Taking Michele


Taking Michele

It began when I started college. I moved from a farm to a nice little city, around 66,000 people or so. You know, the kind of city that has crime, but it hides out until after dark.

It was here that I first met Michele. Michele was the first girl I really knew in college. I didn’t yet know why she was so friendly, but it didn’t matter. I was in a new city and it’s always a good idea to make friends.

Michele’s life was an open book, if you had the time and patience to read it. I admit, the stories she told about her life were sometimes tedious. But, I really didn’t care, usually I was too busy staring at Michele’s body. Michele was intensely attractive.

And so college, and my relationship with Michele, continued. She was easy to get to know. She was different than other girls, she always wanted to be “one of the guys.” Which was fine by me. Name one other girl who would sit next to you at the nudie bar.

I had thought about dating Michele, but I knew it would never work. It’s like when you wake up on a sunny day and you already know it’ll turn out shitty. You don’t know why, you just know. Besides, she had a boyfriend, so why be a home-wrecker. Nothing like a good bit of “eye candy”, and a friend, to get you through those boring lectures.

Then, for some reason, Michele started missing school. When she would show up, she wasn’t friendly anymore. She was, for lack of a more accurate word, bitchy. You just couldn’t talk to her anymore. Finally, I confronted Michele about it. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it sooner.

“My boyfriend and I broke up,” she said. He had dumped Michele for one of her best high school friends. No wonder she was upset.

Dark days had fallen on happy Michele. She still talked just as much, but it wasn’t entertaining as before. We still would go out together sometimes, but life wasn’t the same anymore.

Then one day after school, Michele surprised me at my apartment. I had been jerking off on the couch, watching a good porno movie when she knocked on the door. I hurried into some loose clothing and went to the door.

“Hi there! Watch’a doin?” Michele greeted me. I could tell she knew something was up. Probably because I was blushing like someone who had just been caught masturbating.

“I was just watching a movie.” I said, standing aside to invite her in. She continued to bug me about being nervous.

“Watching a movie huh? Hmm…” she snatched my VCR remote and pressed “play”. The scene appeared on the TV: a thick-muscled man fucking the shit out of a woman, who was eating another woman’s pussy.

“Oooo…kinky.” Michele cooed, really having fun with the situation. At least she was playful again.

“Give me that back!” I said, trying to grasp the remote. I chased her around the house trying to get the remote back. We both stopped when we heard the orgasmic screams coming from the TV. Maybe it appealed to both of us. So, we decided to sit down and watch porn together. Like I said, Michele was “one of the guys”. We talked a while, glancing back and forth from the TV. It’s hard to carry on a conversation while a big-breasted woman is giving a sloppy blowjob right in front of you. Then Michele totally shocked me.

“Wouldn’t it be great to live life like in porn movies?” she asked?

“How do you mean?” I replied.

“Well, wouldn’t it be great to just… have a friend you could just go and fuck the shit out of every time you were horny, then go home and go to bed. You know, none of the relationship crap, just, you know, whenever you get the urge.”

She smiled. I was amazed. This is the kind of situation that always ends up in the porn magazine letters section.

“That would be great,” I said. “Just to have a really good fuck every now and then, with Avcılar Escort no hang-ups, no heartache, just like the porns. Too bad it doesn’t happen in real life,” I sighed.

“What do you mean it doesn’t happen in real life?” Michele asked.

“Well, you start dating a girl…or guy, ” I said, staring at her, “and you really like them, and maybe you have sex. Then, you’re so emotionally attached it hurts like hell to break up. Hell, I wouldn’t know what a one night stand is like! I’ve never…” My sentence was cut off when she pressed her lips to mine. We kissed for a while on the couch, until the orgasmic porno screams from the TV prompted us to really make out. Then, in the middle of it, Michele jumps up, turns off the TV, and runs to my room.

“I’ll be right back!” she laughs. Oh well, at least I’ve got her bra to play with. After a few minutes she came back, totally naked. She stood in front of me on the couch, purposely letting me stare at her gorgeous body. Her soft smooth skin looked as if it had been painted over a stone sculpture…of a very sexual woman. Her big breasts heaved with each breath, and her eyes hinted at the whore’s mind she was hiding.

“Now I’ll show you what fucking a friend is like…” she said. She jumped into my lap, straddling my legs on the couch. My hard cock rubbed against the wetness of her pussy, making us both catch our breath. Michele moaned, and pressed my head into her breasts. I took them in my mouth, sucking, licking, and gently biting her nipples. I could feel Michele’s pussy become dripping wet, and the warm feeling of her pussy lips. She gave me a big wet kiss, then dropped to her knees on the floor.

She licked my cock from my balls to its head, then took it into her mouth. I moaned with pleasure, as she sucked me hard and deep. My hands rubbed her shoulders, and I looked into her deep green eyes. I saw a very different Michele staring back at me, one who was a sexy slut. A dream date one night stand. Then I saw my cock disappear into her mouth. She took all of me, I could feel the back of her throat trying to swallow my cock. She pulled me out, then forced her lips down again, all the way to my balls. Saliva leaked from her soft lips as she tried to swallow my cock, and I moaned with pleasure. I could take no more.

Grabbing her by her long brown hair, I pulled her from my cock and gave her a wet kiss. I think she liked things a bit rough. We traded places, and I quickly started licking her sweet pussy. Michele moaned as I took her clit in my mouth, sucking it like her big chewy nipples. I sucked her pussy lips, then drove my tongue into her soaking hole. Her juices flowed onto my tongue and lips. The sweet taste of them only made me lick faster, and drive my tongue deeper.

“Mmmm…” Michele closed her eyes, grabbing my head hard, pressing my face into her pussy. “Ohh baby I want you so bad…. I want your cock inside me.” she moaned. She didn’t have to tell me twice.

In one smooth motion, I stood up on my knees and drew close to Michele. Her knees rested on my shoulders as I nudged my cock to the wet lips of her pussy. She moaned softly as I slid inside. I could feel the tightness of her pussy, though I knew she was no stranger to fucking. We began to build a rhythm, pushing our hips to meet each other. I could feel her muscles contract, squeezing my hard cock inside her pussy. Her fingernails dug into my back as I began to fuck her harder, pulling almost al the way out then slamming back inside her. I kissed her dry, salty lips, moistened from the sweat on my chest.

Suddenly, a knock at the door! “Fuck!” I cried, half startled, and half pissed off. Michele was giving me the best sex I’ve had since… well ever! Michele put her fingers to my lips and pulled me close.

“Don’t Escort Bayan worry…it’s my sister.” she whispered softly in my ear. “I phoned her from your room.” I was confused as hell. Michele could read my thoughts. “Oh you haven’t begun to be surprised yet!” She wiggled out from under me, and strode to the door, pussy juice running down her thighs.

Her younger sister walked in, and was quite indifferent to seeing her big sister buck naked, with her pussy soaking. Rather, she entered Michele’s outstretched arms and gave her a passionate kiss. They looked at me for a reaction. The look on my face made it obvious I liked what I saw.

It turns out Michele and her sister Cheryl, now 16, had been lovers since their father was killed two years ago. For some reason, their way to deal with the depression they were facing was to have sex. At any rate, ever since then they have been having steamy lesbian sex together.

I stood by the couch in disbelief. “Too much for one day.” I thought to myself. Michele, whom I had been lusting after for so long now, and now her younger sister?

“Don’t get your hopes up,” said Michele, “you can’t fuck her. She’s saving her virginity, except that which she gives to me.” She drove her tongue down her sisters throat, grabbing her ass. “But,” she said, “besides fucking her, you can do whatever you want.”

With that, they moved to the middle of the living room and began to make love on the floor, with me watching from the couch. They caressed each other’s bodies like lovers on their wedding night. The skill they used, touching each other in just the right places, demonstrated their experience together. Cheryl was as beautiful as Michele, with shorter blonde hair, and small firm tits. Michele grabbed her sister’s firm ass, gently fingering her asshole. Her sister giggled, then playfully bit Michele’s neck. It seems they both like it rough. Michele spanked Cheryl’s ass hard. “Come on bitch,” she bit her lip, “are you gonna put out for me?”

“MMmm…only if I can make you cum for me slut!” Cheryl said, taking Michele’s breast in her mouth. Michele grabbed her sisters hair and pulled her head back hard, then shoved her tongue down her throat.

“Then make me cum…if you can.” said Michele, shoving her sister’s face into her cunt. Cheryl licked and sucked her sister’s cunt, trying to fuck her with her tongue. Michele squeezed her nipples hard, bit her lip, and moaned like I was still fucking her. I slid off the couch, drew close to Cheryl’s tight round ass, and slid my tongue up her thigh and into her pussy.

“You did say I could do everything else!” I playfully replied, again sinking my tongue into Cheryl’s sweet cunt. I could hear Cheryl moan over her sister’s clit. When she tried to come up for air or kiss me, Michele would shove her head down again.

“Make me fucking cum bitch!” cried Michele. Cheryl had buried two fingers in her cunt and was pounding into her, so hard it made her big tits bounce. “Ohh…fuck me baby, fuck me with your fingers! Fuck it….keep it up and I’ll cum!” Michele panted, her breasts glistening with sweat.

“Oh I’ll make you cum bitch…” replied Cheryl. She gently bit her sister’s clit, “you like that? Huh?” Cheryl shoved a finger up Michele’s tight asshole. “Ooohh yeah, big sister’s gonna cum if I fuck her like a whore!”

“Mmmm….mmMMM!” Michele squeezed her big tits tight, licking her lips. Cheryl slammed another finger into her sister’s asshole. Michele could hold back no longer. Her body released in a tremendous orgasm. “Uuuhhh! Mmmm!” Michele’s orgasmic screams echoed in my ears as she came all over her sister’s fingers, still working away at her cunt and asshole. Michele’s body heaved until her orgasmic spasms slowly subsided. Michele lay still, reeling istanbul Escort from the huge orgasm her sister had given her.

Then all at once, she sat upright and grabbed her sister by the hair. “You call that an orgasm bitch? I’ll show you how it’s done.” Michele said, forcing her sister on her back. Michele turned to me, still in awe of the whole situation. “Well don’t just sit there and gawk you silly bastard, fuck me!” She spread her sister’s legs and began to eat her pussy. She reminded me of a wolf, ever so gently sinking it’s teeth into it’s prey. Cheryl moaned and squealed with delight as Michele smacked at her cunt.

I grabbed my cock and thrust it deep into Michele’s stretched pussy. Her orgasmic juices allowed a smooth slide, all the way to my balls. Michele moaned, and thrust two fingers into her sister.

“I want you to feel what it’s like for him to fuck me.” Michele stared into her little sister’s eyes. “I want you to pretend it’s his big cock fucking you and cum all over my fingers.” I grabbed Michele’s ass tightly and fucked her from behind, reaching around to grab handfuls of her big meaty tits. I fucked her hard and deep, hammering her face into Cheryl’s wet cunt. Michele’s pussy felt so good. She began to moan into her sister’s pussy, refusing to come up for air. Cheryl thrashed about on the floor, her sister’s fingers pounding into her asshole and her tongue fucking her cunt.

“Fuck her in the ass! Michele loves it when you fuck her in the ass!” cried Cheryl. Michele turned and winked at me in approval. I bent over and spit all over her still-stretched asshole. Then, I grabbed my cock and plunged it inside Michele’s ass. Her head bobbed up and she screamed in delight, before returning to her sister’s cunt. Michele’s asshole began to loosen as I fucked it harder, and pushed my cock deeper. I reached around and fingered Michele’s cunt.

Cheryl was close to orgasm now. She was grinding her hips against Michele’s face, moaning louder and louder. “Mmmm honey I’m going to cum! I’m gonna cum all over your fingers!” Michele began to pound her sister’s cunt as hard as I was slamming into her asshole. “UuuuUnnnhhh!” Cheryl came, juicing all over Michele’s fucking fingers. I began to moan too, all this action had made me way too horny.

Cheryl sprang into action, positioning herself on the bottom of a 69, underneath Michele’s cunt and my ass-fucking cock. “Fuck her in the ass, then come on my face! We haven’t been properly introduced yet!” smiled Cheryl, as she began to lick my balls and Michele’s pussy. I pushed Michele’s face down into her sister’s cunt.

“Yeah…lick it,” I moaned, “lick it while I fuck you in your asshole.” Michele loved it. I grabbed her long brown hair and tugged her head back hard. “You like it when I fuck you in the ass hard like this? You like being treated like a whore?” Michele moaned in approval, freeing herself from my hand and returning to Cheryl’s cunt. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls. “Cheryl….you ready? I’m gonna cum….straight from your sister’s ass to your face! Are you ready?” Cheryl opened her mouth wide, sticking her tongue out like she was catching snowflakes at Christmas. “Uuunnnhhh…” I pulled out of Michele’s ass and jerked my exploding cock all over Cheryl’s face. Gobs of my cum splattered onto her cheeks, lips, eyes, hair, everywhere. I squeezed every last drop from my cock, then pushed it into Cheryl’s mouth. She sucked me off, draining my last drop of spunk. I slapped her cheeks with my dick, smearing my cum all over her face with it. “Mmmmm baby you girls are so good!” I sighed.

Michele turned around and began to lick my cum off Cheryl’s face. “We know we’re good,” she smiled, “it’s not often we let a man in on it.” She slurped a big gob of my cum from her sister’s face. “But, anything goes, for a friend.” she winked.

After Michele cleaned her up, we all had a steamy shower together, and spent the rest of the day in bed, doing the best thing friends could ever do… fuck!

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