Teasing Terri Ch. 1


Wayne Reed felt a familiar stirring in his jeans as he pulled into his garage. Like Pavlov’s dog, it was almost a standard ritual every Saturday morning. For years, his weekends were pretty much the same routine. Up at sunrise for a round of golf, a short workout at the club, followed by a light breakfast, then home to his office over the garage to work. Being an architect, his workdays were fairly loose, but almost always filled with deadlines and the mild pressure of business ownership. Saturdays, though, he looked forward to. Saturdays were the days that Terri came over to the house to babysit…

Jenny, his wife of six years also had her own business. A small flower and gift shop in the city that did quite well, although she worked most Saturdays, and often had to go in on Sundays for at least part of the day. And because they both worked so much they had decided two years ago, to hire a young girl from the neighborhood to come in three times a week to clean and organize the house.

Terri was a wonderfully energetic and positive minded girl. She’d just turned eighteen this past summer and was one of the most popular girls in her school. She was very caring and thoughtful when it came to young Zach, and the Reeds simply loved her. Although Wayne saw a side of Terri that was well hidden from his wife.

From the day he’d hired her, Wayne had seen a side of Terri that made his blood boil. At first he thought it was his imagination, and because of her age, he kept his emotions and reactions firmly in check. But as time went on, it became quite obvious that young Terri was working quite hard on becoming the queen of tease…

Terri was the perfect picture of loveliness. Long legs that were most often shown off in the short shorts she preferred, perfect breasts, high and firm, that in the last year seemed to have blossomed fully, and a face that made men stop in their tracks and stare. High cheekbones, full pouty lips and eyes that could melt ice were deliciously framed with shiny chestnut hair that draped long and full over her shoulders. The girl was definitely model material.

In fact, it was Wayne’s comment on that very thing one hot summer afternoon two months ago that began his odyssey…

He’d come home as usual, around nine o’clock. Jenny had already left for work, and Terri was in the kitchen, cleaning up from the party they’d had the night before. She smiled cheerily as Wayne came in through the patio.

“Hi Mr. Reed…” she said brightly, turning to face him.

“Good Morning, Terri…” Wayne replied. “Everything okay?”

“Just great…Zach’s still sleeping so I thought I’d clean up a little before I fix his breakfast.”

Wayne smiled his approval and poured himself a cup of coffee. Standing at the patio door, he sipped his drink and looked over the pool and the back yard, trying to get his mind focused on the work he had to get to. Then turning his gaze to the kitchen he watched Terri as she methodically puttered around. The sun streaming in through the windows lit her hair like a halo and illuminated her face. He was struck by her natural beauty and let his eyes wander over her.

The shorts she wore were tight and short, molding her perfect ass, and the white T-shirt she wore, although loose and flowing, seemed to accent her breasts ever more than if it had been tight.

“Have you ever considered modeling, Terri” he said conversationally, leaning against the door jamb. He sipped his coffee, looking over the top of his cup as Terri turned and grinned at him. “A few times…” she giggled. “My boyfriend said I should try out for some modeling jobs in the city, but I don’t know….Do you think I have the face for it?”

She leaned back against the sink as she spoke, smiling as she wiped her hands on a dishtowel. Wayne grinned in spite of himself at her question. “Oh yeah…” he said with a chuckle, “You definitely have the face for it…” He couldn’t stop his eyes from drifting quickly over her body before returning to her face. “You have the face…and everything else… I can’t imagine any agency in town not signing you the moment you walked in their doors…” He walked over to the sink and placed his cup in it. “You should think about it…”

When he looked up at Terri, he saw she was looking at him with a new expression on her face. Like she was surprised that some one like Wayne would see her that way. He grinned at her naivete and turned towards the dining room.

“I’d better get up to the office or I won’t get a thing done today…” he said. “I’ll talk to you later…” He turned and left the kitchen. Work was only half of the reason for his swift departure. His cock was starting to grow in his pants as he talked with the babysitter. That innocent beauty was definitely a turn-on for him. A turn-on that he felt should definitely be put out of his mind. He was twice her age and definitely not in a position to pursue a relationship with a high school girl! He chuckled to himself for his nasty thoughts altyazılı porno and walked upstairs to his office.

That somewhat innocent conversation actually was a turning point in Wayne’s relationship with Terri. Not that anything happened, right away, at any rate, but Terri’s demeanor definitely changed. In fact, later that very morning, Terri appeared at his office door with a fresh cup of coffee for him. Wayne thanked her and smiled as she walked over and set it on his desk. He thought that she was moving a bit differently, and her eyes were particularly bright and lively. What really made him catch his breath, though, was the sight of her nipples pressing against her T-shirt as she set his cup on his desk.

Had she been wearing a bra earlier? He couldn’t remember for sure, although it would have been hard to miss. And hadn’t her t-shirt been bloused out and loose in the kitchen? It was now tucked tightly into her shorts, pulling it tightly over her breasts and nipples, making them stand out like beacons. In spite of his previous resolve, he felt his cock growing once more in his pants. Getting hold of himself, Wayne managed to tear his eyes away from her breasts. Terri stood beside his desk, smiling at him and looking him in the eye. He knew that she must have noticed him staring at her pert tits, but her eyes showed not a bit of reproach.

“Want me to make you some lunch?” Terri said lightly. “I’m making waffles for Zach.”

Wayne cleared his throat and shook his head. “Maybe later. I’ve got to get this drawing done by Monday, and I’m already running behind.” His voice was a bit strained and he knew that his face was flushed. “Okay” said Terri, “Just give me a yell if you get hungry!” She continued to smile as she clasped her hands behind her back, pushing her breasts out even more and causing the thin cotton of her shirt to form enticingly around them. There was no mistaking her teasing this time. She was enjoying this game very much.

Wayne shook his head and smiled at her. “I’ll give a yell, Terri….thanks for the coffee…” He turned in his chair and faced the drawing board. He forced himself to stare at the drawing there until he heard Terri’s footsteps padding down the stairs. When she was gone, he leaned back into his chair and took a deep breath, exhaling slowly as he tried to relax. His cock was a steel hard pipe in his pants. He began to wonder just where this game was leading….

* * * * *

That day of turning was now two months past. For all that time, Terri had kept up her teasing ways. Although nothing had ever been said between them, Wayne and Terri both reveled in the game. It seemed that, on that first day, Terri had understood that Wayne was very open to her teasing. She, on the other hand, had let Wayne know that she, also, enjoyed the game. There had been no touching of any kind, but situation continued to heat up as the weeks went by. Wayne no longer tried to pull his eyes from Terri’s teasings, and he no longer made any attempts to hide his excitement from her. His cock would throb and pulse each time he saw her eyes drop to his crotch. She would smile sexily, as if his hard-on was a sign of achievement for her. Which indeed it was. She was becoming an accomplished cockteaser, and Wayne was enjoying every moment of it. After all, he had a gorgeous, sexy wife who liked nothing better than to come home in the afternoon and find his throbbing hard-on waiting for her.

At first, Jenny was curious as to why Wayne was so pumped up every Saturday, but soon accepted his desire as simple lust. She was now accustomed to Saturday afternoons and evenings being long, sexual marathons. She’d long ago dropped her habit of dressing casually on Saturdays. Where she used to wear jeans and a blouse, she now came home ready for action, often wearing only garters and stocking under her dresses, and often calling Wayne from work, closing the door to her office and telling him in explicit and delicious detail just what she was going to do to his big cock when she got home.

One hot day in July, Jenny was on the phone with Wayne. He was leaning back in his big chair his legs splayed out in front of him, and his hand running up and down the length of his full blown hard-on as Jenny described just how she was going to suck his cock when she got home. A sound at the top of the stair made him turn and look, and Terri was standing there, her eyes focused on his hand. Her eyes were glazed and hot and her breathing labored. Wayne couldn’t resist…

Pushing back from the desk, he swiveled his chair around until he faced the babysitter. His hard cock was pushing up strongly from the sweat pants he was wearing and he continued to stroke it slowly. Terri felt her mouth suddenly go dry as she watched Wayne tease his cock.. She looked up to see him grinning at her and smiled as he winked. She could feel her pussy getting damp as her mind reeled at the situation. She seen him hard before, certainly, in fact, till now, zenci porno that had been their standard Saturday game, but she’d never seen him quite this hard and big…and he’d never been quite so….blatant….

Unconsciously, her hand moved up to caress her breast, her fingers running lightly over her hardened nipples. Her heart was pounding wildly in her chest and she could feel the thumping as she toyed with first one nipple, then the other. Wayne grinned as he watched her, his own heart beginning to beat faster. In his ear, his wife was telling him how her lips were going to pleasure him, and in his eyes, he was beholding a gorgeous young girl fondle herself. He’d never been this hard in his life!

A thought flashed in his mind and he removed his hand from his cock. Placing a finger to his lips, he motioned Terri to be quiet, then reached for the phone. He smiled at Terri and pressed the speaker button…

“…..tongue you balls, getting them hot and wet…” Jenny was saying softly. “Then I’ll run my tongue over your hard cock…from your full balls to your big cockhead…I’ll do it slow…I know you like me to tease you…tease you until your balls are so full of thick, hot come…Mmmmm….Wayne…I’m going to suck your cock until you fill my mouth with it….God…I can’t wait to get home and suck you off….Damn, I’m so fucking wet…can you hear my fingers…I’m fucking myself under my desk….”

The whole time she was talking, Wayne was staring intently at Terri. If he was uncertain about her reaction, he was certainly reassured. Her eyes were blazing hot as she listened to Jenny describe her hot blow job. Her eyes were focused on Wayne’s cock as his hand massaged it through his sweats. He groaned lightly as her gaze met his, and he watched with fascination as she pulled her t-shirt from her silk running shorts. Staring intently into his eyes, Terri smiled and ran her tongue over her full lips as her hand slipped up and under her shirt. Her legs began to slowly open and close and she pinched her nipple and squeezed her breast…..

“…Oh,shit…Wayne…I want your hot come in my mouth…I’m going to suck every drop from your hard cock…then I’m going to fuck you…ohhhh….Mmmm…fuck you until…oh…shit…I’m going to come, sugar…Oohh…your cock is hard right now isn’t it…Oh fuck…I wish I could see it…oh..Wayne…take it out…take your hard cock out of your pants and stroke it for me…jerk it off while I come for you….oh…fuck….”

Wayne looked up at Terri and saw her grinning wildly. Her mouth opened and her tongue slid out running sensually over her lips. He sighed as he saw her head nod up and down. Up until now their teasing had been simple banter. Neither of them had moved beyond that. In fact neither one of them had seen any skin at all of the other, other than teasing glimpses. Now Terri’s lust grew as she recognized her chance to finally see Wayne’s hard cock. And she desperately wanted to see it. She’d fantasized about it for over a year and now the opportunity was at hand…

Deciding to provide some incentive, Terri smiled and gripped the hem of her t-shirt. Walking closer to the desk, she slowly peeled it upward, teasing Wayne with a tantalizing glimpse of the undersides of her globes before pulling it up and away. She held her shirt over her head both arms extended as she watched Wayne’s eyes dance over her naked tits. Smiling, she watched his hand move to the button at the top of his sweatpants. She moaned lightly as his fingers slowly pulled the zipper down…

Terri had to stifle another moan as she saw his naked cock come into view. She cupped her breasts, thrusting them towards Wayne as she squeezed them.

“….is it in your hands?” Jenny went on, “Are you stroking your hard cock while I fuck myself Wayne….” Wayne grinned as he wrapped his fingers around his hard-on and held it straight up for Terri to see. Her eyes were wide as she stared at the nine inch pillar. Her mouth was open and she began to breath raggedly as Wayne began to stroke it slowly up and down, using his thumb to spread his flowing pre-come over the head and shaft until his entire cock glistened in the sunlight.

“Yeah, Jenny…it’s in my hands…” Wayne said into the phone, “And you’ve got it harder than it’s ever been…” He stroked slowly, feeling a familiar stirring in his balls. He couldn’t keep this up much longer. He looked into Terri’s hot eyes. “I’m imagining your wet lips sliding up and down my cock…your hot, wet mouth sucking my hard prick as I slowly fuck it in and out…holding your face as I fuck your hot mouth…”

He was talking into the phone, but his eyes were locked on Terri’s. Her eyes had closed to lustful slits as she listened to his hot words. She smiled sensually and brought two fingers to her lips, sucking them slowly into her mouth and rolling her tongue over them. As Wayne continued to talk to his wife, Terri moved the fingers in and out of aldatma porno her mouth, smiling around them as she made wet, sucking noises.

Wayne groaned loudly into the phone as he watched Terri tease him. “You’re gonna make me come if you keep this up…” he rasped.

Through the speaker, Jenny groaned out loud. “Do it…” she hissed, “Come for me…Jerk your hard cock off while I fuck myself….god I’m so fucking hot for it…Make it come…think of my wet lips sucking you…sucking you off….my lips are your fingers….sucking you licking you…ohgod…Wayne…I’m coming…oh…fuck…Come in my mouth…come in my mouth and let me swallow you hot thick come….come in my mouth…”

Jenny’s voice trailed off into low moans as her fingers fucked in and out of her pussy. Both Wayne and Terri were panting heavily now. Wayne’s eyes were focused on Terri’s fingers sliding in and out of her mouth as he listened to his wife begging him to come in her mouth over and over. Terri stepped closer, leaning against Wayne’s desk. She slowly removed her glistening fingers from her mouth and grinned at him as she placed her left foot on his chair. Running her tongue over her swollen lips, she smiled. Wayne watched in disbelief as her left hand moved over her shorts, pulling them aside and exposing her naked pussy to his gaze. His hand began stroking faster and his moans increased as he watched Terri bring her two wet fingers to her pussy, rubbing them up and down her moist lips before slowly sliding both fingers deep into her cunt.

Wayne felt his balls filling to capacity. His hard cock throbbed as he raised his eyes to Terri’s. His groans became a low wail as he watched her lips mouth the chanting words of his wife on the speaker. “Come in my mouth….please…come in my mouth…” Terri whispered to him. Her fingers continued to slide in and out of her pussy. Wayne felt as if he was in another dimension as his cum raced up his shaft. He let out a loud yell as it burst from his cock head, exploding straight into the air, then arcing outwards, splashing over his belly and spraying wetly on Terri’s left leg. She bit her hand to stifle her own scream as she felt Wayne’s wet heat rain down on her. She leaned back spreading her legs wide, but keeping her eyes locked on Wayne’s exploding cock, as she felt her own orgasm overtake her. Fucking her fingers furiously in and out of her pussy, she could feel them being coated with her own cum.

Wayne watched Terri fuck herself, her legs splayed wide and glistening rivers of sweet cum pouring over her fingers and onto his desk. His own hand was covered with thick semen, as was his still hard cock, when his orgasm slowed.

When he finally came to his senses, he could hear Jenny panting on the speaker phone. “Wayne…?” she whispered.

“Yeah, baby…right here…” Wayne’s shaky voice replied.

“Oh, baby…I could almost hear you shoot off…that was too fantastic…Are you covered with cum…?

Wayne grinned. “I’m drenched.” he chuckled. “I haven’t come that hard in years… Your right…that was TOO fantastic!”

“Mmmm…I wish I could see it…” Jenny said dreamily, “I’d like to suck the rest of it from your cock before I licked it off your body…Mmmmm… Just thinking about it is getting me hot all over again. Maybe when I get home I’ll jerk you off again…and make you come on my face….and my tits…Mmmmm….”

Wayne face broke into a broad smile. “I think I should run out and get some fresh oysters.” he laughed.

Jenny laughed brightly. “Great idea! I’m in the mood for some serious fucking, Mr. Reed. You come up with the cum, and I’ll work on the menu.”

Wayne laughed again and turned his gaze to Terri. She was still lying back on his desk, her eyes closed and a huge grin on her face. Her fingers continued to slide slowly in and out of her wet pussy. Amazingly, Wayne felt his cock begin to swell again.

Jenny’s voice brought him back. “I’ll be out of here in another hour, sweetheart. Will that give you enough time to fill your balls back up for me?” She knew full well that Wayne’s sexual stamina was well up to the task, and then some, but he took the bait anyway.

“I’ll do my best…” he chuckled. His cock was already fully hard from watching Terri toy with her pussy. “You’d better, darlin'” Jenny laughed, “I have some special plans for your birthday tomorrow…starting with a very wet blow job when I get home.”

“I’d better get those oysters…” Wayne sighed with mock fear.

“Uh-huh…Maybe I’ll ask Terri to help me out tonight… Then I could tell her about your fantasy….” Jenny was teasing him, and had no idea that Terri was right there…listaning to every word. Wayn’e looked over to see Terri up on one elbow, looking at him with a cocked eyebrow and a quizical grin on her face. He felt his face begin to flush with embarassment. He shook his head and smiled at her.

“Careful, Jenny…you might shock her. She’s an innocent babysitter…” He suppressed a groan as Terri smiled and brought her come covered fingers to her lips, sliding them deep into her mouth.

“I think you might be surprised…” Jenny said thoughtfully. “Anyway…see you in an hour. And babe…? Thanks. We’ll have to do this again sometime.”

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