The Adventure


The day is warm and you have picked me up and taken me for a ride in your car you have blindfolded me so I don’t know where you’re taking me. We drive for a long time; all the way you talk to me telling me what you are seeing.

Your hand slips onto my thigh, stroking the exposed skin I am dressed in a long dress to my ankles, but it buttons all the way up. It is cut low showing my breasts and I have unbuttoned it to just below my pussy. Your hand moves up feeling the silkiness of my skin, then slips higher, you feel my g-string it is wet from the excitement of the journey we are on. You moan I can’t see your face but I hear the lust in your voice, you push the fabric aside and run your finger up and down my lips, your voice changes and begin to get unsteady and I feel the car begin to swerve a little. You remove your finger and I hear you suck on it and then moan and then you say

“Omg Sabby you taste so sweet”

I giggle. You keep driving “wont be long now sweetheart”.

Finally I feel the car pull over. You get out and come around and open my door taking me by the hand you lead me still blindfolded down a path I smell trees and I am intrigued and so horny my legs are shaking. You don’t talk as you lead me, soon I feel you stop, and you reach behind me and remove my blindfold I blink as my eyes sting a little, and then look around. I gasp, there before me is a grotto surrounded with tall trees the soft grass that covers the ground feels like feathers against my legs. I see tiny animals scurry around and I hear the birds chirping, in the centre of the grotto is a big thick trunked tree and beneath it you have laid out things for us to eat and use.

You walk me over to the tree, a huge smile on your face, my face shows the awe of what I see before me and how much trouble you have gone to for our afternoon. On the ground is a blanket and a basket beside it holds food candles, oil and an ice pack with ice and a bottle of wine in it and two glasses. You tell me to sit down and you kneel beside me. I think I am here for a picnic but it is a picnic with a difference you have in mind.

You begin to kiss my eyes and around my face. My eyes are closed and the kisses are very sensual and activate my senses… You reach down and unbutton my dress pushing it from my shoulders then slide it down my arms…you begin to kiss and lick down my neck and across my chest cupping my breasts in your hands kissing and licking between the valley as they are held within my bra. You reach behind me and unclip the hooks letting my large breasts fall free and you suck in your breath as you see them. You reach over and begin sucking my nipples and biting them gently I am moaning, as I feel your lips and teeth rokettube on me. You stand and slide your jeans down over your hips I am licking my lips as your cock stands out and I suck in my breath… You slide them over your hips and legs and I watch my body responding my pussy beginning to drip.

Kneeling before me placing your now hard and throbbing cock between my tits and holding my tits either side of it you begin to fuck them. As the head of your cock comes through the top I lick it and flick my tongue out over it. You keep fucking me I watch your eyes as you do it your fingers pinching my nipples your eyes are glassy and all of a sudden you tense and moan out loud…and cum, you let my tits go and grab your cock, spurt after spurt of cum shoots out and covers my tits, I watch it as it slides down my skin. I lift each tit to my mouth and lick the cum from it… it is salty and warm and sticky and tastes wonderful I roll it in my mouth using my tongue, you watch me, then grab me and kiss me I swallow the cum and you lick my lips then push mine open and flick your tongue inside my mouth.. Pulling back from the kiss you begin licking my tits getting all the last drops of your cum from them. Then push me down onto my back, and open my legs pushing them as wide as they will go. You begin licking up each leg sucking on my skin up my thighs to my hot wet pussy dripping with juices you pull my g string off and then move back up and flick your tongue against my clit, using your fingers to open my lips you run your tongue up and down the inside lips.. Your tongue stiffens and you insert it into me and begin flicking it in and out… my back is arched up and I push my hips up to you… my pussy twitches my walls suck at your tongue my juices being sucked into your mouth I am moaning and writhing. My hands go to my tits and I massage them. Grabbing at my nipples twisting them as my body begins to orgasm. I hear you slurping as my juices squirt into your mouth and you holding my body your face buried in my cunt as I cum…

“Babyyyyyyyyomggggggggg yes baby omg yesssssssssssssssss” wave after wave of blissful feelings wash over me.

As my body subsides you kiss up it and then kiss my lips I can taste a mixture of my juices but also the residue of your cum still on your tongue you kiss me for a long time our tongues dancing together as our passion rises once more. You lay beside me I am wrapped in your arms and you tell me you love me, everything about me your hand plays with my tits and I tell you… that you’re my world and I love you so much and thank you for such pleasure. You smile and say

“baby this is just the beginning”

I look at you and smile… you get up and open the wine and asyalı porno pour some into each glass you hand me one and we sit watching each other as we sip it. It is sweet and taste so good I lick my lips my eyes sparkle and I tip my glass holding it over your cock… watching at the liquid covers it… Pushing you back I lean over you taking your semi hard cock into my mouth I suck it from base to tip in one hard slow suck I repeat it over and over feeling it harden slowly. When it is hard I lick up and down the shaft sucking small bits into my mouth… cupping your balls taking them in my mouth and sucking them, rolling my tongue around them. One hand on your cock stroking it, the other, I take to my cunt and insert my two fingers covering them with juices I remove them and take them to your ass and rim the hole then slide my fingers in and feel the walls of your ass. My mouth moves down and my tongue traces the crack of your ass from your balls to your hole… I ask you to turn over on your stomach… You roll over and I tip some more wine into your ass hole, then with my tongue, lick it out, slurping it, tasting you and the wine my head swimming my body becoming alive again.

I hear you moaning and you lift your ass up I reach beneath you and take your cock in my hand and while my tongue fucks your ass my hand strokes your cock faster and harder… your cock so hard throbs in my hand.. All of a sudden you turn and grab me and throw me over my back on the ground my legs lifted up over your shoulders and without warning you ram your cock deep into my cunt… I feel the walls suck at it and you fuck me, long hard strokes, thrust after thrust.. My hands on your nipples rolling them pinching them… you stiffen and I feel your cum spurt deep inside me… filling my body as your cock stretches my hole… you collapse on top of me… kissing me your body shaking..

And I am smiling… We lay in each others arms resting and finally fall asleep our bodies exposed to the cool breeze the scent of the forest mixed with the scent of our love. We wake about 30 min later and begin to kiss long slow passionate kisses as our bodies waken to each others touch once more. You reach behind and refill our glasses with wine then grab some strawberries from the basket, dipping them in the wine you feed them to me taking a bite then holding it to my mouth—you look into my eyes as you do this the strawberries are delicious but the look in your eyes even more so. They begin to gleam and you tell me you have a surprise for me and to wait you will be right back… you get up and leave and 5 min later are back, with silk scarves in your hands.

I look at the mischief in your eyes and laugh wondering azeri porno what you have in mind… you tell me to place my hands behind my back and lie on my stomach with my legs open and lifted up at the knees.. I do this and wait… I feel you tie my hands at the wrists then tie them to my ankles so I rock on my tits and belly. You go down between my legs and begin to lick my pussy it is already wet with anticipation and excitement and the residue of our previous session still evident. I feel my nipples hard as the friction of them rubbing on the ground and the excitement of my body stimulate them. I feel you sucking my clit and as I try to move my body rocks. You move your lips and mouth to my ass licking the valley between cunt and ass then rim my ass hole. Finally I feel your tongue enter my ass and I suck in my breath the sensation is amazing your finger goes to my cunt and you push it inside as your finger fucks my cunt your tongue fucks my ass in unison. I am on fire and feel both the walls of my ass and cunt contract.

You then stop and sit up I hear you fumbling in the basket, I say nothing, and my eyes closed relishing in the feelings of my body. Next I hear a buzzing and I feel the cold sensation of a vibrator being inserted into my cunt I feel it stretch open and then you push it in and it vibrates inside me. I then feel you open my ass cheeks and your cock sits at the opening of my ass, you rub it across my hole then slap it against my ass cheeks. Move it back to my ass and push the head it, I rock as I feel my hole stretch to accommodate it… slowly you push in further and further I feel it pop through the opening and you suck in your breath feeling the vibrator between the thin wall between my ass and cunt. You then fuck me getting faster and harder with each thrust… The vibrator is turned on to full vibration, my body is on fire my tight ass sucking at your cock you have filled it and stretched it open I begin to moan out loud… This is goes on for what seems like forever my body rocking, my wrists and ankles straining at the ties, my cunt and ass filled and being fucked together, the double penetration electrifying it is amazing…

I hear you moan and then stiffen my cunt begins to contract. I feel the orgasm build and my body explodes at the same time as yours does, it feels like my body is out of control my juices squirt covering the vibrator your cum explodes in my ass and trickles out.. I feel you pull out and then pull out the vib… my juices trickle out of my cunt running down, and your cum trickles out you finish cumming all over my ass and watch as the cum and juices mix then using your tongue you rub them in to me I hear you slurping on them..

You then use the vibrator and twirl it in the mixture and bring it to my lips and tell me to suck it clean… you release my hands and ankles then kiss me… licking my lips and sucking my tongue. We again lay in each others arms just cuddling and you tell me a story…

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