirt now bunched at her waist as their lips met and parted over and over in a tender dance. Holly felt his penis stiffening between her legs. Kissing his way down her neck Nick reached between them, unzipping his pants.

“Oh baby, we can’t,” she protested half heartedly, wanting to feel his hard cock inside her more than anything, “Mary and Chris will be here any minute.” Holly lifted her ass from the couch as he pulled her thong down her legs. Grasping his cock at the base he slid it up and down her moistening pussy, rubbing his cockhead against her sensitive clit in an effort to tease her and draw her to a greater height of desire.

“Put it in,” Holly lustfully begged him as he continued to tease her. The doorbell startled them both. Sitting up Nick put his penis back in his pants and zipped up as Holly straightened her skirt. “One minute,” Holly called as she trotted to the door, her hair bouncing on her shoulders. Opening the door Mary and Chris stood there, snow adorning their jackets and hair, “I didn’t know we were expecting Christmas snow tonight.”

“Merry Christmas Hol,” Mary said stepping through the door. Chris followed her in, stamping his boots to clear them of snow.

“We didn’t know there was snow coming either,” he said as he took off his coat, “it’s been coming down for about twenty minutes, and it’s starting to pile up.” Holly hung up their coats and returned to a big hug and kiss from her friend.

“Save some for me,” Chris teased as Mary let her go. Wrapping his arms around Holly he lifted her tiny frame from the floor in a bear hug and gave her a kiss that was a lot more than friendly and just this side of passionate, “Merry Christmas Hol.” Nick walked in as Holly was placed back on her bare feet. Mary ran up to him and gave him a hug and kiss too, wishing him merry Christmas.

After meeting Chris in the middle of the room for a quick bear hug Nick declared, “The pizzas just came out of the oven, so let’s eat!”

“Maybe this year we can open gifts first?” Chris asked as he held up two bottle shaped presents.

“Sure, why not,” Nick said as he went to the tree and lifted two similar shaped gifts. Each of them unwrapped a bottle to Escort Ankara find they were all holding the same thing. Two weeks ago they had all gone to dinner at Luigi’s, an Italian restaurant in town that served the best Italian food around. Luigi was an old friend of Chris’ father, and the couples were regular patrons, so he offered them a bottle of his families wine from Italy. Every year they managed to make about a hundred bottles or so, and they were then divvied among living family members. The wine had been incredible, and Luigi wouldn’t take a dime for it. Apparently they’d had the same idea and had convinced the old man to sell a couple of bottles to them as gifts. Realizing the situation they all burst out laughing.

“Good food, great friends and good wine,” said Holly holding a bottle aloft, “this should make for a great night.” Everyone agreed as they made their way into the kitchen for dinner.

They polished off two bottles of wine while devouring both pizzas. Nick offered to clear the table and suggested everyone go relax in the living room and decide what game they were going to play. As he finished filling the sink with hot water he heard a “woo hoo, aren’t these sexy” come from the living room. Walking in he saw Mary twirling Holly’s skimpy red thong around above her head. As she tossed it to Holly she asked in a mock stern tone, “What’s the explanation of this!” Holly blushed as she chuckled and looked to Nick for some help.

“That’s the result of starting what we couldn’t finish,” he answered with a laugh as he sat in the loveseat facing the couch, “well couldn’t finish now, and will finish later. That’s a little more accurate.” They all laughed again, the wine starting to show it’s affects in the ladies laughs. Holly sat with her legs drawn up underneath her, showing a fair amount of bare thigh. Chris saw Nick staring at his wife with lust in his eyes.

“If you guys want us to go now we’d understand,” he offered allowing his gaze to linger on Holly’s bare thigh a little longer than it should have. Nick looked from his wife to his best friend and caught him staring at her just as he had been a moment before.

“No need to leave. We’ve been looking forward to tonight all day,” he replied. “I was wondering if anyone was brave enough for the hot tub before we settle in for a game. The hot water mixed with the snow falling around us should make for an invigorating soak.”

“The hot tub sounds great,” Mary said, “but we didn’t bring our suits. So it’s either our undies or we go in bare ass.” Without missing a beat Chris stood and pulled his pants down, boxers and all. Holly and Mary erupted in laughter as he struck a macho pose, his shirt failing to cover his exposed genitals.

“Fair is fair sweetheart,” Nick said as he stood up and removed his shirt, “hun why don’t you get us all towels and I’ll get the tub ready, then we’ll all run bare ass through the snow and try not to get frost bite on our delicates.”

Ten minutes later they were all relaxing in the hot tub with the third bottle of wine chilling in a snow bank next to them. Nudity wasn’t anything new to them, as they had often enjoyed the hot tub au natural, and had gone skinny dipping in the local lake on occasion. Nick’s penis wasn’t anything to be ashamed of at six inches, but he caught Holly staring at Chris anytime they were nude around each other. Chris’ cock had to be about six and a half inches limp and probably eight inches when hard; they had seen it hard last year and he knew she wondered what it would feel like to have a cock that large in her, she had admitted as much to him. Nick wasn’t without his own staring problem. Where Holly kept her fiery red pubic hair trimmed to a small tuft of hair, Mary had no more than a thin landing strip above her pussy. They were half way through the third bottle of wine when the ladies began giggling uncontrollably. Apparently the fact that the bubbles were tickling their breasts was just too much for them as they rolled through multiple fits of laughter.

“I know how to keep them from being tickled,” Chris said as he moved Mary in front of him and wrapped his arms around her, covering her breasts with his large hands. Mary cooed as his hands gently rubbed her tits.

“This may work even better,” Nick said as he positioned Holly astride his lap, crushing her 36B chest against his own. Holly could feel his hard cock pressing against her pelvis as she sat atop him. Nibbling his neck she worked her mouth to his ear. “This way I can keep her breasts protected from the tickly bubbles and still have my hands free to roam as they want.” His hands brought the hot water up her back and slid down to her ass, cupping one small cheek in each hand. Both couples sat that way enjoying the water as the Christmas snow fell all around them.

Holly’s head lay on Nick’s shoulder as he continued to gently massage her ass. Tilting her head so her lips were barely touching his ear she whispered, “Put it in me, I need Ankara Escort to feel you in me.” With her hands on his shoulders and her mouth on his neck, she slowly slid her hips back and forth, running her vaginal lips along his hard shaft.

Watching her best friend’s hips sliding back and forth almost imperceptibly below the water, the sexual tension was so palpable it was like a fifth person in the hot tub. Feeling the urge to relieve the tension of the moment Mary said, “We can leave you two alone for a few minutes if you’d like…”

“…Or you can finish what we interrupted earlier, we won’t mind if you won’t mind,” cut in Chris. Looking into his wife’s green eyes filled with lust, Nick lifted his eyebrows as if to ask Should we? With a slight nod of her head and a smile that would melt a glacier as her answer, he held his cock in place as Holly slid down onto it, burying it in her wetness. They had never had sex in front of anyone before; unless they counted the time they were on vacation in Texas, and they had made love with their hotel blinds left open, though they did share an exhibitionist fantasy.

Placing her lips at his ear so their friends couldn’t hear she whispered, “We’re only returning the favor from last summer, remember.”

Last summer they had all been enjoying the hot tub when Nick and Holly offered to make the next round of Margaritas. As they returned to the tub they had heard the muffled sounds of people trying to quietly have sex. Slipping quietly to the end of their garage they peered around the corner. Mary had been kneeling on the upper bench in the hot tub, visible from the ass up. Chris was standing behind her slamming into her with all he had. They had watched for a good five minutes as Chris fucked her from behind, Mary trying to stifle her moans as her large breasts bounced with every thrust from her husband. When Chris cried out that he was close Mary had shocked them by begging him to cum in her ass. They watched as he lubed her ass with his saliva before withdrawing the largest penis either of them had ever seen from her pussy. He slowly entered her anus, causing her to yelp in pleasure until his cock was halfway in her rectum. Chris pumped her ass only two times before burying himself fully into her with a loud grunt as he filled her with his hot cum. Holly and Nick had retreated to the other end of the garage and started walking while making loud conversation. As they rounded the garage Mary and Chris were just sitting down into the hot tub again.

Holly slowly arched her back with every slow thrust Nick made, causing her sensitive clit to rub against his pelvis. Her moans slowly rose in volume as her orgasm built. On the other side of the hot tub one of Chris’ hands had dropped from Mary’s breast and had found her pussy. With the deftness of a magician he entered her, running his thick middle finger along the upper side of her vagina, pressing against her g-spot then trailing it back to her clit. Mary rolled her ass back against his hard cock, nestling it between the cheeks of her ass as he continued to finger fuck her. They watched in rapt silence as their friends made love not four feet away, lost in their own world of pleasure. Though sexual innuendos and being nude around one another was nothing new, they had never done more than some heavy fooling around in front of each other before. Mary and Chris found the scene incredibly erotic and exciting. Unable to control herself anymore Holly began grinding her pelvis into Nick harder, causing her clit to be constantly rubbed, triggering her orgasm.

“Oh God yes…I’m cumming, oh God I’m cumming,” Holly screamed as she collapsed onto Nick’s chest. With a low grunt Nick came, shooting his cum deep inside her. Regaining their senses Nick and Holly looked over at their friends, uncertain of how they would react.

“That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen,” Mary uttered, her eyes clouded with lust and desire.

“Yeah, that’s something I’ll never forget,” muttered Chris as Mary squeezed her ass cheeks around his cock again.

“I think we should all head inside before we catch pneumonia,” Holly panted as she climbed from the pool and reached for the towels on the heated rack. Mary felt Chris’ cock twitch as he stared at Holly’s naked body from behind, the water glistening and dripping along her supple curves. She felt a small twinge of jealousy at her husband’s excitement over her best friend. Sure Holly had the same figure she had when she was 19 years old, but Mary’s body wasn’t anything to be ashamed of. She stood six feet tall, and was a solid but not overly muscular hundred and thirty eight pounds, with curves where a woman should have them. Mary had always been athletic, and it showed in her toned build. Her auburn hair was shoulder length, a little shorter than Holly’s which fell to almost the middle of her back. Most people told her that her chocolate colored eyes were her most notable feature, but she knew that her eyes were Ankara Escort Bayan just above her 38D chest, and they were probably the quickest escape when caught staring at her breasts. She got her own fair share of looks when she was out about town, as Chris was quick to point out whenever they went out together. She had noticed Nick out of the corner of her eye, staring at her naked form when she climbed into the hot tub. Mary looked at the bare wet back of Holly again before she wrapped herself in a towel and decided she couldn’t fault her husband for having a reaction to such a beautiful woman; but she made a mental note to show Chris later that night just how good he had it.

Mary grabbed Chris by his pecker and said, “Come on stud, lets get our clothes back on,” as she led him by his penis to the towels. As they stepped from the hot tub she turned to look at Nick, catching him again checking her out. Seeing his momentary distress at being caught giving more than a casual glance at his wife’s naked friend, she gave him a wink as Chris wrapped her towel around her and they ran after Holly towards the house.

Twenty minutes later the hot tub was closed up and everyone was showered and dressed, Mary and Chris in the clothes they came in, Holly wearing a Victoria’s Secret night shirt that came down to just below her ass, and Nick in sweats and a t-shirt. Everyone settled into the seats they were in before the hot tub: Chris and Mary on the couch facing the coffee table with Nick directly opposite them in the loveseat. Holly was sitting to Nicks’ right in another chair, her legs tucked under her concealing very little of her bare skin below the waist. Nick had retrieved the fourth bottle of wine after filling everyone’s glass with the remainder of the third bottle. He noticed that Chris kept stealing glances at Holly every chance he got. He couldn’t blame the guy; his wife was a knock-out and was doing very little to conceal herself. Figuring it had to be the wine; he hoped he was in for an amazing evening.

Settling back into his chair Nick asked, “So what did you guys decide on before we got in the hot tub?”

“Scrabble,” Holly answered standing. She walked past Nick to the book shelf. The games were on the top shelf and she had to stretch to get Scrabble down. Judging by the look on Chris’ face, Holly must have given him an eyeful as she reached for the game. Nick took the opportunity to look at Mary’s breasts as she stared out at the ever falling snow. She had left the top three buttons on her shirt undone since the house was so warm. Being turned towards the window she was providing him with a clear view of her black lace covered breast. Never being one to know when enough was enough, Mary caught him for the second time staring at her. She smiled at him, looked down to her breasts and back at him, raising both her eyebrows in a seductive manner. Holly returned with the game and set it on the table. Resuming her seat she drained the remaining wine from her glass as Chris and Nick set up the game.

Glancing at the window Mary stood and walked to it looking outside. “Guys, I don’t know if we can stay. From the look of it out there, we should get going if we hope to make home safely,” she said with worry in her voice, “there’s gotta be close to nine inches of snow out there.” The others gathered at the window to see for themselves. When they had come in from the hot tub there had been maybe six inches, but the snow had appeared to be slowing down. Looking out the window it was pretty obvious that the snow had picked up.

Nick stepped back and declared, “You can spend the night. We’ll wash your clothes tonight, and Chris can help me dig out tomorrow. That’ll give the plows a chance to clear the roads. We can’t let you drive home in this. You know how comfy the spare bed is and we keep fresh sheets on it.”

Holly said, “Mary, come with me and I’ll get you a night shirt, and we’ll bring some sweats for Chris.” The girls returned about ten minutes later with a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt for Chris. Since Holly was a bit smaller in build than Mary, they had found one of Nick’s t-shirts for her to wear. It came down about as far as Holly’s night shirt. The guys whistled when they entered the room. They curtsied in their short shirts and handed Chris his pajamas. When he returned a few minutes later everyone was seated and ready to play some Scrabble.

As they took turns drawing tiles Holly said, “How about we play teams. I mean we each play our own letters, but we get to add the scores together for each teammate. What’d ya think?” Looking around at each other they all agreed it sounded fair. “The only catch is the teams have to be boy/girl,” she added quickly with a sideways glance at Mary. Standing up Holly moved to the couch and wedged her lithe frame between Mary and Chris, brushing them both with her naked legs as she squirmed between them. “Me and Chris round one,” she said wrapping her arm around him and laying her head on his shoulder.

Walking to the loveseat where Nick sat, Mary slid down next to him. “How about we make the game a little more interesting?” she suggested running her hand up and down Nick’s arm in a way that left him wondering just what the hell was going on.

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