The Cat’s Meow


A Fun Time Getting Laid and Rich!

I pulled into the parking lot of the Cat’s Meow, a bordello on the road to Reno. There were five or six cars in the lot. They all looked classy.

The building looked nice and very middle class. I had left the hotel an hour ago and felt satisfied despite the stifling heat. I just hoped the whore house was air conditioned well.

I got out and walked to the door. Just as I got there the door opened and out came an Asian man. He was dressed in dark slacks and an open light colored shirt.

I said hi and asked him how the place was. He smiled and said, “Great.” “I got the best fuck of my life there!”

I said, “Oh yeah.” “They really cater to your needs?”

He said, “You betcha. This girl sucked me off twice then fucked me in her cunt and her ass.”

I thought to myself – good just what I wanted was a good fuck. I hope she’ll do it bareback. I love to shoot my cum in her cunt.

I walked in the door and a 40ish year old woman said hello. She was dressed in a long skirt with a slit up both sides to her hips. Her top plunged revealing a beautiful set of tits that had great cleavage. The tits were firm and her nipples were pronounced.

It appeared she was not wearing panties as I caught a glimpse of her public hair. I said hi and smiled.

She came over and she put her hand on my shoulder and kissed my lips. When she kissed me she inserted her tongue in my mouth. She tasted very good.

I ran my hand down her back and squeezed her ass. She the smiled and tweaked by cock. My dick got a little harder. She said, “Oh, I’m glad you are alive!”

I slapped her ass and said, “If all of the women are like you, this will be a very nice day.”

She motioned me to a table by the bar and asked me what I wanted. I told her a vodka martini would be fine.

I looked around and a topless woman was kissing and playing with a guy’s dick at the next table over. He was pinching her nipples and rubbing her cunt through her slacks with one hand.

The hostess brought two drinks over and sat down next to me. She crossed her legs revealing a naked but furry pussy. She nodded to the table next to us and said, “I wish they would take their fucking indoors.”

I said, “I don’t mind.”

Then I asked her about the line up of girls. She asked me what I wanted in a girl.

I said a good looking girl that was shaved and would do anything, including bareback fucking.

She looked at me and said, “You know bareback costs extra.”

I said, “That’s not an issue.”

“Do you want to pictures or real flesh?”

I said, “Both – let’s start with pictures.”

The hostess handed me a book to leaf through. There were about a dozen women. Each whore had two or three nude pictures plus their measurements. Most of the girls were shaved bare.

I told her I was interested in three women that had shaved pussies. They were brunettes – one Asian and two white woman.

The hostess got up and went back to the bar and picked up the phone and spoke to someone. “They will be up shortly.”

The first one came out wearing a long blue robe. She stood before me and quickly took off her robe revealing a beautiful nude body. Her breasts were magnificent. She turned around for me and bent over showing me her lovely naked ass. She said, “You may touch anything you like.”

I gently rubbed her cunt, which was very wet. I took my finger to my mouth and tasted her nectar. It was very nice. Then I inserted my right middle finger in her asshole as far as I could push it in.

I asked her to kiss me. She did with enthusiasm working her tongue around the inside of my mouth. I cupped her one tit with one hand as we kissed. With the other hand I inserted my other fuck finger in her cunt. I pulled out my finger and put it in my mouth to taste her very pleasant nectar.

Then she pulled up and stood to the side while the Asian beauty demonstrated her female charms for me. She was smaller with petite boobs. She had a fluff of pubes at the top of her slit. I liked that very much. She came close and I whispered, “I like you a lot, do you like a dick up your ass?”

She giggled and said, “Oh yes!”

I said, “Come here.” As she did I took both of small tits in my hands and rubbed them. She opened her legs and sat on my leg rubbing her cunt against my pant leg.

We kissed very gently. As she got up and backed away I quickly inserted my one fuck finger in her cunt. I tasted her juices and she like a fine wine was exquisite. Both of the girls stood looking at me in their naked bliss.

The third woman appeared. She was dressed in a thin short skirt and topless. Her tits were larger than the last girl, but her nipples were very large and dark. She walked over and leaned in to me and kissed me. Then she invited me to loosen the tie for her skirt. When I did and it fell to the ground a glistening slit was revealed. She took my right hand and placed it on her slit. I fingered her as we kissed again.

I whispered, “Is there any kind of sex you don’t Escort Eryaman like?”

She smiled and said, “Absolutely not!”

I pulled my finger out of her cunt and tasted her juices. It was fragrant a smells and taste – very pleasant.

I was satisfied any of the three would be a great fuck.

I said to all three women, “I would like someone who enjoys screwing, play acting roles in dress up and all kinds of sex. For that I will pay handsomely.

The first woman told me she had been a theater major in college. The Asian beauty told me she had many outfits and loved making her man squirm with pleasure. The third said she was free for the next day.

I said I wanted to think about it, finish my drink and would let them know. I took three one hundred bills out of a large wad and gave each girl a bill. I want to thanks you for showing me your talents.

The hostess smiled and told them I would let them know shortly.

After they left I asked her who she thought the best was.

She said, “A man would kill for an hour with any of these women. I have seen all of them in action and can assure you they are all sexual amazons.”

I said, “OK, I’ll take the Asian woman. What is her name?” The hostess said, “Eve – I’ll call for her.”

Eve came back within five minutes. She came over dressed in a long red dress. The dress had two slits from the floor to her waist. Her boobs were bare with thin straps on either side. I pulled a chair for her to be close to me.

She came and sat down putting her right hand on my cock. She gently rubbed my dick making it hard. Eve smiled and whispered, “Oh there’s life down there!”

I put my hand on her bare leg and gently rubbed her kitty. She was very wet. She said, “Let’s get prices out of the way then we can enjoy each other. I’m very horny thinking about that dick in my mouth and cunt!”

I said, “OK, here’s what I would like, a full night of fucking, sucking and dress up fun. I want you to tell me which room your are in and you go back and prepare. Oh, also I want only bareback sex – I’m tested, clean and fixed.”

Eve said, “A whole night of fun will run $3,000, all sexual acts included.”

I said,”OK and there will be a tip on top of that. I want you to go and wear thin white anklets and anything else you want.”

Eve smiled and said, “Ummmm nice. I have thin white anklets with a cuff. Would you like those?”

I said “Yes. Understand that I would like foot sex. Perhaps you could dress as a school girl and I’ll administer punishment for your bad acts.”

Eve snuggled close and whispered, “I’ve been very bad – smoking in the bathroom and sucking off my science teacher to get an A.”

I reached in my pocket and brought out my money and counted off 30 one hundred bills. I said, “Go get dressed and I’ll come in ten minutes. I’ll have to spank you – you have been a very bad girl.”

Eve picked up the money and said, “I’ve been very bad and I need to be spanked hard. I’ll be in room five at the end of the hall. The hostess will bring you there.”

Eve got up and walked off to her room. I signaled to the hostess to sit down.

She said, “Is everything settled?”

I answered, “Yes, I need for you to escort me to room five in ten minutes. I need to use the wash room first though.”

She got up and said, “You can use this one. Wash clothes are by the sink. Do you want anything to drink during your session?”

“Thanks – do you want to wash my dick and balls?”

She smiled and said, “I would like that. How big are you?”

I smiled and said, “Twelve inches and pretty thick.”

“Wow 12 inches – I like that! Come on.”

We went in the restroom and I stripped off my pants and shirt. I had on a thong and my dick was hard. My cock was coming out the top of my thong. She put her fingers on the tiny waist band and took it down. My dick flopped out standing up straight. She ran her fingers over the length of the hard surface.

Then she bent down and ran her tongue up and down the top of my cock. Her fingers were on the bottom squeezing the shaft. Then she put my whole cock in her mouth and sucked me off.

She only did that several times before I gushed a rush of cum into her mouth.

“Hmmmmmm it tastes so good!”

Then she kissed me sharing the hot white cum with me. I said, “Mmmmm tastes good!”

I got dressed and gave her $300 for the BJ. She accepted the money and told me to come sleep with her another time. I smiled and said I would.

We walked down the hall to room 5. She knocked and Eve opened the door. I was astounded by what I saw. Eve had pigtails and dressed in a little white blouse that showed her tummy. Her skirt was loose and very short. She had on beautiful thin white anklets and black leather Mary Jane’s.

I kissed the hostess goodbye and went on in. Eve and I embraced and kissed deeply. I knew she would taste my cum when she French kissed me.

I said, “Young lady why are you in my office?”

She said very demurely, “I was smoking Eryaman Escort and having sex with Mr. Burns.”

I said, “What! How could you be so bad?”

I continued, “You will have to be spanked.”

“Oh Mr. Jones please don’t spank me.” I told her to disrobe me. She got on her knees and took off my shoes. She ran her hands over my white socked feet. Then she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. My pants fell to the ground. My dick was hard again sticking straight our from my body.

Eve ran her hand over the tent in my thong underwear. She said, “Mr. Jones you are sooooooooo big. You won’t hurt me will you?”

I reached over and pulled her skirt up revealing her naked butt. I smacked her ass with my hand. She cried out, “Ouch.”

I then smacked her four more times. By this time her butt was red. She was crying. I took her head in my arms and kissed the top of her hair. I said, “You know you were bad and have to be punished. Don’t cry. If you do I will slap your butt more and harder.

Eve stopped crying and said she was very sorry for having sucked Mr. Burns off. I asked her how his cum tasted.

She said, “I liked it – very sweet tasting.”

I asked her if she had sucked other men off. She said yes.

I asked when she started sucking men off.

She told me when she was nine she sucked her dad off. Then she did her brothers and uncles and she loved giving BJ’s. She then told me she did her mother and sister too. By that time she was fully hooked on sex with a man or woman. During grade school and high school she had sex every night. She first fucked when she was 11.

She told me she would fuck and suck me if I didn’t spank her any more.

I said, “You are bad – very bad.”

Eve pleaded, “Please don’t hit me any more, and I’ll do anything you want.”

I told her to strip except for her shoes and socks and get on her knees on the bed. When she had done that I took a wet wash cloth and washed her ass hole. Then I leaned over and licked her puckered hole. Eve squirmed with delight.

I put my right fuck finger in her fuck hole and started masturbating her. As I did that I licked her asshole. She was very wet and tasted good. Then I took my very wet fuck finger and rammed it in her asshole. She moaned with pleasure.

She reached out for my very hard dick with her hand. She pulled my thin thong off and saw my massive dick. She said, “OMG you are huge. I have to have you in my mouth, cunt and ass.”

She then proceeded to pull my dick head up to her lips. Eve started to wash the head with her tongue. She ohhed and ahhed then too the top part of my dick into her mouth. She washed the top part with her tongue and lips.

I did double penetration on her with my fingers. Both of her holes were wet. She took more and more of my dick into her mouth. Soon she was moaning and grabbing me with her finger nails as she began to cum. Soon I was at the point of no return and I shot a load of hot white cum into her mouth.

She slurped the cum up and lay back on the bed with her legs spread inviting me to enter her cunt. When I did my tool came instantly alive and hardened again. I pumped her cunt in quick hard thrusts. In a matter of minutes she exploded with a deep orgasm. And I came again flooding her cunt with my man juices.

Eve was breathing heavily as her orgasm subsided. I lay beside her bathed in sweat feeling her heaving body glistening with sweat. I kissed her left tit, licking the salty moisture off of her small boobs. She tasted great!

Then I pulled out and my semi-hard dick flopped on my tummy. She rubbed my dick and stomach mixing her residue goo with mine. We kissed and rubbed each other’s tits. Then she reached under my ball sac and rubbed my asshole. Her finger played with my very sensitive and went in to the first joint.

I asked her if she wanted to rim me. She nodded yes. But before she did that she got a joint for us to share. Having sex while stoned is so good. She lit up and we shared the smoke. As we both got high, my dick started getting hard again.

Eve was rubbing my dick and it felt good. Pretty soon I shot a load on my tummy. She swirled the mess with her fingers. Then she cleaned off her fingers with her tongue. She bent over and licked my tummy clean of any cum.

I brought her mouth up to mine and we French kissed sharing the cum in our mouths. We continued kissing and soon the cum was leaking out of our mouths. I rubbed the saliva and cum on her legs and tits.

When we were done Eve said, “We are two sweaty lovers.”

“Yes, let’s shower, I said.

She got down on her knees and removed my shoes and white socks. Then I got her on the bed and undid her shoes. I brought her feet up to my chest. I rubbed the smooth white cotton/nylon material. Then I kissed her ankles where the flesh meets the sock. I also sucked her toes through the white cotton/nylon material. I love getting the sock wet from my saliva and seeing her toes through the then more opaque material!

While I was Eryaman Escort Bayan sucking her toes I saw she was masturbating with her right hand. Her breathing was strained and seemed on her way to an orgasm. With her left hand she played with my fully hard dick. I love a woman’s hand on my dick and her hand on my hard dick felt great!

I continued kissing and licking her feet encased in the white anklets. The material felt very smooth against my face. The smell of her feet was wonderful – slightly like shoes.

Then I heard her cumming. I sucked her toes some more and she came hugging my body as she orgasmed. I licked the soles of her feet, tasting the fragrance.

When she subsided I took each white anklet off her feet and laid them on the bed. Eve picked up one sock and put it over my cock. Then she took my now raging hard on and began sucking my dick. Her mouth felt so warm and moist through the white sock on the skin of my dick.

Within minutes I erupted with seemingly gallons of white hot cum into her sock. The cum spurted out then just ran into the white sock. She took her fingers and squeezed the little tube on the underside of my dick to get the last few drops of cum into the white sock. Then she took the sock off of my dick and washed it with her mouth cleaning up and residues of my cum.

She put my sock on the bed. I said, “After our shower you can wear the sock and have my cum between your toes.”

Eve looked at me and said, “Perhaps you’ll cum in the other sock so both of my toes can enjoy your cum. Before we shower would you put by butt plug in and spank me again?”

I kissed her and said, “Oh yes baby. Give me your plug and lay across my lap.”

She got up and went to her dresser. Opening the top drawer she took out a black rubber butt plug. She came back and handed it to me.

Then she lay across my legs and opened her ass to me. I took some baby oil and put it on her puckered asshole. I took my right fuck finger and massaged her hole. Then I inserted the plug in her asshole.

She said it felt great. I took my right hand and whacked her butt hard. Then I hit her butt again with four successive whacks. She cried out, but kept her ass firmly on my legs and her slit spread open.

I could feel her wet pussy against my leg. Then I felt warm liquid running down my leg. Eve was peeing on me. I smacked her again. I picked her up around the tummy and carried her into the bathroom. By this time she was peeing faster on me.

I got her over the tub and she let loose with her urine. I got in too and let her pee all over me. I got on my knees and put my lips and tongue on her pussy slit. My mouth was flooded with her urine. It ran through my beard and down my chest.

I lapped up her urine streaming out of her body. I gripped her ass cheeks pressing her pussy close to my mouth. Her urine smelled good and was so warm. I enjoyed tasting her and having the liquid cascade over my body.

When she was done peeing she got on her knees facing me and kissed my face and lips soaked in her urine. She stroked my hard 12″ dick. Then she bent forward and took my dick in her mouth and started sucking me off.

God did it feel good – her warm wet lips around my meat. She deep throated me and took nine of my twelve inches in her mouth without gagging. She pumped me hard and fast kneading my nuts w/her hands. My ball sac was very loose and her playing with my nuts felt sooooooo good.

Finally I could not hold it anymore and my cum burst out of the end of my dick into her mouth. She sucked me some more and a second spurt of cum flowed into her mouth.

I pushed her down onto the bottom of the tub and kissed her hungrily seeking the cum in her mouth for my mouth. We wallowed in her piss and French kissed. Then I peed on Eve. My bladder was very full and the urine flowed out onto het tummy, pussy and legs.

We embraced as I finished peeing on her. When done she put some of my urine in her hand and she washed my face, hair and body with our intermingled urine. Eve continued kissing me, probing my mouth with her tongue.

Then she got up, drew the shower curtain and turned the water on. I reached up and took her butt plug out of her ass canal. I washed it off and got some soap on my hands and washed her butt love hole.

When finished and rinsed I pushed her against the wall and spread her ass cheeks. Then I proceeded to rim her asshole. She reached one hand forward to rub her cunt, focusing on her clit. In a matter of seconds she was cumming.

I continued eating her asshole as she fingered herself even after cumming. I kissed ass cheeks and licked then. She has beautiful smooth tanned cheeks. They were so soft to my tongue’s touch.

Then she turned around and I put my face in her cunt, licking as I touched her. She let loose with a pee that cascaded urine down my face and in my mouth. Eve tasted delicious.

I go up and turned into the spraying water to get thoroughly clean. Eve snuck behind me and washed my asshole. As she rinsed me off I knew she would be going down on my hole.

Eve then proceeded to give me the best rimming I have ever received. I took my dick in my hand and jerked off as she rimmed me. Within a matter of minutes I spewed a glob of thick white cum on the wall, her tits and my tummy and legs.

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