The Candy Shop Ch. 02


The whole room smelt of sugar. Every surface was sticky, the floor covered in a thick coating of granulated crystals. Bella was trying to keep clean, her Lolita Bunny Rabbit Maid Dress had cost a small fortune and no way was she going to ruin it the first day of wearing. Bad enough that the soles of her Harajuku high ankle strap shoes were getting covered in the sweet goo just by walking and her white apron was splattered from chest to knees.

The parcel had caused quite a stir when it arrived from the Minky Shop that morning. Her parents were really out of touch, had no idea about fashion, J-pop and definitely not about Tokyo’s ever expanding array of maid cafes.

“You are not going to wear that. No daughter of mine is looking like a waitress in a brothel.”

Her father was a bastard, a one hundred percent pure West Coast ass who took any opportunity to make Bella and her friends feel stupid or slutty.

“I pay for a good education, give you a good allowance and yet you insist on acting and dressing like a little ‘nip’ whore. Had enough of them in the air force, little bitches thinking they were too good for me. Not giving me the time of day after all their teasing. Well I showed a few in my time.”

Bella looked at her mother and noted that she was shriveling into a dried grape.

“This is all you fault. No discipline. You shouldn’t stop me beating her ass like she deserves.”

The conversation was much like every other breakfast time, her father was pissed because he had to work, her mother was just hoping he would leave before he became violent and Bella just wanted them both to choke on their cereal and die.

“You can’t just beat children anymore dearest, child services would be down on us like a pack of wolves and we don’t need that sort of trouble.”

“No fucking right. No one can tell me what to do in my own home, Fucking country is going to the dogs. Full of liberals and queers. I work every day to make a difference and every cent I make is given away to damned illegals and lazy good for nothing trash.”

This was definitely not going well. Bella eyed the dress and shoes sadly almost certain they would be taken and locked away like so many of her other special things. Then luckily the phone rang.

“Damn it.”

Her father reached for the handset. The call could only be for him, no one else was allowed phone privileges while he was at home.

“Yes this is Sheriff Jeffries what’s happening?”

Bella took the distraction as a good time to repackage the dress and shoes and slide the box behind the breakfast counter.

“I will be there in twenty minutes. Call the vice squad for me please and get their cooperation with the bust.”

Her father slammed the phone back in its cradle and retrieving his service revolver from a kitchen drawer slid it into the black patent leather holster vanity decreed he wear and Bella was obliged to keep spotless.

“They Escort Keçiören have some damned perverts cornered in a tenement in the slums. Looks like we might be able to off some trash today.”

Bella shuddered inwardly. Her father’s love of violence hidden by some pretense of justice made her sick to her stomach. She smiled so sweetly to appease him but thought of the times this pretend pervert hater had tried to fuck her school friends.

“Please be careful daddy.”

Careful to catch a bullet she added silently.

She listened to the roar of the engine as he started the cruiser. Sure enough the siren was on full volume before he had cleared the driveway.

“Don’t imagine I don’t know what you’re doing young lady.”

Her mother finally spoke without prompting for the first time that morning, she never spoke when dad was around unless he spoke first. Bella didn’t really understand the dynamics of their relationship just was aware of the stripes and bruises she had seen on her mother’s thighs, back and buttocks when she was showering.

“I am trying to survive mom.”

The slap caught her unawares and for a second all she could hear was buzzing.

“What did you do that for?”

“Don’t pretend you don’t have a taste for it Bella. Takes one to know one. He’s mine keep your hands and dirty thoughts to yourself.”

“He’s my father! That’s disgusting.”

“Never stopped me you fucking little whore. Your granddaddy liked them young too. I catch you near your father I will gut you like a fish.”

Bella found Cara at the arcade as arranged. Both girls were supposed to be at school but somehow the enthusiasm for normal education had evaporated since their last joint encounter with Willy Wonka. Something about the hold he had over them was very disturbing, as if reality and common sense just disappeared in His presence. Like a good recreational drug they wanted more and more.

“Wonka said to meet Him at the sweet shop around noon. Says He is working on something special and needs us to try it out.”

Cara was plainly really pleased to be privy to this information. She obviously felt like she was the more experienced of the pair and the one that Willy was inclined to favor. Bella knew better. She had seen the way Wonka looked at her and just the memory of that devilish leer was enough to bring her to the point of orgasm. Her mind traveled back to her confrontation with her mother earlier. No way would she ever let her father touch her willingly, it was just sick and wrong, but the thought of an older man’s hands on her body excited her beyond any expectation.

“I want Him to fuck my ass sooo bad.”

Bella was sorry she had spoken the words almost before they left her mouth. Cara looked at her with all the jealousy and ferocity of feline watching her Tom mount a stray.

“Yours too Cara. Totally want to watch you get ass Keçiören Escort raped.”

Luckily Bella had saved things just in time. Cara blushed deeply and gave the shyest sweet smile.

“Really? You want to watch me?”

Bella smiled back and took careful note. The parameters of her relationship with Cara had suddenly shifted.

“Get me a drink will you Cara dear.”

Cara’s face flushed with joy and she noticeably shuddered.

“Yes of course Bella. Would you like a cherry coke like always?”


Bella watched Cara disappear towards the food court. She wondered if she should do something to change the way things were developing but then quickly decided just to let things be. After all she was getting cherry coke at minimum.

“You and her an item then?”

The voice came from behind and to her left. Bella turned and then quickly stopped herself from gasping.

“You would look far cuter with your jaw not on the floor.”

Bella clamped her mouth tight shut.

“My name is Yui. Haven’t seen you here before.”

Yui was a real Lolita Goth and even better was actually a native Japanese. From her flame red hair to the platform calf high strap boots she screamed style and it took all of Bella’s composure not to swoon on the spot.

Hi, sorry, my name is Bella and no were not an item.”

“She seemed very eager to get you a drink. Makes me wonder what else she does for you.”

“No really we are just friends. Just really good friends.”

Bella didn’t know what else to say. She really didn’t feel like muddying any chance she might have with this goddess by confusing the issue with the little mutual masturbation that had occurred.

“You fuck her?”

Obviously Yui wasn’t going to let this go.

“We have played together once that’s all. Nothing serious just a little fun at the Candy Shop.”

“Ah the Candy Shop. You know Wonka.”

Yui covered her mouth with her hand and giggled in a very culturally Japanese fashion.

“Yes He’s different. Never really met anyone quite like Him before.”

“He’s the best fuck this side of the Pacific.”

This time Yui didn’t bother to cover her mouth and Bella caught sight of her teeth.

“Wow they look like fangs.”

Yui pulled her lips back to give Bella a clearer look.

“Those are fucking amazing.”

“Cost my parents a fortune, not that they miss the money. Made me promise to have them replaced with regular ones when I am twenty five. Maybe I will maybe I won’t. So why you dressed like cafe maid, on your way to work?”

Bella’s face totally blanched and she had no clue how to react.

“Aww, cat got your tongue? Better not have, I want it.”

Yui stepped forward and kissed Bella very hard on the lips whilst snaking a hand under the frilled edge of her dress. Bella was very glad she didn’t bother with panties as Yui slid a finger deep Keçiören Escort Bayan between her already soaked vaginal lips. Retreating a pace Yui sucked on her now well flavored forefinger and Bella did everything she could to retain a modicum of control and avoid gushing directly onto the linoleum floor.

“Did I miss something?”

Cara had reappeared just to their side a bottle of cherry coke in each hand and a very perplexed look on her face.

“I was just, we were just…”

Bella really had nothing to say or any control to enunciate anyhow.

“Bella just suggested the three of us head over to the Candy Shop together.”

Yui had stopped suckling her finger long enough to come to Bella’s rescue.

“I was going over to see Wonka anyway so we may as well do it in a threesome. Sound good to you Bella?”

Bella nodded and swallowed hard.

“I’m Yui, you must be the girl Bella was saying such flattering things about.”

Cara blushed a deep shade of crimson and looking embarrassed at the floor passed one of the cherry cokes to Bella.

“Bella said you have quite the prettiest ass bud she has ever seen and she can’t wait for Wonka to tear you up.”

“I didn’t say…”

Yui’s cunt scented finger pressed hard against Bella’s lips to stop the sentence mid-stream then moving between the two girls she linked arms and led them out of the arcade towards the Candy Shop.

The candy Shop lights were on but Willy Wonka was nowhere to be found.

“Guess He had something to do somewhere. Let’s make ourselves comfortable while we wait.”

As if to put an explanation point on the sentence Yui pulled her black shorts down to her knees and bent over the counter thighs spread as wide as possible. Bella looked at Cara for a moment then dropping to her knees pushed her tongue deep into Yui’s ass through the open netting crotch of her fishnet hosiery.

“Fuck yes Bella been needing a good rimming all day.”

Reaching up with her left hand Bella slid three fingers straight into Yui’s saturated vagina and started thrusting fast and deep.

“Oh ‘anata’, yes baby yes.”

Yui was already trembling with the first flourish of a climax as Bella felt Cara’s head slide between her thighs. Raising herself just enough to let the snaking tongue reach her already throbbing clitoris she redoubled her own tongue thrusts deep into the delightfully pursed sphincter at her utter mercy. Yui’s climax was a full on squirt-er the hot fluids hitting the side of the counter and rebounding to splash down Bella’s crisp new white apron. Her own climax followed immediately and she ground her labia hard into Cara’s features to wring out any little extra pleasure she could. For her part Cara had to make do with finger her own genitalia but the psychological effects of Bella riding her with such dominance was quite enough to push her into bliss mode with ease.

“Fuck I needed that. Now I have to have some serious penetration. Go get some candy dildos out of the store room Bella.”

Bella didn’t think twice. For the second time in so many days she was totally under someone’s control. The door to the storeroom opened easily and she quickly stepped inside.

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