The Bath


“Tonight was the night,” Nell thought nervously, as she unbuttoned her work blouse and unzipped her black pencil skirt, letting it slide to the bathroom floor. Looking at herself in the mirror standing in just her matching red lacy bra and panties she hoped he would like her body. She had worked out for the passed several weeks preparing for this night. As she stared at her body in the mirror her mind floated back to when they first talked.

They had met in an online chat room for Doms and subs. She was new to this lifestyle but very curious. His name was Lee and he had captured her interest immediately. That first night they had talked for hours. It had started off with the typical stuff at first, what you look like, can you send me a pic, what are you into, etc. They traded pictures, both decent. It was her favorite picture of herself. It showcased her medium length dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She was wearing her favorite yellow summer dress that showed off her legs and just the right amount of cleavage. He had loved the picture, telling her that “her 34C breasts were a perfect handful and her dress accentuated her small waist and tummy.” He had thought her smile was sweet and innocent but had betted that her true nature was anything but.

His picture had turned her on, even though he was fully clothed and there was nothing sexual in the picture. He exuded an air of control and strength that was very appealing to her. He was dressed casual in jeans and a black t-shirt that showed off his broad shoulders and strong arms. A set of strong arms and hands on a man was a huge turn on for Nell, and she couldn’t wait to feel them around her controlling her movements, pinning her down, and touching her in ways she had only read about. But the most arresting part of him was his eyes. They were an intense blue that made her never want to look away. With his strong jaw and cheekbones, those gorgeous eyes, his dark hair, and his body, his picture made her nipples tighten up and she got goose bumps all over her imagining what he could do to her with his body.

She realized she was rubbing her breasts over her bra as she was lost in thought over their first chat. She had to be careful she was told she could not cum until he told her. She unhooked her bra and slid her panties off to join the pile of clothes on the floor and stepped into the hot bubbly water in her large bathtub. Tonight would be the first night that they would be together as Master and slave, though they had met several times before. As she relaxed in the bath she looked up at the clock and smiled when she realized he would be there in just less than two hours. As she lay in the hot water she thought back to the meetings they had had before. The most they had done was heavy kissing, soft petting, and some light control to test her. She loved every moment of it.

When they had gone to this nice restaurant in town a couple of weeks ago he had ordered her meal for her and sat next to her with his hand on her thigh the whole time, teasing her. He would inch it closer to her crotch then pull away, driving her mad. The only time he touched her between her legs was to check to see if she had followed his orders about not wearing panties. When he found out she obeyed he rewarded her with a bite of his cheesecake and a very intimate kiss in front of everyone as they were getting up to leave. That kiss told everyone and herself that he owned her. She had walked out of there blushing to her ears but yet wanting more. She had tried to entice him to continue on the way back to her house but he just laughed softly and shook his head as he dropped her off.

They had met four other times since that time at the restaurant and he had always been just as withholding and in control. It drove her mad! The last time they met they were going out for a drive and he had told her it was time to see if she was ready to be his slave. She was ready and it took all she had not to beg him to take her right Maltepe Olgun Escort there in the car.

“Nell, you will give me a key to your house and tomorrow I will come over at eight. You will be bathed and shaved clean. You will be waiting for me in the hallway on your knees, head bent, and nude. Your legs will be spread so you will be exposed to me. I will inspect you, humiliate you in the process, hurt you if you need to be punished, or just for fun. Do you want this and understand this all Nell?”

“Yes Sir, I do. I will follow your orders and be waiting for you. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time Sir. I am nervous and scared, but very excited. I cannot wait to feel you inside of me, to have you touch me, and control me.”

He smiled at her softly and thanked her for her patience as he drove up to her house. “One more thing pet, from this point on, till tomorrow you will not pleasure yourself or cum without my presence. Is that clear?”

“Yes Sir, very clear, I will not pleasure myself. I will wait for you.”

He kissed her passionately goodbye, letting his tongue explore her mouth while he grabbed her breast roughly. He walked her up to her door swatted her ass on her front porch in broad daylight and walked back to his car smiling to himself, knowing she was blushing again.

Thinking about his command not to pleasure herself brought her back to the present and she realized she was fingering her pussy. Even in the hot water she could feel how wet and hot she was. She looked at the clock again and realized she had just over an hour before he came over. She knew she shouldn’t but she was so nervous and touching herself relieved a bit of pent up energy. Nell continued fingering her pussy, sliding two fingers deep inside her, closing her eyes, enjoying the sensations that were spreading over her flat tummy and shaved pussy. She was so lost in her pleasure she didn’t notice that Lee was standing in the doorway watching her, scowling.

“Well this is not a good way to start now is it slut?” Lee demanded softly.

Nell about jumped out of the bath. She screamed in surprise sloshing water all over the floor. “God dammit you scared the shit out of me!” “You are early!” She yelled at him, still a bit in shock. But quickly regretting her words and her actions knowing she had been caught. “Oh God, Sir, I’m so sorry! You surprised me and I forgot myself! I was so nervous about tonight, and I was thinking about all the times we were together, and I needed to relieve myself a little. I know you said I wasn’t allowed, but I wasn’t even thinking Sir, I’m so sorry!”

“Shut up!” He interrupted her ramble. “It does not matter how nervous you were. You did not need to touch yourself, you wanted to, and by doing that you disobeyed me. It is okay though, you will learn your lessons on what happens to little sluts who disobey their Masters from the get go.” He strolled over to the side of the tub and removed his black shoes and socks, and took off his blue shirt. He looked so powerful and masculine standing over her in just his dark jeans, she thought. “Since you can’t seem to follow the simple order of bathing yourself I will do it for you. Sit up straight, Nell.”

She sat up, scared and excited at the same time. She wanted to beg forgiveness but knew talking right now was probably not a good idea. She yelped as he grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her hair back. He kissed her mouth brutally. He used his teeth to bite her lips, and his tongue to gag her. It was a punishing and bruising kiss. He let go of her hair to fill his hand with shampoo and began to scrub her hair roughly. His nails scratching her head and his fingers pulling on her hair, she whimpered in pain. “Please Sir, you are hurting me, I’m sorry!”

“I will hurt you if I want, Nell,” he whispered in her ear, “You know what to say if you want me to stop. Just remember if you say your safe word we stop everything Maltepe Sarışın Escort for tonight and you have to wait until I’m ready to try you out again.” She closed her eyes in resignation and tried to focus on the pleasure that was sure to come later. Shampoo was running down her face and in her eyes and he dumped cups of water over her head, making her gasp for air and sputter out water. “Now lay down my slut, legs bent and spread.”

She hesitated only a minute but it was enough for him to push her back and slap her thighs apart. She was beat red with humiliation. She was completely exposed and it made her cunt so wet. Her rock hard nipples gave away her pleasure at his treatment of her and he laughed at her and gave her wet pussy one hard slap. She squealed but kept her position.

“Now since you were too busy disobeying my rules to wash yourself properly,” Lee said, “I will have to finish washing you myself.” He lathered up some soap on a washcloth and started washing her face. He rubbed the rough washcloth slowly over her eyes and down her cheeks, giving them a few good slaps with the wet cloth. He grabbed her ears one at a time and pulled and scrubbed them clean as well. “Let’s see if your face is clean now.” he said as he bent down to her. He ran his tongue behind her left ear giving her the shivers all over. He kissed and licked all over her ear, nape, cheeks, and mouth. She was squirming in the tub, wanting to feel him kiss her all over her body. He suddenly pulled away and stood back up. He unzipped his jeans and took his pants and boxers off and tossed them on the other side of the bathroom. He was hard and she stared at him with wanting.

He climbed in the tub with her straddling her waist on his knees. Lee took the bottle of body wash and held it high above her breasts and squirted the cold gel over her nipples, breasts, and tummy. She didn’t know it was possible but her nipples got even bigger and tighter. She reached her hands up to touch his hard cock but he slapped them away. “No, no my naughty slut, my cock is for your mouth later, and if you are a good girl then maybe your ass.” With the wash cloth he began his rough assault again on her torso. He pinched her nipples hard; pulling and pinching till they were red and swollen. He leaned over and bit her right tit. He bit till he heard her scream and he had left an imprint of his teeth. “Feel like disobeying my rules now whore?” Lee asked.

“Maybe Sir,” Nell saucily replied.

He slapped her tits hard for that remark but laughed at the same time. “You are very naughty indeed and could use a good hard beating I think.”

“Whatever you think is best Sir.”

“Throw one leg over the tub, Nell. Spread yourself wide for me. Let me see your dirty little cunt.”

She did as she was told, shivering out of both embarrassment and because the water was losing its heat. Lee sat back against the tub for a moment and just started at her cunt. He didn’t say anything at first; just examined her. She tried to shift a bit under his stare but he held her hips tight with his hands. After a good five minutes of him scrutinizing her he suddenly shoved 2 large fingers up her wet cunt. She was ready for him and he knew it. She moaned in pleasure and he slapped her thigh. “This is not for pleasure yet slut!” “You are still being punished!”

“I’m so sorry Sir, it’s just that you feel so good, and I want you so bad!” Nell whined.

“Soon enough Nell.” He whispered. He took the wash cloth and started rubbing her pussy with it. It felt like he was going to rub her raw. He pinched her clit with cloth till she screamed again, and then decided she needed to be cleaned inside as well. He wrapped the cloth around one of his fingers and started fucking her cunt with it. Like the slut she was becoming she was moving her hips against his fingers trying to get more. He slowly started to push the whole cloth up inside of her. She felt full but he kept shoving Maltepe Şişman Escort it deep inside her cunt till it all but disappeared. “Now you keep that inside of you baby girl, you hear?”

“Yes Sir, “she moaned.

He stood up and got out of the tub and found another washcloth. He soaked it with soap and water and helped her out of the tub as well. “Nell, I need you to get on the floor on your knees with your stomach hanging over the tub, so you are half in and half out.” She did as she was told, shaking now from the cold and nerves. She was clenching her pussy tight, not wanting to let the cloth start to slip out. With her bent over the tub and her ass sticking out for him to see he spread her ass cheeks and washed them thoroughly. He even slipped the cloth in her ass rimming her with his finger making sure she was all clean. This was the ultimate humiliation for her, being degraded and bathed like this. She loved every minute of it. As she was trying to control her moans of pleasure she felt the wet rag being slapped against her ass, hard. She cried out in surprised pain as he slapped her ass again and again with the wet cloth. He would wind it up and fling her ass with it like high school boys do to each other in the locker room. She could feel the welts rising on her butt and it felt like it was on fire. He didn’t let up for at least five minutes of non stop slapping. She was crying at this point and begging him to stop. He was enjoying watching her ass jiggle with each slap and her tits bounce as she wiggled in pain.

Finally Lee stopped and leaned over her bent wet body. “Are you sorry my dear?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m very sorry Sir. I’ll listen to you from now on. I promise Sir.” Nell cried.

“Good girl. Now stay just like that.” He stepped into the tub and walked in front of her with his cock hanging in front of her face. “Now suck it slut!”

She ran her tongue from the base to the tip of his long hard cock. She took him all in her mouth and sucked hard on him; running her tongue all around him. He started to fuck her mouth hard, shoving his cock down her throat. She choked a few times and had spit running down her chin. He grabbed her hair and fucked her mouth even harder; forcing his cock so deep that her nose was pressed against his stomach and she could barely breathe. He finally pulled out of her mouth and gave her a reprieve. He pulled the cloth out of her pussy to have a flood of her pussy juices run down her thighs. “You enjoy this, don’t you Nell?”

“Yes Sir, I do.”

He walked back around to her ass and rubbed his wet cock all over her ass. “I told you that if you were a good girl I would fuck your ass, and I think that you have done very well for your first punishment, Nell. ” “Finger your pussy with as many fingers as you can fit inside while I fuck your pretty ass baby doll.” Nell worked four fingers into her tight pussy. Fucking herself deep as she felt his cock push against her anus. She felt him enter her slowly and it took all she had not to cum right then. He pushed all of his cock inside her ass and began to fuck her gently this time; letting her have her pleasure. “When I tell you to come, Nell, I want you to come.”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir.”

He could feel her muscles tightening and knew she was losing her control. “Now Nell, cum NOW!” With that command, she came hard. Her pussy muscles clamping around her fingers and her whole body shaking with her orgasm. He suddenly pulled out of her ass and stepped in front of her again. He shoved his cock in her mouth making her clean it off from her ass. She was disgusted but still turned on by such a lewd act. She sucked him off, tasting her ass on him, making herself cum again. “Climb back in the tub and lie on your back slut!” He commanded. She did as she was told just as he sprayed her face, tits, and stomach with his cum. He leaned down kissed her mouth and whispered in her ear, “such a good little cum slut.” With that he got out leaving her on the tub floor exhausted, and turned on the cold shower. “Now finish washing yourself like you were told and then join me in the bedroom, slut.” She lied there shivering from the cold water, shaking from her orgasms, and blissfully happy, hardly able to wait to see what was coming next.

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