The Barbie Lez Fantasies – Week 82: The Stallion Twins


Author’s Note 1: These short fantasies started off as weekly mini-stories for my readers, but the newsletter was shut down because autoresponders do not accept adult content. I thus decided to publish these fantasies for free for my readers to enjoy. It is meant to entertain, so please do not leave hateful comments if everything is not perfect. I am only human after all.

Author’s Note 2: Although this fantasy can be read independently, it was written as part of a series. For full enjoyment, please read “The Barbie Lez Fantasies: Week 1-81”.


Have you ever had one of those fantasies? You know, the ones that feel so real you begin to wonder if you are actually imagining them. Well, I do… because I have them all the time! Sometimes, they turn into a story, but mostly they remain trapped inside my brain. That is, until now…

I had been working almost non-stop for over three weeks. It had been a very lucrative start to my “workation” (work vacation), but I was now exhausted. Luckily, I had finally been given a few days off and I was determined to enjoy my time off to its fullest extent. In other words, I would spend my time lying in bed and watching TV. At least that was the plan.

When I awoke, I was devastated to learn the power was out. So much for my plan. Thank god I had remembered to bring my e-reader. Of course, spending the entire day reading was not exactly as relaxing as watching Seinfeld (I had brought a few series to keep me busy during my downtime). But my plans were once again ruined when I realized I had forgotten to charge my e-reader and the battery was now dead. So much for technology.

I could have returned to bed, but I knew sleeping in was not an option. I had gotten used to waking up at 6:20 AM and not even a total and utter lack of activities could change my sleeping habits. I would just have to find a way to pass the time until the power came back on.

I tried a few different things, but nothing worked, so I eventually decide to go for a walk. I never really understood the appeal of walking for fun, but I was literally running out of options. The only upside was that I was surrounded by nature.

I did not notice just how much I missed the rustling of the wind in the leaves or the whistling of birds in the trees. Living in the city has its advantages, but it also has quite a few disadvantages. A lack of vegetation is one of them.

I knew the power would probably not be back on for hours, so I took my time. When I reached the end of the driveway, I came to a stop. I glanced left and right, but when nothing of interest jumped out at me, I picked a direction at random and started walking.

My mind soon began to wander and instinct guided my steps. It was not until I heard a distant whinny that I realized I had Bakırköy Escort wandered over to the fence that bordered a quaint little clearing. In the center of this clearing stood two horses. More precisely, two stallions.

I watched them frolic for a few seconds before feeling a spark deep within my pussy. I instantly knew what was coming, but I managed to hold out long enough for the two studly equines to overcome their initial fear and slowly, carefully approach me. The closer they got, the more aroused I got. By the time they reached the fence, reality had faded and an identical fantasy world had taken its place.

I soon discovered that in this world, animals could talk. At least these stallions could.

“What are you doing here?” asked one of the two studly animals as he came to a stop mere inches from the fence. He was clearly the more extrovert of the two.

“Yeah!” agreed the other, obviously afraid to be left out of the conversation. He was the introvert.

I took a few seconds to study the two massive animals before answering. I could spend the next three pages describing exactly what they looked like, but let’s just say they were big. They towered above me and the powerful muscles that stood beneath their coats made me wonder if their cocks were anywhere near as impressive. But the most striking detail about them was the fact that they were identical in every way. Instantly, I knew they were twins. Identical twins. Of course, that only turned me on further.

“I’m just out for a stroll,” I said. At least that was what I planned on saying, but what actually came out was, “I’m here to convince you.”

I could tell by the twins’ demeanors that they were intrigued.

“Convince us to what?” asked the extrovert.

I smiled. My plan was working exactly as I had intended. Then again, this was my fantasy, so it was to be expected.

“Convince you to have sex, of course.”

The stallions were stunned.

“With you?” asked the extrovert.

I shook my head. I could tell they were perplexed. But then their eyes widened in shock.

“You mean with each other?” asked the introvert, but a glare from the other quickly silenced him. Obviously, talking was not in his job description.

“That’s never gonna happen,” said the extrovert in a voice that left no place for doubt.

I chuckled. This was all part of my plan.

“Really?” I asked. “Because I could make it worth your while.”

The twins seemed doubtful. That is until, I informed them that I could give them the only thing they could not get on their own. Freedom.

“Can you really set us loose?” asked the introvert, once again forgetting his place.

I chuckled.

“I think I can figure out how to open a gate,” I said, nodding Escort Bayan to the nearby gate that kept the two studly animals trapped within the clearing.

I could tell the twins were seriously considering my offer. All they needed was one final push.

“Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to run wild, galloping with the wind in your mane?”

That was all they needed.

“We’ll do it!” they said in unison.

“I knew you would,” I said cockily. But that was okay. I could afford to be cocky. After all, this was my fantasy!

“Kiss,” I instructed, giving the twins no time to rethink their decision. But that was exactly what they did when they heard my first command. Luckily for me, the promise of freedom was stronger than their conviction that incest was wrong.

They hesitated for a few seconds, but eventually worked up the nerve to make their move. Eyes closed to keep from seeing what they were about to do, the brothers leaned toward each other. Their lips grew closer until they finally touched. As soon as they did, they forgot themselves and instantly started making out. Their tongues danced in each other’s mouths, filling the air with intense slurping sounds.

I stood there and watched in a mixture of awe and arousal. The two fought it out for a few seconds before the arousal came out victor. Letting it spread throughout my body, I lowered my hand to my pussy and began massaging it through the fabric of my shorts.

By the time the incestuous make out session came to an end, I was horny beyond repair. I had to find a way to alleviate the pressure or else I would go insane. Luckily, sliding my hand into my pants and playing with my engorged labia helped ease my suffering.

As luck would have it, that was the exact moment the twins decided to escalate things. They were now so engrossed in what they were doing that they seemed to have forgotten I was there. It was thus without discretion that the extrovert lowered his head and began sucking his brother’s cock. It was not until I saw the rock-hard member vanish into the steed’s mouth that I realized both stallions now had haring hard-ons.

“That’s it!” moaned the introvert as his brother skillfully sucked on his pole.

I watched the blowjob unfold, enjoying every lick, suck and slurp. Every moan, short and whinny. Every single element of the incestuous encounter was perfect.

By the time the submissive stallion warned his brother he was on the verge of climax, I had worked my way up to finger fucking.

“FUUCCCKKKK!!!!!” moaned the horse as he came. His cock jerked around madly in his brother’s mouth as wave after wave of tasty stallion semen shot out of it. At least, that’s what I assumed happened, because the extrovert stallion did not let istanbul Escort a single drop of cum escape him.

By the time the blowjob came to an end, I was hornier then ever before. I knew I was nearing climax, but I refused to let it explode within me until I was completely ready. And I would not be ready until I saw the two brothers fuck each other. Fortunately that was exactly what happened next.

“I want you inside me,” said the introvert.

A wide smile appeared on his brother’s lips as he hurried around him. Once he was standing behind him, he reared up and mounted him. I could not keep an admiration-filled gasp contained as every last inch of the gargantuan manhood was swallowed up. But it soon made another appearance when the extrovert brother began rocking back and forth.

In and out the rock-hard appendage travelled as the two stallions moaned blissfully. I could not tell which moan belonged to which animal, but it didn’t matter. All that mattered were the two fingers that darted in and out of my pussy and the arousal that coursed through my veins. Well, that and the powerful orgasm that continued to grow within me.

I held out as long as I could, but my orgasm eventually became impossible to deny. I was about to cum, no matter if the incestuous couple my eyes remained glued to was or not.

“FUUCCCKKKK!!!!!” I shrieked as my pussy came to life.

Fate must have been on my side, because the extrovert’s body soon began to convulse. Moments later, his cock did the same and wave after wave of semen were forced up his twin’s rectum.

The two of us moaned powerfully as our orgasms ripped through us, tearing us to shreds. The steed whose asshole was being repeatedly stuffed continued to moan, though his cries were far less potent. Nonetheless, he continued producing them until his sibling’s staff went limp in his ass.

Moments later, the final wave oozed out of me. And instants after that, my fantasy ended.

When I came to, I found the two stallions standing by the fence. Only a few feet separated us. I half-expected them to speak when I carefully approached them, but all they did was snort as they chased away flies with their tails. Reaching out carefully, I began petting their muzzles. They seemed to enjoy the attention, because they snorted joyfully.

I remained with the two studly steeds for a few minutes before they got bored and wandered off. After a little consideration, I determined my walk had lasted long enough and I headed back home, only to discover the power was back.

As much as I had enjoyed that intense fantasy, I did not think of the studly stallion twins for the rest of the day. However, that was probably because I spent the entire day watching Seinfeld. If it wasn’t for sex and TV, my life would be so fucking boring, lol.


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. A new fantasy will be published each week, so make sure to check back every so often.

Have a horny day,

Barbie Lez

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