The Bet


As the host of the party, Amy walked through the crowd, making sure that every one was having a great time. She really didn’t have a favorite team; if it weren’t for her husband, Doug, and his seeming addiction to fantasy sports then Amy probably wouldn’t even have known that there was a game on. Of course, her lack of knowledge in the sport didn’t slow Amy down when it came time to announce that they were hosting the watch party at their house. If there was one thing that she absolutely loved to do, it was entertain.

Amy was even more excited when she received the email from her good friend Mary. She and her husband John had responded to her invite with an emphatic yes. The two couples hadn’t seen each other since they shared a beach house the previous spring. Both couples were active in the swinging lifestyle, but the miles between them had prevented any encounters. They spent the majority of that long weekend naked, and the sex they had was amazing.

The addition of Derek, a worker at the marina in Florida that helped ferry them to their island house, and his large cock into their play resulted in both Mary and Amy leaving the island sore but satisfied. The thought of Derek put a slight frown on Amy’s face. Although he was invited to join the party, finances prevented him from making the trip. He promised, however, that he would do everything in his power to meet up with them as soon as he could. Of course Amy was also pretty sure that the fact that there was three feet of snow on the ground also factored into his decision making to not leave the warmer temperatures in Florida.

John and Mary had arrived later in the afternoon than they had wanted, so the couples had not yet had a chance to enjoy any alone time. Throughout the evening the four of them had quietly flirted. Their participation in the lifestyle was not known to anyone else at the party, so discrete touches and winks were the best they could do. At one point in the evening Amy had asked Mary to accompany her to the store to get more snacks, and Mary was all too eager to go. As soon as the car was out of the driveway Mary had her hands on Amy, running one hand up her shirt to fondle her breasts while she worked her other hand down Amy’s pants, slipping two fingers deep inside her. Their fun came to a quick end when Amy nearly drove the car off the road. After Amy successfully brought the skidding car to a stop, Mary pulled her hand out of Amy’s pants and placed her two wet fingers in her mouth, savoring the taste of Amy’s wetness.

“Let’s live long enough to finish this up later,” Mary joked nervously as she buckled her seatbelt for the rest of the trip.

When they returned to the house the game was getting ready to enter the fourth quarter. John met the women at the door and helped them carry in the remaining bags. Amy then went to the bar and poured herself a glass of whiskey. No more driving tonight, she figured. As she sipped at her drink her phone buzzed in her pocket. Amy pulled it out and looked at the screen. It was the group text the four of them had been teasing each other with all evening.

JOHN: Hey guys, do you want to place a wager on the game?

DOUG: What did you have in mind?

MARY: Oh boy.

AMY: Sure name it.

JOHN: My team is up by 7. If we win, I get to run the fun tonight

MARY: Confident, are we?

DOUG: I’m fine with that. Babe?

AMY: I’m ok with that. But if Doug’s team wins, I get to run the fun. Is everyone ok with that?

MARY: Score!!

DOUG: Yep, I’m good

JOHN: I’m down with that. Bring it!! I can’t wait to be in charge tonight!!

Amy put her phone back in her pocket, and turned to watch the game. Suddenly she felt like she had a reason to pay attention.

A loud cheer erupted from the crowd as the ball sailed through the uprights. The game was finally over after going into overtime, and Doug’s team had pulled off a win for the ages. He and his friends shared their congratulations and toasted to victory while the losing fans gathered into tight groups to sulk and mourn their defeat. Amy poured a large shot of whiskey into her glass and downed it triumphantly. Smiling, she pulled her phone from her pocket. Almost from the moment the wager had been made she had been formulating her plan for the evening. Now that she was the winner, it was time to put it into action.

AMY: Well then…


MARY: Sorry honey, but fair is fair!

DOUG: So what’s the plan?

AMY: Well, first we need to to let everyone leave. Then we need to clean this place up. Boys, you can handle that. Mary and I will be in the hot tub…


AMY: Sorry, babe, but you did agree to the terms.

MARY: I like this game!!

It took the better part of an hour before the final guests said their goodbyes and left. Amy closed the door and turned around, letting out a low whistle when she saw the condition of the house. It wasn’t nearly as dirty as she had expected it to be. The fact that Doug and John had started cleaning almost Escort Eryaman as soon as the text was received probably had something to do with it, she chuckled to herself. Walking over to Mary, Amy took her by the hand and led her to the stairs.

“You boys finish up, we’ll be right down.”

Mary let out a laugh at the sight of the two men pouting.

“Don’t worry boys,” Mary said as they ran up the stairs, “we won’t finish without you!”

Both Doug and John began to work faster. The sound of a dish landing hard in the sink brought Amy to a sudden halt on the stairs. She turned and looked at the two men with a stern face.

“And if you break any of my dishes you two are sleeping in the shed tonight. Those are the rules!”

Through the large sliding glass door everyone could easily see the blanket of snow on the ground. Doug and John gave each other a look of understanding, then continued their work with the same speed, but with considerably more care.

Amy held Mary’s hand as she led her up the remaining stairs and into her bedroom. She pulled Mary through the doorway then closed the door behind her. Amy then turned and reached behind Mary’s head, pulling her close. When their lips met, the hours of anticipation gave way to a passionate release. It had been too long since they had enjoyed the softness of each other’s lips, and they wasted no time. Amy gripped Mary’s hair tighter as their tongues flicked and caressed each other. Mary responded by placing her hands on Amy’s ass, pulling her closer.

The two lovers continued to kiss passionately as their hands began their task of removing each other’s clothes. As Amy worked to undo Mary’s jeans she moved her lips to her lover’s neck, kissing and biting near her ear. When she unfastened the last button she whispered into Mary’s ear.

“I’ve missed you so fucking much.”

Mary threw her head back and let out a soft moan at the feeling of Amy’s lips on her neck.

“Oh baby,” she purred, “I missed you too!”

Soon, both women were standing naked. They clung together in the darkness of the room, their naked flesh pressed together. Mary tried to turn Amy towards the bed, but Amy stopped her.

“No baby, not yet. I have a plan for tonight, would you like to hear it?”

“Oh yes, please!”

Amy grabbed Mary’s hair again and pulled her head to the side so that she had clear access to her neck and ear. As Amy leaned in to whisper into Mary’s ear she let her hand slip down, her fingers caressing the soft folds of Mary’s pussy. Slowly, Amy slid a finger into the tight wetness of Mary’s pussy, eliciting a deep moan. A broad, evil smile crept over Mary’s lustful face as she heard the plan for the night. When she was done, Amy slipped her finger out of Mary and kissed her one last time before turning towards the head of the bed.

“Alexa,” Amy spoke, ” drop in on the kitchen.”

A soft female electronic voice responded.

“Dropping in on the kitchen.”

Amy watched as the device presented a green circle around the top. When the light went blue, she knew the connection had been made.

“Hey boys,” Amy said, “you about done down there?”

There was a brief pause before they heard Doug’s voice through the speaker.

“Uh, yeah, all done down here. Everything ok up there? Need any help?”

“No, we’re good. We’re coming down now. Go ahead and get the hot tub ready.”

“Oh don’t worry about that,” Doug said with a laugh, “we already took care of that.”

“Good boys,” Mary replied, “we’ll bring down the towels.”

Amy walked toward the bathroom to grab the towels. As she passed, Mary reached out and slapped her playfully on the ass.

As the two women walked naked down the stairs, Doug and John began stripping out of their clothes. Everyone met at the sliding glass door and looked out at the running jacuzzi with a mix of excitement and dread. While they all knew the fun that was awaiting them once inside, it was still a decent walk. At night. In the snow. Naked. While Amy and Doug were from the north, and somewhat accustomed to the cold temperatures, Mary and John were from Louisiana. The frigid temperatures were not something they were used to.

The men gathered up the bucket of beer and whiskey they had put together while the women held the towels. Once everyone was ready, Doug flung the door open and the four made a mad dash for the jacuzzi.

The sudden change in temperature from the frigid cold of the air to the steamy hot water stung Amy’s skin momentarily and left her breathless. As she settled in the warmth of the water enveloped her, and she sank into the water until only her head was visible. Doug climbed in next to her. Mary slid in to her opposite side, with John following close behind her. Once everyone was acclimated, John reached over to the bucket and started passing out drinks. Both Doug and Mary chose beer, while Amy and John decided to finish the bottle of whiskey. John looked into the bottle and frowned.


“What’s wrong?” Doug asked.

“I Eryaman Escort forgot to grab glasses for the whiskey.”

Amy stood up, exposing her luscious breasts to the frigid outside air. Her nipples hardened almost instantly. Reaching over, she took the bottle from the bucket and removed the cap. Without hesitation she brought the bottle to her lips and took a long drink of the amber liquid. The warmth travelled quickly down her throat and into her stomach. Smiling, she handed the bottle to John.

“No worries, we don’t need glasses.”

John smiled and drank from the bottle. Amy slid through the water until she took up the space between Mary and John. Looking back at Mary, she gave a slight wink before curling herself up close to John.

When the two couples spent the weekend together at the beach, the only two people who did not have sex was Amy and John. Since then they had texted in their group text multiple times, and John made it very clear that he was looking forward to fucking Amy. Both Doug and Mary were ok with his desires, especially since Doug had thoroughly fucked Mary at the beach. Though Amy and Doug were experienced in the swinging lifestyle, she had only recently started allowing other men to fuck her. Amy knew she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t looking forward to feeling John slide his cock into her. She had discussed the possibility of it happening with Doug when she received their invitation reply, and he told her that she could do whatever she liked.

Amy pulled herself close to John and slipped a leg over his. She leaned into him hard, ensuring that her large breasts were pressed firmly against him. John responded by reaching up and grabbing one of Amy’s breasts firmly. She reached past John and grabbed the bottle of whiskey. She examined the contents and saw that the bottle was almost empty.

“Can’t let this go to waste, can we?”

“No,” John replied, “that would be horrible.”

“Mmm, you’re absolutely right.” Amy brought the bottle to her lips again and took a large sip. She then handed the bottle to John, who drank the last sip.

“Well, what do we do now?” Amy asked.

“I think you know what I want to do.”

“Oh yes, I think I do.”

Amy brought her mouth down to John’s neck and began kissing him. At the same time she reached under the water and took John’s growing cock into her hand. She gave it a squeeze as she bit down on John’s neck playfully. John let out a low moan as he rested his head on the edge of the jacuzzi. His left hand slid up and down Amy’s leg while his right hand rested on the back of her neck. Looking to her left Amy could see that Doug and Mary were in almost the same position, but the look of pleasure on Mary’s face coupled with the rapid movement of Doug’s hand underwater told her that they were progressing much faster than she and John were. That’s ok, she thought to herself as she slowly stroked John’s cock, we’ll get there in time.

Mary let out a loud yell as Doug’s hand brought her crashing to her first orgasm of the night. Amy and John watched their partners while caressing each other. John reached over and grabbed Amy’s hips and tried to pull her onto his lap. Amy placed her hands on the edge of the jacuzzi and stopped her forward momentum.

“No, not yet.”

A mock look of frustration washed over John’s face. “Oh, what do you mean not now? Feel how hard my cock is?”

“Mmm, yes,” Amy purred, “it feels great in my hand.”

“Ok, well it’ll feel better in your pussy.”

Amy let out a chuckle as she released her grip on John’s cock. “You’re absolutely right. But who’s in charge tonight?”

“You are,” John pouted.

“That’s right. And I say it’s not time yet.”

John clenched his teeth in frustration.

“Alright. You’re the boss.”

“That’s right. Aren’t you glad you made this bet?”

“Of course I am! And we should’ve won! I’d be fucking you right now if we did!”

“You’re probably right,” Amy replied with a laugh, “but you lost. So I’m in charge.”

Amy turned and spoke to Mary and Doug.

“So, you guys ready to take this inside?”

Mary nodded her head lustfully, while Doug simply smiled his approval.

Despite the cold, Amy stood up and gathered the towels, handing them out. Everyone stood quickly and wrapped themselves up. Leaving the bucket behind, everyone made their way quickly for the door. Once inside everyone but Amy made their way upstairs. She turned left and walked quickly into the garage to gather the supplies she would need.

Once in the bedroom Doug pulled the sheets off the bed and began lighting the candles that were positioned throughout the room. Remembering how to activate the device on the nightstand, Mary asked for a smooth jazz radio station to play. The sound of saxophones slowly filled the room as Mary climbed onto the bed and sat against the headboard with her legs spread wide. Without any hesitation both John and Doug climbed onto the bed from opposite sides and descended upon her. John caressed and Eryaman Escort Bayan fondled Mary’s large breasts, pinching her nipples roughly. Doug crawled between Mary’s legs and wrapped his arms around her thighs as he began running his tongue up and down her wet folds. Mary moaned her approval at the attention she was receiving, and she reached down to take John’s cock in her hand. She gripped his cock tightly and began stroking him slowly from base to head.

Doug brought his tongue to rest over Mary’s clit and he began to flick his tongue over it. Mary arched her back and thrust her hips forward, grinding her pussy harder against his face. As Doug’s tongue worked faster, Mary’s hand stroked John harder. Mary’s breathing got faster and her skin began to flush as Doug brought her closer and closer to the orgasm they both desired. As her body began to convulse with the first spasm of her orgasm Mary released her grip on John’s cock and grabbed Doug’s head, pulling him deeper into her. Doug, in turn, tightened his grip on Mary’s legs.

Throughout the noise of Mary’s climax no one detected Amy entering the room. She stood in the doorway, leaning against the door jam with her arms crossed. An evil grin was on her face, and her eyes portrayed the look of a woman with a plan. Panning her eyes around the room, she formulated her plan. She walked through the room silently, and picked up the stool next to the window. She moved it to the spot she deemed best and set it down. Amy then walked back to the doorway and picked up the small bag she brought from the garage. By now her presence had been noticed by the others, and John watched her intently while Doug kissed and fondled Mary. As she walked by the foot of the bed, she made eye contact with John and, with a slight grin on her face, gave him a devious wink.

Amy walked to her dresser and opened up the top drawer. The drawer held her nice assortment of sex toys. Multiple vibrators were sorted neatly inside to the left, while Amy’s collection of glass dildos lined the center. Scanning her eyes to the right she came upon the 6 inch dildo with a suction bottom. Yes, she thought, that one will do nicely. She removed the toy, then reached back in to grab a bottle of lubrication. She then walked back to the stool and slapped the dildo down with a loud pop. This got the attention of Doug and Mary. Looking at her work, Amy gave a satisfied nod, then placed her hands on her hips.

“Ok, since I won the bet, it’s time I get to run this fun. Agreed?”

Mary, Doug and John each nodded in eager approval. At the sight of the dildo, Mary sat up intently with her eyes focused on the silicone toy.

Amy opened the bottle of lubrication and poured a very generous amount directly over the top of the toy, allowing it to run down the sides.

With a look of excitement on her face, Mary pointed to the toy and asked, “Is that for me?”

“No my dear,” Amy laughed, “it’s not for you.”

Amy’s eyes scanned over the bed until she looked directly into John’s eyes. She raised her right hand and pointed one finger at him.

“This is for you.”

“Uh, excuse me?” John asked incredulously.

“You did say I could run the fun, right?”

The look on John’s face alternated between concern and excitement.

“Yes, yes I did.”

“Ok then, come here.”

John sheepishly got up from the bed and stood before Amy.

“John, have you ever taken a toy this big before?”

“I have,” John replied, “but it’s been awhile.”

“I’m sure you’ll be just fine,” Amy said as she lightly slapped John’s cheek. She then placed her hands on John’s shoulders and turned him around so that he was facing the bed.

Sensing what was getting ready to happen, Doug and Mary began slowly running their hands over each other’s bodies. Doug’s hand came to a rest over Mary’s still throbbing clit while Mary took John’s erection in her hand.

“Ok John, bend over.”

John did as he was instructed, resting his upper body on the bed. Amy reached into the bag at her feet and pulled a single glove out. She placed the glove on her right hand then applied a liberal amount of lubrication. Amy slowly began massaging John’s ass. John squirmed at her touch, and reached back to open his ass for her. Amy slapped his hand away.

“No John, you don’t get to touch. You just lay there.”

John brought his hands back up and rested them under his head while Amy went back to her work. She ran her finger in small circles around John’s ass, then slowly slid one finger deep inside with ease. John had mentioned in his texts to her many times that he and Mary had their own collection of toys at home, and that he enjoyed using some of her dildos on himself. Slowly Amy slid the finger in and out.

“Does that feel good?”

“Mmm, yes it does…”

Amy pulled her finger out until only the tip was still inside, then placed a second finger inside, sliding them both in. John moaned softly, and backed his hips up to meet her penetration. Good, Amy thought, he should manage her toy just fine. She took John’s cock in her other hand, slowly milking it.

Mary slid down Doug’s body and took his hard cock into her mouth. She sucked him slowly, but never took her eyes off her husband. Amy leaned forward and whispered into John’s ear.

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