Tallen in Vegas Pt. 01


An independent observer would note just how unbalanced Phil’s situation really was. Tallen was all of his fantasies and fetishes rolled up into one perfect body. She was blonde, petite at only 5″4″, an incredibly toned and athletic body, breasts that would make any man’s mouth water, a perfectly formed ass with cheeks that looked made for grabbing and legs—his particular weakness–that looked as smooth and soft as silk.

She had told him before and then showed him as well, she was smooth and hairless everywhere but the top of her head. In their conversations she had let him know that she loved being wanted by men or women. She wanted to engender an aching desire that would lead them to crave her, to have to have her, to get to the point that they’d just take her.

She was somewhat submissive in those situations. She loved being given no choice but to suck or be taken. She enjoyed being tied down and used. And she was free with telling him all of this. And if that had been all there was he might have just enjoyed the times she displayed her body in a chat room she created. But in those same conversations which he had started with her, she got him to talk of his own desires.

He loved a tease—she was. He loved her not just being a tease, but being a woman who got off on it—she was. He loved a woman that enjoyed control and power. “Really, tell me more, Phil.” He described a few of his prior relationships. How his partner would tease him, touching herself, refusing to let him cum, but keeping him in a constant state of arousal; making him jerk his cock right to the edge. “And you managed not to cum all of those times?” She asked. He was sure she already knew the answer but he confessed, most of the time, sometimes I just couldn’t stop it. “I bet! Keep talking, was that all?”

No, of course it wasn’t. In one instance, Anna, the girl he was dating, would use a toy on herself, while talking about him watching her with another cock fucking her. It would drive him so crazy he couldn’t stand it. “She had me nearly cumming multiple times without even touching myself when she’d start talking about it. She’d get more graphic and I would have to stop jerking or I’d have cum all over. This would just make her laugh and get even more specific with her verbal teasing while matching it with the visual tease of the cock shaped dildo sliding in and out as she fucked it.”

While they were just typing messages to each other, Phil could almost hear Tallen’s breathing quickening, almost see her hand moving between her own legs when he read “Tell me, Phil, I want to hear about it.” He was shocked at her interest, but her asking didn’t allow him to hold back.

“Well,” he started, “Anna said, ‘I can’t wait to make you watch a real cock doing this to me. Fucking me so hard I scream. I want you to see me cumming on another man’s cock while I tell you how it feels, make you see it going in and out of me; how wet it is. I won’t you to watch him fill my pussy with cum, to watch me suck HIM all the while knowing you CAN’T cum. I may have to tie you because I know you wouldn’t be able to resist pulling on your throbbing, aching, desperate cock as you watched me fuck.”

“And you got off on it?” Tallen asked. Does it turn you on to be a cuckold?” He didn’t want to tell her, knowing that she leaned more toward being submissive, and figured that would end their talking and he was really starting to enjoy talking to her, not just about sex, but a wide range of topics. But, he couldn’t stop himself so he answered, “Yes, it did and does,” he confessed. “Though, it never happened, so who knows how it would be in reality.”

He sat and waited for what seemed like forever for her response. She was most likely just answering other messages, but he also thought that she might have decided that he wasn’t someone she wanted to talk to anymore.

“That’s hot,” came back the reply. “I didn’t think it would be, but I like the idea of exploring my ‘power,’ over you. I think I’m going to enjoy this! But with me, it’s GOING to happen! LOL.” He could hear that laugh echoing in his head and he’d hear it many more times in the following months. She was able to do both, tease him, totally control his orgasms and at the same time be a wanton little slut anytime she felt like.

She found creative ways of doing it as well. And she didn’t stop with just him; she told him she was teasing others as well now. “I do like having that ‘power’ over men and especially over you.” And she knew her telling him just made him ache and burn more.

* * * * *

Tallen. The very thought of her made his body start to tingle. As he lay in the hotel bed he could see her in his mind’s eye as clearly as if she were sitting in front of him. If he didn’t stop thinking of her, he was going to have to relieve the tension that was already building in his body and groin.

Instead, he got out of bed and padded into the walk-in shower to try to both clear his head from the sleep doeda and what had obviously been rather vivid sexual dreams of Tallen as well as try to think of something that would excite her.

They had talked online for months and once Covid had passed mostly into memory they had decided it was time for him to come to Vegas to see her. When they’d agreed on the dates, he went online, booked a ticket and a hotel room for a week. He had no idea what to expect. His body was definitely thinking one way, while his mind was keeping those thoughts in check and reminding him this was only dinner; if she liked him, then who knew, but it was one thing to talk online, quite another to be sitting with her in person.

He arrived in Vegas late on Sunday evening. Plane rides were always a pain for him as he hated flying, he’d had a few drinks on the plane so when he got to the room he did a quick unpack, undress and pass out on the bed. The next morning, he woke up with an erection, owing mostly to dreams of Tallen and headed for the shower. The shower was hot, the water streaming down on his head, then chest felt relaxing. He turned so it hit his back and the jets felt like a massage.

Images of her that she had shared started going through his mind, words she had spoken, things she had said she’d do, that she wanted to do, or that she wanted him to see her doing all started flooding into his head and the blood rushed to his cock to harden it even more as he soaped down. He tried to ignore it, but the sensations and the need were too much and he began to stroke it; one hand on the wall of the shower, the other pumping the shaft up and down to thoughts of her.

“I want to suck your cock. I want to bounce on it up and down until I cum all over it. I want you to pound my pussy hard and deep from behind.” Each thought accompanied by an image she had shared with him, each stroke driving his thoughts deeper into a sexual fog. His thoughts shifting to how he’d take her; “I’m going to use you like a toy, Tallen, like an object to dump my cum into. I won’t care about whether you cum or not, your pleasure won’t matter at all. I will be lusting for you so much that my need is going to drive me to take you, and do it hard. I won’t even wait to get to the bed in the hotel room. Once I get you in the door, I’m going to pin you against the wall, rip your clothes off and fuck you right there. I’m going to lift you so your back is against the wall and just pound into your pussy so hard you will be crying out. I hope you will be wet because at that point, I’m not going to care. I’m just going to be so full of need and cum that I’m going to take you like that.”

“You say it, but can you really do it?” She’d tease. “I know what you really need and want, and with just a few words I could have you on your knees.”

He knew that might be true, but he had responded. “Not this time. I won’t cum in you there; my cock will be in you as we move to the bed. I’ll lift you off of me, flip you and toss you onto the bed, face first. I’ll tell you to lift your ass up and if you don’t do it fast enough, I’ll do it for you. My hand will begin to smack your ass as my cock finds the opening to your hot little fuck hole. Once it’s there, I’ll shove it in and my hand will go to your neck, holding you down on the bed as I take the rest of my lust out on and into you. I’m going to fill your pussy with hot sticky cum and again won’t care if you have time to get off or not. If you complain, I’ll spank your ass, if you talk, I’ll pin your face to the bed so I don’t hear.

“I won’t be denied your pussy, and right after filling it with my cum, I’ll use your mouth. Once I’ve cum inside you, I’ll pull you by your hips to the edge of the bed, flip you over and shove my cock in your slutty little throat and face fuck you like a hot little slut deserves.”

He could hear her response, wanting it, encouraging it. “You know I want to be taken, to be used, to have no choice, so you say it, but can you do it? Really, can you?”

“You’ll see when I’m there, when I’m driving into you hard, fast, deep. You’ll see when you are gagging on my cock, your ass still stinging from the swats I gave it while fucking you. You’ll swallow it as you suck the second load out of my cock, tasting it, my cum mixed with yours on the shaft, then just my cum spewing down your throat as I face and throat fuck your hot little mouth.”

He could feel his orgasm building now, he was close. The soapy water was making it feel even better as he pumped up and down. They’d both cum to these thoughts before, and others where she would be in control.

His mind flipped as other images filled it while his hand kept pumping. Her voice, seductive, teasing, wicked as his memory pulled up her own words; “I’m going to use you,” she’d tell him, “for my pleasure, to make my pussy wet, to soak it, to make me cum so hard I feel like I could pass out from it. Maybe I’ll tie you to the bed and use your eş değiştirmeli porno cock in my pussy for that. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll tie you to the chair and make you watch as I use someone else’s cock.

“You are the one that made me realize how hot it is to tease a cock into total desperation. To get you to a point where you’ll do anything I tell you to do just in HOPE of a release. Now I want to. I want to make you beg me, to make you feel that desperate need so badly that tears are coming out of your eyes and your cock is crying precum. I can always find a cock to ride and cum on; yours will be good for making my cumming more intense. I can’t wait to tease the shit out of you and make you beg me to stop, and that will only let me know that we are just getting started. You want to be teased, Phil? I’m just the slut that can and WILL do it to you. I WANT to!”

She’d go on and he’d cum, as she showed pics, told him what she was doing with others or made him read it himself. She’d make them message him to tell him how hot she was, then get off on the conversations as he’d cut and paste them to her.

His cock was now burning, the cum just moments away from spraying all over the shower. His hand was gripping hard, fist pumping up and down his shaft. It was at this point his phone started ringing. He had set it on the counter in the bathroom to make sure he didn’t miss her call and her name popped up on the screen. Tallen.

He turned the water off and answered it. The steam still kept him warm as he held the phone and fingered the button to answer. He put it on speaker and leaned his back against the tiles. “Hey, Tallen, how goes things with you?”

“Good, just wanted to check to make sure you got in, got a room and that we were still going to have dinner?”

“Yeah, I got in fine. I wouldn’t miss dinner with you for anything. I made a reservation for 8. Figured that would mean we’d have time to have dinner and do whatever you wanted after.” He said to her his cock now throbbing even more at hearing her voice.

“Whatever? You better be ready to fuck, Phil. My pussy so needs cock right now, so don’t make me look for one besides yours,” she laughed into the phone making his cock jump and twitch.

“I just meant…”

“I know. It’s nice of you to set up dinner and all, but I’m already sure of what I want, and think you are too, right?”

“Um…yeah, I’d say you are right, and considering the state of things with my body at the moment, it agrees.”

She laughed. “Good, keep it that way. Don’t lose any of it. I want every drop.” She said she’d meet me at 7:45 in front of the restaurant and we’d go from there. She hung up the phone before he could say anything else. He slid the phone back onto the marble counter and finished his shower, but didn’t finish jerking off though he desperately needed to. Her teasing, her cumming, the look of pleasure on her face, the way she sounded when she did, all of those images and sounds kept running through his mind as he washed his hair, shaved, and rinsed off.

He dried off and hung the towel on his still rigid cock as he brushed his teeth and dried his hair. The mundane was starting to allow things to subside so he toweled off the remaining wet spots and went back into the room to get dressed. He grabbed a dark blue button down shirt from the closet, a pair of boxer brief s and dark socks from the drawers along with a pair of khaki Dockers. He saw the two suit cases he had brought with him. One, now empty, had contained clothing and personal items, the other he had filled with toys he had bought for this trip for her, along with other items that he thought she might like. “Well, with any luck,” he thought, I’ll open that suitcase tomorrow night.

He had an afternoon to kill and he thought it best he do that in public or he’d wind up thinking about her too much and having to cum. If he was in public, he still would likely be thinking of her, but he’d be able to keep things in check. He grabbed his phone from the desk where he laid it and dropped it in his pocket. He looked around the suite to make sure he had cleaned things up the best he could.

Dirty clothes were in a corner in the closet. He’d already put his clothing and such away, so he took the empty suitcase and placed it in the closet with the dirty clothes. His computer bag sat by the desk, his laptop set up on the desk with mouse, SSD, and Xbox controller hooked up and sitting next to the laptop on the desk.

The other suitcase sat in a corner and he thought about putting it away but decided against it. As he looked at it, a thought occurred to him that had been working its way through the maze of his mind for the whole flight out and all of the night before. He wanted to excite her, to make things interesting and fun. He thought to himself maybe he had the perfect plan.

He went over to his computer bag and took out a pad of yellow sticky notes. He then genç porno counted and peeled off two sets of 5 notes. He walked over to the conference / dining table that was in the suite and stuck the two pads to the table in front of two facing seats. He placed the pens, one next to each pad. He walked over to the closet and snagged the little laundry bag hanging up and put it on the table in the middle. If dinner and the night went well, he thought he might have the perfect idea to provide for spontaneity, excitement and eroticism all at the same time.

Though, he acknowledged to himself it might wind up just being a nerdy idea to her as well. But, you never knew until you tried. One more look around the bathroom to make sure it looked more or less presentable and he went to the door. He checked the app in his phone to make sure the lock was still working. He didn’t want to come back here with her and find that he was locked out of the suite.

On confirming that the app worked, he again dropped the phone in his pocket, went back to the desk, raked his change into his other pocket, grabbed his wallet and the ear buds for the phone and set out to see what an afternoon of gambling might bring.

Phil sat down at a blackjack table, the pun not lost on him—bj—and took $200 from his wallet to convert to chips. He ordered a Jack and Coke from the waitress and sat down to kill some time. His mind was occupied with thoughts of Tallen, hearing her voice in his head, seeing her legs, her ass, and her pussy in his mind instead of the cards. He was so preoccupied he actually pissed the table off by hitting on 17. No matter that the dealer flipped a 4.

Some bj players take personal offense at the way others play. When it happened, he didn’t really care what they thought, he was seeing Tallen slowly spreading her legs, but, as their displeasure was starting to penetrate his daydreams, he pushed his chips to the center to cash out.

The dealer handed him $315 back in chips. He really hadn’t even paid attention. He tipped the dealer, downed his drink and walked over to the cage to cash out. A friend had told him that when you play, always convert your chips to cash before moving to another table to get more credit. He didn’t know if it was true, but he always cashed out now out of habit.

He was fighting an erection as he stood in line to cash out. He was seeing her, “Do you want to eat me or fuck me first, Phil? Her legs open, her smooth pussy on display. “I want cock so bad, so why don’t you just fuck me!” In his mind she was turning over, pushing her ass in the air. He started trying to think about work, the news, anything to get his cock to stay down. It worked, mostly as he got to the window and pushed his chips through the window. “Big bills, sir?” The cashier asked.

“Yeah, thank you, and 5 one dollar bills, for the other.”

He took his money and walked back out to the floor. He didn’t know whether to try cards again or not. He felt he really had gotten quite lucky at the table and thought it might be better not to do anything that required real concentration.

He killed time on the slots, constantly looking to see what time it was. The excitement in him was continuing to build as the seconds crawled by. It was only 4:00 and he still had almost 4 more hours to kill. He was feeling a bit hungry so he went to the lounge to see what they had for snacks. He ordered another Jack and coke and sat down munching on a little sandwich.

The waitress in the lounge was much hotter than the one on the floor and he didn’t fail to notice the short dress and hose she was wearing as she brought his drink. He handed her the 5 singles and she thanked him with a little smile. He had meant to use that for several tips, but, the way she looked, he couldn’t resist. “Oh well, not my money,” he thought to himself. It never was until he left the casino.

He tried not to stare at the waitress as she made her rounds because it just made him think of Tallen and how she’d look in the outfit. He was really starting to get overly worked up. “Maybe I should go take a cold shower,” he thought to himself. He finished the sandwich and most of his drink before he got up and decided that maybe just walking out on the strip would help.

It didn’t. Tallen was everywhere. Short skirts and dresses, shorts and tank tops, every girl he saw had him thinking of her. He un-tucked his shirt because he could tell he was starting to lose control of his dick getting an erection. He walked from one casino to the next; trying to walk out the excitement he was feeling. It was like he was in high school again and going on a date with the hottest girl in school. He couldn’t control his anticipation or his physical reaction.

His mind was creating images of her and making her voice speak to him in his mind. “Maybe I shouldn’t fuck you at all. Maybe I should just go back downstairs and pick up a guy and bring him back here and make you watch! Or, I could just use one of my toys I brought with me, make you clean it after I cum on it! All of it could get me really hot and horny. Maybe I’ll use your computer to go online and show off for some random guys! Or I could tie you to the bed and fuck your brains out not letting you cum.”

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