The Babysitter Did It Ch. 06

Big Tits

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It was a dark and clear Sunday night when I called Krissy to let her know. “Hi Krissy,” I said when she answered on Skype. “Bad news. Looks like I won’t be able to see you for a couple weeks.”

“What?” she said, her beautiful smile turning to a frown.

“I know, I know, it’s a really long time but I have to go back to Waterloo next week for some meetings and I’ll be working like crazy this week to prepare.”

“That really sucks,” said Krissy.

“Or rather, that means there’ll be no sucking,” I said with chagrin.

“So, in your world, we simply have no physical contact for over 14 days,” she said.

I was about to say, “We have no choice,” when Krissy let out an enigmatic “Huh,” reminiscent of Morpheus’ similar comment to Neo in their first sparring session in the Matrix.

“We can still Skype and have some fun that way,” I offered.

Krissy said nothing.

I looked at her pretty face with her blonde straight hair falling down to her shoulders. She was pouting. I felt guilty about making this lovely creature of god look so sad.

Krissy stood up and stepped back a bit. She was wearing a brown bra that held up her breasts to present a lovely cleavage. My eyes wandered up her long shapely legs and came to rest on her cream panty with brown trimmings on the side. Not see-through though.

I gave a catcalling whistle and said, “Nice camel toe!”

That brought a slight smile.

Krissy reached behind her back and unclipped her bra. She took it off in a teasing manner to reveal her perky breasts and hard nipples. I bit my lip wishing so badly that I could suck them.

I quickly pulled down my pants and started to hold my balls with my left hand and slowly

stroke my cock with my right.

“Time for some fun,” I thought.

Krissy turned around and bent over to give me a wonderful view of her ass and the holes that were barely covered by the small material which looked a bit damp. Then she reached up and pulled down her panties. She poked her head around her legs and smiled.

“You like?” she asked rhetorically.

“Oh yeah,” I said.

“Good,” said Krissy. “Take a good look to sustain you for 2 weeks,” she said and with that she

turned around and clicked “End” to hang up the video call.

“Noooo!” I yelled a bit too loudly. I hoped I didn’t wake up Janet or worse yet the twins. I went to call back my little nymph but she went offline.

“Fuck,” I said and wondered if I should surf for some porn and jerk myself off – something I hadn’t done since Krissy had become more than just a fantasy a few months ago. I decided to take the masochistic route and pulled my track pants on and went to bed for a restless sleep.

By Wednesday, Krissy was still snubbing me and I was starting to go through withdrawal.

She’d cut me off cold turkey. She was never on Skype and lunch-time meetings were keeping me tied up from going to see her. By Thursday I was going nuts. I missed her and since I refused to masturbate with only her memory, my balls were turning smurf blue. When I got up in the morning I decided I would come home for lunch to smooth things out and at least re-establish our Internet sex life and maybe cop a feel or two. I didn’t think there would even be time enough for a quickie as I was supposed to be presenting in the last 10 minutes of the meeting. To make sure I had a rock-solid pretext for going home at lunch-time, I “accidentally” left my USB stick with the latest copy of my presentation at home in the morning. I even called my wife at work and told her I needed to go home for it. I assumed I was getting everything back under my control which calmed me down a bit.

“Now listen Krissy, I’m going to miss you like crazy too when I’m away but there’s really nothing I can do,” I practised in my mind as I drove home. I didn’t want to be overly forceful or whiny but Krissy was just eighteen and I needed to show her who was in control.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I shouted as I pulled into my driveway. The Odyssey mini-van was in the driveway. I turned off the engine and yelled “Fuck!” one last time as I hit the steering wheel for good measure. “What the hell is Janet doing here?!” My trusty old Beamer was pretty soundproof so I wasn’t worried about being overheard.

“Deep breaths, Jack. Deep breaths. Maybe if I get a minute or two alone with Krissy it would be enough,” I thought. Composed and ready to charm everyone I got out the car and went inside.

I saw my wife as I entered the kitchen and I pulled her to me and gave her a deep kiss. She pulled away after a few seconds laughing and said, “Oh stop it Jack, you’re embarrassing Krissy.” I turned to my right and saw Krissy in the corner getting some bottles ready for the twins.

Her blond hair was down as usual and she was wearing Escort Ankara tight pink short shorts and a grey halter top with thin straps. As I drunk in the sight of her my heart skipped a beat. “Oh don’t worry dear, I don’t think our little Krissy is as innocent as you imagine.”

I couldn’t believe it myself as I heard those words come out of my mouth. I chuckled nervously and Krissy blushed. She however put on her most angelic look possible – at least she was in some kind of control while I felt myself teetering on a thin tightrope where I could fall into hysteria at any moment.

“So what brings you home babe?” I asked.

“I went out for a Tim’s coffee and thought I’d pop home and grab your presentation for you.”

“Uh, thanks dear,” I said taking the USB stick from her.

Janet mistook my hesitancy and said, “Yeah I know it’s too late. I came much earlier but then Krissy had something to discuss.”

I looked around but it seemed the deafening alarm bells I was hearing were only in my head. I looked at Krissy but couldn’t read her face though she had a bit of a mischievous look to her.

“Umm, well ok, I’ll leave you two alone then.”

Again Janet mis-read my concern.

“No, it’s not what you think – it’s not girl talk.”

“Oh?” I said, hopefully.

“Krissy was just telling me she won’t be able to babysit for us…”

I was so on edge that this set me off. “What do you mean she can’t babysit for us?” I didn’t think I’d pissed her off that much. “We need her!” I was getting excitable way beyond what the situation called for but, based on the last few days, the thought of life without Krissy was making me panic – something I prided myself in never doing.

Krissy was looking at me with a bemused expression on her face.

“Jack…,” said Janet but I cut her off.

I started grabbing at straws. “With the twins we both need to work and we don’t get our daycare spot until September…is it more money? Krissy we can pay more if that’s it.”

Krissy’s face turned stone cold and if looks could kill I’d be a goner. That made me pause just long enough for Janet to interrupt my deluge.

“Jack shut up, you’re babbling! It’s just next week, she can’t babysit for us next week.”

“Oh,” I said.

“And of course next week you’re gone and with work how it is I can’t work form home the whole week.”

I started to remember my rantings. “Shit,” I thought, “was Janet going to be suspicious?” And then I recalled my comment about the money. “Oh fuck!” I thought. I couldn’t look at Krissy.

“Actually, she’s going to be with you in Waterloo for the week.”

“Huh?” I held onto the countertop as I started to feel light-headed.

I guessed Krissy had gotten tired of being talked about in the third person as if she were a child because she spoke up and her tone told me that her expression hadn’t changed.

“Yes, my cousin’s going to be there one more week before she heads off to Oshawa for a decent co-op job. I wanted to look around as I was thinking of applying there. Maybe I made a mistake. Maybe that wouldn’t be a good university for me?”.

I doubted it would have been possible for me to play this more wrong than I had. I was confused and just said, “I don’t know. I went to UofT. Janet went to Waterloo.”

“I was asking Mrs. A,” said Krissy.

I shut my mouth and determined to keep it closed.

“Just ignore Jack, Krissy. He’s just stressed from work. He’s been unbearable this week. Waterloo would be a great place for you. And I apologize for his implying that you were blackmailing us for more money. However, it has been a while since we gave you a raise.”

“No Mrs. A, there’s no need – really, I mean it.”

There was a bit of an awkward pause so I tentatively asked, “Umm, what about next week?”

Janet answered, “I’ll work from home a couple days and a friend of Krissy’s will help out the other three. Her name’s Jen. I met her once when she came over to pick Krissy up. She seems nice and responsible.

I almost giggled crazily. I knew Jen alright. True she was responsible and while I certainly didn’t have any relationship with her like Krissy or even Krissy’s other friend ‘Red’, I had exploded hot cum into Jen’s mouth that one time – a surprise from Krissy. She was constantly full of surprises. I prayed to any omniscient being that might exist that I could catch her on Skype that night and get her to stick with her plan.

“Well I guess I”ll be off then. I’ll barely make my presentation.”

I turned to go and said, “See you later,” ostensibly to Janet but while looking at Krissy. She looked away.

I got into the car and started shaking. “Control? Who was I kidding. Nothing was under my control!”


That night after everyone was asleep I logged on to Skype. Krissy was logged in so there was hope. I clicked “Call”. It rang and rang and rang and eventually timed out. I waited five minutes and tried again withe the same result. I waited fifteen minutes this time. The same thing was happening. Ankara Escort I was about to hit “End call” when Krissy answered. She didn’t say anything though. She was wearing a black T-Shirt instead of her normal sexy lingerie. The T-shirt read, “They’re ALL jerks!”, in big white letters.

I opened my mouth to speak but I didn’t know what to say and based on today’s performance I knew there was a better than fifty percent chance that I would royally screw it up. I shut my mouth. Again I got ready to explain but stopped.

Finally I settled on, “I’m sorry, really sorry Krissy.”

“For what Mr. A? Oh wait, was it for implying I’m a blackmailing whore?”

“Egg shells, Jack,” I thought. “Egg shells.” I went for the truth.

“Krissy, I panicked. I just panicked.”

She didn’t seem impressed as I continued.

“You don’t understand Krissy. I don’t panic. It’s kind of my thing. Since I can remember. Not when I blew up the gun powder I was mixing as a teenager and had to get fifty stitches on my hands. Nor when that drunk guy hit me while I was cycling to work.”

“I remember that. I was so scared for you.” She seemed to soften slightly.

“Really? You were just a kid.”

Krissy actually blushed.

“But Krissy, the thought of losing you did make me panic. I didn’t like it and it scares me a bit.”

This seemed to soften Krissy some more.

“Ok, Mr. A but it was still a very mean thing to say.”

“You’re absolutely right. It may have been the meanest and dumbest thing I’ve said in my entire life.”

I waited for Krissy to go next.

“I came this close to cancelling my plans to go to Waterloo. You would regret it too because I have quite the plans for us.”

Inwardly I let out a “phew”.

“I’m so glad to hear that Krissy. I took out some money for your ticket. I’ll leave it in the top drawer in my study. Buy a ticket for Air Canada 1620 leaving Sunday night at 8:20pm to Toronto, returning Friday night 10pm. We’ll rent a car and drive to Waterloo. Also book a room for yourself at the Marriott. Okay?”

“Okay Mr. A,” and she let out her first smile. “I’ll start packing tonight. Are you a member of the mile high club yet?”

“No. Why, are you?”

Krissy just smiled. She turned away from the camera and stepped back. She crossed her arms and lifted her T-Shirt off.”

“Yeah baby, take it off.”

Krissy looked over her shoulder, blew me a kiss, turned around quickly giving me a brief view of her gorgeous breasts and erect nipples and said, “Good night.” Then she ended the call.

“Wait!” I yelled but it was too late. She’d hung up. I thought we might squeeze in a masturbation session but it was not to be. “This is going to be a long three days of waiting,” I thought.


I arrived ridiculously early for the flight. Two hours for a short domestic hop. I did my self-checkin and dropped off my baggage. I then preceded to sit where I could wait and look out without appearing to look out. After about an hour there was still no sign of Krissy and I started to get worried even though there was still lots of time. Then in she came wearing a white button down blouse with a white camisole just visible underneath, a calf length faded blue jean skirt, white anklet socks and a pair of New Balance running shoes. I made no real show of noticing her but I was about to give her a smile when I saw her parents Klara and Oliver trailing behind her.

I looked away but continued to watch them through the corner of my eye. They were heading in my direction. I turned my head away as far as it would go without breaking my neck and fixed my stare on some random point. They actually came right up to me with Klara now in the lead and she said, “Jack, good to see you.”

“Klara, what a nice surprise,” I said.

‘”Well you didn’t think we’d just drop her at the door and leave her to find you now, did you?”

“No of course not,” I managed, not knowing what to think.

“And thanks in advance for looking out for her Jack,” said Oliver. “We know she’s in good hands. And if any boys get frisky, don’t be afraid to relieve them of their gonads!”

“Dad!” yelled Krissy. “Stop embarrassing me.”

I smiled and said nothing.

“Well we’ll go get her checked in and then we have to run to a show at the NAC. See you Jack and thanks again.”

“Yeah, see ya,” I said. I felt a slight pang of guilt but I had come to terms with banging their lovely daughter a long time ago. “I’m in seat 6C by the way,” I yelled.

About fifteen minutes later Krissy came back. “Watch my bag,” she said and headed off to the ladies. Ten minutes later she came back out. Now she was wearing a different blue jean skirt. This one was mid-thigh and show-cased her great legs. She leaned in, put something in my shirt pocket and said, “We should get going.” She started to walk to the escalator down to security.

I pulled out what she put in my pocket and immediately shoved it into a pants pocket. It was a pair of white frilly panties that I presumed she’d taken Ankara Escort Bayan off. Just then Krissy dropped her boarding pass. She didn’t stoop to pick it up but instead bent from the waist. Every male and female eye in the place was trained on Krissy’s ass. I was no different. Like everyone else, I was also trying to see Krissy’s pussy. Damn that last half inch of material.

I got up to follow, strategically holding my laptop backpack to hide my hard on.

Even going down the escalator, all eyes on the upward bound side were on Krissy’s legs. I smiled, looking forward to raising that skirt a bit more on the plane.

As we went through security, I could see the security personnel eyeing Krissy intently and I think they were praying for her to beep so they could slowly pass their wand over her body, especially up and down her legs. No such luck.

After a quick stop at Tim Horton’s to get coffees and a donut, we headed to the gate.

“I’m in 6E across the aisle. We should have checked-in online,” said Krissy. “No point in getting a blanket now,” she smiled knowingly.

I’d never imagined we’d do something in our seats in a crowded plane. My hard on kept going.

It was a crowded flight so we sat opposite each other in the waiting area. The man on my right was busy reading his emails on his BlackBerry and the lady on my left was reading a book. One of Krissy’s neighbours was napping and the other was typing away intently on her laptop. Therefore when Krissy started slowly opening her legs, I was the only one who noticed. She just kept talking innocuously, about the weather like a good Canadian, and I just kept nodding and adding “Uh-huh’s” every now and then.

My whole attention was on the flower that was opening up to the sunshine as Krissy’s thighs went further and further apart. I could see her lovely pussy clearly. I was sure somebody must notice and looked around at our neighbours but they were completely self-absorbed.

When I turned back to Krissy both her hands were folded over her lap and I thought the show was over. However, she slowly moved her right hand down more and inserted her middle finger half-way into her cunt.

I almost dropped my coffee. This crazy wonderful girl was masturbating in a crowded airport lounge. God I loved her.

She brought her finger up to her mouth and sucked it. “Hmm, this Boston cream is good,” she said. If anyone was watching though they might have noticed that her donut was untouched.

I thought I might cum just watching her. Krissy smiled. Then I saw her eyes dart up to look over my shoulder. I turned around and saw a red-head young lady staring intently at Krissy. I turned back to Krissy who had an even bigger grin on her face and saw her put her finger back into her pussy. She slowly moved it around. She closed her eyes. Her thumb rubbed her clitoris. This was getting out of control.

Just then they announced pre-boarding for our flight. Krissy’s eyes snapped open and her legs snapped shut. Krissy smiled at me. “So as I was saying, I brought my umbrella because I’m predicting it’s going to be very wet in Waterloo most of the time while we’re there,” she said.

Meanwhile, the red-head came around, handed Krissy a small piece of paper and just said, “Anytime, anywhere!” and walked away.

As we got up to join the line I whispered to Krissy, “You’re sexy and crazy and not necessarily in that order! What did that lady give you?”

Krissy laughed and showed me the paper with a name and phone number on it.

We made it to our seats relatively uneventfully though I took the opportunity of every line-up to rub my hard-on against Krissy.

With an aisle and a passenger between us we couldn’t really interact. The passenger was a blond haired jock who I overheard saying to Krissy that he was an entrepreneurial personal trainer who was going to sign some big contracts with some big-wigs in Waterloo.

I’ll admit I was a little jealous. Krissy had crossed her legs which made her skirt ride up her thigh. She was also laughing and putting strands of hair that fell out of place back behind her ear. She was flirting with this idiot!

I was annoyed and a bit jealous. As the plane lifted off I heard him telling Krissy about the Porsche he was planning to buy once he was back from his trip.

As soon as we reached cruising altitude I started trying to make eye contact with Krissy. It was only a 45 minute flight so time was of the essence.

By the time I finished my pretzels and drink, I’d still had no luck. Or rather Krissy refused to look my way. I decided to take control of the situation and got up. To make sure I was noticed I “accidentally” slipped and caught myself on the arm of the idiot’s seat.

“Oops, sorry,” I said as I finally caught Krissy’s eye but I couldn’t read her expression.

I headed to the back and got into one of the washrooms. I couldn’t tell if Krissy had seen which one I had entered. We’d agreed she’d wait 2 minutes and then join me.

I decided to save time and unzipped my pants and pulled them down along with my briefs. I looked at my watch which seemed to be ticking at a snail’s pace. Two minutes passed then three then four. At the five minute mark I was about to give up when there was a tentative knock at the door.

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