The Auction

Full Nelson

The world would be a boring place if everybody is the same. But I do get a lot of strange looks when I tell people about my hobby. I collect and restore old arcade games. Yes, those 20 to 30 year old quarter suckers that lived in the arcades of the ’80s and ’90s. Sometimes to find them I have to drive pretty far. This is the story of what happened on one of those road trips to an arcade auction.

I had to get up way before the crack of dawn to make it to the auction by 8 am, which was when it was supposed to start. When I walked in, the first thought that hit me was “Damn it’s my lucky day. There is almost nobody here. And I don’t see dweasel dick.”

But my joy was short lived. They were having trouble with the internet connection so the clock scrolled past 9 o’clock without starting. Then just before 10 they got the internet working. But then the computers weren’t talking to each other so we had to wait. Without the computers they couldn’t track the winning bids. So the clock crawled past 11 and then to kick me in the nuts even more, in walked dweasel dick. Fuck. And people had been dribbling in all morning, so there was a crowd now.

Finally at 11:35 they got everything working and the auction began.

Typical with these auctions there are a bunch of working games that were in really nice condition. That usually takes the stupid money out of the crowd leaving the less desirable titles and the mostly working and the non- working games. But today due to the late start, the stupid money stayed and the prices quickly went out of my comfort zone and dweasel dick snapped up most of the desirable titles.

[Just a side note: I call him dweasel dick because he is a dick and he has an attitude a weasel would be proud of. He also runs a barcade. A barcade is just what it sounds like, a bar with arcade games. Normally I don’t have a problem with barcades, but this guy is not a collector. He has no skill or desire to repair games so he throws them out or sells them off and buys new ones to destroy, usually at auctions like this one. Most of the other collectors have much less complimentary names for him. Plus, when he comes to an auction and starts bidding the prices for games goes way up.]

Finally, in the afternoon, I caught a break and picked a game that had been on my radar for a while. The monitor was acting up so dweasel dick didn’t even offer his usual token bid. . . I can fix the monitor. The pins were sold, so that crowd had left and the fighting game crowd left after the last kung-fu fighting game sold.

Two games after the one I bought, the computers went on the fritz again and we had a couple hour break. There wasn’t much left of the crowd by then and the last game I wanted to bid on was way at the end of the last row. The auctioneer was tired so I threw a lowball bid out and somebody bid it up. I saw who it was and let him have it. He was a fellow collector from a nearby town and I didn’t see the point in running the bid up on him, he is a good guy.

Afterwards we commiserated on what had been a painful auction while standing in line to pay. He thanked me for not running it up on him, his son had seen one at a friend’s house and so it was going to be his birthday present. I congratulated him and told him to say happy birthday to his son for me.

I paid and loaded up and hit the road just after 10:30pm. It had been a long day and I stifled a yawn as I drove out onto the street and headed for the freeway.

The clock in my car said it was 11:57 when the rumble strips on the side of the freeway woke me up.

Sonnufabitch that had been close.

As I pulled back onto the road, my lights picked out a highway sign announcing that there was food and a hotel at the next exit. I hated to do it, but I still had hours to go and the adrenaline was going wear off soon and I’d probably do it again.

So I took the next exit. It was a brand new express hotel next to a truck stop with a greasy spoon. On seeing that, my stomach rumbled. I told it to shut up, parked and went in to see about a room.

While the clerk was processing my credit card I called my wife. I must have been tired because I mentioned the rumble strips and got an earful.

“Hey, no damage, nobody was hurt and I pulled off just like you always tell me to. – Ok. I’ll be home early tomorrow. I gotta go, the clerk is waiting on me. – Love you too!”

I got my room key and the clerk apologized that all he had left were rooms with 2 queen beds.

I laughed and said “I’d have taken bunk beds right about now. By the way, how is the diner next door?”

He said, “Surprisingly, it’s pretty good. The chef runs a tight ship and doesn’t cut corners.” I thanked him and headed for the room.

The sound of somebody crying hit me as soon as the elevator doors opened. It got louder when I turned the corner and saw a young woman leaning on a guest room door. I promised myself I was going to ignore it and just go to the room. But when I got up even with her in the hall, some other part of my brain kicked in.

“Is Escort Ankara there something I can do for you miss?” I asked.

Her crying slowed down as she found her voice. “No” she said with a definite quiver in her voice. She seemed to be struggling to say more.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“It’s my dumbass boyfriend” she started, her voice getting stronger with each word. Anger can do that.

“My motherfucking boyfriend picked up some slut at the cocktail party they had downstairs and he brought her up to our room expecting me to have a three way with them. I wouldn’t do it and he picked me up and threw me out in the hall. And he’s been fucking her in there ever since. I can hear them.”

Somewhere in the middle of that rant, I realized that she was naked. It could have been the fact that when she waved her arms in the air, her tits bounced. Or maybe it was the perfect view I had of her shaved pussy between her thighs.

I reached into my bag and pulled out a t-shirt and handed it to her.

“Not that I object to staring at a beautiful naked young lady, but you might be more comfortable in this” I said helpfully.

For a second she didn’t seem to register what was being offered, then the light went on and she stood up and accepted the gift. When she stood up I finally got a good look at her. Long brown hair to the middle of her back, she probably stood 5′ nothing.

She was tiny, but had a body to kill for. Nice full breasts that would have looked small on a larger woman. A flat stomach that was either the product of superior genetics or a lot of time spent in the gym. And the previously mentioned shaved pussy.

As the t-shirt settled over her, it looked good on her. It was as long as mini-skirt and fit her reasonably well considering it was an XXL. It covered the important parts well enough.

“How do I get this back to you?” she asked.

“Just drop it off in front of my door, I’m in 324 over here” I said as I started to head for the room.

“Thanks” she said. “I hate to do this but can I ask a big favor? I have got to pee really badly and I don’t want to go down to the lobby bathroom like this.”

“Sure. No problem” I said.

I put the key in and let the two of us in. As she passed by, I got a whiff of her fragrance and immediately finished springing a boner. I flicked the room light on and was pleasantly surprised. The room was divided up into a sitting area and a bedroom.

While I visually inspected the room, she headed straight for the bathroom. I threw my bag on one of the beds and went to sit on the couch. I was flipping through the channels when she returned and sat in the easy chair.

“Thanks” she said. “I am really sorry to have dragged you into this. I’m feeling better now. I’ll just go wait in the hallway until my boyfriend is done and kicks the slut out.”

“You might be there all night” I said, my brain in total free association mode. “You can stay here if you want. There are two beds and I promise I’m not a child molester.” Oh that was smooth, you dumbass, I told myself.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“I’m sure on both counts” I said. “I have been up for over 20 hours straight now and I will be crashing hard pretty quick. Just a stupid question, how did you end up here?”

“Oh. That’s easy” she said. “Jerry, my boyfriend, and I are hitching our way back home from my 21st birthday party in Las Vegas. We hitchhiked out to Vegas last week and got there in time to celebrate my birthday. So we spent two days gambling and drinking and fucking and having fun and started to hitchhike back. We got a ride from a trucker that dropped us off here earlier tonight. By this time we were broke, so I blew the front desk clerk to get a room for the night. Then Jerry went to the cocktail party, but I didn’t want to go in case I had to blow that clerk again.”

She wrinkled up her nose at the thought of that.

“Well, happy belated birthday” I said. “Since we haven’t been formally introduced yet, my name is James. And your name is?”

“My name is Isabel, very nice to meet you Jack.”

Right then both of our stomachs rumbled. “Oh dear, I’m sorry” Isabel said.

“You said you didn’t have money for the room, so I’m guessing you haven’t eaten in a while either. I’ve got a pair of athletic shorts in my bag that I think we can pin up, if you would care to join me for something to eat next door.”

“Oh, I couldn’t” she said. Then her stomach rumbled again.

“Your stomach says otherwise” I said going to get my bag. I returned with a pair of black athletic shorts and a couple of safety pins. “Here put these on and I’ll pin you up. Then we’ll go before you pass out from hunger.”

She stood up and flashed that beautiful pussy again while she pulled on my gym shorts. Because of her curves I only had to pin one side and let the elastic take care of holding them up.

“There, you look beautiful, Isabel. Let’s go.”

As we passed her room, we could plainly hear a girl’s voice call out “Oh yes Jerry stick it in my butt.” Ankara Escort I didn’t say anything, but from the expression on Isabel’s face, Jerry had some ‘splainin’ to do in the morning.

When we hit the lobby, we got lucky and the desk clerk was busy and didn’t even look up as we went by. It only took a minute and we were in the little diner. We sat ourselves and were looking at the menu when the waitress came by. Her name tag said Kimmy. “Would you folks like some coffee while you look through the menu?” Kimmy asked.

“That would be wonderful” Isabel said and then she looked embarrassedly at me.

“Two coffees would be great.” I said.

“I’m sorry” Isabel said. “I should have asked how much I can spend before just shooting my mouth off.”

“Don’t worry about it”, I said. “Consider this my birthday present to you. You can have anything you want on the menu.”

“Oh wow!” she said. “I think all I want is their breakfast platter, if that is alright with you.”

Just then Kimmy came back with the coffees and asked if we were ready to order. We were and we each put our order in. They must have been bored in the kitchen because our orders were out in just a couple minutes.

When Kimmy dropped off the plates, she gave me a big smile and bent a little extra low showing that she wasn’t wearing a bra and that her nipples were quite erect.

“She seems to like you” Isabel said.

“Why do you say that?”

“The way she flashed her titties at you when she put your plate down” she said. “I have done that a few times when there is a good looking guy that I got hot for and wanted to take him into the bathroom and fuck his brains out.”

“Did they ever take you up on it?”

“Once in a while” she said while shoveling a forkful of pancakes into her mouth.

Laughing I said, “I think she is just looking for a big tip.”

“Yeah. She only wants the big tip of your dick in her pussy. And I can tell you are interested from the way you are squirming to get your hard on under control.”

“Is that anyway to talk to someone that you just met?” I said while trying hard not to blush.

“Sure why not? I saw your dick get hard in your shorts when I stood up to put that t-shirt on. So I know you are not gay. And you were trying to hide it when I put on the shorts and you helped me pin up them up.”

“You got me. I am not gay” I said. “But I do not take advantage of young girls in bad situations on their 21st birthdays either. I just have a soft spot for people who seemed to be in a bad situation. I just want to help make it better. The fact that I got to see a beautiful young woman naked is just bonus.”

“Remember” I continued, “at that time I didn’t know how old you were. For all I knew you could have been 16 and serious jailbait.”

“Touche” she replied. “If you’ll excuse me, I think I am going to go powder my nose, as my mother used to call sneaking off to take a piss.”

“I’ll still be here when you get back. I’ve got plenty of scrambled eggs and hash browns to keep me busy.”

Isabel slid out of the booth and I couldn’t help but watch as she wiggled that little butt of hers across the floor to the restrooms. Shaking my head, I almost missed seeing Kimmy follow Isabel towards the rest rooms.

I still hadn’t made a dent in the eggs or the hash browns when Isabel returned. As she slid into the booth, she whispered, “Count to 20 and go to the Men’s room. Kimmy will be waiting in the last stall on the left with a condom and some lube. She wants to fuck your brains out.”

I picked my jaw up from the floor and humored her. I silently counted to 20 and then slowly walked to the Men’s room. Opening the far left stall, there was Kimmy naked, with her uniform hung up on the hook on the side of the stall, holding a condom in one hand and her pussy with the other. “Ohh, thank gawd you showed up. I thought I was going to be finger fucking myself all night” she said. “Put this on and fuck me, I am so dripping wet and horny.”

I dropped my shorts and rolled the condom on my already rock hard cock. While I was doing that Kimmy spun around and presented her ass to me. I stepped forward and slid my cock along the slit of her pussy and found that she was indeed dripping wet. As I started to slide my dick across her pussy a second time, Kimmy pushed backwards and impaled herself on my spear of love.

“uuunnnnggg” she said. “Oh I have needed a cock in my pussy so bad.”

I started rhythmically pumping my cock in and out of her pussy, feeling her fingers thrash on her clit. It didn’t take long before I felt the familiar pulsing of a pussy having an orgasm, so I thrust my cock as deep as I could and held her by her hips until she was through. I let her rest for a second and then started pumping into and out of her again.

This time I was going for my orgasm, but she beat me to it again. I held her tight again and this time when she was done, she pulled off my dick and spun around. Her hand went to my cock and she started to jack me off. Seeing this strange Ankara Escort Bayan naked lady stoking my cock and I started building that familiar tingling sensation in my balls. Sensing that I was close, she pulled off the condom and started to suck on my cock.

That was all it took and I was spurting what felt like gallons of cum into her mouth. She tried of hold it all, but a little dripped out of the side of her mouth and dripped on her tit. She let my rapidly deflating cock slip out of her lips while she ran her tongue around the head getting the last of my man juice. I reached down and swiped up the dribble that had escaped and held it to her lips. Her tongue licked the spot and then she slipped my finger into her mouth and sucked it clean.

I picked her up and gave her a big hug while tongue fucking her mouth. Eventually we came up for air and she said “I have to get dressed and get back out before they wonder where I went. You were awesome.” She slipped her dress over her nakedness and then walked out of the stall like a queen.

I sat there for a second before I shook myself, pulled my shorts back up and washed my hands before leaving. Evidently Kimmy didn’t believe in signs.

As I slid back into the booth, Isabel looked like the cat that ate the canary. “Told you so” she said with a shit eating grin on her face.

“You did indeed” I said. “Thank you for facilitating our little tryst.”

With that, we finished a little more of our food, declared defeat and flagged Kimmy over for the check.

When I explained that all we needed was the check, she said “Listen hun, after the fucking you just gave me, I think I owe you this time.”

I insisted and she finally coughed up the check. It was under $20 so I left her a $50 and we headed for the door.

On the walk back, Isabel said “I told you she was more interested in your cock than your wallet.”

“Lucky guess” I said, “plus she did get a good tip out of it anyway.”

“Only because you are a nice guy” Isabel said. “Most guys I know would have walked out without leaving a dime.”

“You need to upgrade the guys you hang out with. And by the way, you are a fucking tease. Wiggling that butt across the floor like that. It’s a good thing we were the only ones in there or I’d still be beating assholes up to protect your honor.”

Giggling she said “That was just for you. Now I want to hear all about your bathroom fuck with Kimmy.”

Just then, we reached the front door of the hotel. “Shhh” I said “or the clerk will want another blowjob.”

“Oh gawd no” she said. “I’ll be good.”

I slid my key into the lock and the door clicked. We walked quietly through the lobby but there was no sign of the clerk. He must have been busy in the back office. So we quickly moved around the corner to the elevators.

There was no sound coming from her room as we passed but she moved quickly passed it and slid into my room when I used the key to unlock it. She flopped down into the easy chair, so I went over to the small couch.

She turned to me with wide eyes and a little pout and said “so tell me about the fun you had with the love of your life, Kimmy.”

I started to say “Don’t call me Kimmy”, but settled for a simple “No”.

She started to whine.

I said “No”.

She started to plead.

I said “No, gentlemen don’t fuck and tell”.

She started to squeeze her tits through the t-shirt and rub her pussy through the shorts. All the blood went out of my head and into my dick.

So I finally gave in and spun a romantic tale of unrequited love and lust in the last men’s room stall. As I finished, Isabel closed her eyes and shuddered for a second and I knew she was coming.

After a moment she stood up and without saying a word walked toward me and pulled the t-shirt over her head and pushed the gym shorts down until they slowly slid to the ground. She reached out and undid my belt, unzipped my shorts and pulled them down to the floor.

Slowly she wrapped her fingers around my rock hard cock and slipped it into her mouth. Oh it felt good. She slowly took more and more of my cock into her mouth until I felt it bang into the back of her mouth.

With a slight push it slipped past the back of her tongue and into her throat. It was exquisite. I was paralyzed with delight. She bobbed her head up and down on my cock and then snuck her tongue out to gently lick my balls.

Before I exploded, it was all I could do to lightly grab her shoulders and pull her up to my mouth and kiss her. I ran one hand down her back to stroke that silky skin and with the other I cupped her face and then slowly slid it down until I was stroking one of her nipples.

At that she, finally made a sound. It was a low guttural moan of pleasure. I tipped her back and ran my tongue down her front until I was sucking on her left nipple. She let go of my cock and grabbed my head in both hands and pressed my lips harder against her breast.

I continued to circle her nipple with my tongue and to suck gently on it while my other hand lightly stroked and pulled on her other nipple. Her moan got louder and she stood up and straddled my lap. Her pussy lips enfolded my cock with their silken wetness and she began a back and forth motion rubbing my cock on her clit.

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