The Beginning of a New Friendship


You hear a knock at the door; you open it reluctantly because after all it’s 10:30 at night. You weren’t expecting anyone but the person at your door looks vaguely familiar. Your mind is racing; you can’t seem to recall where you may have met the woman standing in front of you. Whereas you have a confused look on your face, she is smiling knowingly at you. Is this woman someone you met at a social gathering or did you meet her in a more professional setting? Her smile slowly turns into a puzzled expression and she asks in her sweet soft voice “You don’t recognize me do you?” You try cover up the fact that you don’t recognize her; you start to think maybe you met her in another country. Just as you’re about to fess up that you don’t remember who she is, it finally comes to you. Standing in front of you is the woman you met online about a month ago. Mia, who only recently told you her real name, looks younger in person than she does in the picture she sent you.

Mia stands on the other side of your door staring at you waiting for you to say something or invite her in. You finally tell her that weren’t expecting anyone and that you were just about to take a shower, but before can finish your sentence she pushes past you and says that’s the reason she came by. Escort Sincan You’re a little confused by what she means; she sees the quizzical look on your face so she blurts out that she came to join you in the shower. You’ve had some very enticing exchanges with her online but the woman standing in front of you is not wearing any makeup and has on a coat that is buttoned up and covers most of her body. All you can think about is that you need to figure out how to get this woman out of your place, but as you try to think of some kind of excuse to get her to leave she takes off her coat. She’s wearing a skirt that goes all the way down to her knees and a nice sweater, but you don’t see anything that changes your mind about wanting to get her to leave.

Just as you’re about to help her put her coat back on you notice that her nipples are very noticeably hard, there isn’t chill in the air and your hand barely brushed against her chest. Mia notices you staring at her chest, most women would be embarrassed and try to cover up. Maybe she was turned on by you staring at her chest so instead of putting her coat back on she starts to remove her sweater, keeping the t-shirt that was underneath on. She then removes her skirt so you can finally get a look at Sincan Escort her ass, it sizeable but it’s still completely covered by her panties; which are white with little flowers. You kind of smile to yourself because nothing about her body or what she is wearing is sexy in anyway, you kind of wonder if this girl is all talk but with nothing to back it up with.

It’s been a while since you got a blow job so you figure you’ll let her blow you before to throw her out. Mia kneels down in front of you and starts undoing your pants. You are not excited in anyway but as she reaches and touches your cock with her surprising soft hands your cock starts to stiffen. You didn’t really notice the length of her hair until she stops and reaches into her coat pocket for a clip to put her hair up. After she’s finished with her hair she goes back to stroking your cock, which is slowly getting harder. At first she strokes slowly and gently with one hand and then as she starts stroking faster she uses both hands. Mia then begins to gently kiss the tip of your cock, and she begins using the tip of her tongue to slowly trace around the head. You think to yourself that this is starting to feel good. The slow tongue tease turns into Mia sucking on the head of your Sincan Escort Bayan cock, it’s almost like she’s trying to suck the cum out of you. You’re starting to enjoy this so much you barely notice that with each suck she is taking more and more of your cock into her mouth. Pretty soon she has your whole cock in her mouth, she is really dragging this out….but in a good way.

Mia suddenly stops, for a split second you are upset that she has stopped. Mia asks if things can move to the shower. She takes off her clothes but asks that the lights be kept off; you leave the bathroom door open so that there is some light. She steps into the shower but when you turn the water on she backs up so she doesn’t get her hair wet. After you have gotten wet you turn off the water, and Mia picks up where she left off in the other room. She prolongs the pleasure by alternating between slow and fast strokes with her hands; long, deep strokes with her mouth; and vacuum like sucking on the head of your cock. When she finally brings you to that sweet release it’s like a continuous creamy fountain. As you recover from what turned out to be a very enjoyable experience Mia slips out of the bathroom. You turn on the shower to clean yourself up and by the time you get out Mia has already left you’re apartment. You’re kind of disappointed because you wanted to take things a little further. You notice a note taped to the door knob, and inside there is just a smiley face with what looks like cum dripping out of the corner of the mouth.

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