Sympathetic Magic Ch 1-2


Sympathetic magic

For those that like fantasy, with some naughty parts mixed in, here you go!

I found the old book slid down in-between two shelves in the old bookstore I liked to frequent. I only found it because the book I was reaching for got knocked off and ended up just on top of it. It took me a while to move the other books in the way, and twist my arm just right until I could pull them out. The one I wanted was the sequel to a book I had finished last week. The old book was something completely different. The binding of the book, although old, had barely legible gold and red lettering, saying something like Tractacus Sympathetica.

Out of curiosity, and because I was developing a love for old books, I opened it up, and found the writing inside better preserved. It even seemed to be handwritten, by more than one person as the script changed frequently from page to page.

I bought the old book and two others for under 5 bucks, and figured I had done pretty well, not realizing the treasure I had just procured. When I got home with my find, I almost ran into my older sisters friend Kristen coming out the front door. She was only about 3 months older than me, and in the last 3 months before my 18th birthday, had lorded it over me with her “adult” status. “Watch it bonehead!” my sister said as she brushed past me.

“Yeah, watch it bonehead!” Kristen said with a little grin. Her grin took the sting out of it, and I only blushed a little as I went inside. Kristen was incredibly hot, at least to me. She had long dark hair, put up in a pony tail most of the time, full lips that were stretched in a smile to almost everyone, dazzling green eyes, and a light complexion. Her body was stunning of course, as pretty much all the other cheerleaders were too. Her breasts weren’t as big looking as some of the girls, but on her small frame they were amazing. I got caught looking at them a few times, and had been embarrassed by my sister about it. Kristen’s legs and ass though…. That was where she really excelled. I had looked at them for the last couple of years any chance I got. Since my sister Dee was a cheerleader too, that was pretty often. Dee was my step sister actually, but our parents got married when we were little, so I just thought of her as my sister.

I shifted my books so I could adjust my boner inside my shorts. That short glance at Kristen was all it took to get my blood pumping, if you know what I mean. After a quick peek out the window to see the girls getting into the car we shared, I gave a big sigh, and headed up to my room. They usually both spent the night at either our house, or Kristen’s house on the weekend. It looked like they were heading to Kristen’s tonight. I had a serious crush on Kristen, but since I was her best friends younger brother (even if only by 10 months) I never had a chance. I got to my room, and dumped out my backpack, putting my school books by the desk, and the new books on my bed. I picked up the old book first, intending to put it on my to-be-read shelf, but curiosity got the better of me, and I opened it and started to read.

‘As you have been trusted with this treatise, be careful of its powers’ was the first line in the book. I thought that was an odd way to start a novel. As I read on, it kept referring to the properties of sympathy, and contagion. I was starting to get the idea that I had found some kind of old text book or something, until I read ‘Using the spells of sympathy on a mind stronger than your own can result in losing your own will. Care must be taken in this as in all sympathetic magic.’ Holy Crap! I had found some kind of old book on magic! I laughed out loud, thinking this would be fun to read. I did not take it seriously of course. I was 17, and although I read some fantasy books still, I was mostly into science fiction these days.

I read for quite a bit, covering spells and setup for linking your mind to someone else’s, including the ingredients and steps needed. Some spells were for linking things together so they could not be lost. I thought that would be great for when I lost my keys. One that seemed sort of interesting was creating a portal between two surfaces. The book said the portal could not be seen, and would only last a few days, unless other steps were taken to strengthen the spell.

“Dave!” With my mom calling me for dinner the book had to wait, since I was always starving by dinner time. My mom and I got along pretty well now, since I had mostly outgrown my teenage brat years, as my mom put it. This was a good thing, since Dee and I would be graduating in about 6 months, and neither one of us wanted or could afford to go out on our own just yet. Dinner was quick, without much conversation, as mom was headed out with friends for the night.

After dinner I cleaned the kitchen, a solo job since Dee was not here to help, and headed back to my room. bayan escort gaziantep I was going to watch some TV, but nothing was on, so I opened the book again. After reading some more, I found a spell that seemed fun, and simple in execution. It was a variation on a portal spell, to be used for spying through a wall. For some reason it had a limited range, but it was simple enough I started it without thinking much.

First, it said to use a sympathetic medium, like blood or some other organic fluid to make both sides of where the viewing portal would be. I did not want to cut myself, so I tried saliva, figuring it would not make a difference anyway, since it was just for fun. I marked both sides of my bedroom door with a little spot of spit, went through the brief incantation, and tried it out. I felt a kind of shiver when I finished, and thought ‘wow, I am taking this way too seriously’. I put my eye to the spot on the door, and looked, and of course, just saw more wood.

I chuckled to myself, thinking how silly I must look, and then was startled when the wood I was looking at seemed to move. I had pushed the door a little, but the wood I was looking at had not moved with the door. I looked again more closely, and although it was a little blurry, I realized I was looking at the wooden trim on my closet door, THROUGH my bedroom door. I moved the door again, just to be sure. It was not like I had drilled a hole through my door, more like it was just not there at all.

I sat down on my bed for a moment, shook my head a couple of times, and then tried it again. I was either dreaming, or that spell had actually worked! “Hot damn!” I muttered to myself, “I don’t believe it”. I tried looking through the door from different angles, swinging it around and peering at different parts of my room. It all seemed like a dream. I tried looking from the other side, and all I saw was the door. It was a one-way viewing portal, just like the book had said. I looked at the little book on my bed in amazement, thinking that maybe I had found something a lot more valuable than I originally thought. If those other spells worked too!…..

Of course, being an extremely horny 17 year old guy, I almost immediately thought of a very interesting use for that viewing portal. I checked to see that nobody else was home, and went into my sisters room. I was surprised to find that Kristen’s and Dee’s backpacks were there in the room. That meant that either they had forgotten them, which was unlikely, or they had just gone out to eat or something and would be back soon. I looked around the room I was forbidden to go into. Dee’s fluffy blue bedspread was cluttered with clothes and other stuff by the foot of the bed. The big area on one side of the bed by the bathroom door was where Dee’s hamper was. I figured if I wanted to look at any part of the room, that open area would probably be best.

The opposite wall a few feet from the door would be a great place to look from, so that is where I placed the beginnings of the portal spell. I made it a little bigger this time, and since I used saliva again, I figured it would be invisible. I went into my room across the hall, and used the wall by my bed as the other portal. I reviewed the incantation in the book, and carefully went through it again, much more seriously than I had before. When I finished, I checked my work, bringing my face close to the wall. When I was about an inch from the wall, I suddenly saw my sisters room, clear as a bell. “YES!” I pumped my fist in excitement, amazed that it worked so well. I was not sure when my sister and Kristen would be back, so after testing the spell a few more times, I started reading some more.

There were lots of details on making variations on some of the spells. Waiting around for the girls was getting boring, so I decided to try out the physical portal spell. It took a few minutes to get it set up, but it called for the same blood or fluids as the view portal spell. I was not sure where to try it out, or how to test it until I tried it out on my door and my dresser top. I could not tell if the portal had to be in the same plane, but I figured I would find out. I was just finishing up when I heard the front door open and my sisters come running up the stairs giggling about something. I tested the portal gingerly, by feeling with my index finger in the middle of the portal on my dresser. I expected to feel the surface of the wooden door, and was kinda freaked out when I saw my finger appear out from the surface of the door. I wiggled my finger, only to see it slide around a bit on the door. I was distracted from my new play-toy by the sound of Dee’s door closing.

Now was the time to actually put the spell to a practical test. I bounced onto my bed, and carefully located the portal. I had a hard time finding it, because my saliva had dried, but I was able to find it, and quickly put my eye within range. I saw Kristin disappearing into the bathroom with a handful of clothes, thinking she was going to change in there. I was disappointed, but then Dee came out of the bathroom, in the process of pulling off her bra. I was amazed to see how perfect her tits were. She literally bounced into the room, with Kristen following.

I adjusted my pants, somewhat surprised that I had a boner just form seeing my own sisters tits. I could not believe my luck when Kristen pulled off her own shirt, showing a light blue bra, cupping her perfect tits. Her belly was almost flat, and nicely tanned, showing a little crystal in her belly button. I was almost begging her to take off her top, and she did right on queue. I had hit the jackpot, with both Dee and Kristen apparently trying on bikinis. Dee had her back to me at this point, and was partly blocking Kristen, but I could see one perfect breast appear as she pulled off her bra too. Dee had put on a bright red top, although I could only see the back and the side of it.

I was not paying much attention to Dee at this point, since Kristen was pulling a white top around her chest, Dee surprised me by pushing her cheerleading skirt down to her ankles, along with her panties. I saw just a hint of her pussy from behind, poking out between her legs. I had to pull out my cock at this point, even though it was my own sister. I wished I could hear what they were saying, but the view portal spell did not include sound. As Dee stepped out of her panties, I focused on her amazing ass, since Kristen was now covered up.

Both girls were apparently discussing something about the bikinis, holding them up as Dee stood there butt naked. Not even thinking about what I was doing, I was jacking my cock slowly, hoping Kristen would follow Dee’s lead, and take off her skirt too. After a few seconds of discussion, and a little laughter, Dee reached down to her crotch, looking at something with her hips thrust forward, and then both of them laughed again.

What ever they were talking about, seemed finished, as Kristen handed the bikini parts to Dee, and abruptly pushed her thumbs under the waist of her skirt, slid them around to her hips and then wriggled her hips as she pushed her skirt down her legs. It dropped the rest of the way, leaving her standing in some plain but high cut white panties. I was almost groaning, as she repeated the process with her thumbs on her panties. She briefly revealed a totally shaved pussy, as she bend over to push the white panties down to the floor following her skirt. I almost came just looking at that. As she stood up and stepped out of them, I got a clear shot of her pussy lips as she stepped out first one leg, then the other. I groaned out loud, as my cum shot onto the wall by my bed. I missed Dee and Kristen stepping into the bikinis, as I half collapsed onto my bed. I had never come so hard before, or so long. I had a lot to clean up when I recovered.

I heard the girls come out of Dee’s room, and head downstairs, probably heading to the pool to work on their tan. I had the view of Kristen’s pussy lips slightly spread apart as she stepped out of her panties etched into my mind. I so wanted to touch that, to see what it felt like. I had not gotten to third base with any girls, although in some pool parties I had grabbed a quick feel of my old girlfriends tits a couple of times.

After my brain started working again, I had a brilliant idea. I thought it over for a few minutes, trying to think it through, to make sure I could get away with it. I decided I had to do it, so I went downstairs quickly to make sure the girls were outside. They were outside, putting on some lotion or sunscreen, so I ran back upstairs and walked into Dee’s room. I was not allowed in here, so I knew I would have to move quickly. I grabbed Kristen’s panties, and started to draw the portal design right on the crotch of them with saliva, when I had a better, and definitely more kinky idea. I took them back into my room, and got some come off my wall, and drew the portal design using that. I figured if blood was supposed to be the best according to the book, something with more potency like my sperm should be better than my spit.

I took them back and carefully placed them about where I got them. I did not think the portal mark would be noticed, especially by the time they got back. Where would I put the originating portal though? The dresser had worked fine before, but I was not sure of the range of the spell, and thought something else should work better. After thinking of a few different things, I finally came up with a great idea. I put the portal on the book I was reading, not the spell book of course, but the sci-fi I had been reading. This way I would have it wherever I wanted. As soon as I had cleaned up after myself, I fell asleep dreaming of the possibilities to come.

Part 2.

Dee woke me up for dinner, and I immediately got a little nervous about what I had planned. I tried to calm my self down, and by the time I sat down to dinner, I was under control. Since my mom was eating dinner with us, I decided to wait until later to try out the portal spell on Kristen’s panties. Once we cleaned up, the girls said they wanted to watch a movie. Although I knew they would likely pick a chick flick, I joined them in the living room, although I took my book with me. Sure enough they chose something called the Last Song, and I settled down with my book, careful not to touch the backside where I had put the portal. I checked out the girls from the corner of my eye, and tried not to get too much of a boner. Kristen was wearing blue flannel PJ’s, and Dee was wearing shorts and a tight t-shirt. Both girls looked amazing, but I knew not to stare too much.

Once the movie got going, I tried to be patient, and managed it for about 10 minutes. Finally I slid one finger lightly into the center of the book, which should be the center of the portal. At first I did not feel anything, but I gradually extended my finger until I felt it touching something. I saw Kristen suddenly shift her weight and I felt my finger slip across skin a little bit. Kristen jumped a little bit when I pulled my finger from the portal. I was afraid I would get caught somehow, but she just adjusted her pajama bottoms surreptitiously and went back to watching the movie.

After a couple of minutes, and when my heart rate had slowed down enough, I decided to try it again, but to use a different technique. I slowly put my palm onto the back of the book, and over the course of 30 seconds or so, I pushed my palm into the portal until I could just barely feel flesh against my palm. Kristen adjusted her PJ’s again but I did not move, and after a few seconds I guess she got used to the slight difference in temperature or whatever sensation she felt against her pussy. I held my hand firmly against the portal for a couple of minutes, and gradually started sliding my palm back and forth in the direction that should be along her slit. My movements were so gradual at first, that maybe she did not notice. I increased the pressure on my palm against the book and moved my hand with slightly more travel, but still very slowly. I noticed that Kristen to my right was fidgeting almost continually now. I pretended to ignore her movements, but I saw Dee look at her a couple of times.

I suddenly felt something different on my palm where it was pressed against her pussy. I felt an increase in heat, and my hand was suddenly sliding more easily on her pussy. I realized after a second that she must have gotten wet, from the stimulation. I had read about this in several stories that were favorites of mine. I even felt some moisture run down my palm, in between my fingers and onto the back of my hand. I started to smell a faint odor from the slippery liquid that made my cock throb even harder. Kristen suddenly let out a gasp, and turned it into a cough of sorts. I thought she must be having an orgasm just a couple of feet from me, just from my palm pressing against her. As Dee asked if she was OK, Kristen coughed a couple more times and squirmed a little more in her chair. She was red faced, enough you could see even in the dimly lit living room.

Kristen said “I’m fine, just felt a little tickle for a second.”
“You sure?” Dee paused the movie as Kristen got up and said
“Yes, I just need to go to the bathroom. Be right back!”
“OK, I’ll go with you” Dee said as she started to get up too.

“No, stay there, I’ll be right back!” Dee sat back down with a puzzled look on her face.
I decided now was a great time to head for my room, since I badly needed to come, and I did not want to do it sitting right next to my sister.

“I’m headed to bed Dee, This movie is not that interesting” I said as I got up to leave. “I’m surprised you watched this much” I heard as I headed up to my room. As soon as I got to my room, I carefully put the book down on my desk, stripped off my shorts as I raised my wet palm to my face. I smelled Kristen’s glorious scent as I rubbed my other hands on my cock, the head completely covered in pre-cum. The smell of her pussy made me lick a little of her cum off my hand as my cock erupted like a volcano, 5 or 6 incredibly strong spurts of cum shooting out onto the floor, as I swayed back and forth, smelling and tasting Kristen on my hand. I collapsed backwards onto my bed, my head swimming in ecstasy in the aftermath of that incredible orgasm.

I think I must have fallen asleep almost immediately, since when I woke up in the morning, I still had my shorts half on. I thought for a minute it must have been a dream, until I smelled my hand and the distinctive odor was still there. My fertile imagination was working overtime at this point, thinking of how I could best use this amazing gift.

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