The Cabin by the Lake Day 02


Her faceless lover’s cock was enormous; she could hardly get her fingers around its girth as she laid there, him straddling her belly as she pulled him. The one eye of his stretched purple swollen head stared at her as she pulled his eight inch plus shaft. She wanted him but was apprehensive at the same time. How could that massive cock fit into her tiny pussy? Raising her head, she stretched her mouth wide to engulf the giant head as both her hands worked the huge long shaft. Rock hard, he pulled out of her mouth and slid down between her legs, Hands on her knees; he pushed her legs wide apart and pressed his rampant cock between them. She sucked in her breath, dreading the pain and yet wanting it so much. He thrust into her hard.

Emma awoke with a start, her pussy wet throbbing between her legs, it was all just a dream. Reaching down, she touched herself to confirm it. Her pussy was dripping wet and slowly she stroked herself, enjoying the warm feeling of arousal and the lingering thought of a massive cock fucking her. Aroused and wanting to cum, she looked across the bed for Mick but all she saw was an empty pillow. On the bedside table was a note. It read ‘Gone fishing, see you later.’

Disappointed and a little frustrated, Emma got up and padded naked to the bathroom. Every morning, they were there for each other, one of them masturbating the other awake. Usually, it was him, waking her with his fingertip on her clit, rubbing her awake and making her cum, her reciprocating, seductively pulling his already hard cock till he came all over her belly. She tried to occupy her mind with thoughts of a shower and breakfast but, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get the thought of that giant hard cock out of her mind. Even as she soaped herself in the shower, her hand was drawn irresistibly between her legs.

In the next room, Alice also stirred. Reaching over the bed, she too found an empty spot beside her. “Fuck.” She said to herself, slowly focusing on the note from Jake telling her he had gone fishing. “Asshole,” she muttered. She was relying on him being there to stick his cock inside her to take Escort Etlik her mind off her banging hangover.

Emma was sat in the kitchen eating cereal when Alice emerged, clad in an open robe with just her panties on, her pert breasts sticking out with hard pointy nipples. Emma had never swung that way but, the sight of Alice’s breasts and cameltoe hidden beneath her panties disturbed her more than she cared to think about. There was just something so sexy about her.

Alice plonked down opposite Emma. ” Arrggghhh.” She said.

“Big night eh?” asked Emma.

“Mmmmmm” replied Alice.

“We heard” said Emma laughing.

“I had a dream.” said Emma, needing to tell someone.

“Oh, yeah, tell, me.” said Alice.

Emma proceeded to tell Alice about her dream. Before she was finished, she felt Alice’s foot rubbing up and down the outside of her leg. “I can make dreams come true.” said Alice, her foot sliding over the outside of Emma’s thigh under the table. “You can?” Emma queried, the foot rubbing her thigh and her graphic recounting of her dream making her more than just a little aroused. She was at the same time recalling the sight of Alice’s panties and something was making her want to sample what was inside them.

Smiling, Alice took Emma’s hand and led her to her bedroom. Inside, she dropped her robe and turned her attentions to Emma, slowly stripping her and laying her on the bed. Naked, Emma was all anticipation, her legs open, wanting something, she didn’t know what. Alice reached into a bag and pulled out a huge dildo.

“Holy Fuck!” it was the cock in her dream. She watched shaking with excitement as Alice mounted the bed, that huge silicone cock in her hand and a look on her face like a man about to ravage a woman’s cunt,. Without warning, Alice bent forward and started to lick her, “Fuck, it felt good.” The tongue lapping at her opening and Alice’s thumb rubbing her hard clit had her wanting to cum so badly. Her pussy was drenched in seconds, her legs spread wide and her hips thrusting upwards, wanting to fuck.

Taking Emma’s thrusting hips as her cue, Alice Etlik Escort took the dildo and pressed its huge head to Emma’s opening. Emma, breathing hard and quivering with anticipation, braced herself. Alice pushed it in.

“Oh fuck!” Emma cried out partly in pain and partly in pleasure as the giant dildo stretched open beyond belief and filled her cunt. God that felt so good. Her hips thrust up hard wanting the monster phallus deep inside her. Working the dildo in and out of Emma’s cunt, Alice turned and straddled her, pressing her pussy to Emma’s mouth. Lost in the moment, Emma licked at her hungrily, wanting her to cum as much as she wanted to. Alice drove the dildo into her again and again, grinding her own pussy on Emma’s mouth until with loud moans they both came hard. “My turn.” said Alice, still breathless from her orgasm and rolled off Emma to lay beside her with legs wide open. Emma retrieved the dildo, reluctantly sliding it out of her pussy and moved between Alice’s legs. Alice moaned as Emma rubbed the large head between her parted wet lips.

An hour of toying and several body raking orgasms later, and having dressed, they decided it was time to go down to the lake and wait for the hunter gatherers they called boyfriends to arrive showing off their catch. They set off, hand in hand, new best friends with a lovely secret between them.

The boat came to a halt on the beach and Jake jumped out. “Hey girls.” he greeted them as he started pulling the boat up onto the sand.

“How did you go.” Asked Emma

“Enough for dinner.” said Mick, holding up four gutted and scaled fish proudly.

“Oh good.” said Emma.

Later that afternoon with beers flowing and the catch of the day on the BBQ, the guys never even sensed the girl’s discomfort, the stolen looks and their longing for each others bodies.

Emma was torn, she loved Mick but, there was just something about Alice that made her want to sleep with her and do any and everything she asked. Alice was not helping, sitting with her legs slightly apart, her panties showing inside the leg of her loose short shorts. The Etlik Escort Bayan bitch knew what she was doing – teasing her, tempting her. She had tasted her pussy and wanted more.

“I fancy a walk along the beach, how about you Emma.” said Alice.

“Yes.” said Emma, her heart pumping with excitement at the prospect of being alone with her again. The girl thrilled her beyond belief.

The boys hardly noticed their departure, so caught up in the glory of their catch of the day and reliving old times over numerous beers.

The two girls set off hand in hand along the beach. No sooner were they out of sight than they were pressed together kissing hard, their arms wrapped tightly around each other. As their kisses grew in passion, their hands groped frantically between legs and inside panties. Locked and standing together, silhouetted in the moonlight on the sands of the beach they rubbed and finger fucked each other to orgasm. Reluctantly, they pulled themselves apart and started back down the beach.

“You know this is just a one-off don’t you.” said Alice as they strolled on the damp sand back towards the cabin.

“Yes.” Emma replied, a little sad she wouldn’t have that body again, but at the same time sort of relieved that it was over. Now she could get back to giving all her attention to Mick.

“I bet those two are still reliving their youths.” Emma joked.

“As long as they haven’t gone to bed and aren’t too drunk to fuck.” said Alice with a grin and they both burst out laughing.

Ten minutes later as they reached the cabin, there was noone to be found outside.

“I don’t believe it.” said Alice, hands on hips looking incredulous.

“Seems your little joke turned out to be prediction.” Emma said, starting to laugh.

Entering the cabin quietly, they both said goodnight and went to their rooms.

Inside her room, Emma slipped off her clothes and crawled into bed beside Mick. As she pulled up the covers, he stirred and rolled over facing her. “Mmmmm, come here.” he said sleepily, reaching for her under the the blankets. As she nestled against him, she felt something growing, pressing against her belly. She smiled to herself in the darkness. After her orgasm on the beach, she was more than ready for something nice and hard inside her.

No doubt in the next room, Alice would be waking Jake and demanding some of the same.

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